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  1. I have access to cairns marine goodies for this tank so it's going to be sps mainly. I'll transfer my old corals over too. Sump is good. I think a canister filter works very well actually but all the gear hidden in sump is much better
  2. These were for my planted aquascapes I'm going to try make another competition scape for ADA IALPC next year but that's shrouded in secrecy
  3. I have 2 empty ADA tanks so I did some aquascaping for Reef Iwagumi 2.0. Should I wet it?
  4. There are two ways to do this. One is using Zeo Spur 2 which is a copper and causes a purging effect. Another way to do this is to use boron which has a gentler effect. But both methods are not advisable and will only work in ULNS.
  5. Here is an update. Happy to answer any questions people have. As you can see the strawberry shortcake RTN'd and there are few extra goodies here or there. One of the corals in the middle lost its colour but otherwise things are coming back. The house is still with the architect getting drawn and finalised. Im deciding whether or not I want to have a 8ft tank as a room divider or if I should have a 1m cube island display in the kitchen. A lot of planning to go
  6. ^My water is close to NSW levels on all measurable parameters. ----- So I've been away due to some side projects and the build of my house. There is a lot I have done to make the tank stable but also a lot I have neglected. There was one stage where I left the water change for too long, up to 3 months and then I stretched it to 6 months. At this stage the dosing container input was not sitting right and did not suck up anything. My corals all lost their colour within a week and I lost two colonies in a day and started getting STN on some others. In the past month I have tried to get things back on track and right now the tank is colouring up again but I also need to purge some of the zoox. A long way to go but I'll post some pics up eventually.
  7. I didn't really say how long awhile was, but for those curious, my last water change was 3 months ago.
  8. I close the inlet/outlet taps when take a photo so the corals don't move. The water just so happens to be set higher in the picture when I closed them. Normally it runs about 2cm from the top. I usually get jumpy wrassess.
  9. Mikeymikemike

    Update May 2017

    Daily: 32ml alk/potassium. 15ml cal/strontium. 15ml mag/iodine. 10ml vinegar. 1ml for KZ coral colors 1 2 3 4. ( I will change this soon to a local product) 2ml of rexolin APN trace elements at 90% dilution. Every 3 days.
  10. Mikeymikemike

    Update May 2017

    Some growth and colour changes over time. One colony decided to rtn from a battle but the rest have been pretty good.
  11. For those of you who are curious. I'm still around and the tank has been going very well. I have actually been busy with work and another side project designing my dream home with architects and interior designers so the tank may eventually be moved into a bigger system. The good news is that the tank has gone into a cruise-control mode. I have not done a water change in awhile and nutrients have balanced. SPS are still looking good although more fighting these days as space is closing up. Pictures to come? Maybe
  12. Hi everybody, I have just returned from my end of year trip. I went to Vietnam, Japan and Singapore and enjoyed my time away from regular duties. Now I'm back home and the tank has been very good while I was away. My father did one water change once a week and topped up the ATO and was able to keep the tank clean and colourful. I returned home to a bit of a growth spurt in my acros and everything else seemed fine. While I was away, Reefhobbyist magazine decided to publish my tank as a profile. You can check it out here! http://reefhobbyistmagazine.com/ I'll post an update photo of the tank soon!
  13. Mikeymikemike

    Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner

    One thing to note is that your UV steriliser may actually be killing the bacteria cultures in the product. While UV may have an effect on algae spores, the spores are not present in your water. at this stage i would consider doing it the safer way which is removing your rock or removing your corals and treating your tank or rocks with h2o2. The product of it will just be oxygen and water so you will be safer with that than acid.
  14. Mikeymikemike

    BTA loves strong light but coralline algae don't

    Coraline does indeed bleach. While lighting is a factor consider nutrients as well. What par do you have? or even light unit. In most circumstances this is not a worry as only sudden high light would cause this. coraline will fluoresce under blue light if it is dying.