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  1. Ranjib

    How old is my tank?

    very old
  2. Ranjib

    Ryan's BC 29G

    Tank is showing some green hair like algea, other than that rest is business as usua LA lakers Tubbs blue has two new heads Blondies, macro Bubble coral,,.. huge and space consuming :0( Zoa island, top down Closeup, acan and blondes rainbow acan SPS island topdown
  3. Ranjib


    New palythoas are doing good now. Love these. I am very happy to have them in this tank. I dont think any green coral can match the color of nuclear green paly, The older green paly has grown lot more heads now... it looks kinda dull compared to the new ones Green nepthea One of the green mushroom, on snail shell Free range limpets and snails 🙂 Sexy shrimp Featherduster
  4. Ranjib


    Tank is humming along. Photo dump.. Asterina star and tiny father duster Fire n ice zoa .. peeping through the cracks Eagle eyes Isopods are having fun Tiny clode polyps
  5. Ranjib

    3.7g Pico reef

    probably not (since its above 5G)... but does it really matter 🙂
  6. Icecap 1K, with only half part attached, and at lowest speed 🙂 . 130$
  7. Ranjib

    Studio Tank 13.5

    Nice start 🙂
  8. Ranjib

    Torn Between 3 Lights

    Kessil A80 would be really low powered for 10G. its 15w, so thats like 1.5 w per G. Less than half 😞
  9. Ranjib

    Fluconazole Day 1

    Looking forward
  10. Ranjib

    NanoBox Mini Basic : On/Off Nano/Pico Light

    @DaveFason what is total wattage of this light? I am thinking of using something like this for my pico (3G) which is running on A80 right now. Any chance this could be made dimmable (external controlled with 5 or 10v pwm ?)
  11. Ranjib

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    Very nice setup. Probably I have missed it somewhere in this thread, can you share what chiller you are using?
  12. Do you have to openup and change something in the circuit for the ATO ? I have heard they require some tuning for nano tank usage (to control the start up behavior) Tank is looking great.
  13. Ranjib

    Feeding Fish While absent, How?

    I concur. You dont have to feed them for just three days.
  14. Ranjib

    Bryopsis war

    I am seeing some bryopsis on one of my tank as well. Still not decided whether to employ fluconazole or not. What brand you are planning to use? reef flux ??