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  1. My LED setup includes six 6-channel LDD boards. Is there a way to control them all using the BF Mini?
  2. I've just completed a Lumia 5.2 (12 chip) setup for my reef tank. I was wondering if anyone knows how use the five channels on the Lumia chips to emulate Radion's (EchoTech) AB+ spectrum? Thanks for any advice.
  3. I just got my light fixture and Bluefish mini set up and running. All is well, except the night LED won't turn on. I went to Settings>Night and set "Night Start" to 8:00 PM. I set the output of channel 2 to 0.5% and all other channels to 0%. I clicked the preview button and channel lit up at a very low level (0.5%) as intended. Problem is, the night LEDs do not turn on at "Night Start" (8:00PM). Is there some special setting(s) that enable(s) the night light? Everything else works perfectly. I do not use "Natural Sun" or "Lunar Cycles". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got it working! Thanks to Spencer for great customer service.
  4. I got a special price on the Lumias from a friend. I purchased the driver boards from O2Surplus - I think he's a member here at Nano-Reef. If not you can find him on a couple of the other reef sites. I was extremely happy with the boards! Each board drives 2 Lumias and controls the fans. The boards also have a "socket" for the Bluefish controller. You can daisy chain the boards so you only need the Bluefish on the first board. As for the rack, I used square aluminum tubing from eztube.com - really great stuff and very strong!
  5. It was around $1950 - give or take a hundred. 3X Mean Well NES-350-48V 350W power supplies = $109.00 12X Lumia 5.2 V2 LED chips = $770.00 6X MakersLED heat sinks = $600.00 30X Mean Well LDD drivers = $150.00 Bluefish mini Controller = 100.00 6X Driver PCBs from O2Surplus = $180.00 Misc. parts = around $40.00 I saved some money by making my own wiring harnesses, etc. I also carefully sourced parts for the best price. If I had to do it again, I'd go with the slim version of the MakersLED sinks. I went with the more expensive version. They weigh a ton and are total overkill!
  6. I'm using the Bluefish Mini. The lights are finished and everything works fine - I just haven't installed the rack yet. There's no water in the tank yet. The Bluefish has a lot of cool features.
  7. I decided to go ahead with 12 Lumias Vers 2.0 I purchased 6 - 24 inch sinks from LED Group Buy and mounted 2 Lumias on each sink. I'm using 6 of O2Surplus' driver PCBs - each board driving 2 chips. Â Sorry for the size of the first pic. Something weird is going on with the jpg and to be honest, I'm just too lazy to try to fix it. Â Â This is the mounting plan (not to scale) - sinks are 15 inches apart and the chips are also 15 inches apart on the sinks.Â
  8. Would someone mind explaining how to move the Bluefish app from my phone to an android based tablet? Thanks...
  9. Thanks Randy - that was quick. My reason for asking is: I have a very large sump, so a large level change means lots of water and a possible salinity problem. But, 1/4" to 3/8" is probably fine.
  10. Great video - thanks! Randy, I was wondering, what's the vertical distance between "start" and "stop"? IOW, what is the water level difference between the "correct" level and the level that causes the ATO to start the fill pump?
  11. Looking at it from the pocket book, I could manage 12 Lumias. If I added the 320 W of T5s I already have, that would seem reasonable.
  12. This pic is about two years old; Currently I'm running 4X Radium 400W and 8X 39W T5s.
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