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  1. TatorTaco

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Are you planning to move all your corals to the future tank, or go a different direction stocking wise?
  2. TatorTaco

    Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

    I'll keep this in mind when planning a future vacation. :-)
  3. TatorTaco

    Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

    As someone who lives inland, it blows my mind that you can walk the beach and find natural sea life like anemones at low tide. I visited some family on the west coast of Florida and we visited 4-5 beaches and I still didn't see anything like that.
  4. TatorTaco

    Why do people put frag racks in a dt

    Welcome to NR!
  5. TatorTaco

    Blacklight Flashlight?

    Since it uses a CREE LED, does it pick up other colors very well besides green? $27 is a bit more than I'm willing to pay as it would be limited to a one time use scenario.
  6. TatorTaco

    Blacklight Flashlight?

    It’s just a blacklight. Popular around skating arenas. TV shows depict detectives using it to detect blood. The only reason I’d imagine you’d use one in a flashlight is to search for pets accidents in your house. I was was hoping I could shine one at some zoas to see what color they are since my local fish store has unnamed zoas under whites only and I wasn’t sure if their was a portable option to see if the zoas were any other color than green.
  7. TatorTaco

    Blacklight Flashlight?

    Thanks @paneubert!
  8. TatorTaco

    Blacklight Flashlight?

    Well, that’s too totally different perspectives. Lol! @paneubert, your mushrooms glow quite green! Would this light pick up corals that have any other color, or could I expect everything to glow green? Im not quite sure how infrared lights work in this regard.
  9. TatorTaco

    Blacklight Flashlight?

    A Mom & Pop pet store store is selling some zoanthids for $10 but they don’t have actinic bulbs over them so I can’t tell if the zoas have any color, or what color they might be. Is is it a wise purchase to buy one of those blacklight flashlights off Amazon used to detect pet accidents to see if these zoanthids are fluorescent? I’m seeing what appears to be at least 8 different zoanthids. Im thinking best case scenario- I get some cool cheap zoas. Worst case is I wasted $10 on a flashlight to check for possible murder scenes in my house. Thoughts?
  10. TatorTaco

    Good tank for Dwarf Seahorses?

    Maybe @pj86 can chime in?
  11. TatorTaco

    SOLD. Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Chiller

    I'm incredibly sorry I haven't responded sooner - I thought I had changed my settings to receive an email responses to this thread. No, this does not come with the installation kit. I checked out the contents of the installation kit (Marine Depot) and it says it includes the following: Rio 180 pump with 1/2" ID hose adapter and snap-grip hose clamps 2 x 180 degree U-Bend clear barb fittings 8 Feet of 1/2" ID flexible vinyl tubing I do have new flexible vinyl tubing that will go with this, but you'd need the u-bend fittings and a small pump. I think $50 for that kit is a bit unreasonable, but that's just my opinion on a $50 kit that has a $15 pump and $10 of plastic you can pick up at Home Depot.
  12. TatorTaco

    Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

    This is going to be awesome.
  13. TatorTaco

    SOLD. Kessil A160, Controller, & Flex Mount

    Bundle has been sold.
  14. TatorTaco

    WTB: NanoBox Duo

    Appreciate it. Ended up buying elsewhere over the weekend.