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  1. Thanks D. Its unfortunately not the first time this particular injury has happened. I love snowboarding, and would recommend it to anyone. Just stay away from the terrain park with its alluring jumps and rails. ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been enjoying all the snow the PNW has been getting lately and skiing/snowboarding a minimum of 3 days a week right now. BUUUTTTT things continue to improve in the little 10g. First, just before Christmas my kids and I wandered into a Petco to pick up some cat food and toys. and I wandered over to look at the poor souls floating about. My son asked why their tanks looked so green (algae) and why mine didn't. I sheepishly told him that I took better care of my tank. ๐Ÿ˜„ Then he spotted a little 6 line wrasse, and he HAD to get it for me. Lue-Lue was looking lonely all alone in the tank and I wasn't about to argue so we picked it up and proceeded back home. along the way we stopped by my office were we introduced lue-lue to Pepperoni. Yup you read that right, he named her pepperoni. when I asked where he came up with the name, he simply said, well I like pepperoni, and I like this fish. Now lue-lue and pepperoni have been bff's for a little over 1 month and things have been going surprisingly smooth. Well, 2 weeks ago I managed to break my wrist playing around on my snowboard. I had to head out of town to get X-rays so while on my way back I stopped by a nice fish store and picked up a couple frags as well as the coolest little goby I've ever seen! He/She is a redheaded Goby and absolutely loves my red Setosa. Every day I feed the fish he jumps out and greets me, then darts rapidly up, eats the food and darts back to his little red rock. When I asked my daughter what we should name it she said "Snowflake"! I asked he why we should name it snowflake, she said because it's snowing outside right now...these kids. as for the frags, I picked up an awesome orange Digi And what I think is a green Pocci but I'm not 100% sure I also picked up a teeny green nepthea frag, but I could manage to get any decent picture of it at this time. But I did snap a quick shot of the tank as it sits meow. Well, that's it for now. Typing hurts, and I have to go in for MRI's next week to see about fixing some ligaments. ๐Ÿ˜ž Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Is it too late to squeeze in for the Christmas fun? Wishlist: 1: Filter Floss 3: Gift Card to replenish the cleanup crew 4: Aquaforest Zeo Mix Or just surprise me. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I can get the tank back on track. I just need to find some time for it, something that has been harder and harder to find as of late. ?
  5. yea, i'm not sure why the apex failed, but I am no longer taking chances. I've since purchaced an inkbird, and the system is fully analog now. Not that the apex systems are bad, but I did purchase this unit used, and no longer have any faith in it. The tank will continue to grow, but I wont be adding any more coral or fish to the system. I'm currently unsure of what I will be doing reef-wise moving forward. Thank you everyone for the kind words, I haven't completely given up on the tank.
  6. I'm sorry for not updating this thread more frequently. I've been so busy with work and family that the only time I've had to sit down and put everything together is when I'm at home sick with the flu. ? So where to begin... Unfortunately, after the tank rebounded from the initial disaster back in August, I experienced yet another catastrophic failure, my heater! I came in to the office one morning to hear EVERY alarm on my tank going off. and what could only be described as a white soup in the tank. I quickly checked the water and it was HOT, in fact the temp said 92*F hot. and for some reason my Apex did not shut off the heater... I quickly unplugged everything, and started to mix up fresh saltwater. within 15 minutes I was draining some of the hot water out of the tank, and filling it with warm 75*f water. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. I wound up losing both of the Yellow Watchman Gobies, and the Tail Spot Blenny, only Lue-Lue and the pistol shrimp survived. ? I also lost a lot of the coral, what was left was bone white and I was certain was also going to die. I've never been so discouraged before, and after looking through countless pictures of this tank, I cannot see it getting back to where it was prior. But, I haven't given up.... yet. I have however, made a decision, I likely will not be adding much, if anything, else to this tank. Lue-Lue will be the only fish in the tank. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly for simplicity. I have gone ahead and removed almost all of the dead coral, as well as a good bit of the rockwork. what is left is a simple operation, that has rebounded beyond well. As a side note, I'm not sure if it was a response to the water conditions, or all of the dying organisms. But I now have sponges EVERYWHERE, the largest population being located on the bottom of the Spongeodes. I really don't feel like typing out all that's transpired since what is now being referred to as "mini Fukushima". But I did manage to take a couple pictures to show how the tank currently sits. Here's a picture of the SPS rock, I lost almost all of the Acro in the middle, with the exception of some tiny pieces that survived along the edge. my only guess here is that the coral had built itself up to combat the spongeodes, and it managed to survive the meltdown. Close up of the surviving Acro, The top left of the tank, all of the Paly's, and Zoa's survived. as well as an Acro frag, that is barley peeking out now. Random broken off piece of green Monti managed to stick around, but is constantly battling algea, you can see it as little brown spots here. Also if you look to its right, the only remailing piece of Poccillopra. The RFA's managed to weather everything as well as the toadstool, however I seemed to have lost the baby toadstool. ? Random shot of the chaos that is the lower left of the tank right now, Sadly I lost all but 2 Acans, and even these 2 looked horrible, they are slowly coming back, I've also taken some of the GSP from the back of the tank to cover the bald spot on the rocks there. Also the Cephastrea is hanging in there, and slowly starting to encrust since being moved, but it continues to battle the algae. Lower right side of the tank. the Chalice has never looked better, and I moved some of the xenia and cloves over here as well. And last but not least a new FTS.
