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  1. Thanks for the advice! It's very much appreciated. How does this sound... x2 75w Aquael Easy Heaters plugged into an Ink Bird itc-308. The 'Easy' version is accurate to +/- 1 degree (so they say) and doesn't have the flashy led temp indicator lights. I don't think I need to pay extra for the better one if they are going to be plugged into a controller, right? x2 75w Easy heaters will be almost the same price as one Ultra heater (just $5 more), and the form factor is exactly the same.
  2. Ok, thanks for the comments. x2 75w might the best option (if only for peace of mind), but it”s expensive. After reading some more I think the heat from the x4 T5ho’s and return pump etc, coupled with a 100w heater should do the trick. I live in a warm part of the world after all. I just find it strange how different manufactures rate the same wattage so differently. Eg neo therm (aka aquael ultra) 100w is rated for 100L max, while the eheim 100w is rated for 150L max. Perhaps the neo therm is based on a temp increase of 5 degrees C, while the eheim is based on an increase of 10 degrees C?
  3. About heaters, I’ve done a bit reading. The Cobalt neo-therm gets good reviews. I believe it sells in Australia under the Aquael Ultra brand/model name. The 150w is 27.5cm in length and my measurements tell me it won’t fit in chamber 2. The 100w is 21cm and would easily fit. But is 100w enough for 37gal marine? I haven’t used heaters on my planted tanks for years, so I’m not too sure about this. The coldest days in winter the house get down to 16 degrees C (61 F). That’s rare. Right now, a summers evening, with no heater the tank is 25 degrees C.
  4. Thanks Cutter79! Yesterday I made a tank cover frame. I ordered some netting off eBay too, the BRS type. I won't need it for a while, but soon I'll be back to work and will have much less time to do all this stuff.
  5. Your tank (and cabinet) are looking swish! I just made dosing containers with Voss bottles too. I got the 6mm bulkheads and 6mm acrylic tubing. It worked out well.
  6. Great work. It should cycle super fast. What light is that? I think I see a tuning knob.
  7. Yes, that makes perfect sense. I guess the Salifert nitrate test is more sensitive than the API nitrite test. I'll be sure to check. 😃 I've seen videos where people place plastic cups over the coral to give them a chance to eat. I'll do that if fish interfere. Yes, x2 ocellaris are on the list, as is x1 6 line wrasse. I good friend is setting up a 4ft atm. So I could pass fish on as them outgrow my 2ft tank. I also have a good relationship with the guy who made the overflow/sump (10 years ago I was his tutor at uni). He has offered me some free corals once the tank is ready. Great list thanks. Many of them look very appealing, especially the Tomini tang and Firefish. Perhaps I should get once of each? And x2 ocellaris and x1 6 line wrasse. @Fragmental - I'm sure your familiar with the store Reef Secrets. They have a sister store here in WA (probably one in VIC too?), only issue is that it's 70km+ away from me. I've recently become aware of a guy who runs a coral/fish business from his home, The Coral and Fish Barn. It's a big setup. He has a license to collect from the Abrolhos Islands (WA's coral coast). I'll visit soon, it's pretty close to where I live. This is a pic of the place I found:
  8. I like the second one better too. You certainly have nice looking rock. Although, I don't think you need the bridge at the front. If corals grow on that bridge they might obscure those growing behind it and they might also obscure the cool circle opening at the back. It's just something to consider, I guess you could keep the bridge bare. As for the big circle opening at the back, it could be off center a little more. I'd probably move it to the left a tad (a couple inches), as you seem to be running out of space on the right. Focal points 'should' be 1/3 in from the left or right. If you care to look it up it's part of 'the rule of thirds'.
  9. Thanks a lot Joevember! I'll stick with the cuc listed above for now. The skunk cleaner shrimp is about x10 more expensive here in Australia compared to the Peppermint. I'll hold off buying anything $100+ until I'm sure everything is ok and stable. As for fish, I'm up to 5: x2 Ocellaris clownfish x1 Bicolour blenny or Midas blenny x1 Six line wrasse x1 Pygmy angelfish
  10. Ok, nitrites appeared today (day 10). So things are on track. My thoughts have turned to stocking... CUC x1 Peppermint shrimp x1 Red leg hermit crab x4 Turbo snails I'm cycling without the lights, so there will be little to no diatoms when the cuc goes in. So I’ll need to feed them something. I'll research that. Fish x2 Ocelaris clownfish x1 something? x1 something? I welcome any advice. Thanks.
  11. I’m a right in thinking the type of bacteria that produces nitrites likes low flow areas to grow? If so, should I turn off the mp10 and/or turn down the return pump? At present water movement (display and sump) is what I regard high.
  12. It’s day 9 of the cycle. Ammonia is stable at approx 1.5ppm, but no nitrites have appeared. The course of Seachem Stability finished a couple days ago. Nitrates show up to be approx 15ppm. All my fresh water cycles using Stability have shown nitrites after just a few days. I wonder what’s going on here.
  13. @Fragmental I’ve been searching around for an answer. Could be Salifert detects ammonia NH3 but is not so good at detecting ammonium NH4+. Dr Tim’s product is ammonium chloride. During my search I also came across the Dr Tim’s ammonium lable debarkle. The lable used to say 1 drop per gal, but on Nov 1 2016 it changed to 4 drops per gal. However Some of the new 4 drop labeled bottles were filled with 1 drop solution, so people way overdosed and got upset about it. I bring this up because I think I have the opposite issue. My bottle of dr Tim’s has 1 drop per gal written on it. But it’s a modern bottle, surely it should have 4 drops written on it. I got a new api test kit to be sure. Turns out the 35 drops (1 per gal as per instructions) gave me 0.5ppm. Just a quarter of the way to 2ppm. 0.5ppm isn’t going to establish much of a colony. So today I added another 35 drops. Several hours later and it’s greener, more like 1ppm.
  14. Great thread. Love all the pics. I’m a few months behind you (just started my cycle), so I’m following with interest.