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  1. -muse-

    Coral ID?

    any help is much appreciated. Also have some others im looking to ID on my build page http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/369221-photo-dump-muses-50g-space-dementia/#entry5301889
  2. -muse-

    In sump

  3. -muse-


    Woke up to find my duncan like this. Last night the left stalk was all green.
  4. -muse-

    Filter floss canister

    Built a filter floss canister for my 50g Artisan. Stole the idea from Lawn
  5. -muse-

    space wallpaper12

  6. -muse-

    Macro BTA

  7. -muse-

    Custom electrics cabinet (Right)

    Built a little storage/electrics cabinet to match my stand that also hides the ATO reservoir.
  8. -muse-

    CAD Lights 50 Gallon Artisan II

    Roughing it into place