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  1. Icedgxe

    Nanobox Tide Plus M FS

  2. Icedgxe

    Nanobox Tide Plus M FS

    Thanks! I loved the light. In fact, I am running a large retro with two t-5’s on the new tank.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently upgraded to a larger tank from my Nuvo 10 and am no longer using this light. The light is in perfect shape other than one corner of the acrylic cover over the leds. I have that shown in a picture below. The piece still tightens down and was done during cleaning. I bought the light in late August of 2016. The power supply was replaced by Dave in May of 2017 due to a buzzing sound. It has been running at 70-75% and grew anything I wanted. Fan and heat sink were just cleaned when I took it down a couple of weeks ago. Price is $170 plus shipping.
  4. Icedgxe

    Device offline

    Thanks Dave. My tide was showing offline as well. Figured I would give it over night and heck again and they were both fine in the morning.
  5. I’m trying to see if anyone else is having a device offline issue with their bluefish? I have a nano box large retro and it is ramping up and down like it’s supposed to be, but it shows device off line. The percentages are showing, and I can’t reset to normal because of this. I have already power cycled and it didn’t help.
  6. Icedgxe

    NanoBox Gooseneck Screw Issues

    Such amazing customer service! I had the issue with one of the screws on mine but was able to fix it by putting an old credit card between the screws and the glass.
  7. Icedgxe

    New Adventure!

    Here are a few updated pics. Not much has changed. A few new pieces and the toadstool keeps fragging itself. And lastly, I picked up my first piece of equipment for my future build...
  8. Beautiful corals and great prices!
  9. Icedgxe

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - Going Bare Bottom

    Thanks! Things are coming along. The GBG is doing very well so far! He is eating everything in sight and putting on weight.
  10. Icedgxe

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - Going Bare Bottom

    Your tank is always an inspiration.
  11. I'm so jealous and I can't wait to see your new additions!
  12. Icedgxe

    Polyp Labs One nano

    It's the all in one ca, alk, and mag. I am going to start adding sps in the near future and on my larger system I used to have I had a Geo ca rx. I am probably going to use b ionic, but I came across this product and was wondering if anyone had a personal experience with it or have hear anything about it.
  13. Icedgxe

    New Adventure!

    He is great! Zooming all over the tank and constantly picking at things in the rock or on the back wall. Such a cool fish.
  14. Icedgxe

    Polyp Labs One nano

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried this product? How did it do? Does it actually work?
  15. Icedgxe

    Custom NUVO 20 Fusion: New Stand

    That stand looks great so far!