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  1. Good luck with it bud!
  2. The only thing to do in that specific case would be to remove or enclose the BTA in it's own space or remove the shrimp. If it's a true peppermint shrimp you should in theory be okay. But it's always better to be overly cautious. It isn't a noob question at all. You're asking all the right questions for someone that is doing the best they can with their tank. It's people that don't ask the questions that are the "noobs"
  3. I'm going to have to agree. BTA's are fairly easy to keep. They do wander but once they find a spot they like they typically stay in it unless you change something about it. I'm not familiar with those powerheads but I would just make sure there isn't a way for it to accidentally get into it and chopped up. The warning sign of poor light would be poor coloration. Too much light and it typically bleaches out. Too little light and it'll appear to be reaching for light. I am a BTA fanatic though so I'm a wee bit biased
  4. Yeah I'm hoping they end up splitting. I do want to get a few more additional strains as I'll be setting up a secondary tank for nems I'll be selling. Thanks! It looks like for the most part they've decided where they wish to stay. I will be adding another powerhead quite possibly tomorrow depending on how much flow my new return pump ends up pushing out. I have a few dead spots I'd like to get rid of. I purchased a "anemone rock" which is a fancy rock with holes made in a way that anemones would like. I should have honestly set up my acclimation box with the anemones inside of it so that way they planted their foot better but I at least got 2 planted inside of it. Luckily they're the prettier colors so it's much easier to keep track of them. This is a pretty bad picture of it but works well enough if you acclimate them into it. Doing some additional sump reorganization tomorrow. It should look significantly better than the pictures up above. I also have 1 of my 2 UV paintings up on the wall. They're pretty cool as they react to the UV light and makes the art work pop. The clown breeder also does UV artwork which is where I purchased this from. One of my friends also does Zoa UV reactive artwork. You can find her on instagram @reefweeds. This is what 1 of the 2 that I have looks like.
  5. Thanks! If you're looking for anything specific let me know. I know he has this CRAZY pair that was probably some of the craziest designer clowns I've ever seen. I'll see if I can get him to shoot me some pics to post for you if you'd like. Thanks! I feel like there isn't enough still but that's okay. I'll be getting more soon enough!
  6. Love the colors on your BTA! Great looking tank.
  7. Tank is looking good! Looking forward to continued pictures. I'll have to order some more from Premium Aquatics
  8. Reviving this thread... Let's see those bubble tip pictures!!
  9. New BTA's arrived yesterday. Took a few pictures with my iPhone. Will take better ones with my camera in the next week or so once they get fully bloomed within my system. Temp acclimation side 1: Temp acclimation side 2: CSB: Ice Tip: Flametip:
  10. Here are some additional pictures of the clowns. My favorite clown so far from the bunch with the spot on his face: Lights out so my big BTA was closing up.. Clowns were persistent. I did notice they all currently stay in the say anemone even though I have a few more throughout the tank. They tend to stick together. One more random picture. Excuse the mess in the background. My office is currently being cleaned up and reorganized. Pictures of the new BTA's after they get acclimated etc.
  11. They are "Picasso" but as you can tell from the markings some are pretty extreme. There's a few that would probably sell for quite a bit retail including my favorite guy. I have a couple with full helmets and a spot on their face. This is the best picture I can get from him as he's fast. I'll throw a few more pictures in the next post. Thanks! I'd rather not say since I got an incredible deal. I did get the "bulk" discount and a better selection of markings. The breeder I got them from does ship and I don't want to undercut him by people saying to him "Well so and so got them for x amount". I'm working with him to website up so people can purchase clowns from him. When I went to pick them up his systems were 100% pest few. He goes to great lengths to have separate systems. I took some pictures of his setup. Once I get some permission I'll throw some posts here. I have 17 clowns total. They're about 3/4 of an inch big each with some being slightly larger or smaller. In my tank now I have 5 BTA's including the one that split. I'm receiving a shipment this morning of another 7 BTA's mostly higher end ones. So technically yes 12 BTA's but 5 in the tank now with 7 being introduced later today.
  12. Ive had a few mishaps and issues along the way. My blotched anthias died. It got stung pretty bad by my anemones. Got a bit overwhelmed by the thing. I had originally planned the tank to be a clownfish harem with lots of nems. I've decided to go back to that idea. I sold and gave away all of my fish including my 2 clowns. I got ahold of a clownfish breeder and picked up a bunch of clowns from the same batch. I had 4 BTA's in my tank and 1 of them ended up splitting after putting in my clowns. I've also upgraded my skimmer to a Reef Octopus 152S. Ive had it for less than a week and it's already skimming like a beast. I've added a small reactor for carbon just to cut down on toxins over the BTA's splitting. Also to clear up the water. It's definitely crystal clear now. I have a large shipment of 7 incredible BTA's arriving tomorrow. A couple high end ones which I'm looking forward to seeing them progress in my tank. Right after acclimating the clowns and dropping them in the tank they IMMEDIATELY went into the anemone. It was pretty incredible especially since I didn't expect it since they've never seen an anemone. I've began phase 1 of my 2 phase series of opening my cabinet, significantly clean up the wiring and remove the fuge. A buddy of mine has pretty much done it all for me. Here are some pics. Fair warning.. The clowns are absolutely AMAZING. I do have some videos up on my instagram of the clowns inside the nem @artofreef. Before: After Phase 1:
  13. Was this original qd or an upgraded one?
  14. Love the stand. Following as well. Looking forward to seeing this progress!
  15. Picked it up from a local hobbiest. I'm a big nem fan. Hoping to add a couple high end nems next month once they're ready.