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  1. Very nice, very nice. I’ve actually gone near zero filtration in my tank for the past year and I’ve had some great success. The big thing is keeping nutrient down to prevent bad algae from growing, so I have basically have an aquaclear 110 filled with cheato. I might have some gac in there once in a while, especially if I have to trim some xena back, but all in all I can grow even acros in the tank.
  2. Got mine in! They came in great packaging and the heat pack was still super warm. Here’s my pic, still need to take an official picture though
  3. Contest bump edit: oops, didn’t realize this is a sticky post. But anyway come on ppl, we can’t have a contest without contestants
  4. Super blue

  5. Buy a rock, get a free anemone!

    Here is one of mine
  6. Buy a rock, get a free anemone!

    All my majano’s usually hide their foot, it depends on the lighting their in to tell the truth. Mine are all over the place, but the best colored ones are in a little bit of shade, they have the greenest color, but I have some that are right in front of the light and they look like their plastered to the rock 😂, I have others that are in complete shade and try to stand like an inch high.
  7. Buy a rock, get a free anemone!

    I actually like majano anemones, I have them in my tank because I put them in there, everything needs a home right? word of advise though, they don’t replicate super fast but fast enough and they can hurt your corals, so you will need to do some population control once in a while. Also they do not stay in one place for very long, they tend to move around, even on sand or float around too.
  8. Just committed! First time I’ve ever bought a coral online 😝. LETS DO THIS!
  9. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    Looking forward to this, get to test my acro growth skills, which are not much lol, actually using this as a motivation to learn more about sps care and now I can compare to others that will have a relatively same situation as me, so if their acro is doing better then me I can see what I’m missing 👍
  10. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    I believe I got the gooseneck from brs, wasn’t easy to find.
  11. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    That is a shame, they made some great chips, even their driver was top notched, just lacked some instructions. Could explain some of the issues I had.
  12. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    Current tank pictures
  13. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    So far one of the best chips I’ve used, corals are growing and coloring up nicely, 24w chip is great for lps. I will say that without a reflector it might not be suitable for sps corals unless their near the top of the tank, I have the light on full strength and my lps corals are still puffy.