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  1. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    Just tracked down the Jan/feb 2018 copy of Coral magazine and searched Brandon’s article, and in that he pushed water changes as the best method of parameter control, the header to one section was even Water Changes: Avoiding Micromanagement Altogether. So I guess if I was really concerned I would just do a WC mid week as that would be easier to me than dosing and would ensure other unchecked parameters were kept in proper ratios. Also maritza the vase reef never received dosing according to the article in the same magazine. One thing is for sure I have questioned the husbandry of these tiny bowls step by step and the process has yet to fail me no matter how strange it seemed. I think I’ll stick with the 100% WC as that’s what the pros do.
  2. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    I have been considering dosing, But with no perceived issues from the swings I just haven’t felt the need. I do feel like the tendency for these tanks to swing is underreported so I am documenting it. With almost no evaporation all week, there would hardly be enough wiggle room to dose 3ml a day. My assumption was dosing at a higher concentration would be better on a pico with a glass lid. Water changes each week are not solely necessitated by swinging parameters, but also to remove the built up nutrients and detritus that a zero filtration system leaves unaddressed. So unfortunately the system will always need weekly maintenance, especially since I keep a pistol/goby pair in 1.75 gallons. I suppose I should check earlier picos to see what the precedence is for dosing. I am curious if I test every day, will the first few days of the week show higher consumption due to more ideal parameters, and then as it skews would consumption drop because of less than ideal conditions.
  3. GraniteReefer

    Upgrade time!

    Why not get the IM INT 50 then? Solves the sump issue, which I agree with as I wish my IM40 AIO was a sumped system all the time. If you plan on moving the system with you for college though I would have to argue for a nano sized tank as I have moved the 40 4-5 times in the past three years and while it gets a good cleaning each time it was a lot of planning and a long endeavor.
  4. GraniteReefer

    Would this internal filter work?

    Not too many successful reefers running sponges as filters that they don’t regularly replace, if you could slide your own filter floss in its place and actually replace that 1-2 times a week Atleast it may be viable. However consider how you will have to remove the powerhead to remove the filter(or submerge your hand and leave enough space in the DT for removal while still in tank. From the Ebay listing, This filter saves your maintenance cost by not requiring replacement cartridge. For routine cleaning, just take out the black bio-sponge and wash it with aquarium water every a couple days to two weeks, depending on the load of your tank. This bio-sponge conducts both mechanical and biological filtration. So the longer you use it, the better. It should say the longer you use it the better algae will grow
  5. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    Parameter swing update. Still Swinging, I didn’t change anything about my maintenance routine so that’s to be expected but I have been paying more attention and it seems it’s just going to swing from the 10.2 alk my current RSCP mixes to and a 4ish a week later. Today is WC day again(8 days) and it tested out at 4.6, I’m too lazy to test other parameters and slowly the corals that can handle these swings are likely to outcompete the ones who can’t. Guessing the blue and green trumpets are my two biggest alk sponges, the blue one is growing in the form of Jabba the Hut with such low flow, like one giant mass with no discernible heads except when their mouths go out of the giant flesh blob. Feeling confident the corals won’t die from this weekly swing but rather be slightly stunted in growth speed. So I might just allow it to take place as pruning won’t happen as soon and given the non removable nature of my aquascape that is a dreaded day.
  6. GraniteReefer


    Lowes a brand called plaskolite, I think it was 15$ for a 2’x4’ at my local one
  7. GraniteReefer

    DA temp probe availability

    Following along, I actually just bought a whole new DA reefkeeper lite to keep on hand to replace mine once it fails as I prefer the DA over Neptune apex. One possible source is finding a used one on a local forum.
  8. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    To go with the fritz picture from this morning I felt compelled to try to capture some pics of wetherbee the pistol shrimp.... the struggle is real. Broadcast fed a pinch or two of flake to entice him out and waited Almost Not Closed the door 28 minutes later Leftys are Smarter Glorious Success Now to get the shot of fritz and wetherbee together, which everytime I see I never have a camera and filter on hand.
  9. GraniteReefer

    whole tank shot

    Love that yellow scroll, beautiful tank
  10. GraniteReefer

    Coral Warfare : Mushroom vs Chalice (Mushroom is winning)

