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  1. St. Joe, SW corner
  2. Title says it all. I have a hard time making it to frag swaps. Looking to get some low end sps shipped to Michigan. For sure am looking for some birdsnest. Let me know what you have to offer. Thanks.
  3. I have a biocube 29 with an intank media basket, tunze 9001 skimmer, 2-RW-4s, and a stock return pump. I have noticed more and more microbubbles in my tank. Ive had the skimmer for 2 or so months. Any ideas on what could be causing the influx of bubbles?
  4. They are in the back chamber on my return pump but the first pick is around the return pump head in the display. I think I have spotted some on the underside of the rock arch in my tank as well.
  5. Just noticed this in my tank. Any ideas? Good? Bad?
  6. id be interested in the bam bams and dragon eyes
  7. The one up top is far away but I have one pointed up wards towards the bottom of the tank that sits fairly close.
  8. Well i just bought another bucket of it, maybe ill switch after this one. I have always struggled with choosing salt mixes. I researched and researched and everyone either loves or hates all of them
  9. Looking to buy some lower end zoa frags from someone willing to ship priority 2-3 day. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  10. I think this makes a little more sense than my tank being "too clean". I started out using instant ocean and when I ran out of that I started to use RSCP salt. When I first started to use it my zoas were closed most of the time. I just finished my first bucket of it and now my zoas look better than ever. Maybe it was too much of a swing when I first switched and with each water change it is getting closer to being the same? I will check both on my next water change to see how close they are.
  11. Can you explain? I'm still a rookie at this. I would think I would want my new water to have better parameters than the water in my tank to replace the time trace elements that have been consumed by the corals. Or are you saying that they are possibly too high after the water change?
  12. Ever since my tank has been cycled I have done a 20-25% water change weekly. Is there such thing as having too clean of a tank? All of my corals seemed to look better right before my water change (frogspawn, Zoas, GSP, Duncans, Ricordea). I'm am usually <5ppm on nitratess,maybe a little higher at the end of the week.
  13. I am toying around with getting a RTBA and am reading that its a smart idea to cover your powerheads until they find a home. I have a couple RW-4s in my tank and they dont make a specific cover for them. Is there a certain type of foam I should be using or does anyone have some makeshift ideas? Thanks.
  14. I'd love to do that but my tank is only 4 months old, not sure if that would be wise or not.
  15. Trying to decide on an invert to add to my reef tank that will get along with my fireshrimp, clowns and midas. Any suggestions? Would like it to be something that doesnt hide all the time. I was thinking about fighting conch. It will be going in a 29G Biocube.