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  1. Nick's 30L Lagoon - New Pico Inside

    Thanks guys. I think I might pick up some gorgs to fill in some spaces while things grow in.
  2. Nick's 30L Lagoon - New Pico Inside

    I have been thinking about doing a cold water tank with the pico and collect stuff from the beach down the street to see what grows. There seems to be lots of ulva, periwinkles, and really aggressive hermit crabs from what I've seen so far.
  3. Nick's 30L Lagoon - New Pico Inside

    I haven't been active online for a while. Tank has been on autopilot for a while and the pico has remained a quarantine for the time being. Funds have been tight lately, so it's a good time to just maintain and let things grow in.
  4. IM ten gallons of hoping Irma is this good...

    Razor and denatured alcohol or acetone.
  5. Nick's 30L Lagoon - New Pico Inside

    Up and running. I just need a temp probe and it's good to go. Light mount comes tomorrow.
  6. Nick's 30L Lagoon - New Pico Inside

    Just got the 4.2g pico frag tank from oceanbox designs and it's a perfect fit. I'll be filling it the next day or 2. It's going in sideways until I eventually get an ato for it so I can monitor the water level.
  7. Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    I'm not sure caulerpa even needs water. That stuff grows!
  8. Additional livestock suggestions

    My royal gramma is a big puss and stays in a cave all the time. He pops out to grab a bit of food and any fish that comes near, he just darts back inside. I think he might eventually starve because he's such a puss unless he's eating stuff in the cave somehow.
  9. Former Home of The Creep.

    Or do some crazy background color!
  10. Mangroves

    I don't think that's a problem. He roots are really delicate. I've lost a few because of shifting rocks breaking the roots ☹️
  11. Mangroves

    They're not touching any water. I mist them every day. I actually killed my first batch because I overmisted them thinking they were getting salt creep, but they have a rough white fuzz that looks like salt creep. New plants have been doing great.
  12. Mangroves

  13. Samnaz's 20L (upgrading to IM Nuvo Black 30L)

    Ya I found the same thing a few weeks ago. Not sure how good of a sponge it is though. Usually black things aren't good.
  14. Samnaz's 20L (upgrading to IM Nuvo Black 30L)

    Oh lol! That's a type of sponge.