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  1. Salinity swings

    IMO an ATO is one investment that is a no brainier especially with a nano tank, they really are not that expensive and you wont regret it.
  2. What lps grow on vertical rock?

    Is it up against a tank wall or just vertical and shaded?
  3. Tank backdrop or painting the back

    Black provides the best look imo and the corals really contrast off the black. I also like certain tanks without a background at all just clear glass. Stay away from a backdrop though I think paint is your best bet and it will be hard to change later if you end up wishing you would have painted it instead of just using a backdrop.
  4. Coral dip question

    They are really cool, I love feeding mine a big chunk of food and watching it instantly devour it!
  5. Coral dip question

    Yeah don't dip the rock nem or any other invert but definitely dip the plate. The only other thing you could do for the nem would be to quarantine it but very few have qt setups for corals. Just put it in and you should be fine. You can check what ever it is mounted on for signs of pests or eggs, ideally you would want to remove it from its mount but this can be tricky with an anemone as you definitely dont want to do any damage to its foot.
  6. What tools do you use to target feed your corals?

    I'm currently using a turkey baster as well and I have the same problem, it's tough to target feed all the polyps on my acans and regulate how much comes out. I am currently being cheap and haven't wanted to spend the $ on julians thing.
  7. Just like the title says, what tools do you use to target feed you corals?
  8. Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    How's the tank doing? Any updates???
  9. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    Where did you get doug from, LFS or live aquaria? I am currently wanting to get a leopard toby and have been keeping an eye on divers den but there hasn't been one in a while. I'm hesitant about ordering from standard live aquaria because I want to make sure it has brilliant coloring since it is such a show piece fish.
  10. What's everybody's thoughts on live Aquaria's new salt, professional reef salt? Anybody planning on switching? Looks like the parameters of fresh mixed salt is pretty ideal and it won't leave any residue like IO does. They also are using it in all of their tanks so surely that indicates that it is a proven mix. I'm giving serious thought to switching when it is released.
  11. Is stability more important than high readings?

    Dose to keep levels consistent with whatever levels your fresh salt mix mixes to, nsw in your case.
  12. Instant Ocean High Calcium – Bad Test or Bad Salt?

    I always add calcium to my fresh IO mix. I would have a hard time believing it is actually 480 especially testing with api. Take a sample to your LFS and have them test it for you. How are your other params?
  13. reefs.com, reefbuilders, a few good YouTube channels
  14. What happens when Acan gets stung?

    I have an acan colony that is getting ever closer to an acan echinata frag. I know echinatas can possess a powerful punch, what happens when my acan gets too close? Does it just effect the polyp that is by the echinata or the whole colony?
  15. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Filter floss and media has not been an issue ime