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  1. This event is so good I’m going to drive 2+ hours with a 7 month old and 2 year old. If you are within a few hours drive its worth the trip. You’ll see corals you wait all year to find and score freebies from vendors like food samples, I even got free live pods last year. Only paying 5$ entrance fee is like highway robbery for all the work that goes into the event, just go. Be warned if you are claustrophobic it gets tight as the crowds grow so go early and see all the fire before it’s sold.
  2. GraniteReefer

    White little bugs

    Copepods or amphipods, they are beneficial to the tank. Young fish will eat them, most adult fish that specialize in eating them are likely not something I’d reccomend to someone who can’t ID them/find them through research. In my tanks without active copepod eating fish the pod populations fluctuate in accordance with my maintenance and feeding schedule(more food more pods, less cleaning=more algae=more pods). If you had google searched the title of this thread along with the word reef a wealth of knowledge would be at your disposal. Also the identification forum would be the proper spot to post and actually get responses, the sticky threads at the top would have helped you without having to post.
  3. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    Thanks for the kind words and reading the tanks journal @Christopher MarksThe lighting upgrade post the contest was definitely a pivotal point in this tanks development. Though having joined the hobby after its adoption of LED it was nice to learn why I should love my LEDs! I used 2 CFLs in the 6 month competition and by the third month each time the light was so weak! Plus the spectrum sucked The heater has proven to be reliable, though it has to be coupled with the controller to be viable. It’s suction cup is starting to fail so I keep finding it loose in the tank. I picked up a few of the same spare cobalt heaters for like 3.50 or something during that ridiculous sale DR. Fosters and smith had so I may replace it soon or Atleast exchange the suction cup. I also purchased the Archaea (the heater that everyone was recommending during the contest) and have yet to use it as it isn’t smaller and it is glass so I thought it would be more breakable in the small space. The cord is also miserably short on the Archaea heater. The air pump has proven to be invaluable as my wife wouldn’t put up with an airpump noise in the kitchen and this one all you can hear are the bubbles popping. At 8gph of air movement it leaves a little to be desired( my battery backup air pump is 30gph and it’s noticeably stronger flow when in use). With such slow flow the pistol shrimp has actually jammed a rock into the tube one night(I don’t run an air stone anymore) and the next morning I had to unclog it in order for flow to resume(I thought the pump had died but good thing I kept trouble shooting). I just googled the piezoelectric air pumps and maybe I will try one next but it seems they too suffer slow flow. The lift pipe(riser tube) is still functioning 100% though it used to be centered in the tank which kept the flow even around all sides. As wetherbee the pistol shrimp excavates and skews the rockwork forward the lift pipe discharges more to one side and creates more variability which is what I blame for the blobby growth on the lower half of my blue trumpet
  4. GraniteReefer

    Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

    Been a while since I updated, did a WC today and grabbed a shot of Fritz and wetherbee while they were eating flake. Couldn’t find the filter so the shots are blue washed so I didn’t bother grabbing other crappy shots of coral. Better update to come soon
  5. GraniteReefer

    Cooking Live Rock - RO Water Mandatory?

    When doing an acid bath or bleach cycle I used my well water(acid baths from city water aren’t reccomended as the chemicals they add may negatively react so in town/city water I would use RODI or distilled), for prolonged LC(lanthanum chloride) baths I would use RODI as you want the water to strip phosphates from the rock and I thought starting at 0 would aid that process along. Curing obviously uses RODI and salt. Sounds like it might be time to buy an RO and stop lugging it.
  6. How about a recycled reef pico competition where the only tanks allowed are ones made of reused/recycled containers. The prize would then be a real tank to the winner to transfer everything into.
  7. GraniteReefer

    In TanK Media basket worth it?

    No biocube experience but intank products are top notch, buy with confidence
  8. GraniteReefer

    Lighting upgrade

    I’d go with a second prime. In regards to the non HD to HD compatibility I think you won’t have issues. I borrowed my friends HD when they first came out and had it paired with the NonHD prime. At the time the app was wonky as my nonHD prime was the “master” so the HD couldn’t hit its peak but I’m sure that was either user error or early app hiccups.
  9. GraniteReefer

    Controversial: Goby in a 5 gallon?

    Pistol shrimp/goby pair might be viable without the CBS(I’ve never kept a CBS). I keep a pair in my 1.75g pico and they stay nice and plump with daily feedings, behavior from the two is consistent with my pair in a 40g so I don’t think the pistol and goby mind the limited real estate. Their addition hasn’t necessitated increased maintenance on their behalf as I am already in the habit of changing ~100% of the water weekly. Might be worth looking into if the CBS shuffles off to Buffalo
  10. GraniteReefer

    Bloated clownfish, seems unhappy

    You should treat both fish really
  11. GraniteReefer

    Best Nano Tank sand cleaner

    Turkey baster and pistol shrimp
  12. GraniteReefer

    A Few Corals Died Overnight... No Known Cause, Help?

    To try to summarize your issue. Only two corals are seemingly affected. Those two corals are within inches of each other. The damage occurred very quickly, with one coral dying and the other being injured. If it was my tank I would chalk it up to an unseen coral war event and monitor. The only thing that makes me question this verdict is the fact that my euphyllia kill my rainbow monti. Perhaps a third nearby coral has long sweepers that hit them both?
  13. GraniteReefer

    A80 settings recommendation wanted

    I run one at 100% intensity on a 4 gallon pico filled with Xenia. Choose what color you like. I keep Rics in my reefbowl under 16w of AI Prime light so I feel confident the A80 at 100% won’t negatively effect the Rics, I think for 14g the light is too small.
  14. GraniteReefer

    Brass faucet adaptor

    As long as your water isn’t high in chloride, or acidic the brass shouldn’t degrade. And like previously mentioned the little that did would be removed by the RO. Most likely a decent bit of your water delivery system uses brass components, and if your in a house older than 2015 there is a good chance those brass fittings aren’t even lead free. It’s usually not an issue because town supplied water shouldn’t be aggressive, people on wells should be more aware than city dwellers but even city water can have elevated chlorides and legally they can supply 6.5ph which is easily acidic enough to degrade piping. Know your water and you’ll get a better answer but I say safe.