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  1. TatorTaco

    Lux meter

    Wha?? I had no idea guys. This will definitely be the next thing I spend money on fish-related. Thanks!
  2. TatorTaco

    Lux meter

    @Tamberav, thanks for pointing out that you can rent PAR meters. I genuinely had NO idea. They're not available at my LFS or my fish club. I definitely want to look in to this for my tanks.
  3. TatorTaco

    My first saltwater build

    Your tank is beautiful. I'm happy to see that you posted an update.
  4. TatorTaco

    WWC - Coral Club Review

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I just found out about this club and I've been wavering on if it's for me or not. Think you could just ask for one type of coral each month, or tell them you're getting too heavy on a particular coral and then they'll ease off and start sending you another? For example - you're getting too many acans....can you ask not to receive them?
  5. TatorTaco


    Make sure you post this on the "other" forums, as it may sit here for a while without bites. Good luck with your sale!
  6. TatorTaco

    College Student in Need of Survey Responses

    Took the survey. Good luck!
  7. TatorTaco

    FS: Garage Sale Pt. 1 (Zoa Heavy)

    This is the most amazing way to show what corals you have I've ever seen. I'm sure it took you forever to categorize and label each one of these, but the effort certainly shows. GLS!
  8. @dilnepenthes, did you want these or can I flush ‘em?
  9. It’d be a better idea to go with @HarryPotter than me. He’s been here longer and I’ve never shipped critters before. Also, I only caught 2.
  10. I’m gonna pm you in a few minutes. I found a couple spaghetti worms.
  11. I just really scoped out my tank and apparently I have quite a few. I’ve never really noticed until now, and I’m a bit creeped out. I’ll stir up the sandbed really good this Saturday and see how many I come up. I get the feeling I’ll now have them forever. I’ll be sure to DM you. We can/could sort it out later, but as long as you cover the shipping you can have as many as I can collect.
  12. I've flushed 2 red spaghetti worms in the last few weeks - 1 just a couple days ago. Is their like...a minimum amount of worms I'd need to find to make it worth the shipping? I had no idea folks would actually WANT them.
  13. TatorTaco

    IM Fusion 20 setup

    If you're practically giving stuff away, I have family vacationing there at the moment in Spring Hill FL. I'd be interested in your caddies and pump. Pretty sure they're heading back home (to AR) on Tuesday though.
  14. TatorTaco

    Toadstool question ID help

    In your experience, do they pretty much grow at the same pace - kenya tree vs toadstool leather? I bought a toadstool and moved it around and managed to kill it. I'd really like to try a toadstool again though.
  15. TatorTaco

    Help Selecting Chemi-Pure Blue

    Okay y'all. I just ordered 3, 5 packs of the Chemi-Pure Nano. If 1 pack treats 5 gallons, I should be good for 75 gallons total for $30ish. Impulse bought 2 InTank caddies. I figure I'll compare it to the IM ones when they come in, but I genuinely can't imagine seeing much of a difference. At least I can return the caddies if I'm not happy with them. Thanks again for helping me out with this!