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  1. Oracus

    Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    Sadly came back from vacation and lost my Aussie torch and acan. Everything else is doing great
  2. Oracus

    Indiana's 29 Gallon Office Reef

    That crab is awesome!
  3. Oracus

    Scarlet Skunk vs Superglue

    Well he turned out just fine.
  4. Oracus

    3D Printer Nano Tank Equipment Thread

    Just made a custom ATO sensor mount
  5. Oracus

    Corals you can’t keep alive?

    Maze coral and usually monti cap, although the monti i have currently gas survived the longest at 1 month.
  6. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    Alright that makes sense and clear thought on what i need to change.
  7. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    I really do appreciate all the assistance. The AIO was custom made off of the IM 10 designs so its not entirely to the scale on the drawing. On mine the last baffle is slightly lower as shown below. I have tried to show on the diagram my display water level and the level when i remove water from the rear . I think I might need raise the height of the last baffle. My DIY ATO is timer based and only temporary, I have a proper ATO on its way.
  8. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    Ok i get it now. Does it matter where the water level in the first chamber is? I did as 1891Bro suggested and removed water from the 3rd chamber, water level all lowered the same until i got below the 3rd baffle. So xhamber 1 & 2 were at the level of the 3rd baffle and chamber 3 was slightly lower.
  9. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    I will check tonight. I had always had the water level in rear nearly full.
  10. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    I kept it that high before i got the skimmer.
  11. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    Does this look normal?
  12. Oracus

    Help rear chamber water level

    I figured that part out. I am more concerned about all three chambers having the same water level
  13. So yesterday i found my AIO tank overflowing from the top of the main display area on to my floor with the pump chamber nearly empty. I removed my media basket which had day old filter floss and bag of carbon, turned off my skimmer and pump, then removed some water from the tank. Refilled to where my normal level has been for 6 months and turned my pump back on. i checked throughout the day for leaks and have not found any. I did notice the all three rear chambers are the same level with out my media basket installed. Does that mean my rear chambers might be leaking thru? Dont have a current picture but this is what I designed off of.
  14. Looking for a ATO suitable for 20 gal AIO nano