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  1. I still don’t understand how this guy was supposed to pass for babe ruth....but I like where ur heads at, Smalls!
  2. We are down to the wire on entering this contest .... where is @teenyreef on this? Get in and get urFrag shipped. The time is now. Tomes will be written about the winner!!!!!!!!!!!! Establish your place in the eons of history. Leave a legacy for your grandchildren to aspire towards.
  3. I cannot believe we are getting close to the deadline already.... get in this contest everyone!!!!
  4. Just so that all those who were interested from the beginning are aware of the official contest thread, here you go!!! @pal @Polarcollision @dmw913 @Okinawa_Reefer @kdcarey @Droy008 @This guy is extra salty @DaveFason @jbb_00 @Figster @RotaryReef @Cannedfish @tk3445 @HarryPotter
  5. I just posted the official contest thread!!!!!
  6. @Christopher Marks, @Cultivated Reef and I are excited to announce the next official Nano-Reef Community contest... An official Acro Grow-Out contest sponsored by Cultivated Reef, who has agreed to start 20 frags of Upscales Microclados Acropora for contestants interested in buying in! Acro Frag Grow-Out Contest Details Upscales Microclados Frag: $35 (Normally Retails on Cultivated Reef for $70) Shipping: $30 Winner’s Pot: $10 Total Cost: $75 The contest will run for 6 months and only requires a photo of the frag next to a ruler, posted once per month in our contest thread. Christopher Marks, Cultivated Reef and I have agreed to judge. $10 from each contestant will go towards a Winners Pot Gift Card to Cultivated Reef to buy even more coral! Contest Timeline: How To Enter Official Start Date: March 1, 2018 The contest is open to the first 20 Nano-Reef.com community members who complete the following: Purchase your frag through Cultivated Reef "N-R Acro Grow Out" product. It's only accessible by following this link: http://cultivatedreef.com/product/nano-reefs-acro-grow-out-contest-coral/. This way only people interested in the contest will have access to it. Your frag must be delivered any time within the month of March - Allow 1 week after ordering before shipment! Once delivered, you must post a photo of the frag within 3 days of delivery next to a ruler to show the exact size and color of the frag as your official entry into the contest here in this thread. That's it! Contestants are then required to post one "ruler-pic" of the frag each month to the contest thread that clearly shows the size and color of the contest frag to remain eligible. Try to frame your ruler shot similarly each month! At the end of the six month competition, your posted images will be used by the judges to determine a winner. The contest will officially end September 30th. The variability of start and end dates is determined by the delivery of your coral. For instance, if you purchase and post your initial photo on March 20, then your end date is September 20. This means it will be a 6-month contest from start to finish. We wanted to give everyone time to get their corals happy in their tank give ample time to grow before choosing the winners. How To Order Your Frag Follow this link to place your order: http://cultivatedreef.com/product/nano-reefs-acro-grow-out-contest-coral/. When purchasing the frag be sure to select "Store Pickup" as the shipping option. The Acro Grow Out frag purchase price includes your shipping so by selecting "Store Pickup" you will avoid a second shipping charge. Also if you want to add other coral to your order you certainly can do so Frags will be created as ordered and held for 1 week of healing time before shipment. Do not wait too long to order your contest frag, order by March 19th at the very latest! Contest Prize There will be one winner chosen at the end of the contest by a panel vote of three judges (Holly of Cultivated Reef, our very own Nano-Reef Community founder Christopher Marks, and me, Nola Bear). The contestants' frags will be evaluated by considering the following characteristics: Overall Growth (Height, Branching and Encrusting) & Coloration. Prize: Winners Pot Gift Card to Cultivated Reef (Dollar amount dependent on the number of contestants) Thank you to our wonderful sponsor CULTIVATED REEF for their generous support of this contest! Monthly Shots Each contestant is required to post a photo of his/her frag next to a ruler once per month for the duration of the contest in this thread in order to remain eligible. You must submit one "ruler-pic" per month, within a +/- 7 day window of your personal deadline. So, if you post your initial entry photo on March 20, then your next month's photo will need to be posted between April 13-27, and the following May 13-27, June 13-27, etc., etc. in order to not be disqualified. This built-in leeway should help with those people who may have travel or other extenuating circumstances throughout the competition. Frag Grow-Out Contestants List @TheBig053 @micoastreefing @LeoB @pal @Figster @dmw913 @Polarcollision @Cannedfish @Okinawa_Reefer @tanacharison @This guy is extra salty @teenyreef Join us! Your name could be here too!
  7. Just wanted to give a heads up so everyone knows, Cultivated Reef, Christopher Marks and I are just finalizing the contest details and will have a formal thread for the contest and should be set to start March 1 Then everyone will be able to purchase and have their frag delivered within that month of March! Get excited!
  8. Strange days. Two days ago i noticed that my yellow tang was pinned against an acro. Never a good sign. I helped her way from the rock and turned off my power heads For the next day. I noticed that one of her pectoral fins was damaged. She ate that night and the next morning, but that following evening she was pointing downward and not eating. Needless to say, she didn’t make it to the next morning.
  9. Just a plea...Right now, we only have around 7-8 “confirmed”. Would like to get to that 20 mark so that the winners pot is gooooood.
  10. I’m certain that this shouldn’t be a problem Definitely! I think we are probably two weeks out from anyone’s start date, and Holly needs one week of that to cut, plug and heal. The contest begins the day you receive your coral and ends 6 months later. Because of life and shipping, most people will have different shipping dates; therefore, most people will have different end dates too. However, I think there should be a consensus that everyone in the contest will have to order their coral within one months time so that the contest stays somewhat organized with beginning and ending. Agree or disagree? I’m open to any and all suggestions
  11. I’m not opposed to recruiting a few folks out there that may be missing this. In an ideal world we would have ~20 contestants. I don’t know if any of the following are interested, but you came to my mind : @teenyreef @markalot @RIP Sebastian @ninjamyst @tanacharison @metrokat If there is anyone on NR that would enjoy this, you are welcome to join. If we get too many peeps, we can have a standby list...
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