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  1. Anyone know what this macro is? It’s in our LFS sump and grows wild at times
  2. Okay, the tank stocking is set then
  3. Alright! I will more than likely do the reefcleaner mini decorator crab (maybe even a couple). The tank is going to be lots of different “trash or pest” soft corals so I won’t mind losing a few pieces. The other question is can hermits or shrimp live with them?
  4. Is there a species of decorator crab that could live in a 5 gallon fluval evo? Can there be any other tank makes with the decorator crab?
  5. Yes, I would downsize from a basic 10 gallon to a salt 5 gallon, which this tank is very stable only needing water changes once every few months. Here’s the first look at the tank
  6. It’s just a lot of work, and my parents limit me to one tank. I might have to take down my 10 gallon to my get a 5 gallon fully stocked evo for $20
  7. I like the idea of a 1 gallon and under, 3 gallon to 1 gallon, and a 5 gallon to 3 gallon categories. I also like the natural tank idea with 3-5 coral SPECIES
  8. Well I’ve been with this tank less that 24 hours. I tunred the lights on this morning and noticed a bristle worm (no big deal). I looked at it more and saw the antenna and then I got skeptical, so I took it out and used my macro lens. Sure enough it was a baby bobbit worm! On the first day of the tank I find a baby bobbit worm! What are the chances! Now, do I keep it in the tank because I won’t have fish or do I remove him for good?
  9. Going to look for a small end table and some small rock pieces this weekend. Already got a new light, filter and heater
  10. I don’t like the look of aptasia, I do like the other “pest” anemone...Manjano or something like that?
  11. Hopefully a “pest” coral tank or just a tank of leathers and maybe some palys
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