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  1. well since I know nothing about configuration that is a good idea. I sent an email to them but so far no response
  2. Hubby was replacing my fan and accidently fried my white LED bar. I am using Steve's refit on a Biocube 29 lid. the old white bar looked to have two blues and all white LEDs ( no clue what whites) the blue bar is all blus ( likely Royal) I need suggestions on what to choose for replacing the whites I thought 1 Lime, 1 red and the rest an even mix of warm white 4000K -( or 5000K) and cool white 6500K there are 7 lights on each bar here is a link to the lights they offer. https://www.stevesleds.com/PARMAX-V20--7-up-LED-Array-Board--Solderless_p_331.html I am also thinking of replacing the other bar while I am in there so would love to have opinions of what to set up with two bars Thanks in advance!
  3. My biocube 29 is my first reef tank. Lots of easy mods as well as info
  4. There is a lot of algae on that rock. Could be it is just hanging out at the buffet longer
  5. I vacuum my sand but have a very shallow sand bed
  6. Zoas and palys are perfect newby corals. If you are worried wear gloves with you handle them. ( I never have) and wash your hands afterwards. They are colorful. and pretty hardy
  7. is something going on with your website? Cant get it to load
  8. I have Steve' LEDs in my 29 Biocube ( came second hand that way) If I had a choice I would go with the Nanobox refit. I still have issues in summer with heat due to the pump. skimmer and GFO running in the back. I just keep the back cover flap open and temp runs about 78. I have cats and do fiber arts ( am a spinner and weaver) so there is always "stuff" in the air. Top keeps stuff out of the tank ( along with keeping fish in)
  9. Thanks everyone. I think I am not using enough glue
  10. Shame folks will no listen. I have found this site to be full of knowledgeable helpful folks.
  11. Not sure it is good to revisit a build thread after two years. I see SO many corals that have come and gone. Not sure what I am doing wrong as it seems they do well and then they do not. The only thing that changed was I added a lighting control back in 2017 Before I was just eyeballing the lights.
  12. The Bonsai zoi trees are seriously cool!! the entire tank is cool BTW
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