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  1. Found a lfs I like and can finally start adding to this again - I went a little overboard and got exactly what I told myself I wouldn't get.. something relatively big hahah I was so close to getting a 1 or 2 headed duncan. Also brought home 2 snails and zoas that I'm hoping start to open up after taking them off the frags I switch out the par bulb for the Asta 20 Marine, removed the crate, and switched the airline to a black tube. The setup has a much smaller footprint Acan and blasto are still doing well and have new heads but the slime from the acan usually makes me change more than 100% of the water each week after stirring everything up and accidentally knocking it. There's been some algae and a wild episode of 50-100 of these guys in January Photo by @itznico: Other than getting the macro I keep talking about, I still should go with smaller/shorter coral like zoas, rics, and shrooms. The store had some quarterish sized RFAs for $40 that I've been thinking about.. Oh and the crab lives on
  2. I had the 12W abi tuna blue light which worked great on my half gallon jar with zoas, an acan, ric, and a hammer. Switched to an Asta 20 Marine light off Amazon that's been working well. Less light spill since it's right above the lid and I can turn down the blues for photos
  3. I was actually thinking of that but was worried about it not turning off. Not much is new on the jar after the move. The lfs by my new place in chicago doesn't have a lot of frags so if anyone knows of any in the area let me know. The acan and blasto both have new heads and are growing well. I've been dealing with a bit of GHA and found a tiny bit of bubble algae in the jar. Parameters are good and I've kept up with water changes but I removed the crate my light was sitting on so its about 6in lower than before.
  4. I tried to take out the heater and airline with this tiny 53gph pump turned all the way down: https://www.amazon.com/Homasy-Submersible-Aquarium-Statuary-Hydroponics/dp/B07DW91KRR/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546797492&sr=8-5&keywords=homasy+pump The flow seemed good but it heated the jar to 84🙄 So I think the heater and airline is the only way to go
  5. I’ll post a pic soon but the jar is looking pretty bare and underwhelming for people that want to see it and myself as well!!! GSP is starting to open up again, orange ric and acan look good but really getting the itch for a torch and a fish. Need to make some moves on it - think I’m going to ditch the wood crate behind the jar and get a new light fixture. Also seeing some hydroids on the glass I think
  6. Okay well the jar has seen better days... the shrooms disappeared, birds nest is a goner, blasto is pale as hell, and everything else looks pretty terrible🙃 So that's great. Going to clean it tomorrow and see how things end up
  7. Those dimensions are so tempting... I know if I get anything else I'll wind up wanting it in the end hahah I was actually thinking of the desk idea but remembered I just got a monitor. I really want to get an AIO insert, run it as a peninsula, and be able to see it on both sides. Only way I can think of doing this would be putting the stand on the side of my bed
  8. My brother's girlfriend actually does have a cat so that may make things interesting hahaha The jar comes today! We'll see how it held up. I've also been thinking of upgrading... Don't know if I can end the reef jar this quick though. I've wanted a 12 long but I'm not sure it'll fit in my bedroom, which is 9ft x 12ft and I'll be putting a desk in. Have been looking these (of course they raised the price🙄) https://www.marinedepot.com/Lifegard_Aquatics_CRYSTAL_Aquarium_45_Degree_Low_Iron_Ultra_Clear_7.4_Gallon_(with_Built_In_Side_Filter)_Nano_Tanks-Lifegard_Aquatics-RB9366-FIAQNC-vi.html https://www.marinedepot.com/Lifegard_Aquatics_CRYSTAL_Aquarium_45_Degree_Low_Iron_Ultra_Clear_3.8_Gallon_(with_Built_In_Side_Filter)_Nano_Tanks-Lifegard_Aquatics-RB9373-FIAQNC-vi.html
  9. Though it’s a little noisier, I think taking the air stone off the air line would bring the salt spray down a bit
  10. As much as I wanted to keep cords out of my jar, I had to add a heater too. Out of those two I would say the cobalt one. Another one to check out that a lot of jars use and I was recommended is the Archaea 25W slim heater, which has an adjustable controller on it as well. I always thought the original glass lid for these jars was an eyesore. Good looks👍🏼
  11. Really appreciate it! Means a lot being my first go at things. I had someone change the water and though the sexies and probably the birdsnest didn't make it I think everything else might be alright. Surprised after seeing pictures of it... Couldn't even see through it Oh and the crab is good!! hahah hopefully it can handle the car ride coming up next
  12. Found out “it hasn’t had bubbles the past two weeks”😅
  13. Thank you! Sadly I got an update today and it’s not looking too hot... water is very cloudy, air pump came disconnected, sexies dead, and I’m guessing most of the corals might be goners. Might be starting fresh when it gets here next weekend.. No bueno. I really think I could have had this going awhile if I could have had it with me
  14. Thank you! Based on how easy upkeep has been it should be okay *knock on wood* You can't see it but there’s a small 1.5in temp sticker on the side that has consistently read 78. I also left a different thermometer in there for a week that read the same thing so it seems like the 25W heater with the controller has been working really well. Also, I know I probably should butttt I haven't warmed up my water before a water change since I started the jar. It sits in a 2.5gal jug from a lfs at around 72
  15. Tomorrow I'll be moving into my brothers' studio for a month... so as small as this jar is I won't be able to take it for 2-3 weeks when we move into a 2 bedroom. My plan is to have my parents top the jar off and change the water once or twice while I'm gone. Hoping these aren't the last pics I take of it haha everything's a little closed up after shortening the frag plugs and changing the water twice before I leave (gsp and shrooms especially). FTS after about 4 months - glad a sexy found its way in. I'm wanting to fill the rock with zoas, rics, and shrooms if its still kicking next month.
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