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  1. TatorTaco

    Lighting for a IM Lagoon 50

    It appears the Fusion 50 has the following dimensions: 30” x 24” x 16. I have a CADLights 45G that measures 36" x 24" x 12 and I run a Kessil AP700 that I'm super happy with. It's got more than enough power and is quite aesthetically pleasing. Just thought I'd suggest it.
  2. Don't forget about me too! I've been drooling over them for months now and need an excuse to have one.
  3. TatorTaco

    The Poopico, my bathroom tank

    Hi there! I was in the bathroom this morning staring at my counter and remembered your tank. Just wanted to shoot a quick message to see how the tank was doing?
  4. TatorTaco

    3.7g Pico reef

    This really looks awesome!
  5. TatorTaco

    30l Build

    Sorry about the tough luck with the fish. I am in the exact same scenario except with brook. I'm fishless at the moment, but I'll certainly be QT'ing from here on out. I can say that while I'm happy with my tank, their is a certain amount of "life" I'm missing by not having fish. The longer I wait the more bored I am with my tank. Best wishes!
  6. TatorTaco

    Rory's fusion 10, stop clowning around!

    This. I'm in the same boat. Going fishless is pretty boring too tbh. Sorry man.
  7. TatorTaco

    Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    I think you made the right call on the ricordea garden vs a plate coral. I absolutely adore my long tentacle plate coral, but I don't have near as much euphyllia as you and I needed something to bring more movement to the tank - which I doubt your tank lacks. More mushrooms will equal more color against all the green and purple you have at the moment.
  8. TatorTaco


    Feather dusters are filter feeders. I've never noticed a preference to high light / low light.
  9. TatorTaco

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    So on a scale from..... 1 gallon to 25 gallons.....where would you rate this new tank that you're keeping your lips sealed on? Come on P! I'm really trying here. lol.
  10. This tank is absolutely stunning, and a testament to your patience and husbandry skills. Well done!
  11. TatorTaco

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Good to know. Yeah, I think I'd need to find a way to taper the intake to restrict how much water gets pulled, but it'd otherwise be terrific. I might pick one up in the next few weeks.
  12. TatorTaco

    Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Can you help me out @Oceanbox Designs. Can you clarify what size this tank is? I know this tank was upgraded from a 2G, I see you're selling a 4.3G and a 10G, with a a 6.8 later this month, Is this one the 6.8?
  13. TatorTaco


    Sweet baby Jesus that's a lot of frags. This'll look incredible once it grows out.
  14. TatorTaco

    Sancho's old ass Solana sprung a leak

    That stinks. I'm really sorry. I bet that was mentally exhausting too.
  15. TatorTaco

    AIO recommendations

    Hmm... Are you willing to consider acrylic? That'd open a LOT of options (including customization). Deep Blue and CADlights comes to mind. Another option is the Mr. Aqua 12L and then get the overflow kit from OceanBox Designs.