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  1. So just keep up with the weekly water changes and I should be okay?
  2. An update to the current situation. Firstly I must say a belated Happy New Year. Got a huge par38 bulb and stand to replace the stock led that kicked the bucket. Everything's looking pretty decent. Been using the Red Sea Coral Pro as opposed to the Blue Bucket now, so with the new salt and light I hope to see some results sometime in the near future. Weather has been very hot so have had a bit of bleaching on the pavona, but it has gone through this wear and tear before and come out on top, so I'm sure it can do it again. Picking up a Jebao Rw4 tomorrow, dumping off some more Xenia, and might try and get a clownfish to spice the tank up, so will put up those photos tomorrow as well. Also have some more diving vids I made for Facebook lying about, spo I can put those up on that thread I made too if you guys want. Honestly though, the tank looks horrid compared to what it used to look previously. Photos:
  3. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - December FJS

    Jar is looking great mate! The scape reminds me of the steps formed by lava hitting seawater.
  4. Moving a 5 gallon tank

    Just moved my 5 gallon freshie and going to move my salty tomorrow as well. What I have done is move all the coral into one separate bucket,water in another, the equipment in a small container, and the tank itself empty, with just sand in it. This I feel is the safest method of transfer.
  5. Been really busy for the past few weeks with the house move. Got the maze brain, and the people eater zoas fragged at the aquarium store. 2 of the maze brain frags, a frogspawn, the people eater and fire and ice zoas, plus some of the xenia, has been given away. The tank is moving to the temp house tomorrow. Will get photos up once everything is settled.
  6. Angler fish

    It should be noted that a pico is 5 gallons or less, and I would not be comfortable keeping such a rare fish in such a small body of water.
  7. Great PE on the willow toadstool, really cool morph of the sarcophyton coral.
  8. We would get such cheap corals and inverts if we could import. All the mariculture, fishing villages and aquaculture facilities are really close to us (south east Asia and the pacific islands). Our skunk cleaners cost around the $110 mark, due to the reef being a lot further out than the south East Asian reefs.
  9. The yumas aren't illegal here since they are native, but a current craze means that some can reach $600 Aus plus. The rule is no invertebrates from overseas, which really limits the different morphs we can get and increases cost of coral dramatically. It was really cool seeing the gobies and shrimp in the wild. Sometimes there were pair of two fish in a burrow with one shrimp.
  10. 2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    Make the switch! You could even silicone a bracket on the outside if you are really worried, but it will ruin the rimless look.
  11. Did a water change, dipped some coral, and cleaned the bottom glass last night. The xenia frags have also mostly settled, but I might have to redo them along with the pavona frags. Will go to the aquarium store to get the stony corals cut up this weekend.
  12. Angler fish

    Was gonna say that only the rare ones stay small. If they were semi regularly available I would snag one up instantly.
  13. Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - December FTS

    Scrapped the bottom glass of my tank last night to, and it makes a world of a difference. How's the graft going?
  14. Angler fish

    They also get 20 gallon sized. They don't stay small...
  15. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Just a suggestion. It just may have laid eggs on the piece you found the nudibranch on. It just prevents the spread of the nudibranchs in the future if you dip semi regularly. Don't know the specific amount of times you need to dip though, you might have to check that.