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  1. Yes. Unfortunately he replied to the issue I sent in two days ago when I couldn't log in, and didn't know the imp was dead at the time. Emailed him couple times since then and no replies yet. Hope to hear back soon. I can't have my lights off for long!
  2. I have a blue led lit on the unit...but the status light on the imp card never blinks. If it was working but disconnected, it would have a red light... If it was no power I wouldn't have the blue light lit. Seems like a bad imp card to me....but it would be nice if support would contact me!
  3. Mine is not blinking at all.....even when it power cycled it is not flashing green indicating it connected.
  4. Unfortunately that did not work :(. I'm not sure if the card is bad or what, but it will not blink.... I'm dead in the water right now and getting rather uptight!
  5. Last night my lights failed to ramp down as they normally do at night. I rebooted the device, lights did not come back on (as expected because it was time for them to be off). However after I was unable to login...I was getting a ClassCast Java exception in the app. This morning I rebooted both my router and the mini (did the mini several times). I also uninstalled the app and reinstalled it...I am now able to login, but the device is offline. The mini appears is not functioning. The blue light indicating power is on but the imp card never flashes, even after a reboot. Need help folks....