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  1. After 1 1/2 mo of training my Sun coral. They finally come out during the day and close at night. They love to eat blood worms and small pieces of silverslides.
  2. So I think i found out the cause of why my tank started to look like shit. When i was doing maintenance in Sunday I must've knocked over a piece of wood in the back chamber and didnt realize it. Well, i kept looking at my tank wondering why it was so cloudy and the corals and RBTA started lookin like crap. So, yesterday I did another WC. Took for gallons out and put some Matrix Carbon. The cloudiness seems to be goin away and my corals look much better. My RBTA on the other hand still looks pissed but is still stickin to rock. It actually walked lastnight and found him on top of rock instead of the bottom side. He still looks like shit tho and i dont know if I should take him out or just do another WC today? What do u guys think?
  3. You can feed him Hex Shield to see if that may help. Its suppose to help with parasites
  4. Diatoms are normal. You dont have to run the light while the tank is cycling. Just have alot of flow and turn the light off. Are you having a barebottom? Or are you planning on putting sand in the future? Sorry, i missed the sand part info. I see it now lol
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I'll wait it out and hopefully he will start swimming again
  6. Everything I got as frags from my LFS. Everything has gotten larger since I bought them. Blastos so far is my fav coral. I usually broadcast feed the fish babies with the pumps on. I'll spot feed corals with pumps off. It took me forever to think of a name for Pintail. I was like hmmmm what's a male but is pretty?? Two days later Ding ding!! RuPaul!!! 😂😂😂
  7. Im not sure if Waldo accidentally nipped at RuPaul when trying to eat. All of a sudden I heard RuPaul jump out the water and fell back in cuz he hit the tank lid. Thank goodness the lid was on. Only fish that bicker is my clown and goby. They dont nip at eat other tho its more of running up on each other talkin smack then go back to their aide of tank. I have IM 30g long
  8. I'll check that out. It would be great to meet some ppl that have the same interest because I'm sure my friends and wife are tired of me talkin about fish/coral to them lol
  9. Hey peeps, so I have Tail Spot goby aka (Ryder), domino clown aka (Whitley), Valentini puffer aka (Waldo) and a Pintail Wrasse. When I first got the wrasse aka (Ru Paul) acclimated him amd the next morning he was out swimming/exploring. Everyone got along. I've had RuPaul for 26 days today but last week I was feeding everyone and RuPaul and Waldo went for the same morsel and collided. Now RuPaul is freaked out. Only swims behind the rocks. He comes out to eat but stays in a cave til food swims by. I was already given the suggestion of re-aquascaping the rocks. Are there any other suggestions? This is such a beautful fish and sucks that I dont get to see him swim in the front of tank anymore. Thanks in advance.
  10. I think i created an acct at a local reefing club but I dont log on it. Im usually on here. Its nice to finally see someone on NR thats from diego! I love SD Corals. They are nice ppl and Meghan is a great help when i first started my tank over a year ago. I went from a fluval 13g to my IM 30g. I also go to Vets Pets but his tanks sucks. I only go there cuz he's just a few blocks by my place. I never buy coral there. I've only bought a baby valentini puffer (I just had to save him lol) and food there.
  11. No sliming. I've had him for 4mo now. He's been doing fine. He walks around but for the past week he's been at this spot. I got him at SD Corals. Meghan and Chris's shop is close to my place so I normally go there. If im in the clairemo t area then I'll go to Aquarium Warehouse
  12. I havent fed him since last week. Im defosting a muscle right now. Gonna give a small portion later. I hope it pulls thru. Everything else seems to be doin fine. My RFAs are doing fine. Its just the RBTA looking crazy. Im debating if I want to put my clown fish in "jail" for awhile. Maybe its irritating it.