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  1. Need Lights??....Check these out first!!

    one small beef with this unit, like a lot of commerical units with build in moonlights, the moonlight is mounted in the back of the light. It would illuminate the tank much nicer if it was front bevel mounted. Backlighting a tank just doesnt make much sense, and you'd think the R&D departments would have figured this out long ago.
  2. Need Lights??....Check these out first!!

    I have the 2x40w satellite, and it is pretty sweet. There is a built in fan, moonlight and 2 dual color bulbs which are each on a seperate plug. A nice touch for all you into automation, a pain because you need a whole power strip just to use the light, both the fan and lights are on wallwarts. While it does have 2 switches on the unit for the 2 pc lights, there are no mounted switches for the fan or moonlight, so you have to plug/unplug or use timers (which eat up even more precious outlet real estate). I have found the fan to be kind of loud, but it looks like a standard 12v 60mm fan, and I'm sure I could find one that outputs more cfm with less dBa than the stock one on www.svc.com. Also the moonlight is very 'white' to me. Its definately not based on a 460nm blue LED like most of the DIY ones or the Coralife moonlights. Like a Nano-cube, i think these things just scream 'MOD ME!" Btw, I paid ~$95 at a lfs for mine. (my LFS happens to be ThatPetPlace though)
  3. Fan Question!

    Also check out the bad-ass fan grills Note, pay attention to the dBa (sound level) rating, the higher it is the louder the fan is. That 92mm fan i have pushes about 58 dBa and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. ~20 dBa is basically silent. Larger fans are generally quieter and push more air than smaller fans (slower rpms = less turbulance). Their are automatic temp sensing fans that adjust rpms automatically, check product info. Not sure how usefull these would be on a tank though.
  4. Fan Question!

    www.svc.com for all your fan needs they are made for computers, and are 12v DC, but with a DC converter and some simple wiring you can make it work. I currently have a 92mm fan pushing about 117 cfm in my computer case right now, but they come in sized from around 40mm up to 120mm or more. While you are at it, pick up some led's or cold cathode tubes for moonlighting (u can even get them sound activated, haha)
  5. tear/parasite on ricordia

    Looks like 3 frags, if the biggest one survives. It looks like it has a lot of damage right through its 'mouth'.
  6. Zoa And Ric Trade!!

    Wetscale, I just bought a mushroom from a lfs that looks just like that. Paid $2.99 for it, but they bagged it with 2 other small frags and it got pretty beat up on the ride home. There is a link to it from my sig, they called it a ric at the store, but it looks more like a mushie w/ rows of pimples like yours.
  7. Zoa And Ric Trade!!

    [start n00b question] when people refer to 'brown' zoo's, are they talking about solid, 100% brown zoo's or brown bodied zoo's with various colored mouths? [end n00b question] Reason I ask is because I have a few brown zoo's with neon green mouths and purplish-brown bodied zoo's with orange mouths and would like to get in on one of these trades a month or 2 down the road when I have enough for some frags.
  8. tear/parasite on ricordia

    TroyT, just moved the ric today to a higher flow, higher light place and she still feels like a ric, all slimy and bumpy. Need to quit stalling and get my AC500 fuge so I can have a place for frag santuary. Right now I think my peppermint shrimps are picking at it because all the torn up tissue is gone and they look 'cleaner'. Would it be of any benifit to use lugols iodine topically to prevent a bacteria infection?
  9. tear/parasite on ricordia

    Assuming they all don't rot, it looks like at the end of this I could have 3 (faint possibility for 4) frags. The bottom section was the largest of the 2 lobes when I bought it and has remained basically intact. There is a big chunk that is now its own seperate entity to the upper right in the pictures, then a very small piece to the upper left. The biggest chunk looks like it was in the process of a split, the lines of knobs isnt nice and radial in a 1/3 of it. Hope that made sense. As soon as I find my battery charger I will update pics. Also today I noticed that the whole thing isnt as 'neon green", but I would probably be darkened/dull if I got ripped up by something. The day I posted this thread, I noticed some of the green stuff stuck to the bottom of one of the other frag's base rock, so I am assuming the 2 rocks hit each other and messed up the ric. Last time I let lfs employee's bag more than one frag in the same bag. The zoo's are looking awesome though, every day a few more polyps open up (even some that looked closed at the store). I will have to post those pics. jtsam, can u thermos trade rics, or will that just make em really pissed off?
  10. tear/parasite on ricordia

    hmm, no body has an answer?
  11. tear/parasite on ricordia

    Just bought this small 'ric' at a lfs for $2.99 yesterday. Was nice and opened at the store (infact it looked like 2 in the last stages of a split) They bagged that frag and 2 others in the same large bag w/ lots of water than placed in a box. The other frags (brown w/ green mouth zoo's and brown/purple w/ orange mouth zoo's) look fine and most of the polyps have opened up. This shroom hasn't opened up and looks damaged. I have noticed a small tear in the upperleft portion of the 'cap' as well as lots of coiled white stuff over the surface [think small intestines] neither of which was there when I bought it. Here are some pics: Damaged area circled another angle pulled back shot [the tonga looks funny in my all fiji rock tank] Anyone know what the white stuff is and if they think the mushy will recover.
  12. Id this 'worm'

    Yeah, it does that. It is not always in that spot though.
  13. Noticed this thing a week or so ago. Doesn't seem to be hurting anything. When something disturbs it (like a mag-float passing by) it sucks into that crevice, making the 2 tentacles on top disappear and the 2 halves of the body part close together. From "open" to "closed" is a distance of maybe 2-3mm. It also isnt always in the same spot. Tried to look for it today and didn't see it. I have noticed 2 dead (out of their shells) blue legged hermits this week, there are 3 others one is quite large compared to the others so maybe this thing is related to that problem, maybe not. Tank has been set up just over a month now and no corals yet. 10g perfecto glass tank w/ CurrentUSA dual 40w Satellite pc Inhabitants are: 10lb Live Aquacultured fiji rock 5 bluelegged hermits (down to 3 with recent fatalities) 6-7 astrea snails Pacific Feather Duster red/brown brittle starfish
  14. Id this 'worm'

    small 1cm x 1.5 cm 'tube worm'. See my thread in id forum for more info.
  15. 1/3/04 - LFS' - What Do You Look For?

    *I avoid places with algae in the tanks* Having worked in the pet store industry for several years, not to mention having had tanks for years, a lack of algae is usually a sign of the use of algicides or very meticulous algae scraping. That says nothing about the quality of livestock or advice at a store. Example: Walmart (in general) has algae free tanks, very clean/brightly lit stores. Would I ever buy fish from one? Nope. Quality of livestock and advice are the #1 things in my lfs decisions.