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  1. Lol, this GSP has been a love hate relationship so far. Right now I'm just trying to keep it from stopping my spinstream.
  2. Well, update time. I am still battling algae, I did dose some fluco, and it had a a decent affect on things, but then I had my meany shroom walk into my acan and cause a bit of dieoff and destruction. But other than that, this thing is still up and running. My little Pistol shrimp is still alive, you can just see his little claws in this picture. My frog in a blender seemed to have lost almost all of its red spots and instead has gone bright green! Acan Rock is looking full, (you can see some of the algae here) SPS rock is getting over run by my spongeodes, and i did move one of my chalices up here as well. All of those paly/zoas doing their thing, filling in. Side shot of the Paly/zoas This RFA has grown bubbles! Also i may or may not have more GSP than I know what to do with, here it is growing over my spin stream.... And an updated FTS
  3. So I have been doing so many things, that I've really slacked on updating this. Here's 2 quick shits from last week. After a small mishap with my doser dumping a ton of acropower into my tank, I've been battling algae since. And finally a quick little video of the tank as it sits meow. Note: New phone (Galaxy S8+) = Better pictures.
  4. Thank you for that. Interestingly enough, the white spot has now disappeared. He has been his usual self, the only change as of late, is he now resides in a spot with the acans, as opposed to in a little nook in the rocks. I wonder if it may have been stress. Not much has changed for the last couple months, so I hope the gobies haven't decided to start bullying.
  5. So I noticed a small what looked like a scratch on my TSB's mouth yesterday. Well, I came to work today and it looks much worse. I'v done the old Google search and have come up with very little on the subject. Just wondering if any others have run across this issue?
  6. Is this the part where we all wander in from the woods and check in?
  7. I think the trouble you will find is 2 fold. 1: The small space with fill up rapidly with Chaeto, causing a couple problems, but detritus buildup being the biggest. Also it's hard to fit enough in there to really reduce nutrients. Instead I would strongly suggest looking at display macros. A couple members here have had astounding successes with them. 2: light, it's really hard to get enough light back there to do you any good. A lot of people run Chaeto in fuges where they can setup a dedicated light and invest in the real estate required. Please don't take my word as that of a pro, instead, these are the observations of myself and a couple of other members.
  8. I found it very difficult to get random flow in the IM10's. Instead try to have the mp10's flow collide with the return's flow. Also, consider keeping the higher flow rate, my tank didn't really start to flourish until I bumped mine up pretty high. The backing is just stuck on like a big sticker. Take a razor and cut out a square as needed. Also, everyone that's tried the rear fuge has abandoned it due to it being such a small space. You really need a sump to run a fuge.
  9. I took a quick little video of the tank before leaving the office last night.
  10. Well it's been a while since i've updated things, but not a whole lots changed. I have started to get some STN on my pocalapora coral, it seems to start at the base and work its way upwards, yet the tips of the coral seem perfctly fine/happy. Aside from that, everything continues to grow and be happy! This silly shrimp literally follows me everywhere in the tank. Probably because he know I will feed him.
  11. That lid looks great! I found that dkh of 10 was a tad too high for my sps. I try to keep it around 8-8.5, when it gets higher, I notice a slight bleaching with my SPS. The only downside to a lower dkh so far as I've found, is that my SPS seem to grow slightly slower. But it gives me more room for error. Hope that helps.
  12. In regards to your setosa That's not from nitrates or phos, that looks more like alk burn. make sure that you alk hasn't changed rapidly, because my setosa did just that when i had an issue with my ATO.
  13. Honestly, a clown will outgrow the tank eventually, but the YWG will be fine. I wouldn't worry about adding those 2 together, just understand the clown may want a bigger home later on.
  14. looking good!
  15. This looks fantastic! I really like how the islands pull your eyes up, plus they look like fun to swim between for the fish. Great job!