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  1. Well, well, well, look who decided to take a stroll... That Special Collection RFA threw a fit it was the only one on the side and stormed its way on top of the rock... the others were not happy about it LOL. My original RFA doesn't seem to mind being up against it but the others that were in its path definitely pulled back from it. The little red nem in bottom left WAS right next to the bottom right green nem and walked all the way over there after the Aqua SD nem tried to run it over. The big yellow nem also went walking its first night and displaced a lot of the others, you can see who got huffy and relocated versus the first pic. I find it so fascinating which nems stay put exactly where you drop them, which move half an inch, and which just kinda terrorize the others as they wander. In the fallout of big yellow taking a stroll, the pink and blue pinstripe moved down here. I am not thrilled about that lol because it was my favorite and it HATED the yellow one covering it at night. I hope it comes back up soon. I don't see any stings/damage on the nems the Aqua SD one crossed paths with, maybe mine is too small to do much damage? I can't say the pinstripe it's cuddling with is THRILLED that, instead of the pink and blue, it's now cuddled up with this one lol.
  2. Yup they are from him! I think it's a great deal for the price, though customer service was not the best... he forgot to send them last week and I had to wait another haha. But he did include the baby that roamed into the basket and they are here now, so all's well that ends well. Speaking of the special RFAs, mine just brushed tentacles with that small orange nem above it and they both instantly retracted. Doesn't appear to be any damage but they are certainly not cuddly like the Cari nems! I love watching nems settle in and expand, find their crevices to plant their foot in, roam a bit... that big green and yellow one is the main mover so far and he doesn't care if he's crowding the little ones lol.
  3. My new nems are here! I cleared all the corals off the rock that is now Rock Flower Island and dropped them all onto it. You can see the Aqua SD one at the very bottom of the shot (kinda, you can see his tentacles lol) below the orange one on the side of the rock. 11 for $200 shipped and a baby that crawled into their holding basket so 12 total - pretty darn good. We'll see how they settle in, they haven't been in for long, they seem to be stuck down to the rock but obviously will probably move to find spots they like best - I am hoping nobody gets into a fight with that Aqua SD one and they give it space/stay on top of the rock. As long as they don't die instantly I would say this is a GREAT deal for being u-pick RFAs.
  4. Patience is probably the most important part of reefing but also the hardest lol. The button Scoly is suuuper pretty but I think is struggling a bit, it looked like it had some tissue recession so I moved it to higher light. It still inflates and extends feeder tentacles every night but something about where I initially placed it was wrong. Tank is doing well, SPS still alive, shrooms all chillin', only thing not super happy is the Duncan who hasn't been fully extending anywhere I move it. Not sure what is wrong, it didn't like being in higher light when I moved it up in the tank but it also didn't like being out of direct light on the side. I am officially on a buying ban until March 1, boyfriend treated me to some nems under the condition I cool it. Before that I made one sneaky purchase... A Jawbreaker and Interstellar! Yes I know I need sand still the Kryptonite has been growing well attached to the cup so I've kind of just... let it be... instead of forcing it onto rubble via sand. It's not ideal but like, the coral seems happy, so who am I to argue? I LOVE the red on that JB, though funny story it's not the one I ordered. I won an auction for one with much smaller splashes of red (but still a pretty good amount) but when the seller was moving them he confused the two (and this one detached from its plug and came loose) and when I got it in I was like... you know... these red patterns are not the same... but this one is very nice so I am content. Also got the Interstellar who DID come attached but I noticed it seemed very loose so I put its plug in the cup and sure enough, found it on the bottom with the other two. Sigh lol. I am super looking forward to how the JB continues to color up as it grows. Just need to get everyone attached to some rubble and out of the cup. The Red Devil was quickly surpassed for most expensive coral in the tank (though I think I got a JB with this much red for a very good price, young as it may be!) lol. And now, we let everything grow.
  5. I have two pinstripe (what I assume are) Caribbean RFAs and they are cuddled up together. The second one moved right up next to the first one who seemed annoyed the first day but neither has moved since. My Special Collection RFA from AquaSD also doesn't like to be near them, I don't think they stung each other but it did stroll away from the other two and is on the side of the rock. It seems to like less direct light? It crawled totally under the rock and then a week later realized it's a photosynthesizer and came back out lol. My first RFA didn't like being on the side of the same rock and crawled on top of it. So anecdotally, the cuddlers prefer more light than the one from AquaSD. I have an order of 11 nems coming next week and I am excited to get them in! I'll have to keep it in mind to avoid putting any too close to the AquaSD one - it hasn't seemed inclined to go and mess with the other two so far, but I want to give it some space all the same.\ Here they are in relation to each other, hard to get great shots of the cuddlers since I can't do side shots and have to go top-down... and there's a lot of water in the way. The tentacles on the Special Collection look different to me, they are very smooth. The other two don't look quite the same.
