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  1. Man oh man where have I been, missing out on all these “Friday” conversations, well there’s always next Friday, can’t sulk in the past now can we. I’m a present time sort of guy and here I present you now something amazing: I FINALLY HAVE POLYP EXTENSION! sorry for overdoing that but I thought I was lagging behind because almost everyone had awesome PE and I well, had none. The thing has been encrusting like mad though. On a sad note, my starry Blenny affectionately named “Groucho” has passed away after four years. He was a cool fish with a bad attitude. The tank felt empty with only two fish in there so I decided to try my hand with a goby, never had one before but Im not too fond of very small fish, the scissortail goby though seemed like a good sized fish so I thought I take the plunge.
  2. Lol you got me beat in competitive political speech smack talk 😂.
  3. I’m Gunning for you cannedfish! Check out this growth and encrusting! Boom! Check out that tip growth 😎 though for some reason I have zero PE, I seem to have a red bug issue, so that may explain that, but they are encrusting nicely
  4. Figster

    hammer time!

    Hammer corals are takin over in my work 10g, not that I mind 👍
  5. Figster

    CLAM Missing tissue

    I’ve had my clam nibbled on by a emerald crab, took a pretty sizable chuck out of the clams mantle. Needless to say the crab went by by and the clam made a full recovery. Just keep the water very stable and the clam will grow it back. Might want to feed the clam some food to help it recover, clam specific food of course.
  6. Figster


    It’s an Aquaclear 110, I modified it to work as a fuge, best mod I’ve ever done, this alone keeps my nitrates around 2 and phosphate is not detectable. Here’s a picture of the top of it
  7. Figster


    For about a year, but the last three months the thing exploded in growth, before then it was very slow growing. Must’ve gotten used to the light and tank chemistry. This is is what it looked like in December
  8. Welp time for my monthly post, just under the wire lol. Been super busy so I couldn’t be on the forums much. Here it goes 😬 i tried to remove it from the frag plug but ended up breaking the frag in half 😵, but like a real trooper it pulled through. its encrusting nicely acro rock 😁