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  1. +1 on float to match temp then plop them in. Just did an order from reefcleaners and that was the instructions, I believe the reasoning is that most snails can be intertidal which makes them well suited to quickly adjust to salinity changes. For a more precise answer look at the reef cleaners part of the forum I’m sure he has an acclimation guide that would be applicable. One things for sure I wouldn’t do it the way you are.
  2. For 12.99 at petco and readily available a standard 2.5g would be cool and highly customizable and might make for better photos than all the rounder options
  3. Picked up a celebratory Blasto frag! It’s a “high end” blasto but I got a fair deal as it was labeled 75$ a head but the owner didn’t want to make me too small a frag so gave me a 6 head frag for 75$! I already have had a frag of this in my bigger tank but prefer to buy a new one rather than frag my own I glued the frag to a magnet from an old Koralia powerhead, growth structure seems to be more encrusting than branching so I’m hoping it will spread onto the magnet then maybe the glass Frag first added Magnet on the outside Happy Frag Brightest orange in the tank
  4. Want to give a thanks to @johnmaloney with reef cleaners as I got some critters for the reef bowl as a self-reward. I also needed a CUC for the Red Sea 250 which is a good thing so I had a tank big enough to put the excessive amounts of snails in! John must have double vision as there were twice the number of critters from what I ordered! Everything arrived well packaged and alive(other than a crab who ate the other crab, but John sent an EXTRA crab!). Bags Floating in my Dirty Red Sea I added two Dwarf Planaxis. I put them on the sandbed. 4 zigzag periwinkles 10 dwarf Cerith And 4 baby filtering clams who also went onto the sandbed I got other goodies too but those are all for the Red Sea, I’ll try to update the reefer thread with what was added there. If you are looking for a CUC think reefcleaners!
  5. TOTM! Such an honor to have my tank showcased, thanks @Christopher Marks for reconfirming that this hobby makes my wife think of me like this but makes me think I look like this Here are a few of the pictures that didn’t make the final cut
  6. A Local! You should 100% go to frag farmers market March 2nd in CT it’s the best event all year for corals locally. Not really any LFS in NH to warrant a road trip but if your in NH aquatic creations is great for special orders and CUC. Plymouth NH pet store has a surprisingly nice selection of coral and fish if you find yourself in the mountain/lakes region. Jays if you must, but watch out for syringes and cigarette butts. Love the reef if you want to pay sales tax in MA! For draining during a WC I use a 1’ length of 3/8” RO tubing for rigidity attached to a few feet of 3/8” drain line. To start the siphon I fill the line with RO by holding both ends up, I then place the rigid side of the tube in the tank and lower the other side into my bucket, No salty mouth!
  7. I run the phantom which is similar to the pump you showed. I also have this backup pump. Cobalt Aquatics DC Air Pumps (DC... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GRDJ3TG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share if starting from scratch I would use this pump alone, super quiet and 24hr battery backup built in. The only thing you will hear are bubbles popping in the search for a jar check out apothecary jars, some neat options and maybe better clarity than a cookie jar?
  8. He is a gammarid amphipod, a really bold one! keep him well fed I have had them eat zoas, blasto s, and Acans in my bowl.
  9. Just do 100% waterchanges, my reef jar swings from 10.4 to 4.6 weekly. Are you seeing stressed corals in response or have you only noticed because of the numbers? In my case only the numbers show the swings the corals themselves remain happy.
  10. Yes. They shipped the new one with a return label and I had 15 days to get the broken one back before they charged me. Fair system I thought
  11. Love my 360’s. Bought one off eBay for 295$ In December and it came and worked for two weeks then died, contacted Kessil and by the weekend the replacement was over my tank. Why the one died? Who knows but the customer service was quick and easy, they even sent a free clamp that attaches at the end of the gooseneck when I lost mine. My AI Prime is a great light too so I’m sure the hydra is the same. Prime has more disco ball and is a pain in the ass with all the adjustability IMO but once setup is great. I would buy the 360x if I wasn’t already the proud owner of the 360we and spectral controller
  12. Upgrade, I find the stock IM pumps to be unreliable and noisy compared to their after Aftermarket counterparts. I know the mighty jet by IM will fit if you want a DC pump, sicce syncra is an AC option
  13. Barnacle of some kind? The “tendril” that sticks out the center should make quick swipes of the water column as it filter feeds.
  14. Tank upgrade time, if you go the rehoming route a local forum will have more activity for local pickup. Sounds like his growth has been stunted in response to his environment.
  15. Been watching this small patch of some kind of macro growing for a while now, anyone have an ID? Looks like a tiny red caulerpa prolifera, rode in on KP Aquatics rock so would be of carribean decent. Super slow growth and less than 10mm in length.