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  1. Quite a bit of algae working its way up the bottom, but never the less a good setup. Beautiful set up of LR you got. Can't wait to set mine up properly!
  2. It looks great! I'm working on getting a 20g in future, I would also like to follow your progress through.
  3. Yeah im getting there, thanks for replies though. What 'work' do you suggest?
  4. Are you being sarcastic.. O_o?
  5. Just keep in mind smaller tanks are harder to care for, im sure you'll be fine. Keep it simple.
  6. Probably getting powerhead next month along with everythin else.
  7. Cant wait until i add a little more things to my tank aswell. Love yours, looks great.
  8. Is that bubble algae?
  9. Cute, simple and effective.
  10. 9G tank, 1 Perc Cucumber. Adding more next month. Slight algae problem.
  11. nice, i wish my sand were like that! i have algae all over it. i need a good clean up crew .. its 10 wks
  12. omg nice! I wish I had some nice lights. Mine are just plain fluro and all i got is live rock, my LFS don't have any coral or nothing colourful like that for sale. I have LR, Sand, perc and some snails and crabs.... *yawn*
  13. well its way betta than mine, i wish mine were like that but all it is, is some sand rock and a fish.
  14. cool tank, cant wait to upgrade when I am old enuf to get a job and some money! lol, I am going to save up for a bigger tank, thats the next thing I'm doing! Theres a really nice one for about $700 au, beautiful and I can stick some percs and things in there! Can't wait!