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  1. Ok now I can't see them now that I closed the photobucket tab...hmmm
  2. That's weird because I see the pics in the post that you sent in your post. Can anybody else see the photos? I uploaded them from photobucket through the insert image from url option.
  3. Here are some older inhabitants in the tank and some full tank shots. I got a reef octopus ns80 because everything was looking rough in the mornings, I concluded it was too much CO2 in the house, i ran the air line outside and everything is looking great! The two things that struggling is the green birds nest and monti cap. The monti cap is bleaching but it is encrusted so I am going to leave it and see how it does. The birds nest was not extending polyps for a while and is browned out but it seems to be bouncing back. My plan right now is to focus on everything in the tank right now and hold off on additions for a while. Feather duster from LA Acans(lots of new polyps!) Really? Are they just showing up as URL's?
  4. Finally took some time to clean the front glass, turn the flow off and take some pics of the tank and new inhabitants. This is the best pic I could get of my new pair of Radial Files from Divers Den. I got them 3 days ago and they seem to be doing well. I have some fish eggs and Rod's food on order because the pellets seem to be too big for their mouths and the mysis also seem to be a little big, they are very entertaining to watch and make use of the whole tank. Here are are a few new pieces that I got from a not so local fish store but my usual one 3 hours away. I got a blue acro, a mainly green so far with pink highlights acro, a stylo that I didnt get a close up of, and a gold lepto frag. All seem to be doing well so far and am excited to see them grow out. I also turned my mp10 up to full blast and things seem to be doing well.
  5. Placing them on rubble or a plug and starting them on the sand bed will help acclimate them to your lighting, if you start them under high light the whole thing can bleach very fast. What lighting do you have, where is it placed now? Only keep the good parts that still have flesh and are not white and place on seperate plugs, you can place seperate frags in different areas of the tank to see which does the best.
  6. Regular snips/cutting pliers work well, they are pretty easy to cut.
  7. I would say frag off the healthy part and put it on a frag plug or piece of rubble and start it out on the sand bed.
  8. Looks good, I like your rock work! I think a goby pistol pair could be cool in your tank, I would go with a yasha.
  9. The pump on my nuvo 25 makes almost no noise, re positioning the pump should fix the issue.
  10. My files are about 1.25" long or so. The mysis are too big to eat whole but I think they are able to tear pieces off. I am feeding the small version of PE mysis.
  11. Do they just pick at the mysis or do they eat them whole? Also do the brine provide enough nutrition?
  12. I fed half a cube of mysis and it looked like they both ate some. Even the small mysis seem kind of big for them, they can't eat a whole piece. I have Nutrimar and Rods food in my cart on marine depot so I might get those too to be safe.
  13. I will try some mysis again tomorrow morning. Do you think they can get nutrition from reef chili? What about rods food? They have been picking at some things on the walls of the tank, i guess some algae since they are omnivores.
  14. I say a pair of clowns and the puffer and maybe another small fish, I think the puffer would be a very unique stand out with a lot of personality.
  15. They are a little camera shy but I managed to get a few pictures that were in focus! I really like these guys, I did have to turn down my mp10 out of fear that one was going to get sucked in.