  6. Super glue epoxy super glue sandwich, glue touching the rock and frag plug, epoxy between them, mash the plug hard to get the epoxy and glue to mold to the rock, done.
  7. Go buy a BRS DIY rimless screen lid kit or you're gonna have fish jerky. No reason not to spend the small bit of money and time to make a screen lid. I've been at a LFS and heard the familiar sound of a suicidal wrasse leaping out - fish is lucky we were around to hear. I have 2 clowns and a Lawnmower in a 20g, I can't imagine having only 13 more gallons but SEVEN more fish. They need their turf. Forget the inches rule of freshwater community tanks and just look up max size and aggression levels/territoriality/intolerance of conspecifics. Your fish needs room to turn in your tank's dimensions and room to have its own cave/corner - too many territorial fish in a 33g = fighting, jumping due to the fighting, and stress.
  8. Your fish is probably a female, a clownfish living alone for several months or longer will become a lady. Should you want to get her a companion, make sure to buy the smallest clownfish in a tank full of them. I am really shocked whoever you bought the tank from sprung it on you the tank comes with a fish who will otherwise be put down... it was the previous owner's responsibility to rehome the clown, not pawn it off in a hardware sale. Back when my clown was a baby she loved to sleep in my dragon's breath macro. I don't think there is any limit on how many kinds of algae you can put in the tank, just be aware if they grow well you'll have to trim some. You should look at mangroves, too, since your betta tank has that one plant sprawling out of the water. Seems up your alley! I would definitely buy a powerhead to add flow to your tank, doesn't have to be big or fancy, but I don't think Fluval's stock pumps are quite enough.
  9. It's a very pretty little thing - when the yellow mouths are most visible the contrast of the three colors is very striking. And good to hear the GBG is okay! I definitely find myself thinking about getting a goby again - I have seen some XL Redhead and Neon gobies who I think would be a better size for the tank than a small Neon/Prawn etc. IDK, 20 vs 5.5 is such a difference for a small fish, I already lost the small gobies under the rocks half the time... heck, even the Blenny is under a rock most of the day LOL. I guess we will see once I get the firefish where I am at. Speaking of the blenny he's decided he's a clownfish and tries to eat their NLS pellets sometimes. Unfortunately his aim is horrible so he tries to get them from the surface and totally misses lol. Which is what the black clown did when I first got him, he seemed very uncoordinated if I fed with the pumps on. Honestly his mouth seems a bit weird to me, like, it's very large, he has kind of an ugly head compared to his mate. Too much inbreeding in captivity maybe? Onto the good stuff/pics, Aqua SD order arrived! I had never purchased from them before (kinda pricey if there's not a sale/discount) but I had been looking a lot lately before the live sale. I've seen people express skepticism about them due to heavily-Photoshopped sale pics so I wasn't sure what to expect. I don't expect completely true-to-photo corals unless the photo is clearly not edited, partially because I know my light isn't as fancy schmancy as the lights the corals are under in the shop. Most of them were open in their travel bags which I always find a promising sign, and they included a freebie! I can't quite tell which Rhodactis on their site it is but I'm actually very pleased with it. I feel like dipping frags takes me soooo much longer than it should lol. One of the corals came in a cool fancy specimen/mushroom cup which I hope to put to good use next time I get a baby shroom (Kryptonite is growing every day it seems but still stuck to the bottom of the cup and not a rock/plug... sigh). Here is the new button Scoly, next to Big Red - who you can see the streaks of blue-purple, yellow and green on really well in this shot. The Scoly's were the ones I was most skeptical about true-to-lifeness, however I actually think this Scoly isn't too far off - obviously their pics use really good macro lenses but looking at the little guy in person, I do see the depth of color in the pic. He's not very poofy (certainly not compared to his neighbor!) here so it's hard to judge in that regard as well, not at his best. Those teal-neon green (depends on the light) spots sure pop, don't they! Another one I wasn't sure what to expect, a RFA. It's hard to see in this pic but I think the RFA was also very true to their picture. You can see the tentacles are kind of lavender, kind of just white/light green, there's a spotted red center over dark green/purple base... very pretty guy! Unfortunately it has crawled to the underside of the rock as seen here. Refused to cuddle up next to the other two (I put it right by them but it said no thank you ma'am) and scooted its way down. I will keep an eye on it and if it appears to be suffering from lack of light I'll