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    "Some People Keep Cookies & Candies In A Jar. We Keep Live Corals & Inverts In Ours!"

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  1. ReefJar

    2 Gallon “Cookie Jar” Pico Reef by ReefJar

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking and enjoying everyone's reefing adventures! It's amazing to see more and more people getting interested with smaller reefs. I've moved to Japan and have shut my reefs down. However, I plan on starting fresh and have new challenges to talk about and discuss. I wrote more here: https://www.reefjar.com/moved-to-japan/ but I will start new thread once I pickup some hardware and sort out potential issues. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback and wish continued success to all!
  2. ReefJar

    Craig's Fluval Spec V

    Not sure if you've seen my post, but here it is for future reference on using 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. https://www.reefjar.com/how-to-kill-algae-with-h202/