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  1. Time for a species only tank. Seriously that is one crazy looking crab, never seen one with those arms . As for reef safe, no clue, but that things looks mean, like it'll rip a fish a new one. How big is it?
  2. That's totally a Bobbit worm, good thing you know you have one early on instead of finding missing fish.
  3. Pics? I might be interest in them as damage "as is" if they still work. I'll pm you.
  4. Man did I need that fish muzzle for a damsel I had, that was one mean fishy.
  5. Funny part is they ask "Nemo is a saltwater fish?" No lie I've been asked twice that question.
  6. Wow, you spent some time setting that up, honestly you do have a long time setting and as was said before, it can lead to algae issues if you don't have perfect water. Also what's up with the crazy up and down light settings, it seems like your trying to mimic clouds, but you might be stressing out your corals. My AI and most others have a pretty smooth graph with gradual increase and decrease in light intensity. Your white setting is also really low compared to your blues and violets, are you shooting for 20k?
  7. This sold me on Chaeto, and BRS showed that even a little with a weak light still helps.
  8. You can run this light on that tank, but man you will have to keep it at the lowest settings, even slightly too high you could torch your corals, big light for a little tank. I have one over my 40b and it at 80 blue 30 white and my acro's are growing just fine in the middle of the tank. Also my light is 16 inches from the water level.
  9. the Kessel A80 would be perfect for a tank that size
  10. Couldn't help but notice the peppermint angle fish in your poster, you must be working hard to buy one lol.
  11. Could be a Tunicate sponge. What's bothersome is that it looks fatter in one picture compared to another, like a nuisance anemone would do. Welp you do the age old saying "if you don't know what it is and it could be bad, remove it!". It can't do anything if it's not there.
  12. Kind of looks like a pineapple sponge, but the shape seems off. How long has it been it been on the snail?
  13. Coral growth shots! one nem became two