have to figure a way to force it off the rock. Grumble lol. Maybe it will make its way back up in a few days and just needs to adjust to the light? Sigh, taking pics of these corals is always so hard lol. The only newcomer here is the ASD Devil (which I think is just a Red Devil? I am not sure if their Red Devil is THE Red Devil or if it's a slightly different morph. They had a Snow Devil with white/very light blue dots for much cheaper but... I really loved the speckles on this double frag). Fun surprise, the 'double' has a little baby as well, right next to that lower head. It didn't seem to open much today, I hope that, putting it slightly higher in the tank than usual for a newcomer, it's not getting too much light. The bigger heads were open as seen. I can't wait for them to grow! Maybe someday they will reach the size of that big ole orange Discosoma. The Devil is also officially my most expensive coral, ever. Less blurry but further out shot - I think whatever gel filter I was using is magical for the Candy Canes, look how luminously turquoise they look! Positively glowing. Down in the bottom is my new Hairy Shroom, most successful coral of the Spec V! This one seems very fussy though and has its guts pushed out from multiple areas. It never really relaxed and expanded today, which concerns me something is wrong. The other one liked pretty low light and good flow, I am hoping this one is okay with that? Above it (next to the Duncan) is my Sunkist Bounce, first bounce I've gotten! It has a lot more orange than the WYSIWYG pic, must have grown in the 2 weeks since its picture was taken and it shipped. Seems bigger than the pic, too - I am very pleased with it and can't wait to see how it grows out! This was the cheapest Sunkist added on the site I believe haha, pretty darn good! Wow, a non-blurry pic of the clowns! There are a couple more new Rhodactis chilling on the lower rocks, and that freebie purple shroom dead center is really popping off. Also on the new floating rock, my two SPS... I saw that fuzzy green one and impulsed, sigh lol. I am not sure the Stylo is loving where it's at, unfortunately its frag plug is stockier than the typical one and it doesn't really fit in the rock's holes, . The fuzzy green SPS fits perfectly and seems happy - not sure if it gets enough flow, the polyps are extended but they don't really move in the current. Keeping a close eye out. I am pretty pleased by the chunkiness of these two sticks, sometimes (usually) you get those tiny little twigs but these are good-sized. I intend to raise the rock/shift it as needed depending on how the SPS are doing. I wanted something mobile I could lift up to better cater to their lighting needs. Probably not going to pick up too many SPS for this tank (famous last words?), I think they are like Zoas under my lights where they can look gorgeous under someone else's but the color just doesn't quite match the price tag for the rainbowy sorts. Just Plain Bright Green, though? Look at how she pops! This is a very light yellow gel filter, I think it's the best one at getting true-to-life images for most of the corals. The pink Blasto, for instance, isn't very good under this filter. Gang's all here. Look at the Kryptonite popping a flash of neon green from its cup! I am very pleased with the order overall, I think the weakest parts are the Rhodactis I ordered. Everything else is pretty stunning, I don't think they quite match the colors online - may just need some time to settle in/better spots? You can see, below the purple freebie, a two-headed shroom frag. Those guys are tiny, they looked way bigger in their sale pic lol... I don't know if they just didn't expand fully today or what, maybe they aren't happy, maybe they're just both babies. I hope they grow. I don't want to judge too harshly because obviously some of the newcomers take quicker to the tank than others. The bounce, for instance, I think is fully expanded and content, but that Rhodactis above the purple one (purple rim, kinda blue-cream center), has some guts out. Just need time to acclimate to their new home. I plan on rearranging at some point, the rock on the other side of the big one is pretty much in nothing but shadows and very heavy flow from the reactor's pump, so I would like to open up the lit side of the tank more. I think this also raises the notion I should get a different light that will provide better coverage, which is something I intend to save to over time. I guess it's not a priority because the corals seem happy as-is. I also think I will slow down on larger orders and save up to get some bigger ticket items. I am particularly looking for a Jawbreaker, Eclectus, and Candy Crush, because I think those will pop under my lights (they do best with orange and neon green imo), and some fuzzy-bounce shrooms. So if anyone has babies... just look at my happy lil Kryptonite growin in his daycare cup! Oh, and I need another Interstellar. Remember when I said I was gonna take it slow and only buy bargain bin frags? LOL. Don't tell my boyfriend...
