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  1. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    PM has been sent with the empty pic, I'm not sure what happened to the pic I had in my original post.
  2. Should I worry about my Ca level?

    Let us know what you find, it could be a bad batch of salt who knows.
  3. Paradise on the Prairie (lagoon 25)

    I need to do an update, maybe I will get it done after the thanksgiving holiday. Most things are doing well but I am having trouble with my sps especially acropora. I have not gotten growth from my acros and I just had one STN for no apparent reason the other day. Part of me wants to attribute this to starting with all dry rock but I'm not sure. Overall things have started to noticeably mature after the one year mark and I am starting to become happy with the look and will be gearing more towards LPS in the next year until I see results that will give me confidence to go back to acros. Anyway i will post an update with pics in a week or so!
  4. Natalia's reefbowl: November Update and Photo Dump

    How long are you letting food sit in your bowl before you do you post feeding water change? A couple hours/overnight?
  5. Low light, low current corals

    Live aquaria is an accurate source that will give you a general idea of the needs of each coral. And 100% water changes is a proven method by many members on this forum as long as salinity and temperature are the same between the new water and water in the pico.
  6. Low light, low current corals

    Flow shouldn't be too big of an issue. If you get on live aquaria you can browse corals and it will give you their requirements. Also the pico jar contest going on right now will give you tons of picos to look at and see what everybody is doing. 100% waterchange once a week is what most people are doing to keep things thriving.
  7. Low light, low current corals

    Blastomussa could be a good option.
  8. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    I added the goni/alveopora, blasto, and Duncan yesterday. Those three seem to be doing well. The nepthea seems to be struggling in the low flow environment, I will give it a week or so and if things don't get better I will put it in my main display. I need to get a small glass cleaner to keep the glass clean, the bottom 1/3 where it curves is almost impossible to keep clear of a thin layer of detritus and really effects pictures and viewing coral.
  9. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    Maybe I will get something like THIS and either run it as my air-pump or tee it in as an backup air pump. Should have done a little more research when I bough my air-pump in the first place.
  10. Should I worry about my Ca level?

    Or take a sample to your LFS and have them test it for you to verify results.
  11. Should I worry about my Ca level?

    I would double check your test results, that seems very low considering you are using reef crystals and none of your corals that you listed should be using much if any calcium.
  12. SPS dominate reef

    I'm currently struggling with SPS growth, still trying to figure things out but I attribute some of my issues to starting with completely dry rock, so I will not post my parameters. Although this links to a different forum I thought it was a neat article written by Mike Paletta that compares tank parameters of different hobbyists that Paletta considers "Masters". One thing to note, most if not all of these tanks are large tanks and nothing close to a nano. https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/tank-parameters-of-some-masters.263/
  13. Drilling a tank with water in it

    I would buy another tank since they aren't that expensive, drill it and then slowly transfer everything to the new tank. This would help eliminate an emergency if something went wrong when you were drilling the tank.
  14. Drilling a tank with water in it

    What kind of tank is it? Standard, AIO?