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  1. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    Looking forward to this, get to test my acro growth skills, which are not much lol, actually using this as a motivation to learn more about sps care and now I can compare to others that will have a relatively same situation as me, so if their acro is doing better then me I can see what I’m missing 👍
  2. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    I believe I got the gooseneck from brs, wasn’t easy to find.
  3. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    That is a shame, they made some great chips, even their driver was top notched, just lacked some instructions. Could explain some of the issues I had.
  4. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    Current tank pictures
  5. BlueAcro Acrostar LED Review

    So far one of the best chips I’ve used, corals are growing and coloring up nicely, 24w chip is great for lps. I will say that without a reflector it might not be suitable for sps corals unless their near the top of the tank, I have the light on full strength and my lps corals are still puffy.
  6. P_20180116_204810.jpg

    Love the zoa corals, they have covered the rocks nicely, but I might add that this tank needs some cleaning and a few water changes badly, other wise you will loose a few of those great lps corals.
  7. SPS Growout Contest

    This sounds fun, I’m in if this happens!
  8. chaeto light

    Do you have the lid on the bio cube, Or is it removed? Also is it a 14 gallon or 29 gallon?
  9. Easy SPS to start off with?

    You can try mint pavona, for me it is the most forgiving sps I’ve ever had. Not a wild grower, and can take a variety of lighting conditions. I’ve done things that pissed off other sps’s In the tank, but pavona never seemed to be bothered. Also Birds nest coral is a fast grower, but as was said before it does not handle well with alk swings, which if your not used to sps, any sps corals, will happen. Just keep up on testing alk regularly until you have a good feel for alk consumption.
  10. WTF IS THIS!!

    It’s an elephant snail, cool guys to have 😎. But keep an eye on it, some sub species may much on corals, but it looks like that’s not always the case, you’ll have to read through forum posts and make a decision if it a keeper or not. Btw I have them and they didn’t cause any trouble .
  11. 84B5B68E-2B1B-44EF-A9B3-A4E6CE16ADA7.jpeg

    Amazing clownfish 👍
  12. Hey all, just lookin at my tank after lights off and notice these lines on the sand. After closely examining them they appear to be from a central source, maybe spaghetti worm? Thing is this the first time I’ve noticed it and I haven’t added any new live rock in like 2 years.
  13. 20g long at home

  14. 20g long at home