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    Pico Draining Alkalinity

    Depends. Some ppl have it mix high and others it doesn't. You'd have to test a newly mixed batch and also download the batch results from their site.
  2. Clown79

    Water changes and parameters

    Testing in between waterchanges is the key to knowing if there is fluctuations. Alk in particular needs monitoring if you have lps pr sps Your alk may not fluctuate at all if you only have softies or very few lps. I sometimes do waterchanges every 2 weeks. It's not just to replenish elements but to remove detritus in the sandbed, back chambers, to switch out media as well.
  3. Clown79

    20 gallon long plan

    You can look into the ro buddy. Its smaller and can fit in a cupboard. My spectrapure is just too heavy for me and too big to fit in a cupboard. Another option thats very good is distilled. Out here we can buy 18litre bottles of distilled for $4
  4. I had 2 in a 10g. I only reduced to 1 because 1 was really, really mean. I think 2 clowns in a 20g is ok. They don't swim around much once they find their "spot". I had 2 in a 15g and they stayed in 1 corner. Then I upgraded to a 25g, they are still in 1 corner. Lol.
  5. Clown79

    Palytoxin- how scared should I be of it?

    Lol. I know. I think it's funny that we have to put that on the list of precautions but you never know.
  6. Clown79

    20 gallon long plan

    That's what I do. My unit sits on my counter and I use a faucet adaptor when I make water
  7. Clown79

    On The Upswing 6.6g

    I can't permanently install an rodi either so I attach it to the faucet when I make water then detach it when done. Before that I used only distilled. I don't trust lfs water.
  8. Clown79

    Need a new light

    The hipargero has a lot of good reviews on it. It would be a good budget light for the evo.
  9. That's what I do. Chemipure- doesn't last as long as claimed. Its overpriced convenience but I got better results using other media. To the OP. I use Kent carbon I bag myself. I use smaller quantities, replacing carbon every 2 weeks. I use a bag of purigen- I also bag myself Filter floss- cut to size and changed twice a week. 1 media basket has a bag of carbon and floss, the other purigen and floss. You should research the media and what it does. How using too much can negatively affect your tank. The question is why are you using it and how is it benefiting your tank. Elite has a small amount of resin added to their carbon. The resin removes phosphate. Phos reducing media doesn't last that long so once that tiny amount is exhausted, it stops working. If you have no phos issues, it can remove the available amount in the tank that corals need. ***better to use a phos remover as needed*** Blue- carbon with resin that does the same thing as purigen. Media rings- is for surface for bacteria to colonize- your liverock does that Purigen - removes soluble and insoluble particles. Removes nitrogenous waste.
  10. Clown79

    Palytoxin- how scared should I be of it?

    Just take caution and you should be fine. Does it exist and is there incidences that occur- yup. Should it be ignored- no. Being aware and taking proper precaution is the way to go. It's like walking across the street, it can be dangerous if you don't look both ways. There are alot of things in a reef tank that can cause issues- bacteria alone can be dangerous. Being careful and taking proper steps like wearing gloves, or eyewear when fragging, not boiling, scrubbing, ripping, eating can prevent issues. Palytoxin is not just found in zoas and paly's.
  11. The cartridges would remove meds as it usually has carbon in between the plastic housing and poly
  12. Clown79

    Do I need a power head?

    I have the same tank. I took out my powerhead well over a year ago. I have an upgraded pump. Everything is super happy.
  13. Clown79

    Biocube 16 Set Up

    Check measurements of the chamber before buying. I use the neotherm, a eheim jagger, and aqueon pro- all have been great. The jagger is just very big compared to the other 2.
  14. Clown79

    Pico Draining Alkalinity

    What is your salt mixing at? If it's not 8.9 you will experience fluctuations when you do water changes. Your target number is what your salt mixes at or you will need to test your newly mixed salt, dose it, then retest before doing a waterchange.
  15. Clown79

    20 gallon long plan

    Your plan sounds good. You can actually buy the bigger aquaclear and set it up where you can place your heater in it. Might be possible with the 70 as well. If not there are ways to hide the equipment to make it less visible. Lighting- do lots of research before finalizing your plan. Your choice isn't bad, many use it. I have used budget lights, brand name, par bulbs and I've had good experiences and growth under all except 1 of them.
  16. https://www.reefcleaners.org/macroalgae-care https://www.thesprucepets.com/cultivating-macroalgae-in-your-aquarium-2924568 https://aquariumdepot.com/aquarium-life-salt/macro-algae/ Here are some links on macro
  17. Clown79

    15 column new build

    The prime HD has a par of 100 at 24" depth. Now that may drop depending on the percentages you use but if you keep all low/mod light corals on the bottom it should be fine.
  18. There is a journal section on the forum. Its just like starting a thread but basically documenting/discussing your tank. Reading journals is great too. You learn a lot from them.
  19. Hi The tank looks great and the corals look happy. I personally think the chemical media is over kill. Both chemipures are carbon with added resin. 1 is a resin that does the same as purigen, 1 reduces phos. This can lead to stripping the tank of available nutrients. What other media are you using? For Reed roids, I'd suggest feeding 1 time a week in a new tank because it can lead to nutrient issues- your tank is new and the algae periods aren't over yet. I like to add a pinch to some tank water and broadcast feed. You can spot feed it as well.
  20. Clown79

    20H what would you add next??

    If it was me, I wouldn't add anything to the tank because it adds bioload to the 20g. I would first get the new tank then transfer everything over and use the 20h as a quarantine for the new additions. I wouldn't add a tang to a 40-50g.
  21. If you aren't interested in sw you could just trade the clown in to a store for credit or find a home for him and then convert the tank to a planted fw. Here are some examples of macro reef tanks
  22. Clown79

    Pico Draining Alkalinity

    Just remember, as alk changes, so does ca As one drops the other increases and vice versa. That's why certain products are better to use because they keep alk and ca balanced.
  23. Clown79

    AI Prime on 5.5g

    What do you think is too high a setting for a fluval spec 5.5g with the standard ai Prime? I recently switched from the aquamaxx to the AI on this tank. I have euphyllia, brains, rfa's, 1 monti, and shrooms.
  24. The lights you have are fine. They are designed for corals so you don't need to spend money on upgrading those. You can do a macro algae tank(sw plants) there are lots of beautiful macro's. You could add some cool mushroom corals and they are simple to care for. A good clean up crew that will bring life to the tank are: Scarlet and blue legged hermits Trochus and nassarius snails