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  1. beautiful! definately inspiration for the next time i have pops bring out his immense carpentry skills
  2. nice! what type? pm me the details i am looking for a blenny
  3. very nice, details?
  4. Update on 2.5 stock pico contest
  5. Upgraded from 20L nano-reef to this! It is fun, but expensive... I was getting the nano bug again so I started up a 2.5 for the contest
  6. Cleaner shrimp doing his job on my "reef safe" pyramid butterfly in 90 Gallon Reef
  7. This product is terrible, I'm on my second, and this one just failed and my lights were on for over 24 hours, 1 week later I'm still fighting the algae left behind after all of my xenia died
  8. nice, how do you like that independent suspension??
  9. How many cubic inches?
  10. also try to add a powerhead
  11. Looks Great
  12. Cool so how'd you build it?
  13. I think that's an astrea snail, but you may be right