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  1. IM Lagoon 25 Build

    Your corals really pop with the Aragalive Black Sand. What are your thoughts on this tank since you've moved on from Fluval to Innovative Marine?
  2. The Poopico, my bathroom tank

    Dude, where's the pictures you promised? I love the tank name. From a practical standpoint, I'm surprised your wife let you put this on the bathroom counter. My wife wants one there too, but logistically, it'd be a nightmare since the outlet she uses to blow dry her hair would be occupied. Plus, it'd be on HER side of the counter (Jack/Jill counter). Plus, she uses every surface area of the counter for makeup, combs, etc. Now I'm considering a IM10 with nothing but Xenia. UGH!
  3. Surveyman's NUVO 10

    It's looking a bit full in there. Any plans to upgrade for more corals?
  4. 45G Shallow Reef - General Update

    Hey y'all. One of my clownfish jumped out a couple nights ago and was found the next morning. That leaves me only 1 clown + snails + corals in a 45ish gallon tank. Looks pretty...sparse. I've religiously tested my water parameters, but it just seems as though I can't grow LPS very well. My duncan is sprouting a new head, but I can't see any growth on my hammer coral and the torch/frogspawn/whatever it is refuses to extend its polyps no matter the placement. I really wanted some movement in the tank, so I don't know what other options I have other than kenya tree, xenia, clove polyps, etc which I don't care for. I'd prefer a low maintenance tank, so i'm just taking the easy route and will give up on LPS for the time being. I've been checking into toadstool leathers which I think might be nice though. With Christmas coming, I'm hoping that I can score some salty presents. Also, I picked up a seasonal 2nd job with the hopes of saving up for a month or until the job ends. With that money, I hope to earn about $500 that I can use exclusively for the tank. Here's the wishlist: Replacement clownfish from Liveaquaria. Yellow Watchman Goby from Liveaquaria. Pistol Shrimp from Liveaquaria. 5 pack of rock flower anemone from VIP Reef. Toadstool coral As many zoas as I can afford. If you have any advice or suggestions, feel free to let me know.
  5. New IM peninsula 14

    Tank looks great!
  6. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Couldn't agree more with Kellie (above). I think the MP10 is great for nano tanks when the focus is to not clutter up the inside of the tank. Those random flow generators are getting a lot of hype and pair up nicely with an over sized return pump (since they drastically reduce the flow). I wanted quality stuff for my tank when I set it up so I bought it. Without a doubt, I'll be selling it off soon and replacing it with a cheaper option. It's nice, but it's not $285 nice.
  7. light bulb CCPC

    Any idea how to find such a large bulb? I considered doing this but I'm not good with google.
  8. Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    This whole thread is awesome! Thank you for the detailed write up on how you switched tanks. My wife wants to replace the flooring throughout the house and I just can't wrap my head around how I'd empty the tank, move the tank, and then put it all back together again. Preparedness is valuable and how you planned this out (and explained it) will be incredibly beneficial when my time has come.
  9. KG's Fusion 10

    Sorry to hear about the ATO. I often times forget to turn the ATO back on until I get tons of bubbles and the whining sound of the return pump blares through the house.
  10. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    I've seen your tank on NR and IG and enjoy seeing it every time. Even if you didn't get TOTM with this tank, it has certainly been a solid reference for others who consider the IM10 and it's possibilities. I'd love to see a brief video facing the front of then tank. I'm sure that pictures don't give the euphilia's movement justice.
  11. Have all your frags had a chance to settle and open up? I've really been looking forward to see them once settled.
  12. How much are you asking?
  13. Angry-Monkey's IM Nuvo 10 - Nanobox Tide!

    Do you have any concerns about the toadstool coral in such a small tank? I've been considering one, but I'm concerned it'd grow too big and start to overshadow things. Do they grow about as fast as other soft corals like kenya trees and xenia?
  14. 3.7g Pico instead

    Nah, you shouldn't have any trouble with the rock touching the glass other than it being difficult cleaning the right side with a magnet cleaner. The rock on the back glass may capture a bit of detritus though and I'd be weary of that. I can't think of any solution to prevent detritus from getting back there and rotting out. It's such a small tank though, it may be worth experimenting with to see what happens. Worst case scenario, you'll have to rockscape a 3.7 gallon tank, which shouldn't take very long. Did you end up replacing the stock pump? I'm staring at my tank with the stock pump and it's VERY low flow and it constantly has stuff floating/swirling on top of the water.