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  1. Lights!?

    Try the Kessel ae 80 lil less expensive than the prime but also a very good light. I have the prime and stand by it tho
  2. Coral ID

    Should be fine people ship corals and they go without lights
  3. Coral ID

    Birds nest
  4. 46g bowfront mixed reef

    sorry for the long wait but heres a fts of the tank up and running ill download some more pix later today
  5. Lighting suggestions for Fluval Edge pls

    try an ai prime hd or a kessil ae80 you should have enough light with those and should be able to retro fit them into the stock hood... I run my edge 6g without the hood with a prime hd and am growing sps
  6. Green Sprouts From Acan Lord

  7. cycling with live sand and rocks

    Try a hydor 240 powerhead or maybe try keeping the 425 and add a wave controller they might not like the constant one direction flow all day long
  8. Ai prime

    desplains is right I wouldn't remove the brace either... my 46 bowfront had something set on the brace and it broke so I added 2 pieces of clear acrylic glued to the frame in hope it keeps its strength... still a lil worried about it tho... as for the light I love my ai prime hd and all its functions but for that wide have you thought about 2 kessil a80s? 2 would be right around the same price as a prime but would give you the light spread you need for your width.
  9. Ai prime

    get the ceiling mount... its suspended by a cable
  10. Hydor Koralia 240 & 425 On/Off Cycling

    my hydor 240 turn on and off every 1 minute (on 1 minute off one minute as it it switches to the other ) and has been on that sequence for about 9 months now
  11. 5 gal fluval edge

    Hella worth it... I had some dead spots in the back corners no matter where I put my pumps until I got the hydor smart wave... never has an issue since
  12. 5 gal fluval edge

    Thanks!! .It's on a wave controller and it's not too strong actually it's just right with the hydor 240s
  13. 46g bowfront mixed reef

    thanks guys... should get some water in it soon! buying some paint and starting the paint process this weekend or next weekend. also starting the plumbing on the sump mounting wave controller and auto top off clean up the wiring still some work but sooooo close
  14. 46g bowfront mixed reef

    here it is the start of my bowfront, custom stand, custom sump, 2 galaxy hydro led (retro fit 24" t5 on the way), more to come guys... custom paint on the stand starts next week going black with a heavy metal flake... soon as the paints done I start cycling!! let me know what you think about the aquascaping... I think I'm pretty set on this ive been playing with it since I got my rock on Christmas
  15. 5 gal fluval edge

    sorry for the quality but here it is at 1 year!!!