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  1. This sold me on Chaeto, and BRS showed that even a little with a weak light still helps.
  2. You can run this light on that tank, but man you will have to keep it at the lowest settings, even slightly too high you could torch your corals, big light for a little tank. I have one over my 40b and it at 80 blue 30 white and my acro's are growing just fine in the middle of the tank. Also my light is 16 inches from the water level.
  3. the Kessel A80 would be perfect for a tank that size
  4. Couldn't help but notice the peppermint angle fish in your poster, you must be working hard to buy one lol.
  5. Could be a Tunicate sponge. What's bothersome is that it looks fatter in one picture compared to another, like a nuisance anemone would do. Welp you do the age old saying "if you don't know what it is and it could be bad, remove it!". It can't do anything if it's not there.
  6. Kind of looks like a pineapple sponge, but the shape seems off. How long has it been it been on the snail?
  7. Coral growth shots! one nem became two
  8. Guess you can view it as nutrient export in way, who needs cheato when you have pulsing xenia lol. I can't find enough ppl to give it away, and I gave so much to the lfs that they didn't want anymore.
  9. Xenia garden or it just took over lol. I love pulsing xenia, mine just pulse like mad during the day, but in like 3 months I have to trim about 1/2 of it out because it grows so much.
  10. Yeah it spreads everywhere, its the best coral in the tank, but also the most invasive. I'm constantly pruning it, so much so the lfs doesn't want them anymore lol.
  11. I would go for the AI Prime or nanobox, both are really good choices and are extremely adaptable to your needs or preferences. The kessil as was mentioned before will limit what you can have. The AI and NB both have little over 50 watts of power and you will probably only need half of that on the IM 10. But if I were you I would go for the the nanobox, nothing like supporting a fellow reefer.
  12. Time for Updates! so its been some time since I last posted any updates on this tank, but it's still kickin. Things have grown, things been added, things have gone up and down like crazy. This tank has been one roller coaster ride (mainly by my doing lol). Clamston is no longer in this tank, I was dosing constantly and if I took one day off the tank would drop like 2 alk. I even tried kalk with my ato but I still would have to supplement. So now He's perfectly happy in my 48g tank at home, but I did manage to keep him in a nano for 8 months, and he was growing well.
  13. Nope, just a regular reefer. But that would be cool if I was in brs .