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  1. Lighting Requirements for Clams

    they grow amazingly fast, can full a smaller tank within a year or two. 48 watts over what size tank?
  2. Lighting Requirements for Clams

    I apologize, sorry for the hostile greeting to NR.
  3. What's the smallest critter a clown will host?

    Although your post is phrased ridiculously, I would suggest a hairy green mushroom. Mine is now about 8" across.
  4. Blue Xenia/Very Cool coral

    those are clove polyps
  5. open brain coral placement

    if your parameters are stable I had a small brain, about 2" around, in my 2.5 I use to have set up
  6. LPS ID

    thanks guys. Any idea on growth rate? I have kept coral for a long time, just never any Acans
  7. I wonder about eating mushroom corals

    do we have the ability to remove someone's talking privilege?
  8. Mantis CUC idea

    personally getting enough of them could be the challenge. But you can think of your pods as part of your micro clean up crew really, they eat small left over particles. If you found a way to get alot of the small snails it might work tho. -greg
  9. Anyone running a 400w MH over a nano?

    look for an old thread by Lunchbucket, he ran a 400 over a 20H and it was INSANE SPS colonies from frags in a year -greg
  10. i just traded a tattoo for this tank!

    iv got alittle pink glow on mine... but really nice tank. you could probably get a few cool trades for some polyps with all those shrooms
  11. LPS ID

    I payed 25 so i guess its all good
  12. LPS ID

    awesome. thanks guys it's about 1.5'x2", any idea on how bad i got ripped off?
  13. 150w VS 175W

    yea I run a 150 DE on my main tank, a 250SE on my 65 gal mainly fish tank, and then a 175 on my eel tank
  14. 150w VS 175W

    wow I didnt know that, I'll have to get some for my 175 pendants
  15. LPS ID

    I wish I could get a better pic, im using my camera phone, the mouths are a really nice contrast