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  1. hello guys! this is my fourth nanotank Tank Specs Display: 40cm*20cm*28cm Stand: 35cm*23cm*20cm Lighting: Sunrise A029 Heater: 50w Circulation: AT305 return pump. Skimmer: NQ-60 Dosing: two little fish CA MG KH FTS 2017.6.12 2017.6.12
  2. Some corals cheaper and some expensive. DIY led. Thank you!
  3. Long time no test. 😂 Thank you!
  4. Thank you! Thank you! There are enough swimming space and fishes good
  5. Thank you! Thank you Chris! No,just C-balance
  6. Thank you! TM pro salt
  7. Tang isn't in this tank long long time 😁
  8. It is a tube to prevent the bubble of air pump dirty the wall.😁 but it's a little like a air pump skimmer.