  10. Finnex's replacement heater arrived! I am so glad because I don't think the underpowered heater was actually getting the tank to/holding it at 78F, think it was keeping it 76-77F instead. Luckily nobody seems to MIND, you know, but I am very happy to have an adequately-powered heater back. I've set it to 78F instead of 80F this time. I also got a magnetic frag rock rack for the tank! It is from Ocean Wonders - I was looking for something that would hold a few frag plugs but not be a really obvious frag rack and this was much cheaper than Tunze's frag rock (though I think theirs looks more natural [but what is natural when we're talking about a 'floating' rock LOL]). Will give feedback on it after I've installed it. I lost one of the two small Astraea snails but everyone else is alive and well. I still can't get the Kryptonite shroom to latch onto anything but the plastic cup (I need sand, I know) but it is growing larger in the cup so... whatever you want?? I feel like the baby bargain shroom is taking forever to grow up but it is getting some color in and has a couple of the bright blue dots of its mom - I wish she photographed better because she is COVERED in fluorescent blue little dots. They are very tiny, not like most of the spotted Discosomas you see on the market that have much larger dots, heck they are smaller than my pink dotted Disco's dots. But also very regularly distributed. The purple Disco is also getting extremely intriguing but it doesn't photograph well (I should try my boyfriend's phone, maybe, but he's usually not home until the lights go off) - the bubbles are becoming more pronounced and more gold and there are some areas of like, Crayola Crayon Salmon-color on the body. For a freebie it's turning into a real stunner!! Things are going well, it's the calm before the storm as my first order from Aqua SD is showing up Friday. And then I am on a coral buying ban for a while, lol. The order is almost all shrooms but for two SPS and one RFA (SPS being the reason for the frag rack, I am not sure any of my rocks are high enough to suit the SPS's needs and I also don't want the sticks knocked over all the time). I still need to get some St Thomas shrooms from Cultivated Reef - next time they have a sale! One spot of bad news - the supplier who was supposed to send my firefish forgot to send it! And several other peoples' fish, apparently. IDK how that happens buuuut I guess it might be two months before a fish comes in for me via this source. I might wait, I might find it elsewhere if a LFS has one... I guess I'm in no rush to set the 5g back up for QT and build a really tight lid for the 20g. I do want the fish but I know patience is a virtue. Pic dump, my latest adds were a pink and blue Blasto with yellow mouth that took a few days to figure out how much light it was happiest with and what was dubbed an Ironman shroom with white dots - it's a very big shroom! It caught my eye in the background of a different frag's auction picture actually; also took it a few days to settle in and expand significantly. Unfortunately where I have the best expansion is hard to photograph so the pics of it aren't the best... I can see the benefits to someone in your household being into photography if you're into reefkeeping so you don't have to rely on cell phone cameras LOL. One thing I will say for this phone is it is GREAT at picking up the stray algae strands I didn't scrub off........ note the RFAs cuddled up in the background, they have stayed in those spots since the second one moved half an inch to be next to the first one. I hope the third one is as agreeable to that spot and cuddling haha. This Blasto is not as Crayola Crayon Pink as the Pink Blasto I got from Legendary Corals a year and a half ago or so, it's more of like, a violet-pink? Reddish pink? That Blasto was a true hot pink but it was also the most fragile of my Blastos I've had, by far. Definitely not as red as my red and black one and the center is indeed a true BLUE! Better view of the area - the thing on the right is the red Candy Cane. The sickly turquoise one is hanging in there and you can see its feeder tentacles out. I am not sure how to get it back to full strength any faster but it's still alive! Good shot of the entire inhabited side of the tank. Hungry blenny in the background. The Scoly does not seem to be a fan of that side of the rock, it's been raised like that since I turned the rock around... Non-blurry photo of the lady in orange?! What is this sorcery. Darn clowns are so hard to photograph... Aaand finally a shot with the man of the tank. The Duncans seemed pretty extended upwards when they were on the floor of the tank so I moved them higher, but they don't seem to be open as much as they were... I moved them slightly again to see how they fare. The flow there is not too strong, maybe it's not strong enough? Three of the Discosomas who aren't easily visible from the other angle. The orange one looks like it has ich to me half the time lol. And the one in front is a lovely purple body with red spots, color just doesn't show that well. Better color (you can see the pink spots on the one in the middle!) plus some photobombers. Speaking of bad angles, the Zoas are just fine and dandy but they are sort of in the back of the tank (seem to prefer the low light on the floor) so they almost never make it into FTS. I think one has a baby coming in, too!
