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  1. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    Stopped by LFS for water and saw my urchin I donated to them was very happy in a display tank, dragging frags around. 🤣 Got 4 new corals & they gave me bonus duplicate frags too that I will try to grow out: added red dragon echinata added lavendar white acro (duplicated) added setosa (duplicated) added golden psammacora Also noticed part of my halimeda looked kind of scraggly—appeared to be going sexual or perhaps just aging, so I trimmed off the scraggly part and left the new sprouts that are quickly growing. My shaving brush also has a little baby!
  2. Aurortpa

    Health evaluation? Orange Digi

    Definitely loves flow. My digis always grow crazy when random flow is hitting them. Lack of polyps or PE means it wants more light typically.
  3. I highly recommend this if all other options have been exhausted.
  4. Aurortpa

    Poccilipora losing tissue from base - rapidly

    I agree, at this point I would make clean cuts at least an 1/8th of an inch if not possibly more up from the line where the healthy tissue remains on the branches you think you can save. Do not leave any unhealthy parts with the frags. It appears to have really progressed far and not sure how small that frag is. Give a good dip, glue all around the bottom of every bit of tissue, and place onto a plug or rock. Everything else look ok?
  5. Aurortpa

    Starry blenny and macro display?

    Yeah I love my macros, had to kick out my urchin for going after my halimeda and wearing my caulerpa...miss the buggar! Glad the blenny is leaving them alone. My tailspot pecks on mine but just for the micro algae on them, as they are never damaged.
  6. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    I work at the Aquarium! You’d think I’d have frags for days but apparently they mostly focus on fish—which are kewl too ☺️
  7. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    In my nano tank fish try to steal my corals’ food—in the half a million gallon tank at work the sea turtles steal the fish food...karma.
  8. Aurortpa


    I love puffers
  9. Sometimes just depends what they eat, like @Clown79 said about the mysis. My clowns on a rare occasion have weird 💩. However, it is possibly she was already infected and maybe the move just weakened her immune system. Frayed fins to me is more alarming and conspicuous that she is having other issues too. Frayed fins can be a symptom of external parasites. I am not too familiar with metroplex but sounds promising. As a precaution, I’d run some fresh carbon to minimize impact of meds being released in the water. Also follow directions closely, I read it potentially impacts the kidneys. On a side note, had to look up “mollie miller blenny” so cute, look like little mudskippers 🙂
  10. I don’t believe nitrates at that level will usually cause fin degradation. Tested for ammonia? Are there other tank mates, how long have you had the clown, and did you bathe or quarantine?
  11. Aurortpa


    Mmm well I don’t want to post a pic, double edged sword as I would have to give credit but simultaneously subject him to getting his name wiped in the used skimmer cup. The video showed AT LEAST a half a dozen clowns, a leopard wrasse, a hawkfish, various dottybacks, two corris wrasses, an algae blenny, and various gobies. + a velvet damsel I just saw... Apparently he is aware this is a potential issue but is happy living on the edge. 🤯
  12. Aurortpa

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    Those torches tho! 😍
  13. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    Ah, last journal post for the night, but never posted a FTS with moonlighting on. 🌝
  14. Aurortpa


    That’s extremely kind, many here are helpful!