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  1. Droys Fusion 10 "New DSLR Photos"

    Thanks @Christopher Marks it's definitely had it's challenges as of late. Most recently I've had to issue an eviction notice to my Tailspot Blenny. Because he kept eating the flesh off of them. However in other news Lue-Lue has found her new favorite spot in the tank! I managed to capture a quick video of her shenanigans before she spotted me and quickly swam to the surface for her early morning snack.
  2. My clown fish is a pig and my goby is slow

    I have had the same issue for a while. However, it's really a simple solution. Get your self a long straw. Put the pellets in the straw, and then hold the straw right in front of the goby. Pretty soon they become well trained eaters. As an additiinal benefit, you don't have any left over pellets floating around in the tank!
  3. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Lobo's & Millennials

    yeah...weve all been there. It gets worse before it gets better.
  4. Droy's C.C. Pico * New Equipment

    They definitely add something to the presentation of the jar. I am certainly loving the plants so far, and their maintenance is almost nothing. Some have even began to bloom!
  5. Droy's C.C. Pico * New Equipment

    Some new coral added to the jar. Some Neon Clove Polyps, and a Sinularia of some form. and an Updated FJS:
  6. FishDooD65's I.M. 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion

    Yes, that rockscape looks fantastic!
  7. FishDooD65's I.M. 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion

    Looks good so far! Don't mind the wattage on the heater so much as the size of it. The IM's have precious little space to be wasted, so having smaller items like heaters is good. But with what you have there, you'll be fine. Looking forward to seeing you build this out!
  8. Black Friday

    ^ BRS usually goes above the rest to provide a good deal. However a number of our sponsors have good deals. Keep an eye out on the main page and you'll see.
  9. I'll put my wishlist here I guess. 1: Filter Floss 2: Favorite High School Mixtape. 3: A family portrait of you and your pet/s. 4: Bottle of Scotch. 5: A piece of your favorite thing in your tank. (Please don't send a part of your fish, that's just mean. Send the whole thing!) 6: A legitimate copy of the apollo moon landing. 7: Macro lens for Nikon. 8: Food, or maybe just a gift certificate to like Taco Bell? 9: Maybe some of that fancy-schmancy macro algae stuff. 10: Purigen, or some form of purigen like product.
  10. Need help identifying this thing near zoas

    Looks like a baby discosoma to me.
  11. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    One if the ideas I've been kicking around is getting a heat pad that people often use in reptile terrarium. Put it under the bowl with the inkbird temp probe in the tank. I think that would help keep the aesthetic clean, while also being functional.
  12. Droys Fusion 10 "New DSLR Photos"

    Okay, after neglecting to provide proper photos for you people, I finally broke down and took out my DSLR. Here's a couple shots of various tank inhabitants. Here's Lue Lue in her new favorite spot. Acan Garden Mini Acro Frag has really started to grow, and the tips have a hint of purple in them too! This Chalice was one that I picked up during Saltcritters $10 frag sale, it wasn't much to look at to begin with, however it has really turned out to be a stunner! WWC Frag "Unkown" Porcelain Crab,, he gets really brown just before molting. Monti Spongeodes, This has taken up about 25% of my Mag rock Jr. Meteor Shower Cephastrea taking over the whole rock! Duncan, now has over 5 heads! This Rock Flower Nem has turned out to be one of my favorite tank inhabitants. I have no clue what these paly's are but they are awesome! Benny Hiding from the big mean camera. This is the Female Watchman Goby sitting just outside of her little brooding cave. And I couldn't resist this shot because it had so much color in one spot. Hope you guys enjoy!
  13. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    Sorry to here about the mangrove, as I understand it, they can be difficult. As for the air plants they are pretty simple to implement. I just soak them in water for 15-20mins a week and so far they've been loving it! Also it's a super easy way to add greenery to the tank.