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  1. I have a super happy update! Ran UV Sterilizer for about 2 days before I started to think the sterilizer might be working - misc algae floating around the tank that looked bleached. After about 4 days I was pretty sure I had fixed the problem, and then about 7 days after installing the IM Sterilizer I'm happy to report no visible traces of dinos. I was a bit concerned the dragon's breath algae might tank a hit, but it came out just fine - although it was a detritus trap for decaying dinos once they died and got stuck in the fronds/leaves. The gorgonians are still trying to extend their polyps as well as my long tentacle plate coral still hasn't completely fluffed up, but I hope they turn around. I've bumped my lights up 5% to see if I get better polyp extension from them - especially my corky sea finger. I've noticed zoas reaching too. I think this is a result of my cutting my light intensity so much when I added the 2nd Prime. I picked up a cabbage leather coral from a local with the intention of putting it in my 10 gallon tank but it won't fit so it's been moved to the Fusion 20. I also picked up another zoa frag (nothing special) and they seem to be doing well too. I had to turn the white lights up which made picking up the orange in the middle of the zoas difficult. This now leads me to my duncan corals....the clowns are starting to host in them! Duncans seem a bit irritated by this, but from my research I think they'll be fine in the long run. They'll retract a bit and then the clowns wonder off for a bit and the duncans expand just a minute or two later. I'm pretty happy with the pairing as opposed to them calling the wavemaker home. Anyway, that's all I've got to report for now. Thanks for checking in!
  2. Yeah...I'm going to let it run for at least 7 days. If this doesn't work, my next plan of action is to add pods and dose phtyo, but I think the UV Sterilizer will kill the phyto, so it'll go offline. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll try a 3 day blackout? I genuinely don't see how running the tank dark will kill such an algae with such a grip on my tank though. Now, if THAT doesn't work, I'm (obviously) just going to burn the tank down and bury it in the backyard. Then, I'll copycat @billygoat with that saweet Carribean biotope.
  3. What light do you plan to use for this tank? I'd like an office reef, but i'm worried about how distracting the light bleed would be against the walls in my office. I'd prefer my office not to look like a tanning booth if possible.
  4. Thanks. It's not nearly as exciting as other's post where they get to rave about all their new purchases. I mean, nothing's wrong with that at all. I just needed an avenue to journal my failures and help keep track of what works and what doesn't. I thank you for checking it out though. Yeah, the information does seem to contradict itself ha ha - let's dirty it up and then clean it up at the same time. I'm super happy with the dimensions, but a part of me yearns for that 30L from IM. I might have to try removing my dragon's breath. It's growth has stalled anyway. I'm a bit disappointed in my UV Sterilizer. I kinda expected to see a rapid decline after 24 hours, and we're already on day 3 and I can't notice much of a difference. I am wondering if it's going away because it seems as though my zoanthids are opening more, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.
  5. Just finished installing the sterilizer, so I’m gonna wait and see what happens for a few days to a week. Had an interesting convo with a fellow local hobbyists about my poor coral growth, whom suggested my tank may be “too clean” based on the following information: 5 nitrates 0 nitrites 0 ammonia 0 phosphate 0 TDS no algae grows on the glass My weekly water changes is usually closer to 40-60%. His assumption does sound credible, considering I have zero trouble with SPS growth, but my zoas, leathers, and shrooms simply do not grow. Current treatment plan is to reduce water changes to 10% total tank volume twice a month, and I’ll start that in a few weeks. With the UV sterilizer, I expect SOMETHING will have changed in regards to tank health - whether good or bad. I’ll reevaluate the situation in a month and then will likely resume water changes once a week, but stop changing so much water.
  6. What was the deadline for this to start? I thought it had already passed.
  7. Can you provide a link to the UV Sterilizer you used? I wanted something small and discreet myself, but if it's only in the tank for a day or two, I suppose it's size is of little importance.
  8. Small update: just purchased the Innovative Marine Auqashield 9W UV Ultra Violet Light on Amazon. A lot of freshwater reviews for something called the "green killing machine", but I thought a bit of brand loyalty might work in my favor from IM. Fingers crossed it'll be here Saturday 4/6 and I'll have (good) news to report a few days later.
  9. Looks good. I can vouch for the Petco black sand pictured earlier. I used it for a freshwater red cherry shrimp tank and the grain size was nice. However, I did have some "floaties" after I first put water in the tank, so it'd be a good idea to rinse it out beforehand.
  10. Sorry for the late response @lizzyann. You'd think having a kid in high school and another in junior high, I'd be able to get my hands on a microscope, or at least bring a sample in. However, no dice. I was thinking about the microscope last night, and I'm going to start researching them so that way I can use it for all sorts of little investigations with the tank. The algae does go away at night and returns in the morning, which leads me to believe you might be right about the dino + uv sterilizer. I figure it's worth a gamble, so I'm going to order one shortly and have it delivered Saturday. I'll be sure to report back with my findings.
  11. I think I'm also experiencing dinos. Did you purchase a one, or did you just have one laying around? Apparently, I'll be in the market for one very soon. Also, could you ID that green coral you have next to your gorgonian - the green one on it's own island?
  12. I had no idea that these tanks had a lid sold separately. I've wanted to set up a smaller tank for my office, but I can't justify buying an ATO for it. Can't wait to follow along.
  13. I will try to take pictures later tonight. It has annoyed all my corals and I'm worried about coral fatality since none are opening. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a gamble at the moment unless I start just throwing money at it. I could buy a uv sterilizer and hope for the best. I could start blindly chemically treating it, but I'm not sure if that would work. I could buy a microscope in hopes of IDing it. Blah Blah Blah. I've reduced the lighting and feeding. Next step is a black out in a week or two.
  14. Either I don’t have cyno and have something else (Dino’s?), or can’t follow directions. I’ve used chemiclean successfully in a previous tank, but it’s not making a dent in my current tank. I’m thinking I have a different issue than cyno though. 😞
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