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  1. Dantrasy

    Kali's 13.5 Nano

    Any tips for keeping the shrimp? Do they move the substrate around much? Thanks.
  2. Dantrasy

    Coral Box DCA pump?

    I'm currently setting up a tank and I've purchased the DCA6000. I've tested it in the bath and it's crazy powerful and virtually silent. Once it's running on my system I'll let you know how it performs. I got mine from a local Fish Street reseller (so I have a more convenient warranty should anything go wrong). The lfs guy tells me Coral Box is Jebao's slight higher grade product line.
  3. Dantrasy

    CB600 Reef Tank

    Thanks for the comments 😀 The floss idea makes sense. I’ll probably go with rowaphos and rowacarbon. 1000mls of each should last a good while. As for aquascaping, that’s my favourite part. Arranging rocks is a like doing a jigsaw puzzle or playing with lego. Btw, I’m in Western Australia.
  4. Dantrasy

    CB600 Reef Tank

    Thanks WV Reefer. I have many more planted tank pics, but this doesn't seem like the place for it. Here are my thoughts... Sump will have 3 + 1 compartments. 1 = skimmer, 2= media, 3 = return, +1 about 10L for ATO Scape with 'real live rock' Use a Coral Box external reactor for GFO and carbon (mixed together). Run the reactor from the return pump Marine pure bio balls in the compartment with the skimmer Pond matrix in the media compartment (just in a bag). Perhaps some plant life in here too. Coral Box ATO Coral Box RN-1 wavemaker Coral Box 3 stage rodi. I think this should be enough, my home tap water is only 120ppm tds. Filter sock? I don't know which GFO or carbon to get. I'm a bit lost there. And I'm not sure if the Coral Box reactor is any good or if it's worth spending extra here. I'm not sure if mixing GFO and carbon is such a great idea (I read conflicting information). And I don't know if I should run a sock or not. Erring on the side of caution tells me to do so, but I see many setups not using them. Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Dantrasy

    CB600 Reef Tank

    Hello Nano Reef I finally decided to pull the trigger and convert one of my planted tanks to a reef and I would like to document my progress/mistakes/help. The tank is CADE, CB600, 60x45x45 (120L) I'll be using an 4x24w ATI Powermodule (because I already have it). So far I have purchased: Bulbs: blue +, coral+, purple + and actinic. Return pump: Jecod 6000dc Skimmer: Tunze 9004dc Doser: Coral Box wifi That’s it for now. I'll add to this list as and when I get more stuff. Last weekend I took the tank to a guy who does commercial and domestic reef installations. He's drilling the tank for me and making a phantom overflow, a sump (65L) and he's going to wrap the rear panel with black vinyl. Can't wait to see how to turns out. It ought be done in 2 weeks time. A friend of mine had a epic 3ft nano reef a while back (Mike). So I'm picking his brain for advice as much as I can. I hope I can do the some here on this forum. Problem is, I don't know what I don't know. To rectify this I'm going through this forum reading heaps (really enjoying it), and I'm watching the BRS 52 week video series. I'm up to week 14. He skipped over sand pretty quick. I like the idea of black sand, but the BRS guy hints that it's not a good idea. Not 100% sure why. Anyway, I know people like pics so here's one of what the 2ft used to look like (my IAPLC entry this year) and one of my 3 tanks from last week.