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  1. 60g Clownfish Harem

    They're a combination of locally and from a seller out in California that I deal with. Locally I've picked up the widow, sherman and rainbows. Everything else has come from him. Looking to hopefully add a few more high end anemones to the mix but I'm waiting to see if any show up at RAP NYC.
  2. 60g Clownfish Harem

    Thanks! I'm trying to get some videos together of them. Hopefully he'll get a chance to see them!
  3. 60g Clownfish Harem

    Update: Something went nuts and my giant RBTA ended up melting. So I've lost 1 BTA. I've gained a couple more though. Picked up a Sherman. I also got my last painting in. I'm in the process of cleaning up my sump area. Too many wires and its a small area so there really isn't an easy way to hide everything. I'm adding my new return pump this weekend and instead of having various pumps feeding my scrubber and reactor I'm just going to have the return pump do it. That'll clean things up substantially. Bubbletip Anemone Count Update: 1x Ice Tip 1x CSB 1x Flametip 1x Purple Passion 1x Green Passion 1x Sherman 3x Black Widow 4x Rainbow (Various types) Clownfish are doing great. Not very much aggression. They go at each other every like typical clownfish behavior but so far so good. They eat like savages. I'm currently doing 2 feedings a day. With 3 feedings on the weekends since I'm usually able to. And now some pictures. 2nd picture is just to show the artwork it's actually an order picture since I've removed the anemone rocks. 1st picture was taken yesterday since I was excited to get all clownfish in 1 shot.
  4. My 22-gallon AIO reef rock wall tank

    Now that's a beautiful tank!
  5. One unhappy anemone

    Just following up to see how the little guy is doing.
  6. Clown hangs by amemone but won't go in.

    The theory behind this is the clowns in your tank feel threatened and in the wild when they feel threatened they typically run and hide in the anemone.
  7. Clown hangs by amemone but won't go in.

    It's pretty much hit or miss. I've had previous clowns not go near any of my BTA's. The previous clowns I had after a couple of days went in. And most recently when I put in my clowns for my harem they immediately went into my BTA's. The minute I put them in they immediately swam into them. Like others have said patience is key. It might take a liking to it and it might not.
  8. Bubble Tip Appreciation and Information

    Definitely never a bad thing. Good luck with the new clowns! I hope they take to your anemone quickly.
  9. Bubble Tip Appreciation and Information

    Honestly, you could have added a clown at any time. Whether it decides to go into or not is hit or miss. For example lately I've had one of my BTA's go for a walk around the tank to find a new spot. The clown that's in that specific nem followed it all the way to its final destination. Was pretty cool to see. The worst case scenario which happened to me as well is that the clowns stress out the BTA to the point where it splits but technically that's a pro since now you have 2.
  10. Bubble Tip Appreciation and Information

    I love it when they stay bubbly. Great looking specimen!
  11. Bubble Tip Appreciation and Information

    I know someone in that area that has some nice BTA's. Rare one's typically run 500+ each if you aren't already aware of that. Shoot me a PM if you're interested and I can set something up for you.
  12. One unhappy anemone

    If it's a normal mouth then I would say just keep an eye on it. Not much else you can do besides throw up a QT tank and add cipro to it.
  13. One unhappy anemone

    It hasn't puffed up at all? Is there a way for you to take a picture of its mouth? Has anything recently touched it?
  14. Al prime or ?

    It depends on what you're going to keep in that tank. I wouldn't do an AI prime as a solo light for that tank. I have a custom 60g rimless cube myself and I use a single XR15W Pro G4. The spread on it is absolutely amazing and so is the par. It's a bit higher than what you appear you want to spend but honestly a few extra bucks on what is probably one of your most important pieces of equipment is your best bet.
  15. One unhappy anemone

    He looks fine to me. Hard to tell in the pictures but the best way to know if he's going to melt if you see his mouth inside out and fully shrunken sorta like he's throwing up his guts. Sometimes they get temperamental and do funky things like look depressed sorta like the image. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you see it acting how I described.