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  1. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    This is just because I can't figure out how to message a picture.... not technologically inclined.
  2. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    Black Friday LFS success! I got a cool blue ricordia for 35% off then I got some live food called rotifeast in an attempt to feed the fry in the event existing populations can't sustain them. I have already seen a feeding response, and I have been initiating 10 minute standbys frequently to relieve the fry from swimming in the flow and it seems during this time they are getting more eating attempts in. and for being the first customer I got a free package of frozen! So I tried a new one to me hoping it will get good response from my mandarin. this same store had really great looking tank bred yellow clown gobies, for 35% off it was tempting but I knew the fry would become snacks in moments so I held off. But in the likely event these fry don't work I will consider getting a YCG, I think the tank could handle it
  3. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    Also an update on the Solar equipment.... it doesn't work at all and won't even turn on anymore haha. Given I bought a dyson for my wife for Christmas and am sure to over spend on my sons first Christmas the funds to buy solar equipment isn't there. So while it's lame to be reliant on fossil fuels, my tank will continue to be(d batteries in emergencies). These baby clownfish hopefully live past a day because they are making me enjoy the tank a little more, maybe if corals had eyes. Hoping my LFS's Black Friday sale will have a suitable live food for two fry in a bowl. The bowls copepod population is pretty robust but I'm not sure if the population contains a species who has a portion of their lifecycle that is small enough for the fry to eat. It's fun to dream of them growing, and just getting them in the bowl makes my wife think I'm "good at this" and impressing her is what it's all about right?!
  4. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    The clowns in my 40 laid eggs again, the last time they hatched I fell asleep only to find one fry in the filter floss when I woke up in the middle of the night on the couch. I took that one baby put him in the pico and he immediately sunk like a stone into the lavender acans mouth, a healthy snack indeed. Well this time around I fell asleep again, and waited until 5 am to search for survivors of the hatch... and I found two! This means I did twice as good technically! I have even got a video of them swimming around the bowl, probably a good thing my Air Pump is only 8GPH as they seemingly can find areas they can control their swimming still. Here is a video, one is swimming towards the top and get wrecked and sent back down and the other is hunting the glass. and here's the video of the clutch, which was considerably larger and maybe even the baby's are slightly bigger all around. It takes a moment for the camera to focus and the clutch is under the frogspawn again making pictures lackluster
  5. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    Yea filtering sounds like doctoring to me. It's likely the very reason why WYSIWYG corals blow most of the time compared to the actual colors under normal spectrums Correction=Enhancemant.
  6. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    Thanksgiving Feast heading the tanks way!
  7. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    I sent you the link but the message system isn't as easy as the posting in terms of photos I guess. Is this going to be a monthly requirement? do I need to make a nice FTS? I usually just snap a photo but if it's being put into a competition thread perhaps it needs to be on par with better doctored photos? That's a lot of effort monthly! And I'm inept at photography and alterations. Also I have no idea how to access the message I sent you without sending a new one and don't want to clog your inbox with multiples. Happy thanksgiving!
  8. Leather coral & Gorg tank help - running out of ideas.

    Not much leather experience, the one I have is finicky and closes randomly over the years. With the gorgonians as long as you can't see skeleton they should make it. In my 40 I keep 5 species of carribean photosynthetic gorgonians and they love to catch the hair algae that annoyingly tumbles in my tank after overgrowing. This has been an on/off occurrence and the gorgs always regrow where the algae claimed. I think your doing all you can do with WC's and carbon filtration. Do you run a skimmer? Is it pulling good skimmate from all this action? Tank looks incredible anyways!
  9. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    It's an utter chaos, they grow really well and always look great no matter the lighting!
  10. Live Free or Reef, New Inhabitants!

    Tank is happily maturing, I have a 4 day weekend so will update the thread on tank happenings and plans. Here's a photo of a limpet I threw in from another tank. They reproduce in the rear chambers of my AIO's. Also visible is the jet black stomatella and the zoas that are no longer disappearing over night! I am really liking the color the rocks are taking on too.
  11. Recommendations for a QUIET & SMALL dc return pump

    Plus one on the reef keeper lite, I have the basic model on my reefbowl and also use the standby function to shut off pump and heater for an allotted amount of time for feeding and WC's. Also it has really good heater control as a bonus
  12. Recommendations for a QUIET & SMALL dc return pump

    I have the jebao dc4000 and definitely know the whir noise you speak of, perhaps buy a larger sized pump and operate it at lower/quieter speeds? I think D.C. Pumps in general will have that noise associated with them.
  13. Miami Tap water and RO/DI system

    Wow your water sucks, and it has both chlorine and chloramine treatment as stated in that water analysis. If it where my system for my house or if a customer asked me to mitigate that( I sell RO units) I would tell them a whole house carbon filter with Atleast 1.5cuft of acid washed carbon would be the long term solution to not having to replace the dinky 2x10 prefilters as those only mitigate so much as it's more about contact time than anything. Buy a system test it, and do some research on what your asking as you just asked if you should put the other carbon block after the DI. DI is the final stage that is basic. I wouldn't even drink your water without a carbon system then RO honestly
  14. Project Quiet IM Nuvo 40

    I have the same tank! I will be making the Ghost skimmer upgrade hadn't heard of that! My pump in my skimmer did just short circuit and zapp my tank recently so I actually have a brand new pump in there so it's a bit quieter. I have the jebao DC4000 as my upgraded return pump. Fully adjustable, feed mode, way quieter than stock. Also have MP10QD. Tank looks great I feel bad for your tang though. The smart ATO micro is also super loud but the sensors are so much better than the hydrofils. My buddy owns the Red Sea max nano and had to put it in my house for a few weeks during a move, those things blow and made me not want a Red Sea reefer as the quality was so low fOr the cost.
  15. Magnet decompsition danger?

    I would do big WC's and I think your on the right track exchanging or removing the sand bed. Look for an adsorption media that could potentially remove heavy metal contaminants that may linger. While iron may attribute to algae issues I doubt it was the cause as iron is only a portion of what's needed for algae to flourish. What brand of power head was it? And potentially get a comprehensive water analysis done. Triton I think does it