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  1. I thought there was going to be an official announcement this week?
  2. Clowns are odd fish. Each one is different. My pair have never been aggressive with any other addition except my midas blenny. The female will go after him but he does go into her area, otherwise they are fine with others. My other clown in my 10g never goes after anyone, super cool fish. Now I have had 3 other clowns over the years that by themselves or in pairs were horribly aggressive. So ya, its possible that your clowns have gotten territorial. I would think in an 80g you'd have less issues. Ya, the mandarin will take time getting used to its new home. One thing you could do is remove the clowns and reintroduce them in a few days.
  3. Looks like a bristle worm to me, but the nem looks fine. They do funny stuff all the time, quite fascinating
  4. The only concern of not testing and dosing alk and ca blindly, is that it can lead to fluctuations. Without testing, alk could be changing frequently, which long term, will have effects on the lps. The only param I test weekly is alk, unless there is an issue in the tank. The rest is now monthly.
  5. That particular coral is not a high flow, high light coral. Try putting it in a lower light, moderate flow area.
  6. What lighting is it under and is it directly under light? How much flow is it in?
  7. Are you in Toronto Ontario? You most likely won't need a chiller if so. AC alone in the summer will keep the tank stable. A controller is highly recommended. I use the inkbird itc-308. Works great. I did silicone the probe but half of it's gone on one. It's not rusted at all.
  8. It looks fried to me. I've had it happen to a favia and enchinata. They seem to not do well under direct strong light.
  9. Blennies are active fish. They have personality. The tank definitely will need more flow. I had it and its stock pump is good for a betta but for corals it's not enough.
  10. I had a bicolor blenny in my 5.5g. That's it besides snails and hermits. Plenty of room and it was a happy camper. A regular firefish should be fine alone. A smaller goby would be good. A tailspot blenny Clowns, damsels etc not recommended for 5g. Are you running the stock pump in the tank? It's a topfin?
  11. Where was it placed in the tank? Favia prefer bottom of tank and not heavy light.
  12. I love the anemones. I wish I had done this from the beginning! The clowns hilarious. Now he swims in between 2 of them.
  13. A mini cycle is not likely to occur if the transfer is done correctly. Keeping old disturbed sand is the reason for most mini cycles as well as causing nutrient issues. Have new water made Siphon tank water into buckets/containers. Place corals in containers of tank water, place fish another, save any water you want to use before removing rock. Last step is removing rock and placing in a bucket of water. Any remaining water is garbage. Remove sand- either replace with newly washed sand or completely and thoroughly wash old sand before reusing. Clean tank Move to the new home. Add air hoses/pumps to the containers. If they are smaller container I use my battery air pumps with gang valve and have an airstone in each container. For bucket with rocks I use a powerhead Set up tank, add rocks, sand, water(saved and new), start tank up. Once it's pretty clear, temp, sg, and alk is where it should be you can add everything back in. Get an ammonia alert badge and have Prime on hand just in case.
  14. Tank looks good. The rfa will go and stay where it is happy, if its happy under the arch and open then I wouldn't worry. Chemipure is carbon with only a small amount off additional media added. That additional media will exhaust faster than expected especially if phos is an issue. The product does not last as long as claimed. If kept too long it can contribute to nutrient buildup. Over use of carbon is not beneficial. Nitrates being very low is not beneficial but algae may be using it up. So tests may be inaccurate Phos should be tested because too high can be an issue and so can too low. Using a very good low range kit is recommended. Alkalinity and ca are 2 other tests that are important, especially alk. Adding filter floss to the filter and changing it twice a week helps collect particles and remove them from the tank. Adding a powerhead is a good idea if you are only using the filter, alone on a10g will not give you the turbulent flow to get proper filteration, oxygen, removal of detritus on corals, and food to corals. Lack of flow aids in algae as well
  15. Awesome fish! Love cichlids. The IM tanks are great.
  16. Some use ecotech pumps with the battery backup Others rely on battery run air pump and stone for power outage, some use expensive batteries or generators. Some of these only work if you are home. Heaters, alot of us use controllers. I use the inkbird.
  17. Did you see the ammonia spike higher and drop? If it's an existing tank, I wouldn't add them until ammonia and nitrite is 0. If it's a new tank they can be added and no livestock added until those params read 0
  18. If you want to control directly from fixture the hiperagero is one of them or the micmol. I use the micmol and it's really easy to use and works really well I used the original aquamaxx, it was ok but not easy to control and I had little growth under it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B078F9KY26/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1546136167&sr=8-2&keywords=micmol&dpPl=1&dpID=51SxtxUFo8L&ref=plSrch https://www.amazon.com/Sanrise-A029-Knight-Aquarium-Mount/dp/B01ETQ92AE/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=1QMM71TZM9OOS&keywords=hipargero+led+aquarium+light&qid=1553135285&s=gateway&sprefix=hiperagero&sr=8-3
  19. Ya my phos is at .021 in a 10g. Everything is happy so I am not doing anything besides regular waterchanges. I can't believe so many fit in there.😁
  20. Filter floss and carbon is the basics. Elite and blue is just carbon either with a gfo like material or ion resin. Both additional media in it will exhaust faster than may be needed if there is a need to reduce per say phosphate. Never found it lasted longer than a month, I prefer to just use individual media I bag myself for my tanks. More control on quantity and use.
  21. I'm not sure. I have a Samsung There are a few apps for free. I'd stick with one of those. It's really just a diary to keep track.
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