    Super surprising! My chalice took out a scolymia, it took awhile for the Scoly to totally die but there was no stopping it. Is it an illusion that the shrooms at the top are also touching? If they are I wonder why the same recession isn't happening on that leading edge. I guess I see a white spot towards the chalices top right is that also a damaged spot? I would move all the shrooms
  11. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    Fritz was out this morning, he likes my under cabinet lighting at night, whenever I make a baby bottle(a couple times a night) I use the under cabinet lighting and he always pops out I think to utilize it to hunt pods also going to throw a theory/question out there. Recently a bristleworm stuck me with dozens of its bristles, vinegar to dissolve them was the solution. So they are stripping the water of Calcium and alk too? The population in this bowl is astronomical and the bowl bottomed out in alk at 4 something a few weeks ago, is it fair to assume the worms are contributing to alk/Calcium consumption? I've certainly grown more bristles than coral in here haha
  12. GraniteReefer

    Refugium vs protein skimmer

    On my IM40 I'm running both a skimmer and a refugium on the opposing intakes. In front of the skimmer I usually run an intank media basket with filter floss and occasionally whatever media I deem necessary at a given point(usually carbon impregnated floss). Now I am temporarily running IM's new UV light in front of it and it has significantly increased skimmate production. For the refugium I have it lit on an alternating schedule from the DT with 15mins overlap morning and night. The intank filterfloss holder is my particulate filtration and rock rubble is used to block the macros from leaving the refugium chamber. I use the IM aquafuge light and it has worked great for almost 3 years. My main reason behind the refugium was to give a refuge to copepods so my mandarins wouldn't strip the tank clean, it does this very well. I also think it adds to overall tank stability, and I harvest every few weeks. On average the other posters saying these items won't be needed on a new tank are correct, there are circumstances that necessitate using them early. Like when I stupidly used uncured pukani and my house smelled like low tide for a week while it cycled, never seen skimmate so dark again and would never use uncured pukani without bleach/acid wash. I have had macros that I bought Introduce flat worms and aptasia so perhaps a skimmer has less potential negative side effects. Just harvested this past weekend but it will pull out in a cube shape after it grows to the chamber dimensions. Growing caulerpa prolifera and grape caulerpa, chaeto is ok but less vigorous in growth than these two in my system.
  13. GraniteReefer

    [WTB] Trumpet Coral (local prefered)

    Aquarium depot never shipped a trumpet successfully to me so I would caution against them as a vendor for that coral. I'm in NH so if you ever find yourself 3-4 hours north, I have kryptonite green and teal/blue trumpets I could frag up. A better option would be to check out http://www.bostonreefers.org/forums/index.php lots of members on that forum sell corals and many of them are in CT and southern MA. I recently fragged apart my colonies but the "mothers" that I kept are growing back quick, this time I tried getting them to grow a 50/50 colony, pics for fun forgot to add if you are in CT you should really check this event I got a magnet for back when I went to frag farmers market down in CT this spring, another event you should check out.
  14. GraniteReefer

    Plumbers tape, is it toxic in a salt water system?

    The grey teflon tape is for stainless steel applications and is usually nickel impregnated and became more commonplace here in the states after metals in potable water plumbing systems had to be lead free in 2015. Because of being lead free the metal was less malleable and the additives in the teflon tape helps alleviate the issues of seating the lead free metals together. I would be cautious of the colored options, that being said on my RO's I use blue monster teflon tape and it's fine, the grey ghost is the name brand grey teflon tape I use at work when plumbing stainless fittings and I would steer clear of that in this application . Try a plumbing supply store instead of a general hardware store for locating a suitable o ring