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  1. Superdave

    How to best remove these algae?

    To be honest, I do not find your algae entirely distasteful. If you are not entirely in love the with the rock, maybe just swap with another reefer? Your varietal is different than the more "standard" green hair algae but I would think an emerald crab would take it of yours as well. I have always had great success with them. Some will say they will pick at corals, but in my experience as long as there was algae to eat, they left corals alone. Once the GHA was gone, I took my emerald back to my local fish store. They were happy to take it back. If your store is not that flexible, I am certain someone's sump tank/box could use one. They sell for $10 (give or take) in Dallas Texas so to me it was worth the extra effort to use an entirely "natural" solution. It takes longer, but might be worth it in the long run. I will also I hand "picked" or pulled off some of the GHA as best I could. Good luck! --Superdave
  2. Superdave

    Replacing One Rock in Established Tank, Safe?

    I had similar "issue" with my GSP. It is quite well established and now grows over to adjacent rocks at a surprising rate. I took out piece of live rock I'd had for years (with new GSP on it) and replaced it with a piece of live rock from a LFS. My thinking was I wanting to keep, to a certain degree, the amount of bio "support" as my tank depends largely on live rock and live sand for "filtration." That was a few months ago and I have not had any issues so that will be my plan moving forward, Ideally I would frag or prune more (as opposed to replacing the rock) but that is sometimes difficult for me time wise and also it is hard to see all around the rock. Hope this helps!
  3. Superdave

    Keeping algae out of nano reefs

    While it may seem like an inconvenience and or cost you do not want to incur, trust me that buying RO water from a local fish store (or reputable grocery store) is more than worth it. Doing so will minimize nuisance algae issues. You will still have them from time to time, as does everyone. I had some epic battles with green hair algae and finally won after literally years of fighting. RO water is a must.
  4. Superdave

    Is this aiptasia

    Agree--I do not see any aiptasia. Even when very tiny, they are easy to see as proportionally they are the same in terms of characteristics.
  5. StevieTree, I think the floss might block the flow more than the occasional buildup of detritus. The impeller is protected by two pieces; the outside cover, then an additional one. All are easy to remove as is in impeller. Mine actually lost a blade (I believe there are six) and it still runs great and makes no noticeable noise unless is touches side of glass and vibrates the side.
  6. Such a great item, all things considered. Mine has the yellow slider to determine the output/flow. The "grate" or debris covered gets clogged for me but that is because it is near bottom of tank, angling up to surface. Cleaning it is part of my water change routine. It has been running for years with zero issues so I highly recommend!
  7. I realize this is in the DIY section, but I bought this Eheim surface skimmer and it has done a great job. Had stopped using for a while, but then added it and surface is crystal clear.
  8. I fought a long battle with GHA and finally got it under control. While I am not certain which of the approaches I took made the difference, here is what I did. I cut way back on lighting (dark for several days, then only a couple hours for a couple of weeks there after and or when it got bad again) Emerald crab: I went through several of these before I found balance of feeding it enough and not making it spoiled to where it didn't keep GHA in check. Phosguard: small bags of it (cheap pantyhose from drug store) every week (give or take) along with my water changes. Physical removal: I would pull out by hand as much as I could on a regular basis with rock still in tank. Occasionally, I would pull rock out so I could more fully remove it. I found cheap wire brushes from Home Depot were effective. "Algae scrubber": I allow algae to grow on part of my Bio-Wheel 110 (minus the wheel, used for water movement with cartridge for physical filtration) where the water returns/spills back into the tank. My thinking is if it has a place to grow "outside" of the tank, let it thrive there as opposed to all over the rocks. Additionally, I was not using this filter when the GHA was out of control. Maybe adding it (the cartridge gets really filthy after a few days!) helped in terms of extra filtration? GSP: Am not sure if my green star polyp made any difference, but I let it grow wildly (search my posts and you will a pic here and there of how it took up nearly 2/3 of my 5.5 gallon tank. Perhaps it out-competed the GHA for nutrients? Again, just a guess but I wanted to mention it. While it might be a pain to buy water, I would consider doing so. Your water may not be the primary cause of the outbreak, but perfectly pure water will help. The frustration of the GHA is worth 6 months of water purchases in terms of money and time spent in my opinion. If it does not help at all after a few months, then you have ruled out your water as the culprit. TIME!! I tried to "rush" the process at one point and ended up loosing a fish (I believe due to stress) from too large of a water change. Be patient and if it takes a few months more to get it in check, it is worth the time. Good luck!
  9. Superdave

    New Clownfish hiding

    I agree with above post about giving them time. You really do not know how this particular fish reacts to change and or how long/many stops it too to get it from place of origin to your store. It might take several days or more for the fish to be fully comfortable and at home. If other fish are present, this process can take longer. It is also possible the "combo" of fish simply will not get along; you will only in as more time passes.
  10. Would you be willing to sell the controller separately and if so, at what price? Thanks!
  11. Superdave

    Kessil Spectral Controller

    Is the controller still available?
  12. Superdave

    Biocube lighting upgrade

    Does your hood have LED lighting already? I would think you could find something your could retrofit into the hood. There are several LED "kits" you can buy online (in various stages from separate pieces to fully assembled "strips") you could put in the hood depending on your level of expertise. But before you make any changes or spend more money, figure out what corals YOU want and go from there. The corals you want should dictate what lighting changes (if any) you should undertake as opposed to random people posting. I upgraded overtime from compact fluorescent, to off-brand/cheaper LED strips, to a Kessil A80, but was happy with each change, but it was because I decided that was what I wanted to do.
  13. Superdave

    Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    Read this whole thread this morning and glad to see you are "back in the game" so to speak and not giving up. The lamp fixture is awesome of course and overall setup in great as well. I had an unbelievable battle with GHA myself, but finally got it under control. My approach was small bags (cheap panty hose from drug store) of Purichem changed every week/with my water changes. Had a hard time finding the balance of how much to feed my emerald crab to keep them alive, yet not so spoiled as to keep them from eating the GSA. Another "weapon" I have employed is allowing my HOB filter (old BioWheel 110) to accumulate some algae on the overflow/spill over section. While I am not 100% is this is actually helping, but reasoning is to give it a place to grow. I cannot quite tell how "open" the top of your tank is. After I went open top, to accommodate my Kessil light upgrade, the GHA situation improved. While I do not personally care for the light spillage/pollution, I know the oxygen exchange is probably helping on that front. There is not "hood" on the ocean after all.. Just keep being patient and considering all the fails/struggles as part of the learning process. When tanks "go well", people tend to assume they are doing things correctly, but that is not always the case. Good luck and keep posting updates!
  14. Superdave

    Office 2.7 gal Pest Pico

    I bought one of the pumps mentioned by money88 (the 80 GPH one) to use in my auto-top off and its great!
  15. Superdave

    Good beginner coral

    Cool, so as you have some experiences keeping corals then definitely take the plunge into the next "realm" you want to explore! It would also be a good idea to read up a bit on dosing; softies are not as dependent on additives, but stony ones can be.