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  1. New one!Corals in the sky!

    Thank you! Thank you!
  2. New one!Corals in the sky!

  3. New one!Corals in the sky!

    Thanks Bro! You always support me Thank you! Thank you!80% wc weekly
  4. hello guys! this is my fourth nanotank Tank Specs Display: 40cm*20cm*28cm Stand: 35cm*23cm*20cm Lighting: Sunrise A029 + DIY led 3w*3 Heater: 50w Circulation: AT305 return pump. Skimmer: NQ-60 Dosing: two little fish CA MG KH FTS 2017.8.10 2017.7.8 2017.6.12 2017.6.12
  5. Some corals cheaper and some expensive. DIY led. Thank you!
  6. Long time no test. 😂 Thank you!
  7. Thank you! Thank you! There are enough swimming space and fishes good