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  1. Watchman goby will not find a home

    I think this simply means your Watchman goby is very comfortable in his tank. Most fish hide because they feel threatened, yours seems like he's pretty comfortable as is. Congrats on the happy fish!
  2. First time online ordering

    I always float the coral for ~30 mins. to temp acclimate as soon as I get the package. Shipping often puts the corals outside their preffered temp. range. Next I dip (Bayer) the corals and then set them in a bowl of water from my tank for 5-10 mins. *Dipping, I believe, is very important. Most online sellers move a large volume of corals. While they likely do a wonderful job of inspecting and caring for their corals, they inevitably have some critters that sneak through.* After that I give them a nice little shake (in the water) to help dislodge any extra crud left on them, and in the tank they go. As for fish, they get drip acclimated and then tossed into the tank. I then feed all the fish a nice cocktail of food soaked in Seachem's Garlic Guard, Focus, and Metroplex. Hope that helps.
  3. IM desktop reactor on amazon prime for $35

    Sorry @StevieT, sounds like some bad decisions are being made by corporate. Hope that doesn't put you in too much of a bind.
  4. Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: January FPS!

    I'd say go with painting it. It would add so much charm with the plants and corals.
  5. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    That acro looks very nice, any idea on the starting frag sizes? Or is it determinate on how many participate?
  6. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    Yes! So happy one of our sponsors has stepped up to support this. (kinda crazy more didn't really) Thanks @Cultivated Reef for being Rockstars! Looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table.
  7. Droy's C.C. Pico *Flatworm Invasion*

    Thank you @brandon429, Unfortunately I've been in St. Louis for some work lately. While the jar chugged along perfectly, the air plants didn't get watered as needed, and I am seeing some with a bit of wilting. Hopefully they'll bounce back soon. Thank you, I'm happy with how it's come along so far. Hopefully I can give it some more attention here in the near future.
  8. My first jar

    It looks like your off to a good start. All your equipment looks good, and it sounds like this will be a fun experience for you. I wouldn't worry about putting a hermit crab in your jar, if you keep up on weekly or even biweekly water changes you'll be fine. Also it looks like your running an airstone, that will provide the tank with plenty of oxygen and will help keep the PH balanced. I have a lid on my 2 Gallon Jar, and no issues after 3 months. You should take a look at the creative container contest going on right now here at nano-reef. A lot of people are using a small jar just like yours. Even more are challenging what can be done in such a small space.
  9. Droy's C.C. Pico *Flatworm Invasion*

    Ahh, so sorry, I've been incredibly busy as of late. I did snag a couple quick pictures of the Jar yesterday for the competition. Full Jar shot Top Down. I will try to get more soon.
  10. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Are you running carbon in your tank? I had the same problem when I was running carbon, took it out and a week later the tank loomed 100% better.
  11. Droy's C.C. Pico *Flatworm Invasion*

    They are all a transparent off white color. I have tried to locate them anywhere other than the glass, but I can't. I've never had to deal with these guys before, so I'm open to suggestions for controlling their population.
  12. Droy's C.C. Pico *Flatworm Invasion*

    Welp, we've got Flatworms!!! I've been seeing 1 or two a week, each time i'd try to smash them and wipe them out as best as possible. turns out that wasn't very helpful. Interestingly enough, none of the corals are affected in the slightest, in fact they are doing better than ever it seems. Here's a couple pictures of things I don't usually show off. Don't pay much attention to the dirty glass, I haven't cleaned it in 2 weeks The base of this Sinularia has really started to show it's striations Pink Start Polyps doing their thing growing across the sand. Lastly I decided to move over the remainder of these palys from the 10g. I needed room to move some of my sps around. I figured that the single polyp was doing so well that I'd throw them all in! Notice the farthest left one has such pronounced color in comparison to the rest of the colony. I cant quite figure out why, but my Zoas/Palys seem to have much better coloration in this jar than in my 10g.
  13. Is this anything? (clown)

    Your clown is retarded (don't worry mine is too) and hosting a rock.
  14. seabass's cookie jar

    Looks like you've managed to bounce back from that algae issue pretty well. Your jars looking good!
  15. SPS Growout Contest

    With the level of activity on this forum, I can't imagine it'd be too hard to get 20-30 people to join. Just look at the creative container contest and the amount of people who've joined that.