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  1. Evaporation is pretty negligible with the glass top. Temp is set at 78.
  2. Hello! Been used for about a year. Upgrading tank to 36” so these gotta go. price $130 shipped each or $250 shipped for both. edit: didn’t realize there was a price drop. Price adjusted. Accepting offers
  3. Tmr8188

    Flame Hawk Advice

    They have been together for 2 years. I replenish my cuc every year because the hermits attack them. No issues elsewhere though.
  4. Tmr8188

    Flame Hawk Advice

    Whoa, I keep a pair of clowns, flame hawk, and a twin spot hogfish in my lagoon 25. The hawkfish gets along great with the clowns. The hogfish occasionally tries to nip at fins, but the big female clown chases it off.
  5. Different strokes I suppose 🤷‍♂️
  6. They should be fine. Mushrooms after all.
  7. Managed to make it home from the lfs without dropping major coin. I picked up 2 astrea snails, 2 scarlet hermit crabs, and a nice green hammer. Tomorrow I will be doing a small water change and adding a mini bag of chemipure blue. I’m not really a fan of the Aquarium Cam app. I feel I can get better pics adjusting the wb manually on my iPhone. Oh well $2.99 is a drop in the bucket in this hobby.
  8. Nope. I kind of cheated using aged marine pure from another system. Happier pics
  9. Yeah I’m not sure how to do that. It actually has never worked on the iPhone. My old Samsung didn’t have an issue though.
  10. Some new additions.
  11. I recently went to iPhone from android. I downloaded the bluefish app and went to login and it just spins. No wrong password, nothing. I have deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times. I have reboot the phone multiple times as well.
  12. First coral went into the tank!