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  1. Kurupt's | Red Sea Reefer Nano | DEC UPDATE

    OMG! That’s insane. Just take that 1.2 mil and move to the east coast. You can build or buy a 3000sqft house under $700k and have $500k left!
  2. Kurupt's | Red Sea Reefer Nano | DEC UPDATE

    You should just Build since you’re already renting. Not sure what it’s like where you are, but where I am, the inventory is so low and demand so high, new construction isn’t much of a price difference.
  3. Nick's 30L Mixed Reef

    Tested nitrates today and they are around 20ppm. So I guess the chaeto reactor is doing its job. All the corals are doing great except for the first time in over a year, my yumas don’t look happy.
  4. Nick's 30L Mixed Reef

    It’s coming down. I think I rustled up a lot of stuff during the rescape, but the chaeto has filled the reactor now and it seems to be doing its job. I’ll test again in a day or 2 since I’ll be due to harvest. Also, my stock return pump died on Friday and I had to order a new one that came on Sunday. I got the sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 and it is great.
  5. Choosing light

    If your tank is 22” high, then you’ll probably need 2 lights just to penetrate to the bottom. An xr15 will be better than the hydra 26 and have more power, but 22” is deep for a single light over the middle.
  6. Arce's Tank

    Check out the Aquamaxx 48 gallon so I can live vicariously through you. Great dimensions.
  7. Best size tank for minimal maintenance

    That’s true, but neither comes with a Doser or powerheads. As far as the basics, they both are similar. If you’re getting involved with controlling your everything from fosters to lights to powerheads, then definitely apex.
  8. Best size tank for minimal maintenance

    Yes. Reefkeeper is good at its job. Functionality is the same. Just when you get to be point when you don’t need anything for your tank, the apex gives you more opportunities to spend more money lol.
  9. Choosing light

    I would say 2. You can never have too much flow really. You want there to be flow in every part of the tank and have no dead spots. I think 5-800 gph each should cover the tank nicely. Sps like high flow, most lps like low flow. Consider this when placing powerheads.
  10. Lemonpeel Angelfish

    The wrasse is pushing it. I would say you’re at capacity and you may have nutrient level issues. They are all very different fish, so I don’t think you will have aggression issues, but you will have lots of waste for a 25 gallon. Temporary stay is fine. If you think about it, most lfs have fish in a smaller tank until they sell, so I guess it’s a better situation than where you rescued them from. But don’t be surprised to run into algae issues soon. Also, should add, yellow coris get to be prett big for a tank that size and will probably try to eat lots of your smaller inverts.
  11. Best size tank for minimal maintenance

    Reefkeeper lite. It works great, but if I was going to do it again, I would go apex because of all the integration and snazziness.
  12. Best size tank for minimal maintenance

    On my 30L I use controller for ph and temp. My temp is always 78.1-78.5. I use Kalk in my ato reservoir and Ca and Kh are always optimal around 400ppm and 9dkh and ph from 8.3-8.4. I rarely waterchange. Only maintenance I do is tinkering because I want to and probably should just leave things alone.
  13. Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Looking good. I’ve always liked the lagoons.
  14. Best size tank for minimal maintenance

    I have an IM30L and it’s fairly low maintenance. Having AIO is easier to keep clean than a sump system. That being said, I think 40-60 gallon is a sweet spot. Large enough water volume to be fairly stable, but small enough water volume where chores like water changes aren’t too huge. Also, equipment doesn’t step into the really expensive category yet since a lot of what you might use on a nano can still be viable at that range. You can probably reach your arm to the bottom of the tank easily as well, which is something to consider. If you keep a controller on the tank, you can keep some parameters very stable. I do almost no maintenance on my 30L.
  15. Choosing light

    That would be a stretch for a single prime. A hydra 26hd would be perfect for it and probably the best cost for controllability, coverage, spectrum. Some other lights might be a little more or less, but hydra is a good balance and price.