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  1. pappadumplingz

    Ommeh's 3.5 Gallon Pico Tank - #overengineer

    Good to see another aussie reefer on here! Saw you on the facebook's and thought i'd drop by. Lucky you getting that Blaze, starting a new tank in a few months, reckon you could hit me up 😆???
  2. pappadumplingz

    100 gallons behind a wall

    New tank is looking killer mate! Nice frag haul. The monti itch has really hit me recently too
  3. pappadumplingz

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    I did see the Nero pump in the flesh at ReefStock Australia last weekend. I have to say its pretty neat, albeit the steep price, and seems to pump out a lot of flow.
  4. pappadumplingz

    Introducing the Nero 5 Pump from AI - Brains AND Brawn!

    Saw this thing in the flesh at ReefStock Australia, weird lil thing
  5. pappadumplingz

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Well if that's the case for you I've seen at least 10x the number you've seen
  6. pappadumplingz

    Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - new frags

    Yea basically. They've done it to people that have been caught with ricordea floridas.
  7. pappadumplingz

    Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - new frags

    Break some laws and send us a few will ya?
  8. pappadumplingz

    Hillbilly Lounge

    There's no need to apologize for a simple mistake hombre
  9. pappadumplingz

    Hillbilly Lounge

    it was never wrong, what are you talking about?
  10. pappadumplingz

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Na mate we did it first & better haha
  11. Made a frag rank with some spare eggcrate and a spare freshwater glass cleaner, zip tying it all together. Turned out decently I think...
  12. pappadumplingz

    B's Gorgonian Playground

    Lovely bannerfish mate, saw some juveniles while diving off a pier down here in Sydney a few weeks ago, funny how often you see tropical fish down here.
  13. pappadumplingz

    Possibly scammed by Adamhicks1988

    Only just saw this thread, did a full read. Shame @reefinnewb couldn't go down the legal avenue, would have liked to see this bloke get what's coming. Would also like to see @embrit345 mates use internet justice on the guy, would be hilarious
  14. My god that sps is spectacular. The photo quality and colour is off the charts mate!
  15. Picked up a dallas acro (the aussie version of the green slimer) and a teal acro with purple polyps, from a local reefer today. Everything else is doing well, with the acro from last week settling in nicely. I should probably mention that I'm going to try and start fragging sps, to fund my hobby, so I'm investing in some coral out of my own pocket. Dallas teal w/ purple polyps (probably needs a bit of time to colour up)