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  1. Price reduced. If no one buys it at this price, I'll just have to buy a new tank for it.
  2. bump bump bump it up.
  3. Peekchur of the unit.
  4. It called a Nano Box Tide. It's a big black one. It has the v3 chipset, so it puts the lime in the coconut. It's has 2 channels, so it changes colors like a cama_cama_cameleonnnn. It grows coral, it grows coral the best, other people look at this light and wish they could grow coral like this one! All this and more can be shipped to your door with just 150 easy payments of 1 dollar**. (Prices and availability may vary by region) **Note: 150 $1 payments are all due at one time, if you miss a payment then your shipment will be canceled.
  5. For some reason the pics aren't showing up on my phone.
  6. Uhh, I really want/need this! Maybe in a week or so....
  7. Some updated pictures. Look at all those new babies! My new addition, a rather large porcelain crab. and an updated FTS for February.
  8. Totally! I love my mini tide.
  9. TBH the water quality has been absolutely great lately. I haven't had to do much outside if the 10% WC a week. Nitrates stay rock solid at 3ppm, while phosphates haven't budged past .04. But I am really trying to focus on providing the ideal SPS environment. And with the fish being stressed, I think it was making thing a bit more challenging. As a quick update, I think my tailspot is the happiest fish on earth now. He has 2 honeymooners sharing a small cave with a candy cane pistol shrimp as neighbors, otherwise he has the entire tank to himself.
  10. Wait is the lounge back now? I'm so confused...
  11. Well, I've decided to remove my clown fish. She was acting a bit weird, and having temperament issues with the gobies and blenny. On the flip side my bioload is now reduced.
  12. Very nice, looks like your off to a good start! My kidslove our little tank in the kitchen.
  13. Ya that doesn't sound too good. Ordinarily watchman gobies are very resilient. Is your little guy eating? I had one of mine start acting funny on me, I started to treat his frozen food with Seachem's metroplex+focus. This seemed to really help get them back to normal. Hopefully it can help you too.
  14. That's very dynamic, and those overhangs would work great for lower light corals. Nice job!
  15. The jebao dc1200 fits perfectly and is fully controllable.