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  1. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; Fathers Day Update

    WC actually happened today after work, I knocked off the blue trumpets by accident but I took the opportunity to reposition them lower in the reef so they have more vertical potential for future growth. I placed them in the back where I honestly have no corals, so placing them here is perfect as they should grow into a pretty blue backdrop. In its place I moved one of the acans that was being detrimentally smooshed by its neighbors, and I added a new acan frag too. The best news is I still have space for a new coralI really think moving these few corals helped freshen up the scape and hopefully helps result in the reef I envision down the line. And finally I tried desperately to get a fritz and weatherbee shot, but only ended up with a blurry shot of Fritz’s head and weatherbee’s claw. 20 minutes of life and this is the glorious shot I have to show for it.
  2. GraniteReefer

    Macaroni & Cheese Encrusting SPS

  3. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; Fathers Day Update

    Happy Fathers Day to all you reefer dads, here is my $6 dad cake that I ate yesterday. I also got new T5 bulbs for my 40 as my gift! Wc day today but I got some photos of it yesterday in all it’s nasty glory the water level is also low as I removed some, it’s nice how as long as corals are submerged the tank water level is correct! Top down you can see how much that blue trumpet has grown with each of the original 3 heads having split now and some of those splits are even splitting now! And the ugly green trumpet that is a 4 headed freak. This is one of the corals the gammaridea pods found tasty(their name sounds like a disease you pick up in college) The pods still harass my acans but no longer the blasto, and my heavy feeding has helped reduce the damage they do. Merlettis are throwing baby heads out between themselves feeders out this morningperhaps after the WC if the planets align and I have time and my wife’s phone for pics and the corals look happy I will get a few more photos.
  4. GraniteReefer

    I bought a $50 booger

    Coloring up nicely, still waiting for it to bounce but I can see it trying. I cleaned the plug and cup up from debris afterwards but gave you messy shots so it wasn't closed up from cleaning. Those are food pellets all around it from broadcast feeding for my mandarins moments prior. Day 35
  5. GraniteReefer

    Slow but Stony Red Sea Reefer Nano Build

    Looks like a Lexus LC 500 but 2015
  6. GraniteReefer

    Which light for Nuvo 20?

    24" t5 would work great and fixtures can be found dirt cheap and buy ATI bulbs. I have a 24" aquaticlife marquis I picked up used for 40$ locally, added some blue plus bulbs and it was good to go! The AI Leds are a great option too though
  7. GraniteReefer

    Rey the Biota Mandarin

    Don’t mind my filthy tank, or my torch that has it out for my hammer. Poe and Rey seem to be throwing off the first signals of actually pairing up! This tank is in my dining room so we watch the tank as we eat rather than wheel of fortune. During dinner last night Poe and Rey were just everywhere in the tank spiraling around each other going from the sand bed to nearly the water surface, Poe was flashing his front fin that males have, and Rey was mirroring his every move not letting him swim away. The whole event was pretty awesome and let’s me know getting Rey as a mail order bride for Poe was the right choice. Anyway here’s a junky video I got to try to add visual effects. Of course when I go to take video they know it and stick behind the rock work but you get the idea! https://youtu.be/H62hr3MdKmA
  8. GraniteReefer

    Nuvo 16 questions

    Get the 25 that's a no brainer, the 16's crack I've seen it in person
  9. GraniteReefer

    NanoBox Mini Basic : On/Off Nano/Pico Light

    At least with a simple on/off we won’t see another “Nanobox won’t connect to blue fish” thread. It’s too expensive when the a80 is the same price and has more capabilities and was actually designed to be run fanless
  10. GraniteReefer

    Purple rolypoly?

    Perhaps a purple chiton?
  11. GraniteReefer

    Kessil A160 vs A360 for 20g Algal tank?

    Are you thinking the tuna sun line of a160/a360 or sticking with the marine spectrum? I imagine while growth from an h series might get favorable results from the plants, visually it's purple and not ideal for viewing if you are using this tank as a display, I would likely stick to the a series myself. I think a 160 would be sufficient on a planted 20(maybe 2 for coverage). Maybe a 360 would be better but I don't grow macros so I'm not well versed in their lighting needs. If they don't need tons of light maybe 2 a80 tuna suns, or ai Prime freshwater
  12. GraniteReefer

    Is a UV Sterilizer Overkill on a Nano

    It might be overkill to run it 24/7 but some people do and in reefing everyone has success differently. On my local forum the members were all discussing how they love having a UV sterilizer. It is not overkill to have a UV sterilizer as an optional tool and I'm really glad to see IM has made one just for their tanks. Ill be buying the midsize to keep on hand for my IM40, plus while gadgets and gizmos may fail or not be 100% needed, system design and customization is one of the most fun parts of keeping a tank. Keeping a 25 year old softies tank and eating macros from it isn't for everyone.
  13. GraniteReefer

    Steam Distilled Ozonated Water?

    Don't drink the RO waste please! All the contaminants that were removed from your product water is concentrated into the waste. Also TDS means TOTAL dissolved solids thus when you read zero there is zero contaminants, including copper. and ozonated water is fine, ozone can be used to keep water bacteria free or as a non chemical oxidizing agent to help oxidize minerals making their removal easier. And in regards to RODI efficiency, each filtration process will have inefficiencies and with distilled a lot of energy was used to heat the water to create steam, and I'm sure there is other facets of that supply line that add to its inefficiencies so don't feel bad using your RODI system
  14. I think your mystery chalice is a rainbow monti, not sure if someone else mentioned that.
  15. GraniteReefer

    Never Leaving Home Again??? - Mandarin Injured

    I have had my Biota female since January 10th 2018, and my wild caught male since December 24th 2015. Her injuries healed relatively quickly(2-3 weeks for visible regrowth). Other than additional feeding I wouldn't do anything else. Mine kept receiving additional nips to other fins for the course of a week but the harassment stopped and she never faltered. Super interesting that your feeding habits have trained him to eat from the surface, it really blows my mind because mine never leave the sandbed/rockwork expect for the occasional hunting of my AIO's false wall. Here's the thread for my pair https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/388519-rey-the-biota-mandarin-pellet-trained/