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  1. micoastreefing

    35l Dennerle scaper nano

    Where in MI? I'm in GR area. not many NR peeps from MI, can name a handful but none are active lately.
  2. looks like someone has a reef addiction issue. 😛
  3. micoastreefing

    IM SR80 Build!

    Nice! Surprise how rare it is to see these SRs on here. most people seem to move on to a sumped system after they’re done with their small IM. Look forward to progress.
  4. micoastreefing

    Pal's 30l reboot

    Hey, more room for new corals
  5. micoastreefing

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    That looks very nice Harry.
  6. micoastreefing

    Potter’s SPS (CLEAR MY RACKS!) Sale:

    Dude! So glad that efflo went to you.
  7. micoastreefing

    100 gallons behind a wall

    It's about time this tank gets some corals. I'd love to do a monti-dominated tank one day. This journal may have been started before I even knew what a nano reef was. jk, i knew the tank went thru a few rough patches.
  8. micoastreefing

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    No that was the old regular Quad. the new one is still idling at 45% or so (I practically doubled down on blues/violets on the new fixture). The corals seem to respond well at that level at this time.
  9. micoastreefing

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    Here’s my schedule (10 total hours) and midday peak. This was before the new fixture with beam strips added. So with just the arrays. I think I know what you mean about using mint-only for brightness giving off too much blue. That’s why I blend in a bit of white. I’d say you should try blending in white to your likings. I don’t know how to balance the colors with the T5 bulbs though. Would you just aim for to match the led to the T5 colors, or just use it to help tweak the T5 a bit?
  10. micoastreefing

    SPS Basics

    @Nano Nano Boo Boo and @KW NANOREEF, all i gotta say is you never know until you try. And like most things in life, you are not likely gonna be 100% successful on the first try and that’s ok. You’ll learn from it. Funny enough my first ever acro from 3+ yrs ago is still living in my tank, but many others in between had died since then. Acros are tough to get a hang of, but once you know how they do in your tank, you’ll be just fine. Oh and the biggest rookie mistake: trying to change things too quickly just to save one dying frag even when the others are doing well.
  11. micoastreefing

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    Don’t know whether I should be jealous or feeling happy for the potential of this 300G reef of yours. 🤗
  12. micoastreefing

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    Welcome to nanoboxreef reef club! How many arrays/tubes? I’m sure you already said it somewhere, but I’m too lazy to go back and look.
  13. micoastreefing

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    how is it that HP always runs into some strange ppl on here, ending up blowing up a bunch of hot topics?
  14. That's all I've seen from my frag, thickening. still hoping that it'll eventually stretch out or branch out. love the two red zoas, especially the utter chaos up front.
  15. micoastreefing

    Trav's Box O' Squishy

    Tank looks so clean!! generally, I don't like the single-mound look. But there's something zen-nish about this one. Nice job, man.