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  1. NewbReefer316

    ATI Retro Setup Help

    Thanks, looks like I need to take the endcap off in order to access it.
  2. NewbReefer316

    ATI Retro Setup Help

    Is there a manual for setting up the ATI Retro's? How do you access the bluefish receiver in order to connect with the app and program it?
  3. NewbReefer316

    Down sizing

    What size on the curve, flipper and heater?
  4. NewbReefer316

    Newb's Deep Blue 30g Invert Tank

    I'm in the process of setting up a small frag system in my basement and am going to plumb a Deep Blue 30g (24x24x12) off of it into my "office" on the other side of the wall. I'm not sure how I ended up deciding to go with an invert tank since the original plan was to do a daylight macro tank but one thing led to another and plans changed. Here's what I've got planned so far. Equipment: Deep Blue 30g 24x24x12 DIY Stand Eshopps Eclipse (Small) Overflow Dual returns MP10 (If I'm not able to get enough flow through the returns) ATI 6x24w Sunpower w/ 2x RB XHO all blues (Probably overkill on the light but I've got it laying around and I don't think I'd be happy with just a kessil) Filtration will all be taken care of by the main system it's plumbed into. Livestock: 10-15 Rock Flower Anemones 2-3 smaller BTA's (Cycle them out to the frag system when they get too big) 4-8 Pom Pom crabs 6-12 Sexy shrimp Pair Lightning Maroon Clowns (If they get along with the crabs and shrimp) Couple other unique damsels ( Occelate, talbot, tracey's) If the clowns and damsels don't work out I'd be interested in a group of small schooling fish like some of the smaller cardinalfish
  5. NewbReefer316

    Tunze 9001 (NIB) - $90 shipped

    New Tunze 9001Rated for 5-37g tank w/ magnetic mountMore info: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/tunze-comline-doc-skimmer-9001.html
  6. NewbReefer316

    Elos 160 breakdown

    Is the mp40 wireless?
  7. NewbReefer316

    fs/ft 48" ATI Dimmable 8 bulb fixture

    Shipping included?
  8. NewbReefer316

    All SOLD..GHL doser 3head 2.0 and apex classic

    picture of the apex and everything included?
  9. NewbReefer316

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Jbj, I think, makes these plastic pieces that you can clip or silicone over your drains in the topen corners that will increase the surface skimming as well as allow you to increase your water level in the display as well. I used a pair on my tank before breaking it down last month. I'll try to dig them out and post a picture of them. Need to get everything cleaned up and ready to sell anyway.
  10. NewbReefer316

    WTB - Kessil A150/160we

    I'm looking to pick up 2 kessils, I would prefer A160we and to get them together but am open to buying them separately if I have to. I don't "need" goosenecks or a spectral controller but would consider picking them up in the package.
  11. NewbReefer316

    WTB AC110 Surface Skimmer

    Looking to try one of these out, post/pm me with details. Thanks
  12. NewbReefer316

    LF: Liveaquaria promo code

    Any liveaquaria promo codes floating around? I usually have one handy from Dr F&S orders but I can't find one.
  13. NewbReefer316

    My Walt Smith 2.1 flaking still

    Same issues with mine. Sacrificed bacteria surface area for a good looking rock after watching them use it in the BRS 160 and now it looks bad and I've had to get my bacteria surface area back with marinepure. Next time I'll just go with regular dry rock, save myself the hassle and money.