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  1. Every tank is different but in my 28—a gramma, goby, and blenny all get along—they usually occupy different areas tho and note that I have lots of caves, crevices and fauna for them to hide around in.
  2. Actually I added my gramma second to last. Shy at first perhaps but once he got settled in he holds his own. They are experts at retreating into any crack, hole, or cave so nobody bothered him while he was acclimating except the yellow watchman when he accidentally went into his cave. The YWG quickly taught him that his cave is off limits but besides that one incident, he was out and about a week or so.
  3. I like plan 5, my gramma adds lots of color and movement to my tank. He lives peacefully with 2 clowns, a PJ cardinalfish, a springerii damsel, a fang blenny, and a yellow watchman.
  4. Doesn’t appear to be aiptasia. Looks like they have feathery tentacles—do they have 8 tentacles?—that can usually indicate it’s some kind of octo. When touched: -Xenia will just shrink and close up the polyps -Anthelia will contract like xenia -Cloves will retract into an actual stalk
  5. My hammer likes medium light and random gentle flow. For whatever reason, IME and reading thru forums long ago, they grow faster mounted at a 45 degree angle—idk exactly why—maybe because they put energy to regrowing upwards perhaps—but that’s how I mount most my coral now anyway. As long as your params are stable, they seem to be quite hardy. Mine was next to a frogspawn, touching even, but I moved him a little up. I don’t direct feed it, but I do broadcast zooplankton & oyster feast everyday. Pretty coral, look like large single headed flowers to me.
  6. If you have other LPS, or corals for that matter, I would get it out of there immediately if you suspect brown jelly. It is potentially very contagious.
  7. Blue Octhodes is making a comeback—definitely a brigher blue, almost purple now with the new lighting!
  8. Welcome! Mmm, do note the first months if not even longer usually can be potentially quite tedious when considering maintenance so make sure your brother is comitted IMO! If you want a HOB go for bigger IME, you’ll add water volume and AC’s have adjustable flow rates anyway. I like my new Ai prime hd, a bit over your budget but worth it. Sorry not familiar with orbit. I have heard API don’t have the best tests, but they can be adaquate in the beginning. Look forward to your build! 🙂
  9. Oh bummer on the crack but sounds like a sweet setup—somebody did some research! 🙂 I like the Fiji pink, I may go back to that on my next sand wash! Love my icecap, just make sure you keep them clean periodically. This may be excessive, but I also vaseline the rotors. In my experience, until my tank balances, many chem filtrants are pretty futile, as things will leech micro amounts of nutrients that will still grow algae and the only need for them is if you are stocking faster than tank is maturing. In the beginning it’s more of a symptom solver than root cause. However, I do use a bit of carbon now but only for water clarity, not nutrient control. Look forward to your build! 🙂
  10. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Welcome! 🙂. Nice landscape! Typically I don’t use just crushed coral, it traps detritus and is hard for me to keep clean in the long term—I try to mix a variety of sized substrates, but mostly fine-medium grains, just a slight touch of bigger here and there. Look forward to your build, I left for 10 years and came back, some things are so different now and some stayed the same lol.
  12. Here was Bob’s response to what seems your shrimp friend has—he suspected algae.