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  1. What was wrong?

    Yes! My tank did not have enough flow! That is an extreme problem I will make sure I fix with my next tank, I'm doing a lot of research until I get it, probably wont be months or even a year before I get it though. I'm going to make sure everything is organised and is good quality before I start it. My cycle took longer the first time then I expected, for some reason I'm not sure, but it took 5 weeks to cycle! I was extremely impatient but I waited and added my clown, I think it was still a little bit early so .. a lot of waiting I intend.
  2. What was wrong?

    In my old saltwater tank that I no longer run, seeing as it was a failure, I had everything covered in (sand, LR) a blanket like silky sheet of brown algae or something? How do you get rid of it? It was really strange and It was hard to get off the rock, although it looked quite fragile..
  3. 20G Tank $$$?

    Havent gone really as far as livestock atm.. I suppose all I want to know is how much for a reasonably well working setup, just the equipment. I have an estimation of a price at the present time. Thanks for your replies =]
  4. Refugium!

    WHAT IS IT!!! I dont think I even spelt it right, I'm so n00bish asking this but I spose I have to find out some how. What is it and is it best to have one? Oh and what is PC lighting?
  5. 20G Tank $$$?

    20 L or 20G?
  6. 20G Tank $$$?

    whats PC lighting and MH lighting?
  7. algie help

    pmsl sorry but that sounds hilarious.. x] I had a bad problem with brown blanket like algae, sorta looked like silk taht covered most the rock.. Know how to clean it up?
  8. I am about to quit reefing

    I had an EXTREMELY bad problem that sounds the same as yours with my LR. It was covered in something and my whole tank ended up dying.. I ended up buying new LR but the tank went psycho and had a huge algae outbreak, I couldnt stop it so I gave up on Saltwater. I tried buying snails, cucumbers and other things to clean up the algae but the cucumber did nothing and the snails died.. Psshh Im buying a 20g nano and im starting all over again.
  9. What is your lighting scedule?

    whats PC lighting
  10. Reply please... :S

    I've had my freshwater fun and I'm keeping the tank I have now but I'm decided to start saving for a 20Gal Nano =] I have it all planned but it will take a while. I'm going to start researching again so I know exactly how to do it when I do start to set it up.
  11. 20G Tank $$$?

    20G tank with Skimmer Powerhead lighting live stock sand Live rock = $$$$$$$ How much for a reasonably good one?
  12. First Tank Pic

    Quite a bit of algae working its way up the bottom, but never the less a good setup. Beautiful set up of LR you got. Can't wait to set mine up properly!
  13. 20g: Under Construction!

    It looks great! I'm working on getting a 20g in future, I would also like to follow your progress through.
  14. Reply please... :S

    Thanks guys for the advice, I will just end up getting rid of the rock, I'm sure it'll be good to get a fresh start. I've gotten out all the sand and the LR and I'll clean out the filter and tank tomorrow aswell as the water... Well that's about all from me. I'm sure I'll get into saltwater tanks some time in future. Until then, this is Nemo_4_Ever signing off. Great Time I had a nano-reef, Thanks guys. Shay
  15. Reply please... :S

    Maybe in a few years Aswell as freshwater being a lot easier, its also a lot less expensive, but I do agree that saltwater tanks are so much more interesting. I suppose I'm not exactly ready to be committed to that yet. It was great while it lasted.