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  1. 100 Gallon Oceanview Reef

    Well this year for Christmas, I didn't get to take any pictures as I had to spend time with my dad after he had a massive stroke Sunday Dec. 21st. I had to go on emergency leave and fly out on a $800 plane ticket the 22nd early as I was not going to wait to see him. When I arrived at the hospital he was in NICU and I was only allowed to see him for 30 minutes at a time 4 times a day. The doctor told me that he probably wont walk again and get much use of his right arm. The first time I saw him he was not doing very good and still had a big clot behind his right eye. After about a week in a half they moved him to a room where I could spend all day with him. He is still in the hospital this very day with much of his right side paralyzed and is recovering with intense rehab. I'm deeply sorry for no pictures, but my dad needs me and is far more important than my tank right now.
  2. 100 Gallon Oceanview Reef

    Yeah, I was very upset to come back home and see all my fish and corals dead that I had since I first started reefing... All the corals died, except for the red mushrooms and green palys. I have some new corals that I need to show off when I go home next week for Christmas . Will post lots of pictures. Thanks I wish now, I would have put a thin coat of lacker finish on it. It's just most of the furniture would match if I did this.
  3. 100 Gallon Oceanview Reef

    um... I better not answer that. Why thank you, I like your signature picture. Well it's kinda funny you asked cause I was thinking about adding another wrasse of some sort, but I'm not sure. You having any suggestions? Here are my current tank inhabitants. 1 Six-line wrasse 2 Percula Clownfish 2 Yellowtail Damselfish (I hate these mean suckers) 3 Hermit crabs 1 Emerald crab 1 Sand Sifting Sea Star 14 Nassarius Snails Here is a pic of the new top to keep the fish from jumping out.
  4. Nanoty's 40 breeder.......

    Aw man this sucks, I wish you the best to luck with the storm. Hopefully u will learn from your mistakes next time. Sweet tank btw!
  5. 100 Gallon Oceanview Reef

    Wow, I haven't been on here in a while. I seem to have forgotten about this thread, b/c I'm in the military. Well the tank is 2 years & 8 months old and at my parent’s house. I haven't done much with it, except add some egg crate to the top to keep the fish from jumping out. I had two fish jump to their death . My dad killed all my other fish & corals (except my sixline) by adding pressure treated wood under the stand causing it to leach into the tank. It seems like my sixline is invincible . Today the tank is doing great. I don't have any new pics of the tank currently, but will get some soon. I have a new camera to test out .
  6. Calvin415's LED lit 12 footer

    this is one sweet tank .
  7. cover for tank?

    Interesting, never heard of that I'll have to take a look at some. I'm assuming you can get this at any fish or water garden store?
  8. Pink with Yellow Tip BTA

    truly amazing!
  9. cover for tank?

    well i have a 100 gallon reef tank back home and the fish keep jumping out and landing on the two support glass pieces at the top of the tank from what my parents are telling me. I have a canopy with VHO lighs on this tank too. Since this is a reef tank should i cover the openings with light diffuser panel's (eggcrate) or glass cut to size?
  10. my worst nightmare

    Well my worst nightmare has become a reality. I was feeding the tank as normal today with I noticed something didn't look right. Some or my corals are recessed and or either something has been munching on them . I started to look for a culprit, and found him at last. I don't know the name for this worm that I found but... This thing is huge and scary, longer than an average pencil or pen and about the width of it too. It has as bristles coming out the sides just like a bristle worm except it's a different color and fatter. This thing needs to come out now! What is the best way to get it out I might ask? Is there a trap I can use to catch it? reefer21
  11. Plate Coral

    Does anyone know how a Plate coral moves it food? I dropped some fish flakes on it and the flakes magically moved on their own to its mouth. Does it have tiny microscopic tentacles like a starfish to move its food? Any explanation for how this coral does it is truly awesome...
  12. fd8a816c_orig

    awwwwwwwww.....looks so much like my two cats
  13. switching tanks any dangers?

    Then get a net and hold it under where you are cleaning it. Best way to get coraline off the glass is with a credit card or a razor blade, but be careful.
  14. switching tanks any dangers?

    I wouldn't risk it because you are going to stress the animals out a lot by switching tanks. You are going to also create a mini cycle by doing that, which may kill your livestock. Why no take a day in your spare time and clean the tank? Scrape the coraline off the glass, clean filters, etc.
  15. what the heck is this!?!?!?!?!?

    Defiantly a spaghetti worm. They are very good for your system http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-06/rs/index.php