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  1. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    So on a scale from..... 1 gallon to 25 gallons.....where would you rate this new tank that you're keeping your lips sealed on? Come on P! I'm really trying here. lol.
  2. This tank is absolutely stunning, and a testament to your patience and husbandry skills. Well done!
  3. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Good to know. Yeah, I think I'd need to find a way to taper the intake to restrict how much water gets pulled, but it'd otherwise be terrific. I might pick one up in the next few weeks.
  4. Counter-Top NANO REEF Build - Pics & Progress

    Can you help me out @Oceanbox Designs. Can you clarify what size this tank is? I know this tank was upgraded from a 2G, I see you're selling a 4.3G and a 10G, with a a 6.8 later this month, Is this one the 6.8?
  5. Over the edge

    Sweet baby Jesus that's a lot of frags. This'll look incredible once it grows out.
  6. Sancho's old ass Solana sprung a leak

    That stinks. I'm really sorry. I bet that was mentally exhausting too.
  7. AIO recommendations

    Hmm... Are you willing to consider acrylic? That'd open a LOT of options (including customization). Deep Blue and CADlights comes to mind. Another option is the Mr. Aqua 12L and then get the overflow kit from OceanBox Designs.
  8. Just need some advice from the PRO's

    You posted this in the Equipment Forum, but I think it belongs more in the Lighting Forum. Maybe @Christopher Marks could help with that?
  9. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Do you personally own one of these? I remember seeing them at my local hardware store, but it'd be perfect to collect the excess detritus in my sump.
  10. Jimmeh Lee’s shiny new IM14

    Looks purty! What are your stocking plans?
  11. Office Spec V Journal

    I don't recall you rinsing your sand, so this is likely the result of that silt settling in the sand. I'd just vacuum a bit of it at a time at water changes and nothing bad will happen.
  12. Let's Talk about Bubble Algae

    I think you've introduced a great discussion. If I see bubble algae, I do remove it within a few days. I'm not going out of my way to pop them when I know it can spread spores, but it happens. I think to an extent, they will only grow to a certain level that matches the excess nutrients.
  13. My dreams are too big for a pico

    Don't forget the IM 30L too if you still want the AIO feature. I found a picture of @kimberbee's setup where she has a IM10 + IM25 side by side. She' received TOTM last year on her IM10, so maybe she could advise on what would work and what wouldn't, especially since you're considering a bigger tank.
  14. The worst is when they come in and start stealing air conditioners for that copper during the summer.
  15. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    I think blues vs whites is a preference thing. Folks in Europe tend to run their tanks whiter and folks in the USA tend to run their tanks more blue. I think the bluer you get, the more the colors pop in the tank, but it does look a bit weird. I understood that the red/green wavelengths will tend to produce more algae. I don't think the spectrum really affects fish at all though.