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  1. I have seen one of my two emerald crabs sitting on top of my frogspawn seemingly picking at something on the top of the head. Can emeralds do real damage to a frog spawn and actually eat it? Is this concerning if it happens occasionally?
  2. Like stated above get the standard tunze ato that has the optical sensor and float sensor. This is not an area to skimp on reliability to save a few bucks because a single sensor will fail at some point.
  3. Does anybody have an automatic backup for their heater that will last for hours? I was out of town over the weekend and of course a blizzard came through knocking out power for 12 hours. Fortunately I knew somebody with a generator that came over and hooked it up so everything should be ok but I want to be prepared next time. I have an ecotech backup for my mp10 but I would really like something similar to maintain heat!!!
  4. I need a screen top for my innovative marine lagoon 25, what do other people have. BRS has a IM brand one but they also have the diy for half the price. Also the IM is sold out. What should I get.
  5. I would think dwarf orchids could be an option especially with the ato running down the structure
  6. Great topic, I think tanks that are scaped like this are some of the most impressive out there.
  7. My hesitation would be the requirement of taking it home over the weekend, maybe somebody else has expierence with this
  8. Thats neat, I wish I could commit to feeding nps so many nps are really beautiful and very unique!
  9. That's a great idea. How often are you feeding, everyday?
  10. If you have an eco tech, tunze(I believe), or gyre(icecap) I think the backup is well worth the expense especially if an outage happens when you aren't home to turn on airpumps etc. these backups last a long time and are safe, opposed to some diy backups. My opinion is I have hundreds to thousands worth of live stock plus the time it takes to get things established, I don't want to waste all of that just because the power went out for 12 hours when I wasn't there to baby sit the tank. But that's just me.
  11. Looks like those numbers are pretty close to their claims. I guess my only hesitation is alk of 8, I like it a little bit higher around 9 or so but that might not be that big of a deal.
  12. Is anybody here using Fritz RPM salt? Their analysis is really close to what I want in my tank and it seems like it would be more consistent than regular IO. If you are using it how do you like it?
  13. I'm the same as Steve, it works well
  14. Looks good! I would hold off on the tux urchin until you have quite a bit of algae and then add it if need be. I love mine for hair algae control but without enough food it will starve. Great equipment list I'm following along!
  15. Most recommend a 30 plus gallon tank for a typical anemone. I think you would be limited to a rock nem or something similar in a pico. Aptasia would be an exception though...