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  1. This looks fantastic! I really like how the islands pull your eyes up, plus they look like fun to swim between for the fish. Great job!
  2. So I just tested water this morning. I am having a really hard time keeping my Po4 up. My Hanna checker now has read 0.00 for 1 week straight, and I have noticed my corals have not seemed super happy. Has anyone dosed Po4? If so what do you use?
  3. So everything has been running super smoothly lately, and I have been super busy with my new office. But as I was feeding my fish today I noticed that this little acro that hasn't been doing much of anything lately, has started to turn green on its tips! Super excited to see these corals coloring up in such unusual ways. Also this is as close to true color as I could get it, that spongeodes is that bright!
  4. holy DIY sumped grail.
  5. As mentioned above TSB's are opportunistic feeders, they eat whenever the opportunity presents itself. I would stick with feeding every other day or 2-3 days. After feeding a couple times you'll start to be able to judge how much Nori will be consumed in a 30-45 min time frame. After that just feed enough, and you'll have very little waste. I have found more problems from feeding meaty items such as mysis. My TSB will consume mysis with a ferocity matched only by a shark. Trouble is he can get "bloated" from eating too much meat, so I have to constantly supply veggies to keep his fiber diet up.
  6. Light Sold, Fross you will have a PM shortly regarding tracking info.
  7. Thanks bigger. Yup everything is here to setup and control from the convenience of your phone/tablet. Also check out ninja mists spec-v I believe he has had great success with our end in his tank.
  8. Price reduced. If no one buys it at this price, I'll just have to buy a new tank for it.
  9. bump bump bump it up.
  10. Peekchur of the unit.
  11. It called a Nano Box Tide. It's a big black one. It has the v3 chipset, so it puts the lime in the coconut. It's has 2 channels, so it changes colors like a cama_cama_cameleonnnn. It grows coral, it grows coral the best, other people look at this light and wish they could grow coral like this one! All this and more can be shipped to your door with just 150 easy payments of 1 dollar**. (Prices and availability may vary by region) **Note: 150 $1 payments are all due at one time, if you miss a payment then your shipment will be canceled.
  12. For some reason the pics aren't showing up on my phone.
  13. Uhh, I really want/need this! Maybe in a week or so....
  14. Some updated pictures. Look at all those new babies! My new addition, a rather large porcelain crab. and an updated FTS for February.