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  1. I'm not satisfied with how my tank looks these days... It is looking like a big mess... This week I'll organize it and will see what is going to stay in it. I also bought some frags of Seriatoporas and Montiporas. I need to organize them. Let's see how I hang out with them!
  2. So, it is working. In six months my two heads of Duncan became to 8 heads; My green hairy mush divided to 4 pieces; My RBTA is hidden behind the first rock... And someone gave me lots of zoanthus i'll not keep in the tank. Before someone asks, the queen angelfish will not stay in this 12g tank. In the other photos, there are some friends I found in the beach today! I'm still thinking in how to satisfactly feed this 2 inches baby baby eel!
  3. I'm happy about the plate babies! I hope all they grow!
  4. Your corals are wonderfull! Congratulations? Are those heads in the middle normal Duncans?
  5. Friend, These sad and unexpected situation can happen to anyone. Watch out you too, noone knows the day of tomorow. I'm sure you would be equally mad if any crash like this happen to you too. I don't want to do just a 100g reef, but a 300g Fish Only too, with caribbean big fishes. If you have good advises, you can write to me! I would be glad to have your help and tips. God Bless you!
  6. Hi! I use the kit lens and take good photos with it! try to configurate white balance, or do it editing the photo after, if it goes too blue.
  7. Fantastic Nano! Congratulations! Same size of mine. Nice job!
  8. Hiii!!! Until this week I was struggling with the consequences of the tank crash (Cyano Bactéria was covering everywhere...). Thank God, every thing is going normal now! I'm buying things slowly, piece per piece, to do a 100g reef tank. It will not happen as fast as I wish, but I would like to put a dozen of ocellaris in it! For a while, all fishes are behaving very peacefully. I thought to put a snowflakes ocellaris (or another normal one), so it would be two pairs; but I think there are already more fishes than my tank supports. What do you think? Is it better to be 4 than 3?
  9. That really hurt! I was 1,000 km away and could not do anything! At least they told me the fishes were fine.
  10. Thank you!!! I saw your tank too! Nice Job!
  11. Some new inhabitants. 1 gramma 2 ocellaris 1 black ocellaris 1 yt damsel SunCoral Mush green hair half of a frog... Duncans Trumpet coral RBTA Palythoas Zoanthus 1 ricordea 3 hermit crabs 2 nishs 3 turbos 3 neritrines some small bittlestars and 3 asterinas starfishs. and my wolverine coral, logan coral, imortal Siderastrea Stellata! Since the first day cycling! (this siderastrea stellata colony somehow is showing better aspect than same size colonies in our state sea) And as you can notice in the colors, I made a 36W reef light with 8 royal blue leds and 4 cool white leds.
  12. So... I've not written here these days, cause I had a lot of things to do in the aquarium. I loose almost all my corals. I had to travel in january, and my family turned off the aquarium power for 10 days. The filter, the lights, the water pump, all was turned off, and in the darkness, my corals died. Montiporas frags - all dead 6 to 10 xenias - all dead Zoanthus frags - all dead My Frogspawn - half dead Cloves big colony - all dead Big Mushs - all dead big Ricordeas - All dead A GSP rock - all dead 1 turbo - dead The water was stinking, yelow colored and viscous. Palythoas survived and half of a Frog. The fish survived too (This was a miracle). Wen I came home... I lots of work. TPA, then I had to fight with algae outbreak, ciano outbreak, ictio outbreak...