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  1. Fluval EVO 13.5 Lighting

    Disagree. Theres nothing in your observation that pin points it was a kessil issue (no PAR value what so ever). A160 is a very good light, and battle tested for sps, your statement does not sync with most of our (kessil user's) experience. I will be worried about the spread of a160, since its a pendant style light, and evo 13.5 is kinda rectangular. Regarding the quality of it.. I can tell you that its pretty good, if not the best in its class
  2. Healdsburg

    When I had a tailspot Blenny, it had much off most of my zoas. One of them had survived ilbecause it grew in crevices, now they it has 5 polyps. Chemical romance , is a survivor This is what I think vamp in a drag, but could be solar flare as well. May be both, these are two separate frags. One of them is getting a new head Top down view its amazing to see how much the color differs with led spectrum. I run kessil a80, and this is how it looks when white spectrum is in its fullest this is the same zoa , but under heavy blue , and the image was temperature corrected to remove the strong blue tint i can attest that the colors are not due to image processing (saturation and contrast was untouched ), still the corals show lot more pops under blue
  3. Healdsburg

    Latest pics i am already thinking of craving the grandis, it’s taking up too much space Fire and ice zoa, no significant growth yet
  4. Ryan's BC 29G

    Thank you. I am trying keep only the hardy animals . Let’s see how the anemone does.. One of my favorite coral , jf klepto lepto. Has not grown a lot (I keep it under low light area) my la lakers are growing lot faster than other zoa /palys , not sure if this is normal, new to these varieties https://flic.kr/p/DvyufS
  5. Bozeman

    iPhone 7 and Camera+ app, I was just mentioning the same thing in my local reef club's forum. That this is a killer combo: - iPhone - oloclip pro macro lense (75$), only for the macro shots - Camera+ app (3$) [Crop, temperature & sharpen]
  6. Ryan's BC 29G

    My Miami Hurricane challlice is growing faster than I would like , probably time to trim it. Funny thing is it’s pretty common at local frag swap as well, so I might just throw off the trimmed parts but I love how the t encrusted the rock. Unlike other corals , this one creates a rather thin layer, so the actual rocks texture is kinda preserved:-) on the zoa island I am noticing bam bam and purple death already fighting over space. I hope they both grow in other direction, my only rock anemone has attached himself perpendicular, making it rather hard for me to feed him. As of now he is doing ok. But I am concerned about his health in the long run
  7. Bozeman

    Peace and tranquility prevails in Bozeman. Tank is doing good, other than some bubble algae growth on the top rock housing the Liam’s clove i plan to mechanically remove them while water change The neon green palys showing a new polyp head The middle rock , housing green zoas i am noticing these don’t have the outer tentacles around their polyp head like their mother colony in the other tank. I believe the sexy shrimp eat those I can’t recall this chalice name, something on the line of ‘tyree’ .. but I love it. It has grown slowly in this pico tank, but has colored up very nice there are very few other corals I can think of , that have such purple blue hue. Shrimps are doing great. This is one of their most usual den, among the gsp
  8. Healdsburg

    Tank is going as usual. i am noticing some of the pink palys(pink zipper?) have elongated polyp when they are surrounded by radioactive dragon eyes , which outgrow them in numbers, but can grow as long polyp as them All the vamp in a drag polyps have attained same height :-) I have these zoas on the rear side, can’t recall the name, but I’m very happy about their looks, they have this slight blueish center finally, fts, kinda
  9. Bozeman

    Current fts, nothing new, just keeping regular chore (which is very minimal) , most things are now completely automated with reef-pi. I think people can make pico tanks like this within 500$, should write a details build on that :-)
  10. Healdsburg

    Latest pics ricordia is looking healthy, but not multiplying vamp in a drag it got couple of new heads growing. the chilli pepper montipora suddenly changed color, base is still orange, but the polyps has turned white from green Fts
  11. Ryan's BC 29G

    Tank is humming along. Latest fts and fishes and coral all are doing ok i don’t plan to add anything new , unless I find something very specific , suitable for the exact locations that are empty . Meanwhile most of my time now spend in testing water, weekly maintenance and reef-pi development. I am planning to make a 1.0 release around x-mas.
  12. Healdsburg

    I cant recall, I got it from local fragswap event
  13. Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Great setup . Following along
  14. Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ SPS In Trouble

    Flow, red light ratio, feeding & phosphate levels are few things to check for cyano, I end up doing a chemiclean treatment followed by controlled feeding and bringing my mp10 closer to sand bed. Didnt had any cyano outbreak after that.