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  1. GraniteReefer

    "Old" 4 x 39 watt T-5 fixture vs. "Chinese/Ebay" 300W LED

    Can't go wrong with an AI Prime or two, check the classifieds on your local forum for cheap deals on used primes if $200 for a new one is too steep for you. I would buy the T5 bulbs before I bought the black box mars aqua though. I have bought corals off a guy who runs the black boxes on his frag tank and the frags always have to slowly be acclimated and then gain a lot of color in my tank with T5 and kessils.
  2. GraniteReefer

    Mineral supplementation to RO water for Shrimp?

    You are adding a high quality salt(I hope) which will contain the necessary minerals for your shrimp, and the amount of minerals found in your tap water that the RO is removing would be insufficient for your pistol shrimp. I drink RO and some who do put it through and alkalinity filter to reintroduce minerals but I don't think the amount of minerals that will be reintroduced actually reaches levels that would satisfy dietary needs. Furthermore you likely don't have an extensive lab report that says what levels of each element is in your tap water so by stripping it clean (RODI) and adding salt you are giving your pistol shrimp its best chance at having what it needs and no other potential contaminants.
  3. GraniteReefer

    Euphyllia Identification

    I would bet branching hammer before torch
  4. GraniteReefer

    Soon to be new dad question?

    Thought I would update that another little reefer entered the world today, @ChristopherDido your due date was right next to mine your baby should be here soon! Guess my water change isn't happening this weekend!
  5. GraniteReefer

    Clam foot strings ???

    My clam has the same strings near his foot too, I'm no clam expert but I'm guessing it is part of their foot and it's normal.
  6. GraniteReefer

    ? on Acan reproduction

    That's your Acan growing, these small buds will slowly grow into full size heads
  7. GraniteReefer

    Fixing a cracked tank

    All the effort and money going into a reef tank of that size the risk outweighs the benefits IMO, I wouldn't buy it
  8. GraniteReefer

    Reverse Bleeding Apple Bowerbankii

  9. GraniteReefer

    Plaskolite egg crate reef safe?

    I just ripped off the sticker from mine the other day but I'm 99% sure is plaskolite I got it at lowes, I have not used it in a tank long term but instead fastened some in a small bucket to create a coral transporter, haven't seen issues. Also on lowes website it's listed as being polystyrene. It also has it listed that it does not meet class a fire requirements which may mean if doesn't have any fireproofing additives. I vote safe but proceed with caution long term.
  10. GraniteReefer

    Surface Jelly?

    If you have a wife maybe she hates the tank and is dosing it with liquid thickener https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0025UCC22/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GwowBbE769E34 It looks like a bacterial issue to me, sorry if you mentioned it but how old is the tank? Did you use any liverock? I only ask as I have a friend who is a sissy reefer and he can't handle any worms or stars or hitchhikers at all, a few months in of dead rocks and bottle bacteria only and his rocks are coated in a very similar jelly substance and it's the only similar case I can think of.
  11. GraniteReefer

    Filter Floss Recommendation?

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FVVVF4M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TqfwBb18JGN82 At 12"x120" this is one of the best deals, I prefer this green color as I have bought the pink from the same company and it didn't catch as much.
  12. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; WWC OG Bounce added

    Hammer has been removed from the tank as I couldn't think of a long term spot for it and I don't want this to turn into a jar of hammer one day so I think it was a wise choice. Plus now I have an excuse to trade in overgrowth from my other tanks to find a nice green replacement. With all of the recent moving around some of the corals that haven't moved have had their conditions change in ways they don't like. Example the green mouthed trumpet used to be much more puffy but since it now gets more light from having lowered the other trumpets it seems to be upset. He is also pooping and has previously been looking ready to split so I'm taking no action for now(red blasto is just pissed today because I did the WC yesterday). While the blasto is pissed you can see it trying to bud out a new head which is exciting since this very coral was being eaten by the pods a few months ago. And finally in an effort to stop shading the rainbow Acan, I glued the bounce onto my liftpipe dangling over the dead zone center of the bowl. Don't mind all the algae on my lift pipe, think of it as my in tank refugium. Also disregard the copious amounts of superglue I used to get that bounce plug attached to the liftpipe, all while leaving the rockwork exactly in the same place none the less as I have never been able to and won't ever be able to remove the rockwork from my little 4.5" porthole. I have a lot of tongs, tweezers, and other tools to help but I worry about moving the rocks too much as Fritz and Wetherbee are definitely under it.
  13. GraniteReefer


    Definitely aiptasia, and people say the peppermint shrimp are hit or miss if they will help and some end up being coral nibblers. Never had an infestation myself but have eradicated individuals with hydrogen peroxide when out of the water then forcefully removing the body, then reapplying the hydrogen peroxide.
  14. GraniteReefer

    Huge Drs. Foster and Smith clearance sale

    I'll raise you 5% hoping my order gets delivered today
  15. GraniteReefer

    Reverse lighting on a fuge?

    I overlap by 15 mins