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  1. Where are your nutrients at? Nitrate and Phosphate that is... New sand can suck up a lot of phosphate and can strip your water of it fast. Then dinos appear...I learned that the hard way.
  2. Let me know how you like them. I might switch to this dosing liquid when the B-ionic is done and also get one of these pumps cuz it makes sense for my small tank.
  3. @mwhitelock , my parameters have fallen back down. PO4 At 0 and NO3 at 0.5. Dinos have started forming again. I guess we can see a correlation here. Dosed both elements and plan on doing that for a while. The struggle to keep them elevated is real, I guess a large tank with lots of fish doesn’t have this problem. So there you have it, keep your nutrients up. Even with the risk of HA taking over , it’s better than Dinos.
  4. Never seen such polyp extension at night before. So I fed them some reef roids. I’m sure aiptasia is laughing at me while snatching roids out of the water column. But tomorrow morning I’ll show them the syringe full of AiptasiaX. We’ll see who’s laughing then ....
  5. Such a nice tank. How do you find the dimensions? I was thinking to do a custom tank when we move but this 750xxl looks too good for the price.
  6. I cannot say with certainty that one thing I did helped with dinos. My nutrients were very low. I tried elevating those. I dosed Nitrates and have seen a good response from corals. After a while , Nitrates stayed elevated and I stopped dosing. When I tried dosing PO4 algae of all sorts started growing like mad. So I stopped that as well. Someone was saying dinos like macro algae so that’s where I had the most growth. The rest were on the rocks. I removed all the old sand and replaced with new. Only that I washed the new “live” sand so the bacteria or most of it went down the drain. I removed that too and this time I put a larger grain sand in straight from the bag. Dino growth has diminished 10x. Still seeing small specks of it here and there but nothing like before. Could be that the bacteria in live sand is helping? Maybe...I’ve also started dosing phyto and aminos. Pod population has really gone up and a few days ago the whole glass was full of them. But I can’t put my finger on one thing I’ve done and say : That helped get rid of dinos. Could be a combination of things... I think we all have dinos in our systems. It’s just a matter of time until an imbalance takes place and they show their ugly head unfortunately...
  7. Usually skimmer is elevated in the back of the sock and the middle is taken by macro algae. But I can still put some filter media under the filter sock. Im debating on miracle mud in the refugium area. Seems like Mike Palleta loves it and has it in all his tanks. Gotta do more research on it though.
  8. Here you go. Basic 3 compartment sump, kinda messy at the moment; water drains into a 4” sock, skimmer and carbon reactor in the middle and 2 return pumps in the last compartment. Tunze ATO in there as well. Used to have a refugium in the middle but took the chaeto out due to dinos growing all over it. Ill probably go back to making the middle section a refugium again, with some more live rock or marinepure balls in there as well.
  9. Few weeks ago walked into my LFS and asked the manager if they had any Seachem Flourish Phosphorous in stock. He showed me where it was at an asked me: Dosing PO4 for euphyllias ? That wasn’t the case but now looking at the picture above his question makes sense.
  10. Sure thing but it’s nothing fancy. Just a 20 long DIY sump . Will update a pic later tonight when I get home👍🏻
  11. Thank you! Now if I could only keep my hands out of the tank it would be awesome 😆 Since the sand is not moving now, I’m thinking to add the second MP-10 to really blast the coral with flow. I know once they start growing into colonies, the need for more flow will be inevitable.
  12. Definitely seal before staining. Daly’s Benite or Zinsser SealCoat (dewaxed shellac) left to dry overnight and lightly sanded before staining. Reduces blotchiness big time on soft (er) woods and also solids like maple. Also I recommend a gel stain vs penetrating stain on soft woods. Although it’ll give you a more “muddy” look and not “pop” as much as a penetrating stain, it will be more even . Make sure you wipe with denatured alcohol in between coats , after sanding etc. That removes contaminants. For finish , I’m not sure if you can spray or if you’ll brush on, but sprayed Conversion Varnish is best for saltwater resistance aside from 2k poly (nasty) , but pre-cat lacquer as well as regular polyurethane is fine as well but less resistant to saltwater. Sorry for the long post. Ive seen and done a lot of this type of work over the years and thought I would share.
  13. A few changes happened over the past few days. I don’t see any more Dinoflagellates growing on rocks where they used to be. Raising nutrients hasn’t worked very well for me. It only grew nasty algae 100 times better than before. I didn’t dose any more phosphate (I actually dosed some RX to lower them)and nitrates have stayed elevated. I’m pretty happy Dinos have receded; Hopefully I won’t see them again. Cut down the two big rocks with a hacksaw to lower them and give SPS room to grow upwards. Built an arch from one rock to the other with a plastic coat hanger and drilled rock fused together with purple epoxy and reef glue. Removed the pink lemonade and pink birds nest from their previous spots and glued on top of the arch. Added an algae blenny and the hawk gets along with the blenny very well after an initial bullying phase. Im glad that the blenny has a taste for hair algae. Also added a 20 pound bag of live special grade sand. With the Vortech at 100% it doesn’t even move. Loving it! Also switched the actinic bulb for the second coral+. 2 blue+ 2 coral+ is a nice crisp blueish white. Thats it for now.
  14. The magnificent foxface looks so good! https://m.liveaquaria.com/product/2287/magnificent-foxface?pcatid=2287&c=15+1465+2287 They also have the Foxface Lo and one spot foxface which you guessed it, look the same except one has a spot.
  15. Slow and steady. Especially with dry rock...