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  1. I can vouch for thes., I just installed one on my Ato container and it works wonderfully. No longer need the dreaded timer or finding water on the floor.
  2. Great Job! I will be following your results closely. I plan to use this system when I setup my Reefer 170.
  3. I broke down my 10 gallon frag tank, went through my fish supplies and these are some things I am parting with. Everything has been inspected and is in great working order. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Jebao RW-4. Includes the manual controller and the Aqualink S1 for wireless capability. Used for 5 months ($35 Shipped) SOLD Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152. Used for 5 months ($60 Shipped) SOLD Green Killing Machine Internal 9 watt UV sterilizer. Used for 6 months ($30 Shipped) Stock Biocube 29/32 replacement pump. Used for 2 days. ($25 Shipped) SOLD
  4. The brackets removed are 3/8" thick. So the skimmer depth is now 3 3/8". I removed the brackets to fit in a Biocube and few of the pins broke off in the back cover, so I filled in the remaining pin gaps with epoxy. You could always drill out the holes and glue the brackets back on. See attached picture for the pins that remain on the brackets.
  5. SOLD! For sale is a Hydor Slim Skim Nano I used in my Biocube 29 for 6 months. The rear brackets have been removed to fit perfectly in the 1st chamber. Skimmer works well and generates dark skim once broken in and dialed properly. Asking $45 Shipped. Thanks for looking!
  6. Fans holding up perfectly and my temps are excellent. With my heater controller, my tank fluctuates by only 1 degree.
  7. I'm in for a couple of frags, pm me your PayPal.
  8. I keep media bags in my cycled Biocube for 4 weeks, then pull them out for the QT. Its worked in my fish only QT, but I overfed the snails with nori, so I think that's what cause the spike. Those 6 snails produced more waste than any of my fish ever did. Everything is one week old. The skunk cleaner seems absolutely fine. Here is a closeup.
  9. Last week, I got in my first 4 corals, all Zoas. This morning I noticed the Vivid's Raging Inferno Zoa looks as if its damaged. Is this what people refer to when Zoas melt? May 20 May 27 I have them in a 10 gallon coral/invert only QT, with cheap LED lighting. I have Ammonia Alert badge that showed no ammonia, however decided to test and had 0.50 ammonia and 2 PPM nitrite. I did a 6 gallon water change and added Seachem Stability. I removed the 6 snails I had yesterday, so only other habitant is a skunk cleaner shrimp. Could the zoas appearance be due to the level of ammonia? Not sure if I trust that Ammonia Alert anymore. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the replies! I just put some superglue over it. You would think it would be easy just to scrape off, but once you remove the frag from water, you can't see the aiptasia at all. Any tips on completely removing the zoa from the frag? That was my original intent, but tried razor blade, exacto knife, dremel with cutoff bit, but nothing seemed to easily cut through the plug. I was worried I would slip up and cut the zoa, so I just broke off as much surround as I could and glued to the new plugs. Why on earth those old plugs are so bulky I don't know.
  11. Got my first coral frags in a couple days ago- 4 Zoas. I tried my best to remove the old coral plugs, but was concerned about damaging the Zoas as these are my first and I wasn't sure how delicate they are. And I noticed this very small Aiptasia looking extension right next to one of the Zoas. I have everything in QT, but wanted to know if this has indeed Aiptasia and if I should remove the plug and scape off or use Aiptasia-x? Thanks All!
  12. It was brand new. Im sure after another year it won't look that pristine lol.
  13. http://www.nano-reef.com/user/87649-reefsafesolutions/
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