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  1. "Generic Palys" vs. Other Zoas?

    By no means a solid rule, but palys tend to have larger polyps than zoas
  2. Sharbuckles 40 - New Scape, New Video

    New scape is amazing, loving the gorgs and movement. Real natural feel
  3. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    And seen as it's Friday, here's a bonus Poppy photo
  4. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Having had some bad luck in the past I've been reluctant to share photos of a new fish that has been swimming around since new year's eve. He's one that is difficult to feed, however is readily eating brine, mysis, lobster roe and krill. We'll take it day by day, feeding as often as possible and hopefully we can be one of the success stories. Everyone, meet Emmettt
  5. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Thank you very much This is my pride and joy, however testing it can be at times! I had a read through your journal earlier, amazing photography and I love the stand
  6. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    A while ago, my partner and I settled on a fish list for our tank and we've been searching and waiting for the right ones. I called into the lfs to see how our reserved possum wrasse is doing; he's gorgeous He's been there for a couple of months, off-sale in a frag tank due to his ability to escape below the egg crate frag rack. When we're ready, in a couple weeks, we'll get the staff to try and catch him during their weekly frag tank cleaning, can't wait!
  7. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Unfortunately our anemone never settled; he wandered across the overflow again and there was no escape from it this time. Absolutely gutted I've done a water change this evening and will do another tomorrow, I'll need to pick up some more carbon too to be safe. The water was cloudy but there are no ill effects just yet *touching wood*
  8. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Not updated the journal for a while as there isn't much to report. The anemone had a little accident on boxing day, tearing his foot slightly on the overflow. Doesn't appear to be causing any issues yet, however I know that a torn foot can lead to infection, wasting away and death. He is eating and remains inflated though so I am hopeful
  9. best way to kill single aiptasia

    Just a thought - worth checking for more, if it's as large as you say there are likely more small ones. Aiptasia X works wonders Merry Christmas btw
  10. 40g Mixed Reef: First Few Months Stage

    Always loved fang blennies they're so massively underrated. Sounds like things are going along well for you 🙂
  11. Wrasse choices

    Both the pink streaked and wetmorella possum wrasse are on my wish list. I don't know about your current stock, but those two stand out to me due to small size and temperament
  12. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    Finally got a photo of the conch, thought you might appreciate it
  13. Patrick's Aqua One minireef 180

    The anemone has carried on moving this week, at least he's out from behind the rock. Struggling with flow a little at the moment; the foam covers for the gyre really restrict water movement. Will have to have a look at either modifying the foams so they can be removed and cleaned without removing the mounts or making a diy cover that won't restrict flow.
  14. Red spot goby

    It's 3 foot, roughly 47 US gallons. I wasn't sure if they would be happy with other gobies; I've read conflicting advice on keeping multiple gobies of the same and different species together
  15. Red spot goby

    Hi thank you for your advice. They were something I haven't seen a lot of in the UK, but over the last couple weeks have seen in three different LFS. I didn't go with them in the end, going to stick to my original plan of yellow clown gobies