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  1. heartbroken

    So much more than just a fish, definitely part of the family. Really feel for you
  2. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    My partner and I have been thinking about stocking options for a couple weeks now and feel like we are getting somewhere. Currently we are looking at: Yellow clown goby Ruby red scooter Rose/Green BTA with clown pair Starry/tailspot/dot-dash blenny Possum wrasse +1 other from: Fairy/Flasher wrasse Yellow/longnose butterfly Dwarf/Swallowtail angel Kole tang I'm pleased that mine and my partner's lists are so similar to a couple weeks ago, it feels like we have settled on what we would like to work towards As always, any input is welcomed as I have undoubtedly missed things which are obvious to the more experienced amongst us
  3. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Still not sure on the bta, changing my mind from day to day. Think it'll be A. Percula or A. Occelaris rather than other larger clowns though so I suppose we are getting there slowly! Not had any luck identifying the sponge/SPS I posted a page back, I'd say if anything, it's grown further
  4. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I've got my UV! Finally decided on deltec 20w, just need to find two spare sockets, space in the sump and time to set it up. The tank is actually looking a little dirty at the moment, got a build up of green algae on the sand and the glass needs a scrape. Not all bad though as the corals are looking extra puffy and our porcelain crab finally moulted I'll have to find time this weekend to clean things up again! In the meantime, here's a few dirty photos
  5. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    My partner's dad is a keen diver and loved a trip around the lfs with us this morning. After all our problems earlier this year, he is keen to help out and would love to buy some fish for the tank. It's an amazing sentiment and we're so grateful for his interest and support. The thing he loved most was a pair of Clarkii clowns hosting in a rbta; as the clowns are on our own wishlist and not too expensive to ask for, this seems ideal. My question is about the rbta; everything I had read suggests needing a stable mature tank and suitable lighting and flow. The tank is 13 months old now and I have a Maxspect gyre xf150 for flow (currently at 10%) ticking two of the boxes. The lighting is different though. I have read that the rbta are not too demanding of lighting, but also that they require strong lighting - helpful! I saw a recommendation of 4w per gallon, however I cannot see sense in this as tanks have different dimensions. These ratings also seemed to correspond to fluorescent lighting and LED is far more efficient in terms of lumen output per Watt. On the scale of NPS < soft < LPS < SPS, where would you put rbta? I get that my scale is simplistic and even within LPS, euphillia, duncans and fungia will require different, I'd just love a comparative idea of required lighting levels! I have the stock light on my tank still, I believe it to be 40w LED which is not particularly strong however a scoly and fungia are doing well, along with my softie selection. Would a rbta work for me?
  6. New Clown added

    That's a beautiful clown! No idea why they sleep at the surface, can't be a natural behaviour from the reef. The internet is full of stories of clowns doing that though and the response is nearly always "clowns do funny stuff"
  7. Suggested Blue Fish

    +1 on the cherub; blue and tons of character Mine was a model citizen, never even looked at a coral and spent all day in and around the rocks. One day he just snapped and near killed a kole tang and was consigned to the lfs
  8. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Thank you 😀 I love the shrimp, they manage to keep an empty tank interesting. Everyone who comes round comments on them. I think it's nice that they aren't being overlooked and are the stars of the tank for now We have to make sure all our tanks have lids, the cats just can't resist the heat from the light and height in the room; such funny animals! I thought that would be the case with the scoly, assuming that's what it is still! I just wanted to to make sure really having lost as much as we did recently
  9. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    A few more photos for today whilst we wait for any real developments. Does this scoly (?) look healthy to you? I feel it is, it's always puffy but I've never seen a feeding response so have never had chance to feed it. I know my stock lighting is not great, however was under the impression that it would do well in less intense light with feedings. The two cleaner shrimp moult like clockwork and are always carrying eggs which must be a nice treat for the gorgonians every three weeks. I love their personality, they're always so busy and excited when anyone sits down to watch them. Our porcelain crab moulted once; don't think I'll ever get used to inverts moulting, scares the life out of me every time! Judging by the amount of algae on his back, I'd say he is due another one soon
  10. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Our lfs is running a competition for a photo of your tank; a rep is going come in and judge the photos with three prizes, £150, £75 and £50 to spend on live goods. We like our chances! Would be ideal coming up to needing to re-stock, wish us luck. Not sure which photo to use, my partner wants to submit this one:
  11. What is my Starfish?

