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  1. TatorTaco

    PocaReef 10G aio Build!

    to NanoReef! That's a really captivating rockscape and your concept to have the the back chambers exposed from the sides is very interesting. I'm definitely going to be watching this develop.
  2. TatorTaco

    ELOS Tank build

    Dude. Charge yo phone! I think Christopher is on to something - stocking it with something that requires the products you sell.
  3. TatorTaco

    Planning dorm tank (nuvo 10?) input welcome!

    I think the direction you're heading is completely up to you. I'm also looking at downsizing, but only because I'm not as big of a fan of shallow tanks as I thought I might be. A Caribbean biotope could be cool with macro, gorogonians, mushrooms, etc. However, I believe a lantern bass would be too big for an IM10. I understood the stock IM pump was super loud so you may want to immediately switch to a Rio or Sicce pump. The RFG might be a nice option, as I've read the spinstreams tend to make a clicking noise while they're still new.
  4. TatorTaco

    35l Dennerle scaper nano

    Welcome back! What's your plans for this tank?
  5. TatorTaco

    7mo old 20gal. reef build in progress

    How's their coral selection and pricing? I'm in Little Rock and the closest LFS is a bit steep on their pricing.
  6. Pipefish fry? That's so neat! I look forward to reading all about it if/when you have time.
  7. TatorTaco

    Snow's Mantis Habitat - He's Gone.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I quite enjoyed reading your thread and Morpheus' antics.
  8. TatorTaco

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    Live Aquaria has a decent chart that's been referenced many times over: https://www.liveaquaria.com/general/compatibility_chart.cfm I understand that seahorses need very low flow because they're sucky swimmers. That shouldn't be that big of an issue unless you start planning coral placement since many have higher flow requirements. Another concern for sea horses is that some corals can/will sting them. Also, they require a lower water temp and are prone to infection. Because of these reasons, many seahorse go into a tank by themselves, or with pipefish exclusively due to similar care requirements. tldr: seahorses are super cool but they're needy little critters.
  9. That Rainbow Yuma is nucking futs man. Nice haul!
  10. TatorTaco

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Frogfish Kingdom

    Tank looks great. Thanks for sharing some more pictures with us. My wife name our emerald crab Hercules because he's so big - you can see him in the tank from across the room.
  11. TatorTaco

    Daniel's Fusion 10 -

    I think you'll be really happy with those LPS corals. You should've received them by now. No?
  12. TatorTaco

    Anyone else find it relaxing ?

    You can't just say that and not provide a link. Shame. I also have a 3.4G on my tank and I've been kicking around the idea of converting it to a SW. I agree though, an office tank is incredibly relaxing.
  13. TatorTaco

    Ommeh's 3.5 Gallon Pico Tank - #overengineer

    Could you take a pic with a soda can, a cell phone beside it, or something so I can scale this correctly in my head? I know you did one with a Barbie doll, but I'm really struggling to visualize the size here. Thanks in advance.
  14. TatorTaco

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    I guess it makes sense, but I didn't even know that shallow tanks came this long. What are your stocking plans with this tank?