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  1. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    Still no sign of the stringy stuff
  2. Coral suggestions

    This past weekends INDMAS frag swap has my tank full right now lol. I picked up the Aussie Gold Torch, 24k Lepto, Bi-color hammer, Neon Pink Blasto, Cinnamon paly grandis, and two duncans. Now after light acclimating is placing everything where myself and the corals are happy, then wait for the tank to fill in.
  3. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    I got the same blasto too. The swap was really fun, wish my kids would have lasted longer.
  4. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    Another note. Last wc didnt seem to have any affect on it positive or negatively. I am going to return to weekly wc again.
  5. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    It seems to be responsive to light. While acclimating a new torch i kept the lights off all day Saturday. This afternoon when lights came back on the stuff is nowhere to be found. Not sure yet if it was the lights or critters that knocked it down(they were all active at lights on). I will continue to experiment.
  6. Coral suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestion, i picked this up on Saturday.
  7. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    No tank updates just showing off one of my other hobbies. 3d printed switch plate
  8. Indiana's 29 Gallon Office Reef

    Which ones? Welcome to Indiana! Valparaiso is a nice area
  9. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    I am mainly focused on finding a gold torch at the swap Saturday
  10. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    Thanks. I am only using floss and carbon atm, blowing off bed, corals and changing floss once daily. As long as i doesn't get out of hand, I am going to take it slow. I don't want to make any changes that I cannot track well and pinpoint if it helps or not. Does ro/di not remove silicates? I have well water with a sediment filter and softener before it gets to my ro/di prefilter and carbon filter. So I would hope that is enough filtering for most anything 1 micron and larger.
  11. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Looking forward to the swap this weekend
  12. Red Sea Salt - Blue Bucket

    I have used RSCP for about a year in two different tanks without issues that I can tell. I do believe corals are doing better than with IORC.
  13. Oracus's custom 20L peninsula tank

    Parameters are looking off Salinity 1.024 CA 340 DKH 9 MAG 1230 PHOSPHATE >0.03 NITRATE 10 I believe this is due to changing to biweekly WC to raise phosphates and battle the algae stuff which has made a small comeback.