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  1. Thank you! It’s the real reef rock stuff. Pretty expensive but very nice. I managed to get some discounted because they were broken. A little bit of purple epoxy and they look pretty good. A little bit about the build: I moved in September and couldn’t take my 2 tanks with me. They have been at my parents house where they have been overrun with aiptasia and algae and my poor mother has been doing what she could. The ato on the lagoon went out and she’s been doing her best. I am ready to take them back and give them the tcl that they deserve. The Lagoon will be rebooted and all rock tossed. I need to rehome a candy hogfish that has gotten much too big. My 2 clowns and flame hawk will be staying with me. The other tank is an 18.1 aqua maxx rimless freshwater planted. All fish will be rehomed. I will be reusing the Kessil Tuna sun and pairing it with a Fluval Aquaclear (this build requires very little flow). I need to build some type of rock structure that will stay on the glass because the sand bed needs to be clear. Inhabitants will be some Upside Down Jellies! Hopefully I can get some macro algae to grow in there as well. I need a few weekends to move everything thing over. I am not looking forward to it. I’m so nervous that I’m gonna chip or crack a tank and left with fish in a bucket.
  2. Rebooting of an Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 as well as a new species only tank.
  3. The lower tank is an aio. It would be a very similar setup to what you have except the fuge tank would spill into the aio tank.
  4. A thought crossed my mind earlier today and it seems like it would work. So I have a lagoon 25 (12” in height). If I was to block off the returns and feed the return pump directly into a tank next to the lagoon (in this case an Aquamaxx 18.1 approx. 14.6” tall). The aquamaxx would be drilled with an internal overflow box and it would drain directly into the display area of the lagoon. I can draw a picture if needed. Is this possible without flooding my office?
  5. That is exactly why I sold my reefbrites looked butt ugly with a sleek fixture like that.
  6. There’s also an inline dimmer that plugs directly into the power supply. Has 4 settings but works pretty well if no controller available. They are like $7.99 each. A canopy works to control light spill.
  7. Reefbrites are dimmable and you can always raise the fixture. I had it set about 18” above the rim because of a mangrove in the tank.
  8. I ran 2x blue +, 1x coral + , and a purple with 2x reefbrite xho actinics on a 12” deep tank and I was very happy.
  9. I got a lovely flipper scraper in the mail the other day! Thank you to my Secret Santa!
  10. I was this - close to pulling the trigger on a cad lights tank and saying f u to my land lord. But then our washing machine went out.
  11. I bought some real reef rock (branches) to reboot my lagoon as well as some purple epoxy. I can’t upgrade because the landlord is forbidding it.
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