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  1. Clownfish fighting, normal or too much?

    I have a Fluval evo 13 and my female clown turned on my male and killed him when she hit about 2.5 inches. It happened insanely quickly as well. I was out of town for one week, and She started to relentlessly chase/attack him to the point where he was jumping out of the water smacking against my lid to escape. My girlfriend tried to save him by putting in a small make shift tank but it was to late, he was pretty screwed up, torn fins and bruised body, and despite being isolated he died a week later. While i think this is normal behavior for clowns dominance, i think the small tank size amplifies the agrression.
  2. what do you do when your anemone gets too big?

    Depends on the tank. don't spot feed them to keep them smaller, longer, but in a healthy system, they can grow fast. mine hasn't split in the year but it went from like 3-4 inches diameter to over 10-11 inches now when fully out.
  3. CaribSea Rubble Zone question

    I have used these for frags. I believe it has been cleaned of all organic material so if you have adequate bio filtration it shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Help stocking Fluval Evo 13.5

    two clowns will eventually be pushing the nutrient levels in that tank. I have two clowns in mine who are about a year old and they are mean and dirty. they would kill another fish in the tank not enough room. Option 1 may work out better... but for three fish I would think they would need to be smaller type gobies and maybe one of the above.
  5. hello I am selling my black on black mini tide For $175.00. Bought at the beginning of this year it has 3.1 arrays 4 channel with moonlight bluefish and gooseneck mounting. Good/Great Condition maybe used a month on a small tank. a neptune dos bought in march 2017 with the DDR dos dual container for $300.00 used 3-4 months barely used. A neptune system Salinity Probe barely used $50.00 I live in So Cal 10 minutes from LAX. not currently looking to ship so for now pick up only.
  6. Tank restart! dandelion's Fluval 13.5

    In the second picture, it looks like you have tissue loss on your monti setosa frag. that frag appears to have some stn or rtn. I would check all your params and make sure it isn't something else. i have sps in the same tank and very small shifts in params in this tank seem to do damage quick.
  7. my duo fell into my tank Help!

    update! Lucky for me I live in Los Angeles! A friend of mine who I surf with almost every morning is a camera tech at a major movie camera house. His job is to fix high tech movie cameras all day. This am, I told him what happened and he said he could dry it out for me, As he regularly fixes cameras that get water damage. I gave him my light in the bag of rice this am and have just received a text that it works like a champ and I can pick it up whenever. Thanks every one who helped. And these lights are incredible and now proven durable, but don't drop them in your tank.
  8. Tips an advice for anemones.

    I think a BTA would be your best bet for a clown to host. There is a clown at a lfs that hosts a condy anemone, which seems smaller than bta, but not sure if that is a common occurrence. Not sure about your lights and if anemone could thrive under them. All anemones will wander, which is something to consider, however my bta once it found a suitable spot has not moved in about a year, even through a tank transfer.
  9. my duo fell into my tank Help!

    it is in rice gonna let it sit for a day or two and test it. My guess is it works
  10. my duo fell into my tank Help!

    Took it apart and dried it completely. Water didn't reall get very far fortunately. Just a few drops in the electronics
  11. my duo fell into my tank Help!

    @DaveFason my girlfriend was hanging a picture and knocked my nano box goose neck over and into tank. got dunked for a second maybe. lights where off. But i am afraid to turn on what should i do now. thanks for any help you can give
  12. Thanks so much. That was simple
  13. Hi i have a tide mini on bluefish and run an evening light schedule. I figured blue fish would change times for the time change but mine did not and I have angry inlaws who said my light didn't go out until 1am instead of 12 as I assured them. How do I manually fix time.
  14. do you know what version leds it is a Friend of mine is looking
  15. par 38 bulbs

    BUMP! and updated dropped my price on pm2. Nanobox sold 2 35w 18k true color coral compulsion bulbs. $60.00 each plus shipping they are black with silver rim Good condition. Super powerful bulbs 1 35w 22k superblu coral compulsion bulb. $50.00 each plus shipping Black on Black. Great light small crack on housing doesn't effect anything. Apex PM2 module and Pro salinity probe. SOLD probe and module pretty much brand new. I bought them for my tank when I had an Apex jr used them for less than two weeks. I won a new apex wifi at my LFS raffle so no need for the module or probe anymore