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  1. My YWG definitely prefers the tiger pistol he is paired with currently more than the previous Randall’s shrimp he was with. Once the shrimp makes a desirable shelter they will likely pair though but due to shrimp size he might just be making his home smaller than the YWG prefers. My hi fin Goby is practically glued to my Randall’s shrimp though
  2. Baby coral before it builds a stony body, unclear if they are free floating or self propelled but they prefer to settle on certain substrate so I’m leaning towards some kind of mobility
  3. Collecting planula which are potentially released nightly. These could then be placed in a settlement tank, or hopefully the planula just settle in the Dropoff and I could make sure I don’t throw them away with each WC and place them right back in or into another system.
  4. Dry Fitting Intake to the rear powered by a sicce .5 that sits in the return pump chamber, 1/2” drain with low profile strainer to the front and it drains where the main display does before the filter socks. filling it up pump on and drain flowing smooth and quiet(wife approved) I’ll let it run empty for a few hours to prove concept then start aquascaping and put in the Mantis! Smart Micro ATO operating out of my IM 5g hydrofill ATO reservoir is already hooked up
  5. The stock float switch clogged on the ATO this week, unclogging it was a breeze. However my wife has been hassling me about my MTS and I whipped out the drill and am converting the ATO into a Mantis tank. This will allow me to take down my IM10 which is really a boring tank to maintain. Sump monsters rule! More pics to come
  6. Three Fish Visible One Fish Visible The sieve came in today so next weekend... maybe even tomorrow I may try it out.
  7. Soft cycling with expensive RSCP salt is a burden, but it’s my favorite way of starting a tank. Dirty top down from today’s WC. I am purposely only cleaning the two viewing panes of glass and leaving the others to build a film algae layer. This will help support a pod population for my fish and I think cement film algae’s position as the dominant algae type in the tank. The only coral that I am concerned with currently is the JF Spitfire as it is positioned in the highest spot. The top looks lighter than the sides, however this is a weird specimen in that it’s base is white so when not under blues it’s very pale. Perhaps since the sides would have me looking through more flesh that enables the pigment to appear deeper in density. I was going to move it but decided to wait until tomorrow’s WC and observe it more thoroughly on my day off. If it is indeed in distress today I may place a small coin on the glass top over it to block the direct light, that may be a viable form of acclimation. After today’s WC I tried out running a small surface skimmer for 10 mins to remove excess detritus, results were nominal. I may try with filter floss in place of the stock sponge or on top of it. Also without a sieve, blue fluorescent light and filter to check if any planula were released I have been putting the waste water into my Mantis shrimp tank which is covered in coraline algae in hopes any planula would settle.
  8. Reef Cleaners order came in, everything healthy and alive. 11 Zigzag Periwinkles 5 Dwarf Planaxis 3 Blue Legged Hermits(one added after picture) Random smooth shell snail, cowry? Mini conch? Found it in the dwarf cerith pile. 3 mussels/clam A lot of Dwarf Cerith I never would have guessed it but the GBGs were viciously attacking the periwinkles. At 15 cents each it’s pretty cheap escargot!
  9. Local forums are the best as all the listings will be within driving distance, hopefully someone familiar with Ohio and the best clubs/forums for that area will chime in. There is even a frag swap Facebook page for my locality so checking on there may help too
  10. I put a stepping stool near the tank for my son, now he runs around asking to “feed the fish” one of his first sayings that is compounded words. Chilling with a juice
  11. Coming to the end of a fluconazole treatment I was running to get rid of GHA and a few other unknown macros that rode in on the KP Aquatics rock. During this time(a month) I haven’t cleaned the glass to allow film algae to take hold and hopefully become the dominant algae. I cleaned the clowns this window and they harass me for pellets. Look at how algae free those rocks are now though! And the GSP killing back the JF Rainbow Monti...😩 The main reasoning behind allowing the tank to build film algae was to make a happy pod population. I swear my mandarins are growing faster in here than the 40. all the glass walls are covered in pods, success! Snack away Poe and Rey! I haven’t added any pods either, only what rode in and self populated.
  12. Split an order from reefcleaners with @JP728! Should be here by the weekend so check out both of our threads for a CUC update. If you need a pico CUC check out https://www.reefcleaners.org/ John wont disappoint.
  13. Yeah buddy! Don’t worry I’ll be irresponsible with my 12$ and let you all know how it goes.
  14. I ended up getting this one as I think 4” will be sufficient for filtering 1.25 gallons that is one week dirty. Thanks for the links!
  15. Just ordered it
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