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  1. MIcoast's 34G - New Fish!

    New leopard wrasse, front and center! Coincidentally, all 3 of my fish are in focus, sorta.
  2. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    Love the curve channel down the middle! Remind me of that Japan's CP Farm aquascape. I wish my next tank has the footprint that allows for something like that. What happened to the height difference between the two towers that was shown on the dry mock?
  3. UWdanno Fusion 20

    I’ve been contemplating the IM Lagoon 50 for this holiday shopping season. It has 30 x 16 front viewing area, but 30 x 24 footprint. I’m guessing your dimensions was more for footprint?
  4. How Do You Know When Trace Elements Are Low?

    At least I’m not the only one thinking that was a bit high. But I had chalked that up to different products come in different concentrations; therefore, different dosing quantities. I’m already having a minor oops with my tank, tried dosing the same amounts as before but from a different brand (without checking 😒).
  5. NanoBox Unit Constructive Talk : Changes, Discussion, Ideas

    @DaveFason Now that mint led had been in use for quite a while, and your recommendation is to forego the white completely in favor of mint. Do you have any plans to incorporate something else in place of white LEDs, or reduce or eliminate the number of white LEDs on the array in the future? Say if mint LED was array v3.2, maybe for v3.3 you can swap the whites and the blue/cyan channels? 2blue/1cyan on the old white channel, and reduce the number of white leds to 2 on the old blue/cyan channel?
  6. MIcoast's 34G - New Fish!

    Checked the alk last night, not too low as expected - it came in high! dKH 9.0-9.5, eh, the result of blindly dosing, after changing supplement brand. Gonna let the tank ride it down (aka use up the carbonate), the SPS doesn't seem to be bothered - all the acro frags are actually growing and encrusting on my acro island. Getting a new leopard wrasse this Saturday, she will be in QT @ the LFS for about 2.5 wks then. The QT time isn't ideal, but this fish is the sole survivor from a shipping lot of 4 leopard wrasses. The LFS had 3 brief outages the last couple weeks and lost one wrasse each time. SO they will have multiple-hours power outage scheduled by the utility company (to fix issue?) on Sunday. So I better get my fish before that happens.
  7. Photographing with AI Prime HD

    I used to tune my old Hydra 26HD to about 15000 to 16000 K preset color on the AI app for photo. That should require minimal photo adjustment afterward. I kept my tank at 18000-20000K preset color normally. What's this about AI Prime HD? different tank?
  8. How Do You Know When Trace Elements Are Low?

    To answer the original question, is there test kits available for the 3 trace elements? Yes. https://www.redseafish.com/coral-coloration-program/coral-colors-pro-test-kit/ Have I used it? No. But I just thought to share.
  9. MIcoast's 34G - New Fish!

    Here's what happened since the beginning of October: Switched the two-part from seachem/aquavitro's calcium + eight.four + ions (guess that makes it 3-part, ) to seachem's reef fusion 1 & 2. The aquavitro was working great, but the costs are just getting ridiculous at the LFS, when compared to other dosing systems. Did not test how the tank reacted to the new supplements. Right now, my 'canary coral' - the goniopora - had not shown any polyp extension in quite a while, and it seems to have tissue receding/shrinking away around the base. I think it's time to re-check all the parameters and re-check the dosing amounts. Probably about time anyway the SPS are growing like crazy, they must be uptaking a lot more Ca & Carbonate. The time needed to take care of a baby and keeping a 15-month old golden retriever happy is consuming all my free time = less free time to monitor and check in on the tank. I knew I had to re-check the doses at some point, but now it's becoming a must-do this week, latest this wknd.
  10. R65

    This option only IF you're gonna buy a house that you'd be in it for a long haul. Moving a major system seems like a major chore. Otherwise try to play around with 40B, I'm curious to see what you'll come up with. I'd use Markalot's 40B as the inspirational goal My wife and I settled on what we called a 5-year home, 3 years into it, our position on that hasn't changed. So I'm stuck with my AIO in the basement for the next two years until we buy our next house. But I might upgrade to a 40B in the meantime. We'll see. wish you the best on the hip surgery...
  11. Also you can learn whether light source direction or gravity have more effect on coral growth, aka do corals inherently want to grow upward? what will happen to the "colorful" side, etc? Fascinating!
  12. Dpolt's 42 Gallon Cadlights Mixed Reef

    That's a nice looking tank! Can't wait to see how this will turn out. Am I seeing that they're using the Mode name on this tank? I think you hit the nail on the head about white stand - without white equipments, it defeats the purpose of the white look.
  13. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Aquamai KPS Review

    I think your estimations are correct: the top is echinata and the bottom is lord. Echinata shows great colors, and the Lord is showing hints of green around the edges. Great photo quality, clear and bright! Don't short change yourself.
  14. MIcoast's 34G - New Fish!

    Thanks, Dave! Thank you! The red dragon was finicky in the beginning, I lost 2 of the 3 frags that came on the same rock and this happened to be the smallest one. But suddenly it just took off, I believe it began doing well after I started dosing. It did look like it was just barely hanging on for quite a long while. So as long as it doesn’t lose any tissue, I’d say yours is doing ok. Love the Oberon reference to a guy in west Michigan, well done.
  15. Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Bunch Of Vivid's Acropora

    Nice pics! The red dragon may not like being so close to the light? I have mine lower in the tank. It also was finicky in the beginning. I lost 2 big frags, with only a littlest one survived (bought a rock with 3 on it). It’s now the biggest acro in my tank.