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  1. There is a lot of algae on that rock. Could be it is just hanging out at the buffet longer
  2. I vacuum my sand but have a very shallow sand bed
  3. Zoas and palys are perfect newby corals. If you are worried wear gloves with you handle them. ( I never have) and wash your hands afterwards. They are colorful. and pretty hardy
  4. is something going on with your website? Cant get it to load
  5. I have Steve' LEDs in my 29 Biocube ( came second hand that way) If I had a choice I would go with the Nanobox refit. I still have issues in summer with heat due to the pump. skimmer and GFO running in the back. I just keep the back cover flap open and temp runs about 78. I have cats and do fiber arts ( am a spinner and weaver) so there is always "stuff" in the air. Top keeps stuff out of the tank ( along with keeping fish in)
  6. Thanks everyone. I think I am not using enough glue
  7. Shame folks will no listen. I have found this site to be full of knowledgeable helpful folks.
  8. Not sure it is good to revisit a build thread after two years. I see SO many corals that have come and gone. Not sure what I am doing wrong as it seems they do well and then they do not. The only thing that changed was I added a lighting control back in 2017 Before I was just eyeballing the lights.
  9. The Bonsai zoi trees are seriously cool!! the entire tank is cool BTW
  10. They did. I did a one gal change today will test parameters tomorrow
  11. My guess is simple floss will not cut it?
  12. So I am using Jell Crazy glue ( or equiv) and have a couple of very small frags that keep getting knocked off. I am trying to glue to live rock. Seems something ( crabs, uchin) keeps knocking them loose. Suggestions???? I have a nice growth of coralline.. do I need to scrap that off first?
  13. I don't want to give up my hood so I think the HOB will not work. At this point I would just switch to a tank that is plumbed for a sump if I wanted to go that route ( and I understand adding volume)