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  1. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    Not really. I showed them a couple videos a week or two ago but that didn't seem to help. So Dot really seems to like the anemone and visits it often. However, whenever Bob tries to visit, Dot chased him away. Sometimes I wonder if she really just hates him.
  2. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    So, today I casually walked into my living room and noticed... DOT IN THE ANEMONE?!?! Yep, it's true! After 7 and a half weeks, Dot discovered the rose bubble tip nem, and was exploring it today. She only stayed in it for a few minutes, and then returned to her home thermometer, but I got some pictures! At least now she knows it's an option and maybe she will go back to it.
  3. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    Haha, thank you for the advice! I had already read up on that, I don't really mind. I think it will be okay.
  4. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    I ordered a Randall's goby and pistol shrimp, they should come in next week.
  5. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    I wonder if I could get both the six line and a goby/shrimp if I added them months apart. That would put me at a really high bioload for my tank size. I think I will just get one or the other and keep it that way for a few months to monitor my nitrates. Ideally I should go for the goby/shrimp first since the six line should be added last, due to its potentially aggressive nature. And if I am struggling with my bioload/nitrates before the wrasse, I'll just forget about ever getting the wrasse. I can't wait to get a bigger tank! Someday...
  6. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    The tangaroa goby is really cool. Last week he had a Randall's goby which looks neat. Both go well with a pistol shrimp. I guess it just depends on what he has in stock. It's nice to know I have options!
  7. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    I hadn't realized blennies and gobies were compatible! I really enjoy open swimmers, which is why I was opting for the six line, but I will look into the gobies now! Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    Yes, I was thinking about a six line wrasse. And maybe a shrimp, although the wrasse may eat the shrimp.
  9. xAyanex

    Back to the Hobby I love

    Welcome back!
  10. xAyanex


    Mine typically host the top back corners of the tank. Bob originally hosted the thermometer until Dot moved in. Now Dot hosts the thermometer, and sometimes she lets Bob come over, but sometimes he has to stay away. On those nights Bob hosts the magfloat in the other corner. My clowns have been oblivious to the BTA I got them from the moment it entered the aquarium.
  11. Sorry to hear about Bartley. Freckles is adorable, and so is that yellow pineapple sponge! And wow, that's a lot of corals in one tank!! Lol
  12. xAyanex

    Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Update at last!

    That lobo is pretty sweet!
  13. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    Nighttime Moonlight FTS 4/20/2017:
  14. xAyanex

    Alex's Biocube 29

    Long Update 4/20/17! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been on "vacation". Really just a stay-cation getting lots of logistical stuff done, but it's much more relaxing than my job nonetheless. Going back to work on Monday unfortunately. Parameters tested 4/18/17: Temp: 79 degrees F Salinity: 35 ppt/1.025 specific gravity pH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Magnesium: 1500+ ppm Phosphate: 0.03 ppm Alkalinity: 8.9 dKH (better consistency) Calcium: 440 ppm So for the torch, we pulled it a day after I posted about it, but it seemed like both heads weren't doing well, so we pitched it. =/ In other bad news, the plate finally gave up too. No more plates for me for a while. I placed all the remaining corals that were chilling out in the sand. I hope to go to my LFS this Saturday. I want to find a small replacement torch. It would be cool to add something yellow to the tank besides Earl, or some other color I don't have much of depending on what coral he has in stock. And I want to get a fourth fish, but I don't know what he has for that either, and I would have to set up the quaratine tank and research the fish ahead of time anyway, so I will wait and see if I end up with anything coming home. I took lots of pictures, all taken the same day as testing. Both testing and pictures were post-water change. I tried to get a good picture of pretty much everything in the tank. Full tank Shot: Right Side View: I found what I believe to be a red feather duster just below (but still touching) the orange yuma mushroom. I have never noticed having one of these before! I also noticed one on the toadstool's rock, but it is facing the back of the aquarium and is in a difficult location to photograph: My SPS coral is still doing awesome. I still don't know what it is, but I love it and hope it continues to do well. It is extremely difficult to get a picture of the tiny green glowing polyps that extrude from the hard coral's skeleton: The Red Acan is doing puffy and well, showing some feeder tentacles: The meteor shower cyphastrea seems to like it's new location. It is much more blue and orange than the photo shows: The Hammer coral is still happy as can be: The green star polyps: The small much-more-orange-than-they-appear acans are puffy and showing feeders as well: The green polyp toadstool: The radioactive dragon eye zoas, which are pissed off because they are being stung by the meanie-head RBTA: The Duncan, which is happier than ever and has so many heads I can't count them unless it's sleeping: The candy apple red zoas, which were stretching to reach for light where they were placed (mid-level), so I placed them up here hoping to help the poor eight heads get more light: The ever-wavy beautiful toadstool (but you'd never know how pretty it was during the day if you only saw how pathetic and dead it looks when it's sleeping): The rock flower anemone, featuring a nassarius and a hint of red cyanobacteria re-emerging: The rose bubble tip anemone, which has still never bubbled back up because it's a fruitcake. Hobbies include stinging corals: The orange yuma mushroom, which appears somewhat bleached in the center because it is pissed off about being moved, but it's mouth is still it's signature green color: I have loads and loads of asterinas everywhere: A baby stomatella snail crawling along the glass. I must have hundreds of these guys: An asterina starfish on the glass beside a cerith, with a nassarius snail in the background. (Not pictured: Astreas): Earl, the midas blenny that is far too quick and active to get a picture with both color and detail (in focus). I opted for a more in-focus picture: Also extremely difficult to photograph are Bob and Dot. Here they are seen swimming side by side: A slightly more focused picture of Bob by himself: