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  1. Sounds like you still got a great piece of rock! One (or even a few) aiptasia can be addrrsssed without too much trouble. Would be good to keep an eye on rock (examine them every week or so) to make sure no new ones creep up. They start really tiny/small so easy to miss them. Post some pics of new rock in your tank when you can!
  2. Those rocks look amazing to me. You get nice, large pieces with nice established corals. I would ditch your apitasia rocks ASAP and be all over this opportunity for the following reasons: --you get new rock, free of your current pest (look carefully all over these new rocks before buying. As in, take 10 minutes and stare carefully!) --you get established biological culture of the rocks (these are big for they will have nice cultures for you) --you get very nice looking coral colonies. Many people wait years to develop colonies like these --you get huge rocks; this makes cleaning sand very easy. Pull out the rock (place in separate container) and siphon/blow up sand and replace rock. I have too many small pieces and it really is a pain to clean; you can always cut/drill/break into smaller pieces if need be As I write, I see the last picture have something funny looking that may be aiptaisa. Perhaps it is just pic or lighting, but there is something I circled in red. And are you in Australia by the way? Good luck and keep everyone posted!
  3. I have a few dozen (I would guess) in my 5.5 gallon. While I have not seen them bothering/eating corals, I do know my coraline algae is less extensive than is used to be. If they are not an invasive/problematic type, anyone in the Dallas area is welcome to a few in exchange for a cool mushroom~ Thanks! --Superdave
  4. I really am not reading your posts--lazy Sunday morning brain!! If you have dozens (close to 50) aiptasia, that sure is a lot to individually treat. From what I have experienced and read on this forum, most people deal with a small number of them, as in the single digits. Again, if I was in this position, I don't think the hassle is worth whatever you spent on the rocks. Sure they look nice with the coraline, but you can find that again and it will develop over time anyways in your tank. There are plenty of aspects to the hobby where you can tinker/learn by trial and error; new rock for a 14 gallon tank won't be that much. You can then confidently move forward and not have to waste any time. Good luck!
  5. From my experience, they are only on the rocks. Once rocks are gone, aiptasia are gone. I can appreciate you want to keep the rocks. Maybe separate infected rocks to one side of tank if you want to try some remedies. And it definitely is possible to attack/kill them and keep the rock; I dont want to paint too much of a doom and gloom picture. I am just giving my personal opinion~ There are some shrimp that eat them--always good to try the natural route. Some LFS will take back lifestock if you dont want the particular shrimp long term. Even if you dont get all of any of any your money back, it is basically the same (dollar wise) as buying treatments. Good luck!
  6. ID is correct. Personally, if you do not have expensive corals on the rock(s), I would just toss whole "infected" pieces. Just like corals, they can spread and there are tiny new ones you cannot yet see. If I am reading your posts correctly, they are in a sump? If that is the case, I would just cut your loses and toss it all..
  7. @Marine Depot -- do you (or manufacturer) recommend leveling mats (or similar system) for the above mentioned tanks? My new tank will be on a bathroom counter that is made of a composite fiberglass type material so it is very smooth, even and level. Thanks! --Superdave
  8. Oh, ok. Really nice planted by the way!
  9. So the "kiddieplanted" is the Lifeguard 9.6?
  10. I only did the "at" part as I have seen other people do it..! Tigahboy--I could see with a larger tank (like yours) that the thicker glass would be worth while but do you think its really that big of deal in the 10 gallon range? I guess maybe to avoid potential issues with hang on filter, light, etc. so you don't worry about cracking it easily?
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