  11. Yes I had a pair of prawn gobies in the Spec, I remember yours as well, iirc you had some corals I was pretty jealous of haha. I would love to get the prawn gobies again BUT not in a 20G AND I would need a tank dedicated to them with sand and copious pods/macroalgae for them to live on. The gobies never ate pellets and I think feeding them frozen cyclops was a lot more nutrients than the tank could handle being as small as it was. It was also impossible to feed them when I wasn't there daily. I stopped seeing the female first and then never saw the male again - they lasted a few months but it does make me very sad they were gone. Just don't think my tank was the right setup for them and I really need fish who will eat pellets or wafers to have long term success, personally. Goodness Myrtle sounds like a terror, my girl has never gone after me. She does nip at her man but she behaves herself around my hand. Maybe because I never named her? Named females seem to be the ones misbehaving LOL. I have NEVER seen her bother the lawnmower blenny, she will swim near him and just kinda 'school' with him but she has never shown aggression that I have seen and he doesn't seem fussed by her presence at all. The way she roughed up the juvenile clown, though, I could believe yours may have beat a fish to death. Peeping on your tanks, how is your GBG doing? I had one for a week and then came home from class and he was dead. Got in store credit for him but boy I was sad. A LFS of mine also has them so I have been kinda eyeing getting another... maybe after the firefish. He would be very small compared to my other fish and they aren't even that 'big' in the grand scheme of things haha. Finnex heater is out in the mail to be returned, hopefully they will get my replacement sent back. The corals are all very fluffy and extended and happy even though the small heater is totally not getting the tank to 80F - maybe I will set the Finnex to 78 instead of 80? Still can't get the Kryptonite shroom to attach to anything but it is growing in the shroom cup chilling on the plastic all the same LOL. Oh well.
  12. Yeah I am thankful all that seems to have happened is a gradual decrease to winter temperatures. Could have been much worse - electrocution or 90F+ out of control heating. Corals and fish are all fine for it (except the little baby mushroom, possible the temp falling hurt it? though my baby Bargain shroom is still alive). I also wonder if maybe the Rhodactis split due to the stress of the colder temp. Both mother and baby are doing fine. On the subject I have to say I like how agreeable shrooms are to changes - such as the blenny or fat hermit knocking their frag plug over LOL. She sounds like a right mean cuss of a fish, lol. I have had a few fish in freshwater community tanks who take up residence under the overhang of an HOB filter to hide from other fish. Poor guys. It seems so weird to me that clownfish mating behavior is to bully your man relentlessly... you'd think the males would get up and leave LOL. My girl has historically been pretty meek, which is why I was so surprised she harassed the newcomer to an inch of his life. She ignores the blenny and honestly she's more scared of my arm entering the tank than anything else. She usually goes and hides in a corner when I'm doing a water change. She must be turning 2 about now, if not already. I got her in early February so she is probably hitting maturity. I do think she is pretty small for a female. Maybe she will keep growing but in comparison to a lot of other peoples' clowns (like permanent residents at LFS) I feel like she is smaller than their males. So maybe it bothers her the black clown is so close to her in size or something. Pic dump! So hard to get a good photo of clowns that isn't blurry.. even worse if you are trying to get the blenny who lives under a rock in, too! Duncan colony! I moved it over to where the blenny is perching because it seemed to be getting blown about by the flow. The heads are much more extended there though I think it maybe wants more light? For only $28 I think this piece was a steal! Kind of a FTS... the elbow joint has gone onto the reactor pump, making for a much cleaner look (but has been cropped out). Blenny in motion. I realize I didn't pick any shots you can see the Zoas very well except this one - rest assured, the Radioactive/Eagle Eye Zoas are alive and well back there, too! The Kryptonite! And, as my mom called the poor fish, 'some kind of prehistoric creature??' lol. I looooove the red+black Blasto. It is so gorgeous and inflates super well. Hungry Scoly and the sizable hermit in the back. The purple shroom here is a freebie I got, it has slightly gold bumps on a purple body. I think the color comes out more the longer it sits in the light. Relocated Duncan behind it, and, though you can barely see, cuddled up to the right side of the white and pink-orange Nem is my pink zebra RFA. The little thing overnight decided to go bother the other RFA and sidle on up lol. Playing around with my new gel filters has been fun! Though as seen in the FTS, the middle of the tank is a bit washed out no matter what filter I use. I still can't get the darn Kryptonite to attach to a rock or plug... I need to get some sand to discourage it from attaching to the bottom of the cup but it is SO incredibly stubborn! I am just gonna let it sit however it wants until I can pick up some sand, as long as it's alive and well lol...
