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  1. Ranjib


    That’s an awesome suggestion , I’ll take a look.
  2. Ranjib


    Current fts Close up Ridordia is still going strong, I think it’s stinging the nearby zoas I have glued a green acro frag to check the water . My apartment move is coming later this month , I am planning to do some serious changes soon after the move ,in next apartment. I want to change the tank, I don’t like this form factor , particularly the corner rims. I am thinking changing it with imagitarium 3.7 g or waterbox 4g .
  3. Ranjib


    Current fts close up green plays are growing faster than most other corals. I glued another sps frag (a green acropora from my biocube) to check how it does . The sexy shrimp is already nipping at it 😞 . my apartment move is coming late this month I am thinking if I should change anything (rockscape etc) as part of the move or keep the tank as it is. I like how it looks , but i also want to grow some harder corals ....
  4. Thank you . Almost all my techniques are leaned from here 🙂
  5. Some macro shots Cyphastrea Acro frag taking a hold Rainbow monti Jack o lantern Blue tubbs Micro goniopora Blondes Bubble coral
  6. Thank you @LeoB I am running Kessi A380, controlled by reef-pi
  7. Some changes on the sps /acro island on top . Current fts oneof the acro was showing some stn from bottom , have fragged and regrafted it’s parts on the bottom island and in the middle we’ll see if the large frag makes it. I have couple of othe smaller frags of this in different parts of the tank ,but this was the biggest Hopefully this will let the millipora and green slimer some space to grow I think I have to trim or prune the other large acro colonies as well , else the new frags will be shaded Red dragon closeup Yellow lepto closeup Micro goniopora Zoa island my apartment move is coming later this month , thinking of making some long due changes , or just keep it simple and move as it is, it’s already a lot of work 🙂
  8. I did not get a chance to test out nanobox setup, I got busy with reef-pi 2.0 release . Will get back to this soon. Let us keep posted on your build
  9. Hello, nano reefers, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of reef-pi 2.0. reef-pi is an Opensource, modular, extensible, DIY reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi. The 2.0 release allows power control (AC equipment), multiple temperature control, multiple ATO, LED light control (including diurnal cycle), pH monitoring, automated dosing, macro and many more. We have made reef-pi UI mobile friendly and snappy as well. Adafruit now has a set of beginner-friendly reef-pi tutorial for those who want to build a physical controller using reef-pi Software installation & configuration Power controller Temperature controller Auto Top Off Light controller pH Monitor Thank you for reading through this post and happy Thanksgiving 😛
  10. Ranjib


    Hello everyone, time for tank updates . Not good news,the tyree challice lost a lot of tissue, not sure why , probably the sexy shrimp , but can be other reason also. Northeast and plays continued to grow , sexy shrimp is doing good as well. No new addition or deletion . Fts gsp is also mostly closed for couple of days. I hooked up the hob filter , with filter floss. If things don’t improve I’ll add a chemipure nano there All the plays and Nepthea continued to grow. Grandis has gotten to a volume that I think I have to frag soon
  11. Tank is humming along mostly focusing on sps growth , acros are continue to grow slowly but steadily Some macro shots And I think tank is more stable now, red dragon is not only growing in height but also getting thicker But they are now seriously invading each other’s space My frags that are grafted in the middle section is now showing some growth The zoa island is kinda frozen in time ,no space left there I love this lepto , it’s not very common amd looks kinda similar to purple coralline , but has a distinct texture This is the other island at the bottom , slowly growing out , Rarely I get a good shot of my fish Clown thats it for now 🙂 , thank you for reading through my thread
  12. Ranjib


    The hermit crab that I had introduced to get rid of some bubble algae, has chomped on my sunny D 😕 Rest is doing well, here are some macros sunny d, pretty much gone at this point grandis have grown back in full force ricordia happy reefing everyone,
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