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  1. The feather duster is growing it's crown back!
  2. I would stay away from the anemones. If you want one you could try a rock flower nem, it would stay small and not bother your other livestock.
  3. I vacuume my sand every week and it's amazing how much stuff accumulates in that short of a time! I would say both are a good idea.
  4. Hammer coral has two mouths on one head, looks like it is finally going to split!
  5. Look into green banded gobies, they only get a few inches long and there are a few member on here that love theirs, teenyreef would be one of them.
  6. They grow to 6 inches which is pretty big, LA says minimum of 30 gallons so they don't need a whole lot of room but it might look a little out of place in a 20l imo.
  7. Thats great! I would stick to 4 fish. If you decide to go with a jawfish make sure to have plenty of sand and a lid is a must. I would recommend looking into a pink streaked wrasse for a small active fish that will utilize the whole tank. A tail spot blenny would be another good option imo. As far as goby shrimp pair I think a yasha would be a good option that remains small. Be sure to make sure the shrimp goby is paired before just dumping them in, mine never hooked up. Also be aware that there is a chance that the goby will set up camp somewhere where he will be rarely seen, this was the case for me unfortunately.
  8. Thats awesome! Definitely a very rewarding part of the hobby and one of my favorite corals
  9. Just curious to see everybody's before/after pics of coral growth (3, 6, 12 months etc). Be sure to specify the time in between the pics!
  10. I took a few photos of my corals during a water change today. The tank was about 2/3 full when I took the pics
  11. After 5 days of using the feeding station it looks like it is having a positive impact on the cyano that I was seeing in my tank. I am feeding the same amount as I previously was, if not more, and my heavy spots of cyano seem to be a very light red color and fading away. Hopefully this trend continues, I think most of the food is getting eaten by the fish throughout the day as opposed to a food storm that was created before when it was just dumped into the tank and a lot of the stuff ended up in the Rock work and on the sand.
  12. You should have solid top on your stand but the tank comes with a leveling mat to help correct any small imperfections and protect the bottom of the glass. If you don't have a helpful LFS just ask lots of questions on here and buy all of your equipment online. I live 3 hours away from a LFS so this is my primary source for info along with sites like reefbuilders and reefs.com. Also BRS has lots of useful videos as well as some good youtube channels such as American reef.
  13. Yes, you put the frozen food in the top, it thaws, there are different sized small holes in the middle blue section that allow the food to be released. There is another piece with identical holes that you can slide around to make the food release holes smaller or bigger to adjust how fast the food is released. It works pretty well and ensures that more of the food gets eaten instead of going over the overflow or in the rock work. So far I think I will be happy with it.
  14. Fish are using the feeding station, right before I took the pic the clowns and the file were in the cup!