  13. Thanks for stopping in, Dawn! I'm glad too - she has been roughhousing with him a bit lately and I think his mostly-recovered tail has a new little tear in it but he seems in good spirits. And she never bothers the blenny. Probably thinks he is too ugly LOL. I have considered sticking dry rock together but I'm not sure I'd want to get into the drilling for support rods, etc etc. Honestly the mushrooms seem pretty content with the light at the bottom of the tank, so, though it looks boring I don't think additional rock height is needed. The worst part about the height is finding gloves long enough to not let water flood in when I do anything at full water level... so annoying when a frag has been tipped over lol. And yes a short depth is awful - I like how the Spec V looks but I don't miss how one rock is the entire tank lol, sooo hard to scrub algae around. Speaking of the Spec V I will be rebooting it for a couple weeks for the new Helfrichi Firefish. Figure I should be cautious and quarantine the newcomer when I order it since the current 3 fish are doing well. Just gonna move the far right rock over and run it with just a heater and stock pump - I don't think that will stress the fish out much to have a basic setup? And then move the rock back and add the dry piece to disrupt any clown territorial behavior. Also speaking of heaters... my Finnex heater failed! I went away for the weekend to see my parents and came back Sunday night (had to work on Xmas Eve) and the heater read 69 - it was pretty late so I stared at it in confusion because 69, no way, that's way too low! Well, the heater was still set to 80 it just wasn't heating... and I had left the apartment thermostat fairly low since I was gone. I am SO thankful I decided to get a cheap preset heater for the water change buckets because that poor little thing has been heating the tank. Shipping the Finnex heater since it's under warranty, hopefully the replacement comes soon. I am just glad it didn't electrocute the tank or anything, and that I had another albeit underpowered heater. Funnily enough, I think the hermit crabs prefer the lower temp (78 vs 80) - they seem more active. I have two Scarlets and one is MASSIVE. Hulking creature. I found it somehow on top of the smaller heater and I have no idea how it crawled up a heater... but it sure made a thud when it fell off lol. Had my first loss: the baby Interstellar. It had seemed to be settling in to my makeshift mushroom cup but then I found it half-melted and a stringy mess. When I came back from being gone the 25/26th it was gone. On the plus side, the Kryptonite is doing well! I did have to piss it off because it had attached to the bottom of the cup... I need some sand lol. So sad about the IS because even in its death throes those orange dots were SO vivid under my lights! Got a few more corals today - new Blasto, Duncan colony, Candycane, and a couple shrooms. And my Rhodactis is splitting! I've been bumbling my water change salinity level so no pics today, they'll all be fully open tomorrow, hopefully. And I got some gel filters for Christmas to test out, whoo! I think my next purchases, aside from the fish, will be another Interstellar and some more Rhodactis. Aside from the heater dying things are going well - got a couple baby shrooms coming in! I've decided to rename the thread (and dub the tank) the Mushroom Meadow since that is most of what I have and they are all at about the same height in the tank haha.
  14. Couple positive updates: Picked up 5 Astrea snails, 1 with a dark, long shell that was supposed to be a hermit but was masquerading, and 2 scarlet hermits - one is massive! They are a little bit clumsy with the frags but have set to work on the algae. The hermits I almost never see moving during the day and sit in place for hours at a time, kinda weird guys lol. The bargain bin mushroom had a baby! There's a little grey blob on the side of its frag plug next to the mother shroom. Nothing has died! Picked up two baby shrooms from a local seller: Interstellar and Kryptonite. Plus an orange Ric as a freebie. One is still in the last phase of the dip and the light went off hours ago, so no pics this update. Pumps are off to let them attach, I don't really have any rubble or a shroom box as all my shrooms have come on plugs. Sure hope they settle in for the night! I have firmed up plans for the fourth fish in a month or two - Helfrichi firefish! I need to secure the lid netting better first, and let the tank just settle, and then when I get the firefish I will put in that dry rock I have cured. Disrupt the setup a bit for the clowns. I caught the female grab the male's left fin today and toss him around by it for several seconds. She seems to be a bit aggro towards him lately despite his displays of submission though they sleep together as well. She ignores the blenny and never attacks him that I've seen, but I guess I'm at work or asleep much of the day haha. Fed the Scoly one morning... wow watching that thing stretch its mouth to down the pellet is creepy and freaky and concerning. Cool coral, really bizarre feeding habits haha! Nem has been eating once a week as well. Love love love how the Scoly is coloring up, you can see flashes of green, yellow and blue popping through: So pretty! Hoping the three new shrooms settle in well. Got them for a great price - all 3 for less than you can find a lone Kryptonite elsewhere!
