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  1. Montipora: Show some love for your Monti's

    Close-up on tequila sunrise: a variety of growth forms in one colony
  2. MIcoast's IM30L - iPhone close-up shots 1/21/18

    Clean the glass tonight, decided to do some iPhone close-up’s. This gorg had not gotten any spotlight in a while Rainbow BTA This acan looks pretty awesome right now Ric garden - building up my varieties Leng si cap update Battle of Monti’s: the tricolor already went up-and-over one of the digi branch (mound in the background) and in the process of taking over another one.
  3. ADA nano - Manuka honey dosing

    Very slick!!
  4. FS: AI Hydra 26HD

    OK, open to reasonable offers.
  5. Nano Box Owners Thread

    WOW dude! Do you have any info on the light build? LOVE the translucent splash guard.
  6. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    If my tank seems to be drawing 1.0 dKh daily, maybe a bit more, would I have to manually dose twice a day? I think I'm gonna have to stick with the "safe range" method for now. Eventually, I won't mind doing multiple-dose per day scheme once I have an automatic doser. And yes, I do agree with your follow-up comment that the more stable, the better, no doubt on that. I can tell the differences in my tank between daily dosing vs a few days slacking. Here ya go, fellow RSCP user.
  7. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: Acro Haven

    Would you attribute any of the lighting toward t5’s even distribution? What light was on the 45, vs this one?
  8. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    RSCP - going on 4th year.
  9. 3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    Is that your tank featured in reef hobbyist magazine? Very nice, congrats.
  10. Montipora skin faded but polyps colored

    Looks fine to me, might just be acclimating to your tank’s lighting. Also, I only knew of a forest fire digi. Unless this is some special encrusting type, the rounded, faded area could be a branching growth point which is typically whiter than the rest of the colony.
  11. LFS frag trade in for store credit

    1/4 to 1/3 retail is about what I’ve been told as well. Maybe 1/3 if you have nicer/bigger frags that they can mark up. I think it might have been better knowing what you want, then just ask for it - with the going rate in mind of course. I also had used a tactic where I brought in a variety of frags, as to not overload their rack with one type. I usually have a “set” price on something I think the better ones are worth, and then I’ll throw in the frag-pack deal for the LFS for the remainders. It doesn’t do me any good sitting in my tank, I rather get the store credits. In the end you win some, you lose some. Good luck selling, the trumpet looks really good.
  12. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: Acro Haven

    Dude, that's a huge rip-off. my LFS owner had said that he happily takes frags for store credit of 1/4 of what he thinks he can retail it for. @ $4 per head, that's almost 1/8
  13. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Mediocre photos!

    That echinata , I'm a sucker for yellow/gold color on corals. the acan lord is nice too. And the photography on this thread is top-notch, stop downplaying your skillz.
  14. MIcoast's IM30L - iPhone close-up shots 1/21/18

    Thanks for the thought Dave. My midday peak is already at 90% across all blue/violet channels. so right now I just have the violet up'ed to 95%, where the rest stays at 90%. I think it may not be fully-related to PAR alone, but more about the spectrum being delivered that I was more interested in, if that makes sense? Do you think the approach would make the different in that case?
  15. Montipora: Show some love for your Monti's

    the Monti Island actually has 5 different species. The red one - M. Palawanensis Leng sy - M. Capricornis Tequila Sunrise - M. Aquitiberculata German Blue digi - M. Digitata Sunset Monti - M. something, haha I haven't seen/found species reference for this fairly common and well-known Monti. And so far not many of mine had run into each other yet. I've seen the red one beat the Leng sy, I had to break off about 1-2" piece to trim it back from the Leng Sy a month or so ago. The red one also practically just went around and over the blue digi without even a hint of a fight from the digi.