  7. Lol, that light maaaaayyyyyy be a bit overkill there.
  8. Well, its not as bad as I was expecting. I'm not 100% sure the unknown WWC acro is going to make through the next week. But honestly, everything else has managed to bounce back pretty darn well. I'm still working on an unknown nutrient issue. (Damn you TSB and your rotting little body!) and as such I do have a small amount of algae growing on some of the rocks just below the Toadstool. Lue-Lue has managed to return back to her usual jovial self. which is nice to see a cheerful persona while the tank itself mends. Also this guys came back! I was certain that it had died in my jar months ago, but in the last week has managed to move itself into the front of the tank. ? The birdsnest has almost completely recovered, and has only a small bit of hair algae left that was clinging o the burnt tips. *Side note: I have noticed that the coral will outcompete the algae if it starts to grow on dead spots, however this may only be the case for "fast" growing corals. I haven't shown you guys this favia in a bit, mainly because its a bit hard to capture a photo of. However it's been doing very well as of late. My poor red setosa is having a hard rebounding from the crash, and I'm not sure that the Cephastrea is making things any easier either. lol Shameless photo of RFA ? Here's the most crowded area of the tank atm. The zoas/Palys have really grown out, and the colors aren't half bad either. ? And lastly, a couple blurry photos of the tank as a whole. ?
  9. lol, it wasn't a reference nor jest. I literally have no space in my tank for anything more, but I figure if I put a magnetic rack on the glass I might be able to squeeze a few famous H.P. sps in there! ?
  10. Man if I had a place in my tank I'd happily pick some of these up. You wouldn't happen to have a small frag rack available too would you?
  11. Thank you for the kind words. The tank will continue to grow and evolve. Funny thing is, I'm headed out of town today for 5 days. REALLY worried about the tank, but hopefully it'll continue to rebound while I'm away and I'll come back to a happy operation. ?
  12. Hey guys, I know your wanting more pictures, but life has been crazy. I took the family on a road trip from California through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, back through Idaho, then Washington, back down Oregon and finally home. It was AMAZING, and for those of you that live in Montana, I'm jealous. LOL I was pushing really hard at work to reach a couple goals, which in turn meant working long hours and little family time. So the road trip was part of the families reward for working with me through the rough periods. Unfortunately that left very little time for tank pictures and posts. Up until day 3 of our vacation everything was dandy...until I received a call from my secretary that my tank looked horrible, and one of my fish had died. ? I was 1,500 miles away and she has had little to no experience with the tank. I worked with her for around 45 minutes on the phone to conclude that the main pump had failed. ? Because the pump wasn't circulating water, the tanks temp dropped to 73ish and the o2 was dangerously low. also evaporation had worked against everything throwing of the salinity off, and well all the other BS associated with a stagnant tank. I do keep some emergency supplies at the office and had her throw an air pump together and run it in the display, as well as put the heater from the back chamber into the main display as well, fingers crossed. 3 Days later I managed to convince (read bribe) a good friend and fellow reefer to stop by and diagnose the pump issues. After disassembling everything it looked as though a small snail had wedged itself into the impeller, lol. He got the pump back online and everything put back together nicely. (Thanks Jesse) Except...there was still a dead fish in the tank..... So I came back from a week and a half vacation to very bleached corals, and a nice algae lawn on the glass and rockwork and only 3 fish. I've assessed everything and the tank is doing fine-ish. I've done a good 75% water change and am running some carbon to help pull extra nutrients for a bit. And have yet to find a single piece of the poor TSB. (RIP Benny 2) I have some pictures but to be honest I'm a bit embarrassed. so try not to laugh too loudly. ? and lastly an updated FTS
  13. Thanks, the people eaters and agaves are really growing out right now.
  14. I realize that I've been pretty dismal with these updates. But the tank is chugging along quite nicely. The only drama I've had as of late is the slow war being waged on SPS rock between the spongeodes, and the 2 acros. So far the acros have been winning the battle against the spongeodes, however the plating acro is slightly more potent than the branching and therefore it seems to be winning (very slowly) on that front as well. Today I wanted to help show some of the growth on the SPS rock. And here's a nice-ish close up of that little acro nub. and the angry 3-way.
  15. Thanks @Cannedfish, for the kind words. My galaxy s8 managed as best it could, but these photos are still a bit purple. :lol: If I can find the darn charger for my dslr battery I'll get some proper photos up shortly. :)