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  1. Everything sold! please close
  2. Light is sold! Make me an offer on the skimmer
  3. Reposted pics for those who asked
  4. All PMs replied
  5. Nemolight sold
  6. Both mp10s are sold
  7. I am breaking down my 2 nuvo 10s to fund my red sea reefer build. All prices include paypal and shipping (in continental USA). I am located in Louisiana if you are local and would rather pickup. 1. Nano box mini tide plus m in anodized clear (silver): purchased in 5/16 and was never turned over 60%. These lights are amazing and I would not hesitate to purchase another. $200 2. Mame skimmer with cobalt oxy pro air pump (has adjustment built in to eliminate the cheap air controller). Come with box and all accessories as well as an extra air stone $100
  8. Maybe i need to try a different blade on my hacksaw
  9. I did 2 clowns in a 10 and they did fine but i wouldnt push it with much more than that
  10. I tried to cut dry marco rock with no luck. Stuff is even hard to break even with the hammer
  11. Yea post some pics, I need ideas for my new reefer
  12. That light setup/mount looks perfect on that tank
  13. I have the same weller can't kill those things
  14. I have an innovative marine and am going to be replacing it with a red sea reefer 170.