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  1. Aurortpa

    help with feather duster

    When I used to keep them, they sometimes did this. If healthy it will find a spot it does like and regrow a tube. Just keep things stable.
  2. Aurortpa

    Is it true??

    It’s potentially true but not all encompassing. If a peppermint shrimp eats aptasia it’s reasonable to expect once they are all consumed they’ll turn to the next thing that looks like them.
  3. Aurortpa

    How long can gobies go without eating?

    @RedPhotog well I can say that probably most of us have incidents whether a mistake or not. We don’t grow wisdom without making mistakes anyway, don’t be so hard on yourself. It probably wasn’t anything you did. Gobys can be sensitive when first in tank but are usually very resilient when established. Is it possible he crammed himself into the rockwork and is just hiding? Do you have lots of cracks and holes in it? Mine fits in spaces I never imagined he would go and if I lifted the rock up he would stay stuck in the hole, I’ve done this myself. It is also posssible he buried himself in the sand as you lifted the rock. Is your canopy open? Maybe he is hiding in a back chamber?
  4. Aurortpa

    JZP's Biocube 16

    Just advising based on my own mistakes, you aren’t leaving actinic lights on all night are you? Or is it just moonlights? So you have a mexican turbo? They eat algae up quickly in my tank. IMO doesn’t look that bad actually, it should wane in time if your parameters stay optimal.
  5. Aurortpa

    How long can gobies go without eating?

    Can you scan all the rockwork bases back and front with a flashlight? It happens sometimes that gobies and shrimp separate temporarily. Maybe the goby has a bachelors burrow actually somewhere else in tank? Also try shutting down flow as you search (not for extended period of course), I notice my goby likes to come out and swim if I turn my pumps off temporarily. Altho he might just associate the pumps turning off with feeding time.
  6. I love my tuxedo urchin, it gets on corals, even my sps but has never purposely harmed them...typically just looking for algae which it consistently is looking for. I’d say completely reef safe, only potentially annoying thing it does is pick up unsecured frags, molts, old snail doors, other little critters, and carries them around the top of it’s head and also fertilizing the water when he’s super happy 🤭 Note anytime he carries something it is not harmed.
  7. Aurortpa

    Skimmer before and after

    Thank you, such wisdom! ☺️
  8. Aurortpa

    Skimmer before and after

    @seabass do skimmers then somehow improve water chemistry tho, albeit an indirect way? OOps, my reef vocab needs enhancing, lol..."ORP"?
  9. @seabass still debated, totally agree with you that there is no scientific sources just some aquarists that cite it as a cause of creating an issue but have no absolute scientific evidence yet. Maybe another role had a play in their situation absolutely possible if not probable. I actually read that response and yes that statement does appear true. However, notice the tech support skillfully does not confirms or denies such instances actually happening...what exactly is "rare", what exactly is "massive", how much, at what point, and at what rate are they describing "reduce". Maybe all answers were vague unintentionally...perhaps not?
  10. How much water did you change? Keep in mind if you only change let’s say 20%, remember 80% of old water is still in there. Do you have a skimmer? A skimmer will definitely help reoxygenate. You can also temporarily aim all water outflows upward, only enough to create some breakage on the surface of water to increase oxygen. In a pinch, add some polyfilter (the actual brand filter that purifies water, not the generic floss). It’s always been my go to emergency supplemental filtration. It is still debated that Prime runs a possibility to deplete oxygen significantly fyi.
  11. Aurortpa

    Skimmer before and after

    Curious as to exactly what adding a skimmer has done for your tank? What significant measureable changes do you recall happening before and after installing one for your reef.
  12. Aurortpa

    BTA, mini maxi, or rock flower nems?

    Right, thats like almost too good a price lol. Go with a friend, jic haha.
  13. Aurortpa

    BTA, mini maxi, or rock flower nems?

    RFAs have my vote. I’ve had BTA’s and other anemones and no matter how stable you keep things—some variable changes the least bit and they move...stinging corals, hiding under cave or in back, or worse yet pushing themselves into the overflow or the absolute worst is into a pump shredding themselves. On the other hand, my RFA has stayed in the snail shell I acclimated him into my tank with and has stayed put the entire time. Very low maintenance, likes a sunny spot on bottom with low flow. I reef glued 4 old shells equidistant around him, so he is suspended off the temptation of the sand or other rockwork, furthermore has another possible hole to travel to instead of wandering (hasn’t done so even once yet). Simultaneously, the shells suspending him kind of encourages him to stay open practically all day and night, resting his body on them as he stays stretched open.
  14. Aurortpa

    How long can gobies go without eating?

    I didn’t see mine for days at a time when I first got my yellow watchman. Sometimes he’d be out then all of a sudden gone for days, hiding in a cave. But like @WV Reefer, he managed to eat something. Once settled in they are hardy. If he does have a pistol shrimp friend, it’s very possible the shrimp is also bringing food to the burrow.
  15. Aurortpa

    Removing Acan coral from frag plug.

    Yep, just use the widest head flat head so that the weight is even distributed and you significantly lessen any chances of it breaking.