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  1. Did a water change, dipped some coral, and cleaned the bottom glass last night. The zoa frags have also mostly settled, but I might have to redo them along with the pavona frags. Will go to the aquarium store to get the stony corals cut up this weekend.
  2. Angler fish

    Was gonna say that only the rare ones stay small. If they were semi regularly available I would snag one up instantly.
  3. Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - November FTS

    Scrapped the bottom glass of my tank last night to, and it makes a world of a difference. How's the graft going?
  4. Angler fish

    They also get 20 gallon sized. They don't stay small...
  5. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Just a suggestion. It just may have laid eggs on the piece you found the nudibranch on. It just prevents the spread of the nudibranchs in the future if you dip semi regularly. Don't know the specific amount of times you need to dip though, you might have to check that.
  6. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    You might have to keep dipping the monti because it might have nudibranch eggs on it. If you keep dipping it this will break its life cycle. Nice frags though!
  7. Honestly considering the amount of yellow tangs being taken from the wild, I'm fine with it, plus there is captive breeding. I reckon this ban affects Australia the most because we can't get captive bred fish from overseas, due to bio security laws, so if this ban keeps up, I probably won't be able to keep a yellow tang, unless people from America teach us how to breed them. But there are plenty of other fish in the sea, plus sailfins look cooler .
  8. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    they stay quite small I guess, I don't think it gets nearly as big as the classic scoly
  9. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    The coral you got is a Western Australia button scoly, which has recently become a craze in the states. I guess we have had em here for a while.
  10. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    No where near palm beach either, but have been to it and pearl beach which is across the bay to it
  11. Teenyreef's Teenycookie Jar - It's Wet!

    I reckon you go for a Greek statue type deal 😂
  12. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    No where near Bondi, I'm on the north shore
  13. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    Got a great dream mate. Only reason I've done it is because it's one state above me, which is really really lucky.
  14. Yea hopefully it does. Gonna go with the aqua one mini reef 120, with dry rock, and upgraded tunze skimmer, and an sb reefs light.
  15. I guess it looks a bit better without rock, but a few corals, esp the goniastrea and Duncan, have lost their vibrancy