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  1. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I was a little wary of doing any real DIY; after paying for a tank my partner and I feel like it should be fit for purpose (within reason, anyway) This is the hole in the top of the drain pipe, it's not big but seems big enough to get air in The strainer on the end of the drain pipe below is about 6" long under the water line. It seems to do a great job of breaking up the bubbles coming down the pipe and with the ball valve and DC pump I have enough control to be able to make any noise manageable. I hope those photos help!
  2. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I did, it sounded like a washing machine at first. Had to make a few changes on the return pipe to make it more like a Duro standpipe, but 18 months later its much quieter. I drilled a hole in the black cap on top of the drain pipe large enough to put a short piece of air hose in. Originally, I planned to put a valve in the air hose but never did. I also changed the drain plumbing below the bulkhead. Instead of a single pipe, I instead have a ball valve followed by a strainer which sits below the surface of the water. I can slip my filter sock over this now. There is a trickling water sound still but far better than a washing machine. To get all that to fit, I had to remove the baffle between the first two sections for the drain and heater. Not massive changes but effective enough. I have more issues with the vibration noise so have swapped the return pump for a DC one and sit my skimmer on a sponge so that the skimmer air intake is the noisiest part of the tank. I'll try and take some photos when I get home later
  3. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    All it takes is half a cube of mysis apparently...
  4. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Realised I've not posted a FTS for a while so here is my tank today FTS 22.04.18 I took a couple close ups of the left and right-hand sides of the tank as a few corals have been moved and some are growing out nicely Here's a few photos of the fish too (hard getting the PSW in any; since he stopped chasing the new wrasse, he's gone back to being cryptic)
  5. Wrasse ID

    Thank you; I guess we're going to have to wait and see what happens as it matures. I will carry on putting photos in my tank journal
  6. Wrasse ID

    I saw a photo on fishbase that made me think that too, really struggling to find photos of other female fairies to compare
  7. Wrasse ID

    I've had this fish for a couple weeks now; my journal has a few photos and I'm trying to keep a record of how it develops. If anyone has any idea as to what this little fish is, I would be very grateful! This was bought as a walindi wrasse, but I realise how rare they are on the hobby. My gut feeling is that it is a female fairy wrasse of another species but I am in no way qualified to say which! The LFS said they see them regularly, again making me doubt walindi as a positive ID, but it was imported through our largest importer who is reputable and approachable. They haven't been able to give me any details about where the fish was collected though. I think there are some slight marks along the back, below the dorsal fin, all evenly spaced, however these are so faint I cannot get a photo to show them. Whatever the fish is, its beautiful, peaceful and low maintenance *touching wood* and for the price of a yellow coris wrasse, is a little gem
  8. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    The weeks are flying by this year, our wedding day will be on us before we know it. I'm not happy with the balance of my little rescape after adding the rubble; I'm happy with each individual area on its own but together it's not quite right. Gives me something to do this weekend that won't involve emptying my wallet some more though. I'm curious to see what the tank would look like with all the rock on the left and a big open space on the right. I think if I tried I'd end up in a never ending cycle of fiddling. Curious though... Here are a couple photos of the left-hand-side and our walindi wrasse. I'd still love a positive ID, I think there are possibly a few lighter spots along the back below the dorsal fin and equally spaced. I will keep an eye on their development
  9. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    The tank hasn't cleared up for a full (very amateur) photoshoot but the wrasse are out of hiding again and I can't resist them...
  10. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I suppose another advantage of softies is being able to get larger pieces for relatively less, although it does still feel like it's going to take a while longer to fill in how I want. Its 18 months old at the moment and still just getting going
  11. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Thank you very much trying to keep this as simple as possible whilst keeping as much movement and colour as possible; feels like I'm getting there again now. Coincidentally, I was just reading through your journal; I love the scape and wish I had the space for a water station like that! My salinity had crept up over the last fortnight with a missed change but I suppose that's the joy with forgiving softies.
  12. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    This evening has been full of maintenance, started with the tropical tank and then onto the reef- time flies when you're having fun! I took delivery yesterday of 2kg (4.4lbs) of real reef rubble which has been sorted through and split between the sump and display. The plan was to give wrasse food better hiding places, we'll see how it works out. Currently, the tank is annoyed with my interference; corals are closed after being glued, glass is dusty and the fish are in hiding. How do you cope with cleaning the sand if your coris wrasse hides in it somewhere as soon as you put your hands in? Photos will have to come tomorrow when I've been able to finish off what I started. In the meantime, here's a photo of Dot, one of the other members of our family. The weather improved at the weekend so it was great to get out and spend a little time with them too 🙂
  13. B's Gorgonian Playground

    They really are beautiful swimming against the larger corals behind them. Following along to see them grow
  14. B's Gorgonian Playground

    Stunning fish I'm terrible at telling heniochus apart, which species are they?
  15. NanoBox & ReefWeeds Collaboration

    Missed this a couple weeks ago; they look amazing! Wish we could get these in the UK