  15. New corals! Couple updates on the tank: There is definitely algae growing, it looks kinda like diatoms which I didn't have the first time around iirc - maybe from the new rock. There shouldn't have been much of a cycle since most of the live rock was 2 years old. Also looks a little fuzzy but it's very patchy, like it grows in a small dot. I hope it isn't the return of hair algae but it's more fuzzy than the long strands I had before. The blenny is out chomping down and has a very fat gut but I intend to get some CUC this weekend when we are out running errands. Changing the reactor media is... an experience. I get in concept how to do it but tightening and untightening the reactor and making sure the lid is tight so it won't leak or spit water at me and just generally dealing with the drips from the output tube etc etc... ahhhh not my favorite thing LOL. Clown original-flavor has been chasing/nipping at the young man's underside a lot lately. He doesn't seem that bothered by it like he did his first day and I've never seen him hiding but it does worry me a bit she keeps going after him. She doesn't stop him from eating when I feed them, though, and his fins are regrowing nicely so he is otherwise in good health. She also has started sleeping on the bottom corner of the tank kinda sideways which always makes me go 😕 when I get up for work and can't see her/can only find her in a corner. But I know it's #justclownthings as long as she's actively swimming around when awake (which she is). I fed the anemone and like, whenever I see anemones/LPS eat with their creepy lil mouths I just wonder why I have allowed such witchcraft into my living space LOL. It looks so weird to see them pulling a pellet into that gaping maw. I've read maybe I want a different pellet than the NLS sinking pellets I feed the clowns for corals but I do like that the pellets sink - I had the issue when I fed my old shrimp dried brine/mysis shrimp they would float to the top - which makes it a lot easier to baste the pellet right onto the anemone without the pellet going anywhere - or getting nabbed by the clowns lol. The blue-green mushroom seems happy - it spreads out very wide during the day. I've wondered if maybe it's not getting quite enough light because it sometimes looks kinda trumpety-upturned so I moved the rock it's on closer to 'under the light.' It has very bright blue dots all over it too! Which are really cool but hard to get on camera. If I had a macro lens... I'll have to try taking pics with my bf's iPhone and see how they come out. Whichever carrier shipped my new salt from BRS bashed it and broke the salt bucket and tore the bag inside! I didn't open it to check immediately and waited until my weekly water change when I ran out of the old salt... and was like why is there salt in the box... it's supposed to be in a bucket... well, cause the bucket was completely demolished and there were several holes in the bag. Yipes. Luckily I hadn't thrown out the old bucket so I dumped the salt into there. Not really what you wanna see when you're in the middle of a change! Onto the new goodies... so much for 'alright I'm gonna take it really slow, months at a time, nothing fancy' LOL. The resurgence of coraline algae and the anemone not crawling under a rock and dying instantly this time have me too hyphy for my own good. I am a true fool for sales and did wind up taking advantage of (post?) Black Friday sales. Can I just say the acclimation process takes so much longer than you want even when you streamline it if you have work to get back to? Floating bags for half an hour to get the temp up, dipping them for 5-10 min, then rinsing the dip off and getting them in, heck even cutting them all loose from their bags takes time. Normally I have horrible sleep anxiety the night before a delivery and wake up all the time paranoid I'll miss the door, but at my new apartment the small FedEx packages just go to the mail room, not our apartments, and are signed for by the leasing office if needed. So it's like, I can just go to work and walk 5min back when I get the text they've arrived. It's fun to track the corals as they head out for their overnight adventure. Legendary Corals Order I hemmed and hawwed on whether to go with LC or Cultivated Reef this time around - this order was a treat from my boyfriend so I had a limited number of corals he was buying - choosing which ones of 'my favorites I want them aaaaall' to strip down to 5 or 6 is hard LOL - so I decided I would pick up a rainbow of St Thomas and Rics from CR in a couple months. I had my LC cart all picked out, just waiting for the bf to buy, and my favorite one went out of stock... just a fuzzy mushroom with pink tips. My old brown/green hairy was my best grower in the 5.5g. Devastating blow! So did the purple Ric I wanted to buy - actually whoever bought those 2, and I assume it's one person because they went OOS around the same time, seemed to have bought a LOT of the shrooms I was considering or had in my cart originally! So whoever you are out there, fellow discounted mushroom fan, you have good taste, but also curse you. Wound up getting 2 Rics, 2 Discosoma, 1 Rhodactis, 1 Zoa and 1 Cyphastrea. The latter is a new endeavor for me but it seems like a potential good fit for my tank - more color in lower light, low-medium flow, fast grower. Can I just say I love the $10 and under corals now? I spy the "oh it's only $5" and I'm all over it haha. I fawned over the baby Jawbreakers and a magenta/blue bounce shroom as well ($350!!!) but the bf's job is to keep my coral addiction in line and stop me from spending hundreds on a singular coral... even though the bounce was one of the prettiest corals I've ever seen The packing slip was wet when the box arrived which always makes you worry until you get to the coral bags and can confirm nothing burst open. They all survived shipping and though I had to leave instantly after getting everything into the tank (RIP my lunch break) the Discosoma were already opening up. Salt Critters