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  1. yeah I've considered it,but most of the aoi as soon as you get it everyone immediately starts listing all the changes you need to do to update it,more powerful pump,instant media basket and so on and so on,I have a 14 gallon bc and it's been nothing but a pain in my butt since I got it,my arms are too big to really be able to work in the back and such,also I like piecing my tank with equipment that I've chosen myself like I did with my ten gallon which is a joy to work on,just my preference,but yes it did consider it.
  2. Well I've posted about the46 bow front,but I'm actually considering a 40 breeder
  3. Tank feeding, general coral care

    Hey there! Fellow 10 gallon reef guy here.I'm running the same lighting,but I was advised that clams and anemones needed a stronger light,because I too was going to get an anemone.how is your anemone and claim doing under the light?how long have they been in there?are you having to dose yet?just questions I have because ive been wanting to get those same animals.But I'm going to go look at 40 gallon breeder tanks tonight so I'm going to upgrade,but have had my ten gallon for a year and four months.good luck!
  4. Thanks to all who replied! I had a good idea but you guys confirmed what I was thinking,this should be pretty easy move a few hours on a day off.I'm looking at tanks tonight,pretty sure I'm going with the 40 gallon breeder,but options are open,but depending on what tank I buy,will determine what light/lights to buy,been looking at the ai prime.and I love having a hob filter,I want a protein skimmer,have the heater ,need power heads,and misc, stuff.this is taking place over a few months,that way I can buy as I go,and not settle for anything less and regret it later,Any suggestions are appreciated,thanks everyone!! great ideas! I have a col of fish,clown,ywg,firefight,a few softies,a cpl lo s,but in all not moving much but I HATE losing animals so I want to do this right!
  5. Well I'm wanting to upgrade by taking my 14 biocube,and 10 gallon standard,and combining them both into a 40gallon breeder.I'm not sure the best way to go about it.should I use all the sand from the old ones,or should I use dry sand and just seed it with a cup or two from the established tanks?I know ill be using about 24 pounds of my live rock,and ill probably just use some dry rock and let the 24 pounds of established rock to seed the dry rock.I'm trying to avoid a cycle as much as possible,if that is even possible?collecting the components for this switch will take a col months and I'm in no hurry to do this under a strict deadline,my main concern is upgrading using as much beneficial sand,rock and water from the old tanks ,but I have a feeling that some sort of cycle will still take place,any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Pistol,or many is shrimp?

    I'm convinced it's a pistol,and I can't find him but my ywg hangs out I in the back of the display so they are probably both back there,I don't mind him in there just wish I could see him working with the ywg if infants t they are that's exactly what I thought,it sounded like the glass was cracking,scared the heck outta me,lol
  7. Pistol,or many is shrimp?

    Well.....after doing some research I'm leaning more towards a pistol shrimp.I hear it mostly at night and usually hear a series of between one or two snaps.everything I watched and listened too points towards a pistol.I have a yellow watchman goby and he lives in the back of my tank and it's possible the two are working together?,I'm positive that the dead shrimp and crabs were the whole body and not just a molt.it's interesting now that I look back,one of my emerald crabs after having it about a day I noticed a hole on the top of his shell and I brushed it off as damage from the lfs.it died the next day.I'm ok with keeping him,I just wish I could see him,but I'm not going to be putting anymore shrimp or crabs in there lol.the other funny thing is I have two blue legged hermits I've had for a year,hopefully they don't networked!
  8. Brand New to SW and Nano Reefs

    I have a ten gallon and house softies,and a cpl lps,and macro,and all seems well and it's about a year and 4 months old.
  9. So,over the last cpl of months I've been hearing a snapping sound commuting from my tank,it drove me nuts over the period of a few days so I got online and looked things up and I'm guessing I may have a pistol or mantis shrimp somewhere in my tank.I've not seen any burrows and none of snails or anything have been damaged.I must have gotten it as a hitchhiker.is this something to cause concern?I'm doing more research but thought I'd ask on here,I'm posting on this forum as I thought this might be a normal beginner question,don't worry for those of you who get offended if someone posts the same question in two forums,lol (a little too serious),lol jk. Ill be patient and just leave it on this forum,lol for those of you who may have strained your eyes reading a question twice I apologize,again I'm being funny
  10. Tank crashed

    Am I missing something?
  11. This camera doesn't do this tank justice,it's crystal clear and corals spreading fast!
  12. I use distilled water for top off,and I usually do a 20%water change weekly on both my nano tanks,rarely ill let them go for 10 days if work or laziness get in the way,lol I agree on three fish in your tank,I love my clown and yellow watchman goby in my ten gallon,maybe add another clown to have a pair with the yellow watchman goby?
  13. Marine Moron: Take Two!

    Everything has changed,I would suggest that you sell it all to me for ten bucks and start over,lol jk
  14. Well sounds like your thinking of the right questions.imho,keep doing research,and watching youtube videos.aio tanks are a great way to start,but being a bigger guy I find it harder to work in the back chamber of my bc 14 gallon,wish I went bigger.I also have a ten gallon standard which I pieced all together myself as far as the equipment goes.To be honest if I had to pic which type of tank to do as my first sw tank I would do a 20 gallon and buy the equipment and price it together.I found out that with my aio,as soon as I got it,people were telling me stuff like the stock pump sucks you need to upgrade the pump.then it was man you need to cut the tab off of the chamber and buy a media basket,lol.so no matter what you get in some people's minds it's not going to be good enough,don't get me wrong they mean well but not all of us can just write a blank check and start replacing stock parts on a tank we just spent hundreds of bucks on,lol.just do lots of research which it sounds like your doing,get lots of different opinions and make the best choice for YOUR situation.But again just my two cents worth,aio tanks are great,but what worked best for me was peiceing my ten gallon standard but I'd go with at least a twenty gallon if I were to start over.Anyway,I hope this helps good luck to you!