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  1. Droy008

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    Thanks, the people eaters and agaves are really growing out right now.
  2. Droy008

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    I realize that I've been pretty dismal with these updates. But the tank is chugging along quite nicely. The only drama I've had as of late is the slow war being waged on SPS rock between the spongeodes, and the 2 acros. So far the acros have been winning the battle against the spongeodes, however the plating acro is slightly more potent than the branching and therefore it seems to be winning (very slowly) on that front as well. Today I wanted to help show some of the growth on the SPS rock. And here's a nice-ish close up of that little acro nub. and the angry 3-way.
  3. Droy008

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    Thanks @Cannedfish, for the kind words. My galaxy s8 managed as best it could, but these photos are still a bit purple. :lol: If I can find the darn charger for my dslr battery I'll get some proper photos up shortly. :)
  4. Droy008

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    Sorry for the sporadic updates, but This tank has been so easy that I simply have let it go on autopilot. Quick Update on where we're at meow. I have taken down my Creative Container Jar, and moved over a majority of it's residence to this tank. The transition was simple and relatively painless. and Every. Single. Coral. made the transfer without a hiccup. I have to evict the Maxi Mini Anemone, primarily because it was just getting too large. The "local" fish store was happy to add her to their stock. But other than that, I have maintained my weekly filter floss changes, and bimonthly water changes, and the tank has just gotten better and better. Unfortunately I didn't have time to snap any DSLR pictures, but the Cell pics will have to do....for now. :) And Here's the updated FTS. :D
  5. Droy008

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Wow this little jar looks fantastic!
  6. Droy008

    Droy's C.C. Pico - Updated 2/23/18

    Thanks guys! I have been so busy with work, that I haven't been able to do much other than catch quick glimpses at this poor jar. I'm always impressed with the corals's growth and coloration. I'm sad yet excited for the contest to come to a close. But at least now I get to look into upgrades!
  7. Droy008

    Droy's C.C. Pico - Updated 2/23/18

    Sorry for not being on things better, but it's that time of the year when I get busy. However I did manage to snag a number of pictures prior leaving for the weekend.
  8. Droy008

    Pistol shrimp

    That looks more like a variety of tiger pistol, they usually get larger than the common candy cane variety. They will pair up well with most gobies.
  9. Droy008

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    I managed to get my hands on a proper macro lens and some extension tubes today. It took some getting used to, but I was able to capture some pretty great shots of some of the tanks inhabitants. And Lastly what i feel is possibly the best photo I've taken of a fish to date.
  10. Droy008

    Droy's C.C. Pico - Updated 2/23/18

    Your little jar has me in envy, its just so awesome! I especially want to get some form of macro algae, and gorgs in mine. Trouble is I'm not sure where I could put them.
  11. Droy008

    Droys' IM Fusion 10 06/06/18 Update

    Update Time! I know, I know, I suck at these, but whatever. I have managed to dust off the DSLR and capture some pictures that may or may not live up to your unrealistic expectations. So, without further ado. Lue-Lue has found enough love in her cold non-cancerous heart, to share with the Duncan coral. (much to the duncan's dissatisfaction) The Spongeodes continues its Genghis kahn like march across sps rock, I have put up the only know deterrent for such invaders, a super glue wall. I realized that I haven't posted much about the little favia, I have it hidden underneath the rw-4, so its a bit harder to capture a picture of. The unkown WWC acro has found happiness, and really started to grow out it's branches. I had to pull the setosa down from the sps rock because of Genghis Spongeods. Since then, it's become more colorful. This chalice continues to change colors Both of these cephastreas continue to grow out well. This RFA moved front and center in the tank and has doubled itself in size Acan garden doesn't have a single space open on top anymore. Daddy YWG standing guard over his den, while mommy watches over her eggs. Also if you guys haven't seen it yet, check out my little Creative Container Pico Jar. I have had much more success with that than I have with this tank, and I really think it shows.
  12. Droy008

    Droy's C.C. Pico - Updated 2/23/18

    So I've finally found some time to update my threads here on Nano-Reef. I have a bit of a confession to make (Queue Foo Fighters) I have fallen in love with this little jar. It's simply the best thing to happen for me and reefing. Honestly, is how simple everything is. I've decidedly kept with relatively-easy soft coral that can grow quickly and create a full tank-scape. I feel like the soft corals have managed to do that well. I have almost completely run out of space to place any new frags. The tank requires almost no feeding, once or twice a month i will throw a pinch of Coral Frenzy in there , usually just prior to my once a month 75% water change. I just cannot believe how well the coral are growing in there, Seriously! I have been trying my hardest to figure out what I'm doing differently with this little jar than with my 10g. I think it's simply, I'm not touching it... But I will also lend some credit to the Aquaforest Probiotic salt that I have been using. I genuinely feel that it has helped maintain ideal water parameters, as well as bacterial colonies, that assist with coral growth. But enough of my typing, here's some pictures I took of the tank recently using my DSLR. * Note, I am still figuring this darned thing out, The white balance for this jar is Vastly more difficult to judge than my 10g. Top down Shot, showing how full this thing it getting. Green Palys have almost choked out the wee little zoa My torch coral continues to change from a dark purple to a gold color. Salted Agaves, These guys have multiplied more in the last month than they did for a year in my 10g... The Red Sea Xenia have all but taken over the lower half of the rockwork I really did try to capture the colors of these cloves, and i failed. In reality they have neon orange stripes going out here polyps with neon green centers. Look at that polyp extension, this guy is really, really, happy in there! (Also check out the new baby in the lower portion of the pic ) Look at them a bit closer. Of all the coral to really take off, the GSP is struggling to keep up These unknown Palys have REALLY colored up in here. Sinularia continues to grow, and has managed to push the cloves further up the rockwork. Here's all the space that's really left in the jar, What do you guys think would fit up there?
  13. Droy008

    Drew's ULM IM Fusion 10g Reef Tank!

    Your tank is looking good man. Everything is growing out nicely.
  14. Droy008

    Watchman goby will not find a home

    I think this simply means your Watchman goby is very comfortable in his tank. Most fish hide because they feel threatened, yours seems like he's pretty comfortable as is. Congrats on the happy fish!
  15. Droy008

    First time online ordering

    I always float the coral for ~30 mins. to temp acclimate as soon as I get the package. Shipping often puts the corals outside their preffered temp. range. Next I dip (Bayer) the corals and then set them in a bowl of water from my tank for 5-10 mins. *Dipping, I believe, is very important. Most online sellers move a large volume of corals. While they likely do a wonderful job of inspecting and caring for their corals, they inevitably have some critters that sneak through.* After that I give them a nice little shake (in the water) to help dislodge any extra crud left on them, and in the tank they go. As for fish, they get drip acclimated and then tossed into the tank. I then feed all the fish a nice cocktail of food soaked in Seachem's Garlic Guard, Focus, and Metroplex. Hope that helps.