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  1. Need help deciding which tank

    Peninsula 14 has my vote. The IM 10 is a solid tank(I own one) but the 14 has that extra space and the layout is a bit cooler with the extra length.
  2. Live Free or Reef; Aquariclip Photos

    Just got around to doing a WC, Fritz and Weatherbee are doing great! Putting in the new CFL bulb made a big difference brightness wise, it was surprising seeing how browned out the old one became in 4 months. Other than ricordea getting buried in the sand, utter chaos getting overrun by eagle eyes, and a soon to be split head on the blue trumpets not much is happening tankwise. I did have a mishap with my airpump in that it got knocked off the fridge top where it sits, thus pinching the airline to a slow bubble(nothing was affected mostly was worried about the airpump). Fritz gearing up for a day of rebuilding the sand bed after I moved it all around during the WC
  3. Biota mandarin; the pairing journey begins

    Yea Poe is way bigger than Rey! But Rey has grown probably 1/8-1/4" since I got her(speculative no actual measurement). She has also fully healed all her fin nips, and hasn't sustained any further damage and I didn't ever end up removing the clowns(pure laziness). Everyday I eagerly stare at the tank sometimes 10-15 minutes before I can find Rey and confirm she's doing well and not being harassed by some punk tankmate and that her belly is fat. I broadcast nutramar ova to the whole tank along with either LRS Reef frenzy, mysis, or brine and have a 10min feed timer on the return pump. I'm not sure if Rey is eating any yet but Poe does and it's only a matter of time until Rey will too. I would say she is doing very well but is by no means frozen trained out of the box. She doesn't even hunt the sand bed, only the rocks and the back wall, and IME Poe feeds mostly off the sand bed when I'm feeding him frozen/pellets so I assumed that would be normal frozen trained behavior. I wish Biota was more in depth on their methodology because perhaps its drastically different( or perhaps they ask divers to grab tiny baby mandarins)
  4. Biota mandarin; the pairing journey begins

    Shot of Poe and Rey sleeping together for the night
  5. Baby Limpets?

    Definitely a limpet, mine breed like crazy in my back chambers and when I change floss/media I grab all the babies I can off the media basket and plop them in the display or another tank, great CUC
  6. Baby Limpets?

    Definitely a limpet, mine breed like crazy in my back chambers and when I change floss/media I grab all the babies I can off the media basket and plop them in the display or another tank, great CUC
  7. Frogspawn looks strange

    Normal, IME it indicates when they are in lower flow as they expand wider. This is also how a head that was once crammed into a colony acts once it has been fragged and given space to grow. Looks healthy!
  8. Blasto Wellsi or Merletti?

    Leaning towards Merlettis based on size
  9. NEED Help with BRYOSIS

    Fluconazole is one of the only additives I have used to rid my tank of a pest(GHA and Bryopsis). I have only used it in conjunction with vibrant, which showed results within 2 weeks, best results seen after a month or more and then a follow up treatment after a few WC's and running the skimmer for a few weeks in between doses. 40 gallon tank dosed with 800mg. Hydrogen peroxide+toothbrush and endless hours didn't work for me as treating the whole tank with corals attached to large LR made it near impossible to treat the whole tank successfully all at once, IMO peroxide is best kept for catching things before they grow to plague proportions or smaller tanks. More info on how you administered the dose, source of Fluconazole, potential stripping agents(skimmer, filtration media, WC's, etc.) may help us provide insight as to what is going wrong. First thing I noticed was the algae became "softer" and was easier to pull from the rocks, if that's not happening it's definitely not normal.
  10. Pipe Organ Coral

    Coral Magazine just did a neat article on pipe organ coral, definitely reccomend it. Yours is awesome looking!
  11. Live Free or Reef; Aquariclip Photos

    January FTS’s
  12. What to put in Media Basket

    Filter floss is what I run 24/7, for other medias I only use them on an as needed basis. Then I usually stick to just carbon, and occasionally a chemipure
  13. What would you do?

    My IM40 is a great tank, I even have a jebao DCT4000 for my return so don't miss out on the adjustability. Intank baskets readily available, tank specific skimmer that I think works great when placed backwards(intake towards the pump, output towards the inflow). Been running since Oct. 2015 highly reccomend it or any IM tank really. I hate the AIO Red Sea tanks but a Reefer would be cool though if the stand is of the same quality as the AIO's I would be dissatisfied at the price point.
  14. My pair is hosted by a frogspawn colony. The frogspawn was grown from a frag and they didn't host until it was Atleast a 10 head colony(now close to 25) thus leading me to believe coral size/quantity plays a significant role. It took about a year to grow to the proper size. They now breed and lay eggs on the LR that is concealed by the colony. They also rarely leave the frogspawn and have become annoyingly aggressive since spawning, usually only when eggs are present though
  15. El Fab's Simple Guide to Pico Tanks

    Paradise indeed, if I want to stay married I'll have to cap it at 5 tanks!