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    Paradise on the Prairie

    A few updates. The reefkeeper lite has been working well! I really like how easy it is to adjust dosing times and not have to worry about a stand alone timer not being set correctly. I had to pull the nepthea out of my jar as it was really not doing well and not opening up. After about a week of being in this tank it started to open back up and it looks great now. Over the weekend I was able to make it to a LFS and picked a few things up. I picked up a red goniopora, not sure where I am going to put it but I have been wanting one for a while. I also picked up a green slimer acro, this will be a cheap test acro to see if I can have better luck than I have had in the past with acropora. I also picked up a Midas blenny! I really like the blenny, both the coloring and the personality. The blenny currently camps out in the green goniopora. My main pest currently is an outbreak of cyano. I have gotten rid of all the hair algae that I used to have. Currently I plan on keeping the sand bed stirred up and riding the cyano problem out.
  2. flatlandreefer

    Cambro Reef

    I have pods coming from algae barn as we speak. My reason for ordering them is to populate my 25g tank but I am going to put some in my pico as well. My thought is there should be enough clinging to the rock work during water changes that a 100% water change shouldn't wipe them out. Also they will have the benefit of minimal predation. I'm excited to see if they survive!
  3. flatlandreefer

    Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    It would be kind of neat if there was a par meter rental on this forum where you would get charged the cost of the meter and shipping when you were renting it and then when you sent it to the next person you would get reimbursed the cost of the meter minus shipping. I can foresee issues with the meter getting damage and a few other things that could prevent it from working in reality though.
  4. flatlandreefer

    Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    My problem is I live in a rural area 3 hours away from Denver, the closest reef club and stores, so I'm not sure if renting is an option.
  5. flatlandreefer

    Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    Cool, maybe I will try to feed small amounts a few times a week!
  6. flatlandreefer

    Corals for Shaded Areas

    I have a leptoseris and leptastrea that are both in shaded areas, they seem to prefer being shaded from indirect light and are doing well. They are close to the edge of my tank so i'm sure they receive some light that bounces off the glass.
  7. flatlandreefer

    Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    The nepthea has been removed from the jar for a week now and it is still in rough shape in my main display. I think it might be going through a shedding phase, early this morning it was showing signs of maybe making a recovery as it started to expand somewhat and open up some polyps...fingers crossed. In the pico world things have been looking ok but not great. Acans look good, ricordia looks good, alveopora looks good, zoas are neither happy nor completely pissed off. My biggest issue has been the duncan, it has been closed up more than normal and just doesn't have that fully inflated look when it is open. The duncan has been adding quite a few heads so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I raised my light up as far as it can go to see if light might be an issue. I made a new siphon tool with some 1/2 inch rigid tubing connected to flexible tubing. This allows me to get everything off the bottom of the vase as the hose is a bigger diameter than my previous siphon and the rigid part is actually narrower than the gravel vac that I was using so it can reach all the way to the bottom. I'm wondering if removing everything is starting to leave my water too clean? I am contemplating feeding a small amount of reef chili half way through the week in between my water changes to keep nutrients in the water above 0. What has everybody else been doing as far as feeding? Are you feeding only before a water change or do you feed throughout the week? I obviously don't want nutrients to get out of control and lead to algae problems but I also need to find a balance that will work for the corals.
  8. flatlandreefer

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano - Eel Garden

    Looks like a nassarious too me. It is surprising to see it on the glass though if that is what it is, they usually stick to the sand bed.
  9. flatlandreefer

    What Salt Brand Do You Use

    Currently using Live Aquaria salt, so far so good but only a month or so in. Switched from IO because I was sick of dosing up low parameters.
  10. flatlandreefer

    Paradise on the Prairie

    I walked over to the tank tonight and saw that my RFA was huge! It dose this every once in a while, not sure exactly why, but it is really neat when it does.
  11. flatlandreefer

    Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    Well I think I have made up my mind, the nepthea must come out. It really isn't doing well in the vase and I hope it should be happier in my 25. I am going to do a waterchange this afternoon so it will be removed then.
  12. flatlandreefer

    Flatland's Pico Contest Tank

    Ha thanks. It's in my unfinished basement on a desk that I have down there. I still need to find something to set the vase on to make things a little more photogenic.
  13. flatlandreefer

    can we talk dosers?

    I am running BRS dosers and after a few mishaps with stand alone timers I bought a reef keeper lite to control the dosing pumps. I think the pumps themselves are pretty bullet proof and as you stated they aren't going to be exactly 1.1ml/m. So far I am optimistic about pairing the BRS dosers with the reef keeper. The reefkeeper is relatively inexpensive and can be used to control a few other things such as your heater.
  14. flatlandreefer

    SPS Growout Contest

    I agree. To do this contest its going to cost a lot more than $50. Maybe a vendor would give a big discount off the competition frag if the participant met a minimum purchase amount on other livestock, like a total purchase of $150 or $200. This would help justify shipping costs as well.
  15. flatlandreefer

    SPS Growout Contest

    I bet if you talked to them they could have some sort of code that you could enter at check out to indicate that you are a member of the grow out contest and they could hold all of the frags until a specific date and ship them all at once, just a thought. I haven't had luck recently with acros in my tank otherwise I would definitely be interested.