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  1. Great looking tank in a great looking room, especially love the stand 🙂
  2. My first tank Nuvo 16 😄. I did spend a brief stint in a hand-me-down Eclipse 12 from a coworker and got hooked since.
  3. Let's just back up a little - the initial question was concerning the rise and fall of nitrates, based on test results. Well, based on this picture, I wouldn't have guess you have nitrate issue, just saying. Sometimes doing a single test could give you a false result, some people run their test 3 times just to make sure they take the average (ya know, like back in science class). @jbb_00 also mentioned that test kit brands matter. I don't test for nitrate, so I can't comment on specific 😁. But I'd lean to go along with API being the basic/beginner kit, and the results would tend to be more of a guideline than definitive answer. Also, drop in on the tank journals of @Clown79, @banasophia, @Tamberav and @WV Reefer. If you don't know how to find it, maybe they will drop in their journal links here for you. Not only that these ladies are always happy to answer questions and give any advices where they can, all of them have really nice tank journals for both inspirations and also the stories that you can learn from. You will see some distinct ways of running successful tanks among those 4 examples - it just goes to show that there isn't just one correct way/method to reefkeeping. Good luck with your tank, looks like it's off to a good start.
  4. One tip: You won’t find a magic fix for anything in this hobby. Even if there is one, it won’t likely have a long lasting results. Bad things always have a root cause that need more than a quick fix. It’s better to maintain a healthy system through routine maintenance and being vigilant about pests that require physical removal (bubble algae, aptasia, etc). Don’t knowingly introduce 💩 into your tank is the best first step, imo.
  5. Just a thought, have you considered extending the intake pipe up to the surface with surface strainer? Or if you even have the room to go up...
  6. Amen, simple and stable 2019 for the win.
  7. Looking very good 🔥🔥 👍👍.
  8. Man, you’re just a collection of expensive hobbies, aren’t ya? 🤨😂
  9. Damn! Now that’s a sweet perks!
  10. Shit, @Sancho I thought that was a loaner while caddie got fixed for the day. Still keep that beast around?
  11. both look really good! but I'm partial to the second one. more high-point areas for high-light corals.