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  1. Bozeman

    Yeah,I assume the same, because t since I rotated the rock to bring the feather duster in the front , it has not come out :-/
  2. Bozeman

    Tank is doing alrite. I fragged grandis paly from my other pico tank and rehomed them here. Sexy shrimp, close up Tiny feather duster,
  3. Ryan's BC 29G

    My sps are humming along. I am still in process of automating the dosing. pH probe integration is in progress. This years goal is to focus on sps growth, and if things go well, I'll focus on color later. I can grow easy to keep sps now, but some of the harder ones are still not thriving. My red dragon with only tiny bit of encrusting since its purchase (almost 4 months back, is a proof). Some of the thriving sps: This one is thriving, but also getting stung by my goniopora on one side :-( Top, I wonder how things will work out as time passes by..
  4. Ryan's BC 29G

    Took some under heavy blue/evening time. Temperature corrected during post processing, Zoa island, can see the half melted blasto otherside Liam’s clove still lingers on, Yellow lepto jf klepto lepto sps island on top
  5. Bozeman

    Current FTS Nothing new. I kinda love bozeman, in how its current form. I might bring in some invasive corals (Grandis for now) and rehome here. time to time. But even that is a rare possibility. I like watching all the critters, I only see bristle stars in this tank. not in my other two. Also this was has whole lot of tiny feather dusters in the cave part (other than one big in the back). Theres also aterina, pods , stomatella etc.. Question, does feather dusters prefer dark?
  6. Healdsburg

    Last week's FTS Down below Way up The grandis colony needs to be trimmed, I am in dilemma whether to wait till maker faire (when this tank will be up for exhibit) and then frag, or do it right now. My tentative plan is to frag the whole grandis colony and rehome it to bozeman. I worry may might be too late, its already shading almost all the neighbors, I think I am going to loose one of the slow growing red zoa, which is now surrounded by radio active dragon eyes, eagle eys, and rasta .. with grandis above . The whole colony (7 polyp) is closed up for few days.
  7. Ryan's BC 29G

    Last week's FTS I lost the blasto :-( . I believe its due to the rainbow acan. It has killed 3 other corals before :-/ . I am worried what to do with the next neightbors (tangerine juice lepto, various zoas) Close up hollywood stunner,
  8. reef-pi 1.0 released

    You can do temperature control, ato and much more :-)
  9. _ST's SPS Glass Box

    I would echo what Mike already mentioned in the video, this is a not a full proof truth, there are far too many changes to say conclusively that its the dry rock, and there are folks who have grown sps on dry rock. But I would agree with over all conclusion (and attest my experience) that it has been harder to grow sps in purely dry rock, and if we compare that with the risk of pests introduced from LRs (aiptasia, gorilla crabs, bubble algae etc), I'll go with LRs, as I know how to deal with the known enemies. I look forward to your build, we all learn from these experience reports and thanks for sharing all the details
  10. _ST's SPS Glass Box

  11. DC return pump for Biocube

    Bump! Interested in more options or what @garth end up using .
  12. _ST's SPS Glass Box

    I think theres lot more than that. Dry rock does not become live in one night, and the process can involve undesirable changes. What we dont have is enough data is which way the risk is less. It is true that LR can bring pest, but that risk wont go away, and most reefer may end up learning how to deal with the pests one way or other. A focus on how to deal with them effectively is better strategy than say no to LRs all together. I would say dipping and qt is a much more important aspect from that perspective than ditching LRs. And yes, I mentioned this because this tank is new as well. The single biggest pest I would recommend to be aware of regarding acropora is aefw and redbugs. Both of them are likely to come from frags than LRs. Common LR pests like aiptasia or asterina stars shold be managable. Lets see how the build progress... time is best teacher.
  13. _ST's SPS Glass Box

    :-) I can understand that. My statement comes from my experience with low success rate with sps + dry rock. I noticed recently theres an youtube video from Dr. Sanjay Joshi's experience that he & mike paletta also experience sps (acropora in particular) mortality on new tanks with dry rock in particular. Certainly, none of this is a definitive conculsion. But I'll prefer not to side with odds, and go with Live Rocks if the tank is new.
  14. 5.5g of Fun new fts 2/12/18

    Buy the app Camera+ for 3$. Then use the Lab -> Temperature adjustment to reduce the bluw. If you are willing to pay more, you can get the olloclip macro lense (65$) that will give you stunning macro shots Some of my shots can be seen here: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/380336-healdsburg/?do=findComment&comment=5615928
  15. _ST's SPS Glass Box

    I would second that ato . you plan to make it sps heavy? With dry rock only it will be tough Great list of gears by the way.