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  1. Well, looks like I’ll be returning a Prime HD tomorrow before I end up setting up a new tank. Sorry y’all, but SPS just doesn’t do it for me and I can’t justify 2 Primes on a Fusion 20, even with my 2 tier aquascape. I’ll provide a couple pics for prosperity. I also will will be returning a Prime mount and a Sicce 1.5. Sometimes I should really think about these purchases and ask myself if I’m making this easier or harder on myself. Ugh. Oh, picked up a rainbow clove polyp frag from a local reefer on my lunch break. That was nice.
  2. Bad idea? Will they fit? Accidentally ordered one, and I already have 1 in my Fusion 20. I have spin streams so the flow is already greatly reduced. Any insight?
  3. That's a pretty neat idea to create little feet out of PVC. Are you cycling yet?
  4. Any luck with your leather @Crjdriver?
  5. You reintroduced yourself to the hobby with guns blazing. Well done! I've ordered a 2nd AI Prime HD to go on my Fusion 20. What intensity are you currently running the tank at? Or, are they still not on for long because their isn't coral in it yet?
  6. That's...quite a bit of algae you've managed to grow in a couple weeks. Did you have your light running during the cycle? You may want to give the rocks a scrub and/or pick up a small CUC before you start with fish. I bought a OW-10 for my Fusion 10, but I haven't put it in yet to replace a Hydor Koralia 240.
  7. I don't know if you're serious or joking, but if anyone did it on Nano-Reef, it'd be you.
  8. The shipment is due to arrive to me on Friday. I’ll be sure to open one of the (shorter than I currently have) mounts first and reevaluate it before I open and up and play with the extra light then. I’d much rather be out $30 for a mount than $60 for 2 mounts plus a $200 light.
  9. Yeah... it’s my fault for creating 2 islands. Light needs to be that high to cover everything. Hoping this his will fix it. Any idea how to tell when a coral coral needs more light? I know to watch for bleaching from too much light.
  10. I'll be going from a single Prime with 18" arm to double Primes with 11" arm. I'm thinking I should start super low (25-30%) and then acclimate up to 50%. Sound like a plan?
  11. Yeah, I was hoping by adding a 2nd light that I could lower the light bleed I'm currently experiencing without having to build a canopy.
  12. Visited a local reefer and traded one frag of gorgonian, the torch coral I could never grow, a single zoa polyp I decided I didn't want and then about 15 pounds of dry rock I never used. Ended up coming home with a flower pot coral and another head of duncan coral. The issue, is that the duncan is a different color than my current duncan. I currently have a green/green duncan but the new frag is purple/green. Not sure why didn't notice, or if it'll even be a issue later on, but I really wanted to to place the new frag of dunan on the right side of the current duncan to help it cover that rock a bit more. Maybe pictures would help, but I haven't bothered to take any yet. Regardless, I'm glad I was able to clean the sandbed up a little with misc. frags.
  13. I'm currently running a single Prime HD over my Fusion 20 with the long flex arm. To resolve some shadowing (my fault on poor aquascaping) I've purchased a 2nd Prime HD along with 2 of the 90* arms. Any suggestions on what percentage to lower my light settings to prevent bleaching? How high would you recommend I keep the lights above the water level? Any other considerations I should keep in mind? This is a zoa dominated tank with a few gorgonians and LPS.
  14. I was noticing a bit of film on the tank. I should have enough flow in the tank though. Decided to pull my Sicce 1.5 out and give it a scrub. While it was super clean, I did have a lot of carbon pellets stuck in the vents from a spill I had awhile back. After cleaning it up, I don’t have that film anymore, so I’ll have to keep that in mind next time it develops. Or, just angle a powerhead towards to top instead of directing the flow across the tank.