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  1. micoastreefing

    Potter's "Engorgio!" 300ml micro-reef

    I like how you speculated what "off color" might be on another thread, dark/shade side of a nice colony. Hopefully it is just that! My initial thought was that it just meant less popular options. either way, a hell of a deal! I can't wait to see them.
  2. micoastreefing

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Almighty. Wake and bake days are far behind me, but some days tho, I’ll get back to that, maybe not quite as heavy as back then. Michigan is about to pass recreational pot.
  3. micoastreefing

    NSW vs Mixing - environmentally friendly? why mix saltwater?

    Well, there are bigger things in my life that have much environmental impacts than my hobby. Glad you’re ok with my rude sarcasm.
  4. micoastreefing

    NSW vs Mixing - environmentally friendly? why mix saltwater?

    Because nearly every single hobbyist lives within a collectible distance to an accessible clean NSW. Where do you live? NOT!
  5. micoastreefing

    Gooseneck lamp for jar?

    That question is useless without how or what the gooseneck will be connected to. Have you try this thing called google? Just type in aquarium gooseneck lamp
  6. micoastreefing

    Hillbilly Lounge

    then, as Steve Jobs would say, you're smoking it wrong!
  7. micoastreefing

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Shouldn't the daily doobie keep you calm?
  8. micoastreefing

    Hillbilly Lounge

    didn't know that NR has been changed to someone's personal ideas board. A new concept/idea every 2-3 hours....the dude is just spitballing ideas as "simple" as how to light/attach light to a jar, really? Plenty of that in the pico forum. @Christopher Marks, how many threads has this person been generating over the past week or two?
  9. micoastreefing

    How Can I Make This Light Dim Automatically?

    I agreed with this! There is an article somewhere on Advanced Aquarists that shows that the effect of "ramping to useful quantity/intensity of light" on the real reef is the matter of minutes Very true haha. I often contemplate the low-cost alternatives to find the end-costs to be close to something that looks much nicer and comes equipped with all the bells and whistles. I applaud all the tinkerers and DIYers that have shared their experience tho, still fun to see unique approaches.
  10. micoastreefing

    How Can I Make This Light Dim Automatically?

    @Luke78, I don't think you're completely SOL. How handy are you with electrical things? I saw a local FB group guy converted these dimmable blackboxes to receive signal via standard headphone jack used by Kessil controller. I can't tell you what to do for this conversion. It might be as easy as snip-n-splice the control knobs wires with headphone jack receiver, idk. Someone with more DIY know-hows might be able to answer that.
  11. micoastreefing

    🍻 ALCOHOL and RODI maintenance 🍻

    Don’t forget to keep the wishmaster refrigerated. I think I’m doing this all wrong, I didn’t send a rare/collectible piece. I’ll be sure to have KBS on y’all list when it comes out.
  12. micoastreefing

    🍻 ALCOHOL and RODI maintenance 🍻

    @Cannedfish looks like we found two more guys to join the beer swap shenanigans.
  13. micoastreefing

    Acro ID?

    If they said it’s a tort, I’d say they’re not fooling you. It can be Cali tort, the color is a bit pale at the moment. Here’s mine: You were at the Chicago expo last wknd? How was that? My coral guy had a table there, Dutch Family Reef.
  14. micoastreefing

    Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    For a while, @DaveFason was making/selling diffuser attachments. Might wanna message him if he got any left.
  15. micoastreefing

    🍻 ALCOHOL and RODI maintenance 🍻

    Dude! I was on BC website this afternoon. I might have to message them one of these days. I like the the idea of letting him pick from whatever part of his collection is overstock, the battle packs or whatever he calls it.