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  1. I am researching getting back into the saltwater hobby, but this time with a smaller tank. I intend on doing a IM Fusion 20, so I'm wondering what size heater I'll need? I was thinking 100 watt, but during the day while I'm at work and at night, I keep my house at 62 degrees. When occupied it's at 72. I understand it's kind of chilly, but would the 100 watt be wise to keep those temps consistent?
  2. It certainly could be. However, these reef systems are extremely delicate, so it could be a number of things. Lighting. Dosing. Feeding. Etc. We are going to need more details to help diagnose fully, but I would say the tap water is definitely a cause. How big is the tank? What livestock do you have? How much/often do you feed?
  3. I don't have any concerns, I was more curious if there were other closed top systems that were on the market. I really only ever hear of Biocube, so that's the one I referenced.
  4. Well, it's the girlfriend's cat, so it's a little harder to get rid of 😛 I'm the one with the dog, so we are know who is the more sane person...
  5. Cats like to try and get into tanks 🙂 specifically sitting on top, so a screen top would make me nervous.
  6. I'm looking for the "best" closed top system out there, preferably AIO. I need something to keep pets out, so I think the closed top is the way to go. I've looked at the Biocube, with the option to retrofit the lights if need be, but I'd like to find one out there with lights sufficient for most LPS corals.
  7. Thank you to everyone that offered advice on my BioCube 16 LED thread! I want to address a different question, and I feel it's different enough for a new thread. Has anyone successfully taken a 10 gallon aquarium and turned it into a reef tank? I'm thinking 10 gallon, Aquaclear HOB filter with InTank media basket, heater, and probably an ATO cause it's way easier. I know it might not be as "pretty" as I couldn't hide some supplies, but I wonder if it's any cheaper to go that route, with the option of adding a stronger light for the tank.
  8. Are you running any type of ATO on your system?
  9. Thank you everyone for the posts so far! I look forward to reading through your threads and getting ideas. The bug has definitely bitten again!
  10. I've been in and out of the hobby a few times, but always seem to end up looking at coming back in. This time, I'm intersted in the updated Biocube that came out a few years back. I like the idea of a fully closed system (keeps pets out), but also the that it's a trusted name in the hobby. The reason for the 16 gallon is I want something manageable. I know that nano tanks can sometimes be more work, but my intention would be to go super slow, and make sure everything is rock solid to mitigate issues long term. Plus, a smaller system is easier to move and I can do more specific things (like a shrimp/goby pair) that I haven't done in the past. Long story short, has anyone heard much about these? It seems like there aren't many threads out there, but I may not be looking in the right place. The only gripe I've heard so far is the stock lighting isn't enough for, say, SPS corals. To me, that's fine for now as I would probably do more LPS and softies in this system. I've also had my eye on the Fluval EVO 13.5, so if that is a better option, I'm all ears!
  11. I want to see what people's thoughts are on running a skimmer vs. not. Right now on my Red Sea E-170, I don't run the included skimmer. A few reasons, 1) my bioload is small, and I do frequent water changes, and 2) because I don't find it's very effective, at least in my case. I've heard lots of people go back and forth about AIO tanks and the smaller skimmers being hard to tune, and stay dialed in. So my question to everyone here is do you run one? Why? Do you think it makes a difference? (I understand there are many, many threads about this. I also am not trying to start a fight, I'm a novice in the hobby so all this information will be helpful the longer I am in it.)
  12. I may leave them as the only three fish in the system. Keeps the bioload down, too. Maybe just focus on inverts and corals.
  13. I am selling my RSM E-170 full aquarium system. There is nothing wrong with the tank, minus a few scratches on the glass from the previous owner, I simply just don't have an interest in the hobby anymore. The system is incredible, and would be great for any novice or expert in the hobby. Along with the tank itself (including pumps, AI Hydra 26 HD light, skimmer) and stand, there is an Apex Jr., Tunze ATO system, 10 gallon Trigger Systems RO reservoir, heater (x2)...I'm sure I'm missing some things. I will also include the livestock for anyone interested. I am located just south of Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota. I won't ship the tank, but I will help you load it and whatnot. Asking $1,500 for everything. I can send pictures to those with serious inquiry.
  14. As my tank is finally cycled and things are stable, I'm ready to add new fish to my system. It is a RSM E-170 currently stocked with three yellowtail damsels, a peppermint shrimp, and snails and hermits. I'd like to do stuff that's more unique since I don't have all the space in the world, so any recommendations for fish or inverts are greatly appreciated!
  15. Any pictures of your IM 10 with it over it? Or a link to a thread of yours. I'd love to see how it looks.
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