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  1. micoastreefing

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

  2. micoastreefing

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Mixed Nuts

    is your inbox blowing up yet?
  3. If you don't have receipt, you can probably send @jbb_00 a screenshot of your tracking data, assuming your browser stored the history somewhere.
  4. micoastreefing

    Butterflyfish help

    Isn’t your tank still crashing? πŸ€”. Might wanna try to get that under control, let alone buying any more fish.
  5. micoastreefing

    Dueling 80s

    Damn, sorry @StinkyBunny. Hope some livestock are still ok.
  6. micoastreefing

    Quickest Cycle - New Aquarium with established media?

    what horror stories are you referring to? pests? They come and go as they please - sure it's nice to start as clean as possible. But they'll hitchhike on a frag or two down the road no matter how hard you try to avoid them. the long-term trick is to stay vigilant, and remove as soon as possible. one should always weigh the pros-cons of starting with only-dry vs only-live rocks (not many cons really other than costs and pests). Best of both world is to add both, a small portion of live rocks from trustworthy LFS (obviously you could inspect the rocks for pests before purchase), and some dry rocks. Personally, I felt like I've seen more often systems having trouble down the road when started with dry rocks here on NR. Not saying that it can't be successful. YMMV, everyone reads/follows different topics of interests.
  7. micoastreefing

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

    Sounds like the frags are doing very well then. I have an old Olympus dSLR e-410/420 from 2007, haha. It has built-in white balance adjustment to help counter the blue. I also have a photo preset programmed - also a bit more white to blue ratio - on my nanobox light.
  8. micoastreefing

    30l Build

    This was going to be my suggestion. Even now before tearing anything down, just add some live rock from LFS. It should help introduce (presumably) different varieties of bacteria.
  9. Great soundtrack. You would think there was a gold brick in there, by the way it was wrapped. πŸ˜…
  10. Got my SS gifts today. And I’m 99.9% sure who it’s from. Thanks, @NanoRox!
  11. micoastreefing

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

    @--chris--, here's the cali tort vs oregon tort top-down, CT at top-left and OT to the right of it. I thought I had better pics of them both. loving the size of that purple stylo "frag".
  12. micoastreefing

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

    here's a little PE on the cali tort frags last night when taking photos
  13. micoastreefing

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

    @HarryPotter Always has crazy PE on acros in his tank. And they grow wild in his tank. Maybe he knows. I’d say PE has multiple functions, chief among those are feeding and growing.
  14. micoastreefing

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

    I'm pretty sure the green acro is the highlighter acro from Cultivated Reef (it came from there as part of a frag pack I ordered a couple years ago). Yeah, the tort is a bit finicky about PE in my tank as well, I can't tell you what best to bring out PE. maybe some others who read this thread might charm in on what works for their tort.