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  1. Bowfront with LEDs will be AWESOME
  2. My 60g Marine Land Mixed Reef

    looks awesome!
  3. AA 17.5 Cube tank shallow

    Lovin' the minimalist clean look!
  4. LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    Bought this light, am absolutely loving it over my 15g tall!
  5. Teenie Tiny Aquarium Build

    Looks good, would love to see some updates!
  6. Would you pay $300 for this system?

    $300 will take you very far if you do your research and find good deals on hardgoods/livegoods
  7. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Birthday Nano-Reef! The bug is back and I happily started a new Nano today after being away for a few years..
  8. Amphiprion1's 25g seagrass cube REDUX

    This tank is purely inspirational! Can't wait to see it back up and going. Also, where'd you get the oar grass from?
  9. LOOKS AWESOME!!! Can you sketch up or take some pics of your plumbing setup??
  10. Par38 Budget 10 Gallon

    Love the tank Zepo! I also really liked your review on the light, just ordered one!! I'm just getting back into reefing after a four year break, and will be setting up a 15H modeled after your simple yet awesome tank!
  11. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    happy belated birthday my favorite website
  12. I have a 90 Gallon RR with around 150 # live rock, G-3 Skimmer, coralife t-5's, 20 gallon long sump, and don't have time for it anymore. I'm looking to sell it to someone who will be able to enjoy it more than I am. Will include salt and other accessories. Fish: Pair of Niger Triggerfish False Perc Clown Pyramid Butterfly Dwarf Orange Tail Pufferfish Looking to get $600 for the complete set-up PM me if interested. Located in the suburbs of chicago
  13. My 30 gal Salty...

    yeah.. well it happens i'd rather burn out than fade away.. cough cough
  14. My 30 gal Salty...

    still reefin'??
  15. 125 gallon Zoatopia :)

    I'm likin' it steph! Thought I'd pop over here and check out the progress. Re-Hit me up on fbook