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  1. Well if that's the case for you I've seen at least 10x the number you've seen
  2. Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - Clearing out frags!

    Yea basically. They've done it to people that have been caught with ricordea floridas.
  3. Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - Clearing out frags!

    Break some laws and send us a few will ya?
  4. There's no need to apologize for a simple mistake hombre
  5. it was never wrong, what are you talking about?
  6. Na mate we did it first & better haha
  7. Made a frag rank with some spare eggcrate and a spare freshwater glass cleaner, zip tying it all together. Turned out decently I think...
  8. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Lovely bannerfish mate, saw some juveniles while diving off a pier down here in Sydney a few weeks ago, funny how often you see tropical fish down here.
  9. Possibly scammed by Adamhicks1988

    Only just saw this thread, did a full read. Shame @reefinnewb couldn't go down the legal avenue, would have liked to see this bloke get what's coming. Would also like to see @embrit345 mates use internet justice on the guy, would be hilarious
  10. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - New pictures

    My god that sps is spectacular. The photo quality and colour is off the charts mate!
  11. Picked up a dallas acro (the aussie version of the green slimer) and a teal acro with purple polyps, from a local reefer today. Everything else is doing well, with the acro from last week settling in nicely. I should probably mention that I'm going to try and start fragging sps, to fund my hobby, so I'm investing in some coral out of my own pocket. Dallas teal w/ purple polyps (probably needs a bit of time to colour up)
  12. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - March FTS

    Damn that pearlberry is nice. Is it a deepwater?
  13. Running a 34 L nano with acros atm and I don't need a skimmer, just weekly water changes, I just have an extra hang on filter for mechanical and the marine pure balls in the back. I don't even have any live rock, so I'm sure what you have will be fine. Also did a fuge back in the day and it worked wonders.
  14. Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Mystery Frag

    Damn that’s a nice stick/2x4/acropora!
  15. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - New pictures

    Actually did witness a gang fight in Malaysia in a mall, so what am I allowed to say to violate the social construct