Order I had only ordered from SC once before, which included the anemone who crawled under a rock and died (thing was HUGE too, that's probably what led to my hair algae issues honestly lol), but I got an email they had free shipping at $99... with an order already coming today, I could get behind that, especially when I saw their 50% off red Scoly. I've wanted one since I found out about them - easy to see why, eh? Big, bold, beautiful, bright. I grabbed a Blasto and a peasant Zoa (ahh the sub-$10 'this type grows like a weed, get it away already' blessing) with Dragon Eye and Eagle Eye polyps along with the Scoly. I mulled over the $1-10 frags a lot before deciding on one that had two types growing. I was most nervous about the Scoly since it's expensive and not something I have tried before but it arrived with some feeder tentacles out from being in the dark and partially inflated. Of course it deflated after the dip but I came home to it pretty poofy! It's in the corner right next to me and definitely stands out. I'll have to feed it on water change day along with the nem. The light's off for the night and it started sending feeders out the moment the light shut off, looking over it has a bunch out now which I take to be a good sign. The Blasto fell against the glass so I need to shift it but it and the Zoas all were open when I got off work as well. Thing I hate the most about the 20G High is probably (certainly) that my gloves don't let me reach the bottom without taking on water. So without a water change if I want to place a frag or move it I have to get a glovefull of salt. So rearranging these guys so they are upright or if they don't seem to like the lighting will not be fun. I came home to all 10 pieces open and I am so happy - nothing quite like a tank with corals. So much color, different places of intrigue to look at, it just looks lively! Will keep my eye on them all to see if someone seems unhappy. I think the green Ric is not a huge fan of its current spot and some of them are on their sides so I need to fix that, but otherwise, just going to remain vigilant. Show off time! The new 'shrooms. I am gonna assume the bargain bin shroom is also a Discosoma, because it looks similar to that kinda burgundy one, and it lacks the floofy whatevers of the Rhodactis. Just a common neon-metallic green Rhodactis down in front, a combo frag with those 2 Pinstripe (Convict maybe?) Discos and the 1 Pimple (maybe?) Disco, and behind them, a Crimson Tide Disco. Can't see much of it from this angle but quite a looker! Not my best photographic work, but the Zoas. Pastel Rainbow and Dragon Eye - the Eagle Eye polyps are on the underside so you can't see them top-down yet. And there's the Crimson Tide Disco unfortunately right below where the LED glares on the surface so it doesn't show up well. The nem and the Blizzard Bizzaro Cyphastrea. Supposed to be a lighter blue than the normal Bizzaro though here it looks supremely periwinkle from the LED. In person I would say it is more of a light blue with yellow rings and pink centers... whatever the technical names are haha. Not a great picture for the stuff shadowed by the top-down angle BUT look at that neon green Ric glow! It looks much less bubbly than the blue one next to it, though, which is why I think maybe that slight height/inch inward difference are not making it happy? And the Blasto is above the blue Ric. Think the Nem pops here too. Good view of the Scoly and blue Ric. I love the little flashes of green/blue on the Scoly around the sea of red. Such a looker... though I know the folks with $500 Scolys with 50 different colors are out there all smug haha. One thing I love about the Discos is when the lights go off, under natural light, they all have really visible robin's egg blue elements. Well maybe the Crimson one doesn't but the other three do. Appreciate a coral who looks good with the lights off! Overall I would say the LC frags are pretty true to picture, the blue Ric is maybe less... dynamic shades of blue? than the pic but the other shrooms are very accurate, plus you have to account for differences in your tank's lights vs theirs. The only one I would say is not as close is the Zoa, and I have found this true of multiple I've ordered from them, the like, level of detail in the pictures on their website in the Zoas and the stark differences in color (flashes of pink against green and orange etc) just don't manifest irl - either on my cam or to my eyes. But I don't think this is exclusive to LC's photos of Zoas, I think a lot just appear (or are edited) different in photos across retailers. The SC Zoas I would say are pretty darn close to their images but they are also, simpler I guess, morphs, so I think it is harder to trump them up as like a galactic swirl of coraly color when they're really just kinda like 3 different rings. I very much appreciate how SC takes their photos in 2 different lighting situations so you can see what the frag looks like under their blues and under natural light - I think their 3 frags are pretty darn close to the photos. I am pleased with both orders! I think the pieces are colorful and hope they remain happy and spread like weeds. Off to buy the $125 pink and yellow Elegance that was at the LFS last time I went next - I kid (hopefully...)! But wow that thing was gorgeous. I need to find some very low-light corals to put on the far side of the tank, something that wants indirect light and probably high flow. Don't care if it's a weed or not, not like SPS are gonna grow when the far rock is shadowed by the tall middle rock! Realistically I need to let these guys settle in and take root before buying another batch of corals, we'll see if I can keep myself honest. The absence of sales now will probably help LOL. Really looks like a reef tank-proper again! Now to let them grow in... I intend to get some more RFAs for the rock the current nem is on at some point or other, as long as this one stays healthy, more are an option. Next on the agenda: CUC. Thanks for reading!