    Another one of those "please identify my hitchhiker" threads... Fairy sure it's an asterina star, usually is! However, six legs and the orange/red spots has me asking 'is it?' It's really flat and very slow moving and as far as I'm aware it is the only one (for now). Fairly sure it will have split judging by the different leg lengths...
  12. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Happy birthday to you too 🎂
  13. Need help, pest or fine??

    Looks like a nice hitchhiker mushroom If it was just attached to the rock when you placed it in without planning for the mushroom's placement, watch for it letting go and moving to find a suitable space of its own (invariably under/behind rock out of sight!)
  14. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    I posted this to the identification forum, however had no feedback there. Would anyone passing through here know anything...? This little patch has been in my tank for a while now at the base of a tan cabbage coral. I never gave it much thought as I assumed being sheltered from flow, light and having been exposed to air would kill it off quite quickly. Anyway, months later and it has grown from finger nail to thumb nail size and seems to have what almost appears to be polyp extension ... Do I have a hitchhiker sponge, an encrusting SPS or something else? The colours in the photo are fairly accurate And in the lack of anything changing in the reef, a little photo update of Poppy who has settled in better than we could have imagined
  15. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    The reef has been fallow now for 7 weeks if my counting hasn't let me down with little to report really. I have been in touch with a local macro algae producer and am going to try with a few when they have ever grown out enough for him to sell again; I've got my eye on "dragon's breath", cryptoemia crenulata for a bit of colour and halimeda incrassata. I have also started my search for a uv steriliser. Unfortunately, I missed out on a couple on eBay however still have a few weeks before I'm adding any fish anyway. I'd settled on either a TMC vecton v2 300 or Deltec 20w, it'll be a case of getting the best deal. Whichever I go with, it'll be run at 1-2x tank volume-per-hour, rather than the recommendations provided by the manufacturers. I've also started to plan my stocking and the order for introduction, however I really haven't got too far with that! I've tried to include Latin names in case there is a difference in common names between lfs, currently it's looking like; - yellow clown goby (gobiodon okinawae) - starry blenny (salarias ramosus) - pair of clowns (Fiji skunk, Clarkii, Percula or Occelaris; not decided yet!) My partner and I both then have a list of fish we would like to add but are unsure of for a whole list of reasons, they include; - Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica) - Fang blenny (meiacanthus sp.) - Dwarf angel (C. Argi or C. Loricula) - Sixline wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) - Fairy or Flasher wrasse - Talbot damsel (Chrysiptera talboti) And a bit of a showpiece fish along the lines of these, however we appreciate that their inclusion would be questioned by some and without further research not advisable; - Yellow longnose butterfly (Forcipiger flavissimus) - Atlantic longnose butterfly (Prognathodes aculeatus) - Yellow eye kole tang (Ctenochaetus strigosus) - Swallowtail angel (Bellus or Lamarck) If you have read this journal through, you'll know the difficulties caused by adding two halichoeres wrasse and the loss of all fish thereafter. Without definitive answers, I believe that the addition of two internally unwell fish caused the stress which took everything else. My partner loves wrasse still, however we are both uneasy about them now. Where possible, we are looking for tank bred and if not for ethically-sourced livestock. We've learned the hard way and want to to reduce risks to fish caused by third parties, such as catching methods and stresses, as much as possible. Space restrictions are preventing any effective quarantine at the moment which increases risk greatly, however we will try and balance that risk. Tonto, our much loved yellow longnose butterfly appeared "happy" and settled, however this was relatively short-term. What we saw though, has shown that the fish would work in a 3' reef and we would be willing to try again. If anyone has any observations/suggestions, I'd love to hear and gladly discuss them with you 😀