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  1. Great build so far. Best of luck.
  2. Could there be algae in/on the live rock sucking up the little bit of nitrates produced by dosing <1ppm ammonia? From what I can tell this is a good 'problem' to have.
  3. Did you figure out why Kh jumped up so much? if anything it should have dropped during the cycle. Did you change salt or dose bi carb or something. Enjoying your thread 😊
  4. The guy at the lfs today said the same thing when he measured my Kh. It's a bit low. So I'll add bi carb soda. A little a day until it's back up to the 8-12 range. It's currently 6.
  5. The tank is processing 30 drops of Dr Tim's ac in 24hrs. So with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5ppm nitrate I decided today I'd waited long enough and got some fishes and food. Two tiny clown ocellaris are swimming around and appear happy ☺️. About 1 hour was spent acclimatising them So far the lights have not been on. The tank appears algae free (hence the decision to start with fish rather than a cuc. Today, with the introduction of the fish, I've: Set x2 (of 4) t5ho's to come on for 6.5 hrs per day. Put the filter sock in place in readiness to start feeding tomorrow. And that's it. Currently, the skimmer is not running. I've tested it, but all it collects is clear water. I guess there's nothing to skim ...yet. Currently there is nothing in the media reactor. I have rowaphos and seachem carbon on hand. But I'm not sure when to add them. Also, can rowaphos and carbon be rinsed with tap water? Or should I use tank water and run the reactor output hose into a bucket?
  6. Please show us a pic of the extender you are using. It's working wonders.
  7. That’s some serious looking gear. 😁
  8. Awesome mods! You really stepped it up. Everything looks very well thought out.
  9. The test today looks better. I guess the water was more thoroughly mix after yesterday’s wc. Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 5-10ppm ill add some ammonium c tonight, measure it, then see if ammonia and nitrite zero out same time tomorrow.
  10. Thanks tigahboy, I enjoy reading your thread updates. I did a 75L (approx 20gal) wc a few hours ago. Nitrite is now 0.25-0.5 and nitrates are around 20ppm. It should all be over soon 😃 I might have wasted some salt (and time), but live and learn I guess. On a side note, the heater controller I ordered never arrived. The seller was good about it and has sent me another one.
  11. Did you start using all the aquaforest products at the same time? Any idea which products(s) have had the greatest impact?
  12. Your new IM20 is coming along really well. Have you done black substrate before? What are the pros? Any cons?
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