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  1. you know that after you take your hit its only polite to pass it on. so my address is... h aha just jokin but what is that its cool but I have no clue what it is.
  2. damn I wish my Acros looked like that
  3. what happened to the 240? If its takin up space I'll take it off your hands.
  4. I have a small frag of hydrophoria. its kinda picky on flow from waht Iv noticed but minde is doing well
  5. wow I'm lovin that, the next coral I'm gonna get is a maze brain i think
  6. My new fovorite coral, I had been looking for one, and I found one that was healthy
  7. wow I like it thats cool
  8. I love the rock work it looks great
  9. till they get here its verry nice, is the alveopora doing good, how long have you had him?
  10. looks to be a really happy puffed up brain,my LFS had one in taht color and it would look like that about half the time i saw it
  11. This is my new sump. More info in my thread.
  12. wow things have really grown in, looks great
  13. great aquascaping its amazing
  14. just to let you know a arrow crab isnt reef safe, hell rip p your corals
  15. My eyes hurt. Ha Ha lookin good