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  1. Aurortpa

    TSB harassing RFA

    Nope, it's far from the rockwork. The RFA's are front and center in the sand bed. I figured the burning would be a deterrent but apparently not.
  2. Aurortpa

    TSB harassing RFA

    He eats mini new life spectrum pellets, mysis, and roe...and USUALLY he eats micro algae off the rocks and glass. He's usually always plump as can be, lol.
  3. Aurortpa

    TSB harassing RFA

    My TSB has begun this weird obsession with one of my RFA’s—consistently pecking at it. He has even gotten some fin burn from it. Is he just being nutty? I can’t figure out what he wants.
  4. Aurortpa

    blue ochtode

    I’d give you some if you were close, have lots. You just need a tiny piece to start.
  5. I feed a lot and have a heavier bioload so I use a skimmer. I also like the benefits of increased oxygen exchange especially since I have an abundance of macros.
  6. Aurortpa

    TSB taste test

    Clearly he prefers and wants some coke
  7. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    My macro garden has been flourishing, so much that I got to trade some over growth in for corals at the LFS! ? Parameters are stable, alk 8, cal 420—I had no choice but to lower alk gradually from my normal 10, as my macros keep the tank wayyy too clean to hold a higher range. Altho it was done over a period of many weeks some acros responded negatively altho most seem unaffected. In time the few affected should recover. I also reduced my broadcast feed to 1ml from 1.5ml...even tho I wasn’t registering any detectable nitrates or phosphates at the bigger broadcast, my skimmer seemed to be taking out so much more gunk than I’d expect to find each day and it seemed overly unnecessary. Blue Octodes went from scraggly to explosive growth in so little time. I am confident I can frag in a few weeks. PJ the pajama cardinal is settled in. My Springerii wasn’t too happy about him, but PJ has grown a lot and is now bigger than the Springerii. Isn’t that Karma in action ? Caulerpa Prolifera has also been thickening. I love this macro as it gets barely any light behind the rocks, just lots of flow but it is growing and is very polite as to not grow onto rocks, prefers the sand. The unidentifiable red macro I have, which has a calcified skeleton is a verrrryyyy slow grower. I hope it starts taking off one day, as this would be an ideal macro for others interested in macros but weary of overgrowth. Tiny cleaner shrimp is definitely a medium in size now! My purple CBS and him only ever bump into each other at night, they seem to have an agreement on splitting the tank space. Mr. TSB irritating the galaxy cloves.
  8. Aurortpa

    Cycling with Macro

    I love my blue octhodes—very fast grower.
  9. Aurortpa

    Here's my invert stocking plan! How's it look?

    I have a balano, it took a couple weeks but it is thriving and opens up during the day now. I feed it everyday but honestly sometimes I forget and it skips one without any significant consequences. Much easier than sun corals! I recommend caluerpa prolifera over the feathery one. Prolifera looks like sea grass, does good in very low lighting, doesn't climb on rocks and has an extremely low chance--lower than all the caluerpas--going sexual. At most prolifera just loses a leaf or so from time to time. Dragon's breath and rose petal macro can add some red to your collection and they are very simple to keep too. Pistols prey on other shrimps and the shy fire shrimp may be a potential victim in time. Maybe get one of the more docile species of coral banded shrimps like the purple or golden. I have a purple one and it's very passive...they stay significantly smaller than their aggressive relative the hispidus which gets very big sometimes.
  10. in my experience, lighting is needed but flow actually makes the flame tips develop. i have kept dragon's breath in different intensities of lighting and it is ONLY when there is high flow, it develops the best color and tips.
  11. Aurortpa

    What is in my candy cane?

    was it moving on it's own? could just be poop!
  12. Aurortpa

    CUC Refresh

    2 zebra turbos and some stomatellas mostly clean up mine
  13. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    My favorite macro algae, dragon’s breath—couple months worth of growth!
  14. Aurortpa

    Conner Reef Tank - JBJ28 Pro

    This comparison pic shows how fast some macroalgae grows...the top pic is from only 10 days ago, where the frag was freshly glued, looking dull, and thin. Clearly in the bottom pic we can see how established, colored up, and much thicker it is now.
  15. Aurortpa

    High Calcium & Low Alkalinity

    Here is the chart at which they believe dkh and calcium work at optimal balance--just came across this a bit ago. My tank definitely eats up alkalinity faster than it consumes calcium, but the rate at which it does so has varied and has changed remarkably since I first started testing and dosing...for example calcium was being eaten up faster as well but then slowed significantly...so test regularly. I test twice a week for alk and once a week for cal.