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  1. 3g Eclipse pics

    BH2O- Thanks for the heads-up on the new model in and outflows but I can't really see them on your tank. Can you possibly post some pics? Which I guess that does prove your point of being discreet. Where did you buy/order them from? Any name for them?
  2. cpreefguy's new 15L

    Wow. I really like the aquascaping.... that arch is nice looking.
  3. 3g Eclipse pics

    Cesar- I pretty sure it'll drop the temps, that is if the water amount is pretty large for the canister. Not sure what size tank you have. Give it a try and let us know how it works. MillerLite- Thanks! Yeah. I was a bit worried with what everyone was saying about the RBTA. Thanks to 2muchreef's link (unfortunately doesn't work now) I learned alot about keeping the RBTA. I have all the stock carbon and elements in there and my nitrates run over some but I do water changes every week (~25% of the water). So it hasn't had any ill effects. The surface skimmer attachment would take too much space in my little tank so, that's why I don't have it. Thought about an aquaclear with it's surface attachment for the future, just so that I'll have more room in the tank. The current intake and outflow of the fluval does take up some valuable space. So I think the advante to HOB is space saving. The advantage of the canniste is probably lower temps and flow. Evaporation is not too bad. I keep a pitcher of RO water around and add every now and then (~3 days).
  4. 3g Eclipse pics

    Here's my new addition red-headed goby.
  5. 3g Eclipse pics

    Travis- no new corals yet but added a Red-headed goby. He's pretty cool. I'll add pictures next time. Cesar- I definitely think a Fluval (big enough) or other canister filter will help drop the temperature. I also think it helps with the stability of the water chemistry. My temp was that high when I had the stock hood and filter. Took the hood off it dropped a couple of degrees. Took the stock filter off it dropped a couple of more (had a duetto in there for awhile). Added the Fluval and now the temps are 72-78.... usually hovers in the 76 range. I think it's great.
  6. BelowH2O's 10 gallon AGA

    Tank is looking awesome!! Good job. I need to make trip to south Austin and checkout Austin Aquadome. Still interested in trade.
  7. 3g Eclipse pics

    Well after about a month of keeping a clown fish it finally started to host in the RBTA that I was debating on trading in. It settled in the back right corner for sometime now and faces towards the back so no stinging of other corals. Also, I can get a nice reflection of if through the side glass too. From my seat at the computer desk it's a good view of it too. And now that the clown is hosting in it, I'm loving it. Here's a pic.
  8. blue ring octopus

    Blue ring octopus starring in.... http://jamesbond007.net/Octo/octo3.html
  9. new TEENY TINY pumps

    Are these it? http://www.bigalsonline.com/catalog/produc...id1=2181;pcid2= http://www.bigalsonline.com/catalog/produc...id1=2181;pcid2=
  10. 3g Eclipse pics

    9 hours/day during week... 10 hours/day weekend.
  11. Converting Nanocube to 20H AGA photolog

    Looking good! Did you use the AC150 in your cube? Trying to decide if I want to start using an HOB as fuge. Are you going to get a bigger one?
  12. 3g Eclipse pics

    Yeah... no chiller. Those things are over $400!
  13. 3g Eclipse pics

    Thanks guys! I think it's worth it too. It's a nice scene while on the computer. My temps actually stay in the range of 72-78f. Usually around 76 most of the day. No heater. The fluval I believe is what keeps my temps down with all the water outside the tank.
  14. 3g Eclipse pics

    Oh yeah. The RBTA settled right into it's new spot in the back right. I'll post pics again soon. I may trade my polyp rock this weekend.
  15. 3g Eclipse pics

    Thanks! The big money queston.... arghhh. Tank- $40 Fluval- $80 Light- $35 Thermostat- $10 Live Sand- $7 Live Rock- $15 RBTA- $30 GSP- $30 shrooms- $100 in total Xenia- free Ric- $40 (there were 3!) Yellow leather- $40 Clown- $15 Hermits, snails- ~$40 Cleaner (dead)- $12 Crab (dead)- $12 Sun Coral (dying)- $15 ~$50+ for failed DIY stuff, or things that wouldn't fit. So in total ~$600 with of course more will flow out.... argh!