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  1. JennyRS

    clown pairing

    Glad to hear, I would have hated if I had to find a home for one of them 😓 thanks for the help!
  2. JennyRS

    clown pairing

    Okay that helps, I thought it might be an issue with them being ocellaris and percula. I am 99% sure they are both males due to the Wyoming having been the smaller of the pair I started with and the new clown having come from a large group of juvenile percs.
  3. JennyRS

    clown pairing

    i am sure there are a lot of places i could find information on this subject on the internet but i prefer to get a more personal perspective. I had 2 Wyoming white clowns until one of them died (jumped ship before i added a screen). My sister decided to get me another clown and unknowingly got me a true percula clown. My question is will this paring work? they currently get along well with each other and sleep together in the same spot in the tank ( i have a rbta but they haven't taken to it yet) but my concern is that they are about the same size and i just don't want them to eventually fight. does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? will this actually work? i have heard of there being hybrids of ocellaris and perculas but mind you i don't ever expect my clowns to breed or have success with breeding. anyway i am ranting here. any suggestions on the subject would be helpful as i have had luck pairing 2 of the same species of clowns but not the opposite.
  4. Okay I think I have some coral glue laying around that I can use. As for the media basket that will have to wait a bit for now. Thank you
  5. I'm just concerned as there is a lot of film build up on the surface. The hole is not plugged or blocked as far as I can see by looking at it from both sides. As I said I removed the sponge and only have some carbon in the middle chamber. The water is being pumped into the display as well.
  6. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm seeing no movement in the back three chambers of the tank and it's set up properly. I'm also getting a lot of film build up on the surface even though I've got both tubes facing the surface of the water. I removed the sponge and just left some carbon in the center chamber but it's very concerning to me.
  7. so after the sad crash of my beloved tank and having to downsize to my smaller 5g to keep my nem, green mushrooms and red leg hermit alive, i decided to purchase the fluval evo 13.5. everything is set up and running with some of the old sand and rock, but i am going to let this one cycle out before i add anything into it. I did dose it with some nitrifying bacteria to help speed up the process. I do only plan to keep two clowns but was wondering if anyone had thoughts on a cuc as iv'e never had this big a tank before. my sand bed will be minimal but deep enough for nassarius (i think) but don't know how many or what kind i should get. and i am still debating on the rock 'scape but i think i am going to stick with two structures on either side with one being bigger and taller than the other.
  8. okay yes i understand what you mean. maybe i will follow the way that my smaller 5g is set up as an example and then get some acrylic to practice on before attempting to make the final pieces. if this fails i will have to opt for a used fluval or something.
  9. Yes, am I mistaken is assuming this is an overflow vs where the filtration is built into the tank?
  10. I currently have an 11g cube that I would like to build an overflow in where I can keep stuff hidden as well instead of using a hob filter. Does anyone have tips on where to start? It's a glass aquarium so I'm not sure I can get away with using acrylic and what kind of sealer to use etc.
  11. I upgraded around December because it was a gift from my sister for my birthday as she knew I wanted to get a slightly larger tank. I did not use the old sand as it was a deep sand bed full of things I did not want to put into the new tank. Then I set it up with new sand, let it cycle with water and some rock from the 5g for a few weeks and then slowly transferred everything over. I have not dosed anything except for coralup and a ph booster as I've been having issues keeping my ph at 8.4, it's always at 7.9. And I know keeping 5g tank is slightly harder but I was doing well with it before so that's why I've considered it because of the overflow and keeping the ph balanced. Ugh.
  12. Yes agreed, it really does suck! And I am in no means giving up, but I just feel like downgrading is the safest option as I really cant deal with anymore death at this point. Its breaking my heart.
  13. This system is not young, it has been up and running since october 2015 starting at 5g and then i upgraded to the 11g the beginning of this year. i kept 2 clowns perfectly in that 5g until i switched over and within a month they died from one night to the next. ever since then i have not been able to keep fish alive and in all honesty i cannot afford to put any more money into this tank at this point. I would also much rather not be responsible for any more deaths.
  14. so i've got an update. my turbo snail kicked the bucket on me and i didn't notice until it was too late (i swear i work too much). i did my best to save my corals, but unfortunately all that's left right now are my green mushrooms and my hermit. I'm convinced part of the problem in the tank is the lack of oxygen as there is no overflow so I am debating going back to my smaller 5g and then maybe building an overflow in the cube, or maybe just staying with the 5g until I can afford to get a tank with an overflow built in. does anyone know the best way to build a DIY in tank overflow? my 5g has one so that is why i am probably going to temporarily downgrade as i never had any issues with that tank and losing fish until i upgraded to the cube with no overflow. I'm open to all suggestions at this point.
  15. Would it be safe to add a skunk cleaner? Been wanting to get one for a while now. If not I will wait it out.
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