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  1. 2004 Reefers Unite

    Im reviving this thread '04 reefers unite!
  2. I need to find a R.O. System.

    Yeah i got my system from filter direct. They are awesome but make sure you ask them if you can get the 100gpd filter changed to 75gpd as it is much more efficent and wont waste di resin.
  3. Its simply the fact that they dont adapt to well to life in captivity. They'll need perfect water conditions and be fed daily. I reccomend checking on RC. There'll be plenty of people who currently keep them that can help you out.
  4. If it is a true pink yuma then yes they do commonly fetch that price wether its worth buying is up to you.
  5. Pico Contest Idea Stew

    Most dwarf keepers dont even keep macro in their tanks due to the risk of hydroids.
  6. Pico Contest Idea Stew

    I used to have a dwarf tank for a year or so. They take quite a lot of work and need a very species specific tank. ie. feeding live brine daily using specialy modified flow so they dont get killed in an hob etc. Please before you do anyhting w/ dwarfs check our seahorse.org and make sure you read plenty well up on em.
  7. Pico Contest Idea Stew

    I got such an awesome original design for this tank but it as well is gonna be a suprise so hold onto you seats kiddies! Cant wait for this contest to get underway.
  8. Way too small for em buddy best forget the idea. And phergus not all nudi's eat sponges you know. I once saw a webpage devoted entirly to them anybody remember it.
  9. Hey Gil i already did ask that question in the thread I guess nobody noticed it though. I'll repost it later anyways.
  10. Yep totally agree w/ this statement. I've done enough reefs and i too will probobly try something differnt but what? Ive always had a flair for nudi's:) and this contest just might give me da chance to do a special kind of setup.
  11. I was under the impression that stock would be allowed a canopy and base however the official rules arent written up yet so we have no way of knowing. Secondly a group buy works when you gather enough ppl together in a mass purchase of a certain item a retailer will signifigantly lower the price (usually need 10+ ppl to make it work)
  12. My b-day is feb 19th. Also are we allowed to have canopies for retro lighting in stock?
  13. Count me in. Ive had my 54 corner reef up for a while and i need a new project and this will do just the trick. Oh yeah im 15 for those of you who dont know so add another teen to the list.
  14. Help quick with glue

    Are you using a glass baffle or a plastic baffle. If its a glass baffle with a glass tank silicone should work. However silicone wont bond plastic baffles with a glass tank. In order to use plastic baffles you'll need an acrylic tank and a product call weld-on that melts the two pieces of plastic together. hope dat helps