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  1. Ok final update chip isn't as bad as it looks. The show will go on in the evo
  2. I haven't actually pulled the trigger. Just 13 gallons on the floor of this place would not be good (expensive hardwood in my place above expensive apartments with hardwood below). My friend who works with glass as a professionally is gonna drop by and give me the final word. I am positive it is a chip. But it there is more extensive cracking in the chip and it looks like a run that is hitting the seem.
  3. It depends on a bunch of things. How porous is your rock? Do you have any other bio media? clowns create lots of n deitrus. I am using under 5 pounds of stax rock in my 13 with one clown which probably is not enough for the tank, but I have 250ml matrix in one of my back chambers which is supposedly able to support up to a 25 gallon tank. If you remove a lot of rock from the display I would look into getting matrix, marine pure, etc to offset it. And I would add this to your tank a month or two before removing the rock so it is ready to go.
  4. Upon further inspection the chip is actually pretty deep close to the sillicon. My wife isn't gonna let me risk it. I bought a replacement switching it over to a Im14
  5. Currently not shipping. Tentacles are shorter than my other torches by a bit. The deal was with the guys at vivid aquarium so I trust them that it is a torch but I originally thought it might be a grape coral. Could be a baby head and tentacles will expand over time. Hit me up when you tank is running. I have a few things I can let go and give you real cheap prices on.
  6. I'm leaning towards keeping it as is. Not really looking to buy another tank currently. I may throw some sealant on it to be safe.
  7. @Christopher Marks Uppn further inspection it does appear to be chipped however the piece did no detach. Still hard to tell how deep
  8. Was doing a 1 gallon change on my evo and noticed that it had cracked/chipped in the bottom corner. I recently moved apartments in my same building so I did take down the tank and physically move it right before thanksgiving and I could have cracked then but haven't noticed it until now. Which is unlike me because I have ocd about dents and scratches. I can can feel the crack. And it looks like it may be deep but it is hard to tell with refraction and everything.
  9. Got this guy in a trade with a local reefer as a extra to make it even. Sort of like matching salaries in the NBA. Regardless I don't have room in my 12 gallon for it And it will kill something Thes pictures don't really capture the colors. Purple body with green towards the tops and bright yellow tips. Definitely a cool piece. Local pickup only.
  10. Hi I have a nanobox duo for sale. I bought this unit about a year ago used from another member on this forum. I believe the light has v3 arrays. the actual lights work great on the unit. This unit does have some issues however with the gooseneck and fan. It currently is not holding on very securely onto tanks. One screw does not seem to catch in the gooseneck very well and the light becomes heavy and tips over. It could be just the screws or it may be corrosion in the actual gooseneck which may need replacement. Also the fan seems to only work intermittently it has gotten noisier. It will need to be replaced soon. I would recommend sending the whole unit in for some TLC unless you are a diy kind of person . I can probably send the light directly to Dave for you if you want. I have a 12 gallon tank currently and can’t go bigger as planned anytime soon so that is why I am getting rid of the light. I would fix it and sell it but I am pulling a lot of OT for the holidays and have a 14 month year old so my plate is just too full. If if you want a great light cheap but needs some tlc let’s chat.
  11. Bump dropped prices on checkers
  12. I am just gonna say this here since people are constantly asking in private messages. I am NOT going to pay for shipping. That is on the seller. I will entertain offers for package deals and such however.
  13. bump MP 10 sold but the rest is still available
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