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  1. How strong are edge glued boards?

    I’d run a brace from front to back underneath the top just to be safe. Overkill is always good when building a stand. Even with the tank sitting how it does, the sides are still going to bear most of the weight.
  2. How strong are edge glued boards?

    Pretty strong, the sides are carrying the weight anyway, not the top.
  3. Help identify mystery LPS

    No clue what this thing is (green brain looking thing) but it looked cool when I got it, any ideas?
  4. LED 2 biocube 29

    Yep, extra switch is for the additional led bars.
  5. Finding Dory

    Petco is strange, my local one has cool livestock on occasion but the employees are usually higher than an ostrich ass. It's entertaining though, baked people are always eager to play with dogs.
  6. Clown question

    Cleaner shrimp are cool too, they give manicures if you have a social one.
  7. Finding Dory

    People are idiots, same sort of things happen every time a kids movie features an animal. My sister bought a Great Pyrenees for my niece because she saw one in some movie or show. They didn't take into account how much it would grow and how much it would eat. Dog weighs 160lbs now and my parents have pretty much adopted it. He's a sweet dog and very loved, my sister was just an idiot when she decided to buy a dog on impulse. Luckily she has my parents who are animal lovers and could afford to take care of him, otherwise it wouldn't have ended as well.
  8. Clown question

    Totally normal, my pair of maroons hang out in the same spot all day long unless there's food in the water.
  9. HELP! White live rock and hermit shell...

    Cuc is probably scouring the rock work.
  10. Cyano got me ?

    I've been dealing with it too, daily siphoning and frequent water changes are what I'm doing. Is there some magical remedy for this crap?
  11. One of my RFAs is MIA

    I've glues Zoas right to a rock before with no issue, just make sure you don't glue the polyps shut, it doesn't take much glue to get them to stick. Might be easiest to glue them to a small rock or plug and then putty/glue that to your main rock work in case you end up needing to move them.
  12. WTB: Canon Lenses

    Have you considered picking up a macro diopter?
  13. What is this?

    Chuck the bio balls and tey using filter floss and something like purigen or chemipure in chamber 2. The bio balls tend to be a nitrate factory p, I've read mixed things about the skimmer but haven't personally used one so I can't attest to its benefit. Usually they don't do a whole lot on such small tanks though.
  14. What is this?

    I just sucked mine out with one of those baby nose cleaner things when it was in my tank. You can upgrade your pump or add a power head but it's normal for a new tank to have cyano. What filter media are you running?
  15. Just Starting Biocube 14

    Looks good, have you checked into the fan mods to keep it cooler? A couple of PC fans and a power supply are all you need to retro fit so,e more circulation into the hood. It can be done super clean too if you do it right. I've got a Biocube too and my rocks are against the wall just like you guys. The argument is that it kills flow and gives funk a place to build up but if you've got places for water and cuc to pass through, it doesn't matter IMO. Adding more flow if it creates a dead spot is simple enough. The main reason mine are that way is to prevent rock slides since the rocks aren't anchored together by anything more than gravity. Rock walls used to be a thing too strangely enough, there are still some amazing looking tanks with just rock walls.